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  1. Hi All, Hoping for some advice. I have today received a county court letter issued on behalf of a claimant called ME III Limited in regards to a very old loan with Blackhorse Finance from 2006. If memory is correct this loan was paid off back in 2010/2011 (it had previously fallen into arrears). this was paid via an ex partners bank who now lives in Australia so I have no way of verifying this with her. I have had no contact with any company relating to this debt since this period, and if in the event it hadn't been cleared as advised, I believe this would be Statute Barre
  2. Hello all at CAG, I've received a second claim from Hoist/ cohens for a credit card. Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd Date of issue – 03 Feb 2017 Date to submit defence = - by 4pm Friday 03/03/2017 ? What is the claim for – Particulars of claim: (As Written) The claim is for the sum of £11079.33 in respect of monies owing under an agreement with the account no. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pursuant to the The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) The debt was legally assigned by MKDP LLP (Ex Barclaycard) to the claimant and notice has been served. The defend
  3. Hi all, Was just going to complete the defence myself as I didn't want to trouble you all with (what I believe is a pretty simple defence), but hopefully this can help others, who are in a similar situation. This morning (dated 6th June) received a claim form, details below: Name of the Claimant: Arrow Global (Drydens Solicitors) Date of issue – 6/6/17 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. The claim is for the sum of CA £7.5K in respect of monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held ny the defendant with MBNA under account num
  4. I have a qestion one of my friends have recieved a letter stating Baliffs will attend in 14 days to remove property for a very old debt from HSBC which was sold on to PRA Group Ltd. After checking her credit file a CCJ was issued against her for her debt by PRA Group Ltd in Oct 2016. The thing is the debt was Statute Barred when the CCJ was issued so surely it is not enforcible, any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatfully received.
  5. Hi all I have received a claim form from Restons Solicitors on behalf of arrow global for a debt from 2003. Arrow say they purchased it in 2011 and I remember a claim form from them in 2012 with Bryan Carter. I'm pretty sure it's the same alleged debt but it was statute barred in 2012 it still is now. This debt is 14 years old. They've tried before it's no different now. I've asked them for the prove it and also made my defence of statue barred. I just wanted to know, can they keep filing claim forms with Northampton county court? or is this
  6. My credit record has two 'defaults' registered, both originally Egg cards, but following a CCA request for the original docs they were unable to provide those, so in effect unenforceable. One of the entries is by Barclaycard(£5306) the other (£1285) by a DCA, Cabot, I've never had any correspondence from at all (though there have been 4 DCA's trying to get money!). Barclaycard registered a default date of 01/03/12, even though the DCA dealing with it at that time was Moorcroft. Cabot registered the other as 24/01/12. None of these 3 has ever sent any Default Notice of
  7. I took out a hire purchase agreement on a new car in 2009, in Scotland. Two years later in 2011, I ran into relationship issues and became homeless with no fixed abode. I lost track of life in general and became very lackadaisical with money. Circa Feb 2012 I received a call on my mobile from a man, whom never identified him self. I answered. He told me I had not been keeping up with payments and I should hand my car back. I said I'd check the bank and would report back. I never did get back to him. In 2016 after hearing nothing about the debt for 4 years,
  8. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Potfolio 1 Ltd Date of issue – 11 May 2017 What is the claim for – 1.The Claimants Claim is for the sum of £564 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a Financial Services agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 between the Defendant and HFC Bank Limited under account reference XXXXXX and assigned to the Claimant on 23/12/2011 notice of which has been given to the Defendant. 2.The Defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not
  9. Over 10 years ago I bought a motorbike on HP. Shortly after buying the bike, my circumstances changed and I moved overseas to work. I stored the bike in a garage and it stayed there. I did not make any payments while overseas. I recently returned back to the UK and the bike is still where I left it. Can the finance company repossess the motorbike or is it now time barred? Are they even interested in a 10 year old debt?
  10. I've recently started to receive letters from Lowell and today, out of the blue, a phishing letter from Robinson Way. I've plumped for a free Noddle file and can see Mkdp and Lowell. Lowell have mentioned a Barclaycard and their balance reflects what is in my file. I presume Robinson Way will follow the phishing letter with demands for payment. I presume both relate to old Barclaycards. The default dates show mid 2010 however I was thinking the dates would have been 2009. Is there a chance the default dates are wrong? How do I go about moving this forward? One account was opened
  11. Hello, I have been following this intermittently since I joined last October 2015. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452513-Sallie-Mae-UK-loans-statute-barred-or-not-scotland&p=4934734#post4934734 I am sort of the same situation, though I moved from Scotland to England in 2012. I am not sure which year Capquest via Sallie Mae, are referring to, but I received nothing after 2007-2008 when the loan was started until 2015, from the annoying letters they started sending me that year. I also had something from Arrow, but I have answered nothing for ei
  12. Hi, I stumbled across this website and I hope you can help me. I'll be so greatful if you can. I have a defaulted Lloyds account which I last used in 2007, and in oct 2013 it defaulted. The overdraft had grown from about £250 to over £1600. I received not a single letter... .up until 2013 when I got one from a credit collector demanding I repay it. I have been arguing it is statute barred for some time now, and they have supplied me with statements showing no activity since 2007 and a steadily increasing debt. It defaulted shortly after maxing out and defaulted.
