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  1. Hi Can someone clarify if one should or should not send the SB letter before receiving a claim form. There appears to be some disagreement over which course of action to take. I have received a 'nice' letter asking me to start talking to them about repaying a debt that I last acknowledged at least 8 years ago.
  2. Hi everyone. First time for me posting so be gentle. I have read this thread with interest as I've just been time barred for my packaged account complaint by the bank and FOS as they say the bank has told them they "would have" sent me 'refresher packs' in July 2009 and March 2010 so I should have complained within 3 years from then. My complaint is that they upgraded my account without my knowledge in 2003 and at a time when I was in financial difficulty and would not knowingly pay more in bank charges. I'm keen to know what is a CCL letter that is mentioned earlier
  3. Hi All, Received so much help and support way back in 2005-2008 which turned my life around. Unfortunately a DCA (CABOT) has re-surfaced issuing a CCJ Claim chasing what I believe to be a Statute Barred debt for Vanquis they have bought. I will post all details in the relevant place and look forward to your much appreciated assistance. Regards
  4. Hello, Can anyone help answer a few questions I have regarding a court claim? Name of the Claimant ? Arrow Global / Restons Date of issue 08th September 2016 Particulars of Claim: 1.The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant (s) and Marks and Spencer Financial Services PLC dated on or about Oct 05 2004 and assigned to the Claimant on Dec 19 2013. 2.PARTICULARS a/c xxxxxxxxxxxxxx DATE ITEM VALUE 07/06/2016 DEFAULT BALANCE 564 Post Refin Cr NIL TOTAL
  5. I have today received this copy agreement from MINT and would really appreciate advice regarding its enforceability. I don't think everything is shown on my single page with my signature and I assume the "here is your replacement card letter" and clear copy of the CCA is a reconstruct. Thankyou! mintcca001.pdf mintcca002.pdf mintcca003.pdf
  6. Hi, I received a claim form Northampton CC for an old MBNA debt. It was issued by Restons. I filed my defence stating the debt was Statute Barred as it was over 6 years since the last payment/contact. They however contest the last payment was inside the time, the state 2 payments were made inside the 6 years. However I have proof from Bank Statements and also my Credit Report that no payments were made as the account balance recorded by MBNA and sent to the CRA's was the same amount for this period (therefore no payments could have been made). Restons do not know I have this evidence
  7. Hi all, hoping to get some advice/help. I received a letter today from Lowell Solicitors who seem to have bought a debt, they say the original account was with Three Mobile. I had a Three mobile 10+ years ago. They want £443. They claim to have written to me already about this, that they have a CCJ against me and that I am in arrears and can take further action against me. I definitely haven't made a payment for this debt in over 6 years and believe that if any debt existed then it should certainly have been statute barred. This is the first time I've heard about any C
  8. Hi there! I am so pleased to have come across this group and see that I am not alone This is my first post and I have spent a good hour reading through similar situations, and feel a lot more informed that I did when I woke up this morning. I took out an overdraft with Lloyds TSB aprox 5 years ago for 1,500 pounds when I was living in the UK (I now live in Spain and have done for 4 years). To be perfectly honest, I foolishly became so involved in life here that I forgot about my overdraft in the UK. That was until the beginning of last year when my step-father called me to
  9. Hi I received a letter last week from Mortimer Clarke regarding an old debt from 2005/6, it was an overdraft. I replied stating this debt was statute barred I have now received another letter stating that last payment was made on December 2014. This is absolutely not true. I have never made any payment towards this and certainly not in 2014. What do I now? How can I prove this?
  10. Hi everyone I hope I've posted in the correct area, so much to view on here. My problem is my credit report shows that I owe £261 to Orange (mobile phone) this was taken out in 2001 I have neither been contacted by Orange or any credit chasing companies regarding this debt in many years, yet this report of owing the money still shows on my credit report and what Orange are doing to keep this on my report is saying that payments are up to date and each month I owe £261, this way they are keeping a debt active on my credit report. I only checked my credit report this
  11. I am currently trying to get information from Hillesden regarding a HP agreement I took out in 2001 with Associates Capital for a car. This agreement was taken over by Welcome Finance. Prior to this change I contacted Associates and told them I could no longer afford the car due to personal circumstances at the time, and asked them to collect as I had the car for 2 years which was half the HP agreement timescale. They never collected the car. I contacted Welcome after the change and told them the same, that I could no longer afford the car and to collect. Again they
  12. Hi, Can anyone help me out.. a month ago 1st Credit sent me a CCA (finally) for a debt which is now statue barred about two years ago. Now they are starting to chase me again for the debt. Any advice on how I should proceed? Many thanks in advance, M
  13. Hi all, I used to have a credit card and paid a large amount in PPI for several years. I'd now like to claim back that PPI as, not only was it forced upon me, but it was useless in my circumstances anyway (self-employed, claim was denied). Unfortunately, that credit card had a large outstanding balance when my income plummeted and was ultimately passed through several debt collection agencies. The debt is now owned by a notorious DCA (statements mention a date of "assignment"). the debt is statute barred, I haven't acknowledged the debt or serviced it in any way ..
  14. Hi, in the middle of December 2015 I received I letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors chasing a debt with Cabot Financial, after searching this site I sent them a prove it letter, heard nothing .... received court papers between Christmas and New year. I submitted a defence saying that I had no knowledge of the debt and has asked the solicitor to provide evidence. Mortimer Clarke wrote to me in late January 2016 saying that they would put action on hold whilst they waited for their client to provide the evidence.Since then I have heard nothing, until last week
  15. Hi there, Thanks for reading. I'm new to the forum, and hoping I may be able to find a little help with my current situation. I'm in a bit of a tangle!. Essentially I received an N1SDT CCJ claim form in the mail, too late to reply, and subsequently received a CCJ. I believe the debt to be statute barred, and intent to have it set aside if possible. I'm currently trying to claw my way out of long term unemployment by starting a small business (via the JSA/NEA scheme. I'm in the very early stages), so this is pretty awful timing. On the 18th of Au
  16. Today I have received three letters from the same DCA. Two letters are identical. They are asking me to get in touch about two very old debts with two different banks: last time I heard from Bank A was 2007 and the last time I heard from Bank B was Jan 2010 - and I have heard nothing since from either - and I have not made any payments or been in touch with either since those dates. I think, therefore, they are statute barred. Should I just ignore the DCA letters? Can they "default" me with the CRAs?
  17. I have been chased for a number of years by Lowell for a debt. They go through phases of really chasing, then I don't hear anything for a while. In May of this year, the debt became statute barred. It has now disappeared from my credit file and my credit rating has gone to good again. However.... Lowell have REALLY started chasing the last few weeks. I have had letters galore, I have had about 5 phone calls a day and a couple of texts, and now they have started sending letters, addressed to me, to my parents house. My question is what
  18. I am really grateful for this Forum. I am watching other people's reports with great interest so I thought I would share my own and see if I could garner some advice along the way. I am currently a Student with some Debts carried forward from a crisis past where I lost my home. I am pretty much on route to starting over. I never took the BR option but was hoping to wait out the clock ( didn't have any other options ) on some of the debts and deal with what I could. This is the second CCJ Claim and as far as I can make out it is over 6 Years since I have had any contact from th
  19. Hi All, Need some Advice please from you knowledgeable bunch. Back in Sept 2007 I defaulted and stopped my payments on an Argos Store Card which i had due to financial issues, I had the usual debt collection letters for approx 1 year which i ignored and made no payments on due to not being able to. The default was registered on my Credit File as Nov 2007 and disappeared off my file in Nov 2013, by which time the debt was Statue Barred, During this time no contact was made with any DCA and NO payments were made to the account, and none have been made since
  20. I recently received a CC claim form regarding a Vanquis card from 2008. Leaving aside the issue of whether I did/didn't have such a card... my view is that they probably speculatively issued the claim, hoping for a default judgment knowing they didn't have the supporting paperwork and might not be able to get it. So far... Claim issued August 19, 2014. MCOL acknowledgment filed Aug 25. CCA/CPR letters sent by me August 26. CCA/CPR replies sent to me Aug 28. Defence due by Sept 21? CPR from Mortimer Clarke states: 'Taking client instructions... will come back asap..
  21. This is a strange one, hope someone can help. I took advantage of an offer to switch current accounts for circa £100 in May 2009. I filled in the forms, my salary and debits moved across. The problem was that Santander did not agree to match my existing overdraft (£500) and didnt communicate that the overdraft had not been granted but moved my finances over anyway. So I quickly moved back to my previous account and requested that Santander close the new current account. I recall speaking to a manager on the phone, who agreed to close the account with no charges and in exch
  22. Hi, Hoping I can get some advice here about a conundrum I have. I have an old debt for a personal loan which will become SB at the end of february. Having heard nothing for years I suddenly received a notice of assignment from a DCA about three weeks ago. Then yesterday a request for me to contact them about payment. I feel sure that I can probably stall them until it is SB with some careful letter writing followed by a CCA request, but im a bit confused about the wording of the 1980 limitations act and various comments ive read on forums and advice sites. Will
  23. Hi Would like some advice about 2 loans that I took out in 2005 with egg to consolidate credit cards, car purchase etc after getting a mortgage in 2004. Both loans were for just under £25k each and it was more or less implied that if I took out PPI that the loans would be easier to be accepted for and that I would be able to claim if I was not able to work for any reason even though I was self employed. Roll onto end of 2008 where my ex wife and I started having relationship problems and I started struggling to make the repayments but feeling that I had a duty to repay I struggl
  24. So, I was an irresponsible student who racked up some defaults for a small amount of 2500 I am in a position to settle these debts now, but many of them are very close to being statute barred, my main query is, if I was to settle these debt, how long until I would expect to see an improvement in my credit file?
  25. Hi, just after a bit of advice here. I have been behind and over my limit for about 12 months but had been making regular payment all be it not enough for my account to be up to date. Today I recieved a letter. It said the following. Overdue amount: £..... IMPORTANT YOU SHOULD READ THIS CAREFULLY Notice of Default served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 Youve broken your agreement ........ You must pay the amount overdue shown above. This payment must reach your account within 28 days of this letter. If youve already paid this or have ma
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