  13. Hopefully I can get a bit of clarity of where I actually stand. Having racked up a bit of debt in younger years I had little choice but to default. Due to circumstances I simply stopped paying (although I did enter some dialogue for a short time but the overly aggressive stance of the creditors meant it never progressed) - this would have been circa 2007/8. Since then I've had a fairly troubled life - never having any money to pay off the debts and simply ignoring any letters sent. I've not heard from most for 18 months or longer. I'm now in a position
  14. Hi there and wonder if anyone can help. Unfortunately, my husband passed away a couple of years ago and he handled all the payments of bills, etc. since the 90s we hired a company to tend to the garden once a month and they billed us quarterly. The problem is that two years ago when i went to pay for the services for the proceeding months ahead, they told me we haven't paid them since 1997 and gave a bill for a few thousand as they are saying it's back dated from then until now. i told them that my husband would have paid them, and he always paid things like this
  15. Hi All. I've an old statute barred debt with a credit card with Bank of Scotland / HBOS and I'm sure that I was sold PPI as part of this. Last contact was 2007, so we're talking well over statute barred timescales. The question is - should I put in a PPI claim, or will this end up being swallowed by HBOS ( the remainder of the debt was in fact charges and interest and I told them I wasn't paying that, as it was unfair - I'd paid off what I owed them as the capital amount). Thanks in advance, lukeyboy1
  16. Hi all , Over the years I had remortgaged several times , mainly whilst self employed and used a broker to do so. It had been at the back of my head that somewhere along those remortgages there had been some kind of charge as the figures didnt add up compared to what we owed ,and I felt there had been some kind of early repayment charge. After contacting my wifes bank and paying for copies of statements I found out that one of the remortgages was with GMAC RFC now Paratus. Apparently gmac/paratus contacted current customers after I had remortgaged onto someone else regardin
  17. I touched on this in a recent post but very recently a letter received by my Aunt sort of confirms my thoughts. Debt with a bank, no payment/acknowledgement for some 10 years now, the debt is most certainly stat barred. However, due to a recent restructuring on her finances she was able to sort a small loan out to consilidate her outgoings (no DCA's as there are none left in the pool) The loan was obtained and the outstanding bits and pieces all paid off as part of the loan (paid by her not the bank) 3 weeks later in a letter dated 17th February a well known bottom feedi
  18. Hello Long time lurker who now has to step out of the shadows and is requesting help please Long story short I have various debts that due to breaking up with a partner and being made homeless and leaving the house with just the clothes on my back i could not afford to pay. This was in September 2008 and at that point I stopped paying all of my monthly payments because i simply couldn't afford them. I have not paid or acknowledged any of the debt since then but up until that point i had made the appropriate payments to the accounts as per the agreements. I have
  19. I have a large number of accounts which are now statute barred (I'm debt free with a great credit score; fwiw). If I were to reclaim charges / PPI on these accounts would it restart the clock? Most accounts are now 10 years old. I'm happy with where I am but just an idle thought. Thanks
  20. Hi All hope you're all well? I still haven't worked up the courage to sort out my CC's, but I have an interesting tale to tell. Bare with me I may go on a bit. About 10 days ago I went into a strange bank to pay one of my cards, I paid the min on B Card. A couple of days later I had a Phone call from said bank (Lloyds) inquiring if I had adequate service on my visit, I said it was fine. He said he noticed I was paying interest on the card, also that I used to have a Lloyds CC that I closed some years ago, he said I qualified for a new card and 1 year of 0% and asked if I would like o
  21. Just as a query Scenario; DCA collect on a debt, alleged debtor, stops paying and fills DCA's mailbox with CCA's Sar's, nothing provided, DCA keeps reqesting payment even though they have not provided paperwork, in the end the allged debtor says file for court or bugger off. 4 Years later since the last correspondence and out of the blue a court summons lands on the doormat of the alleged debtor from the DCA. Defence is filed, no admission within the counter defence is given, debt is denied. The DCA acknowledge receipt of the defence via the online court system
  22. Early last year my husband received a county court summons for £11,500 for a credit card debt sold on to a DCA. He replied and defended the action on the basis of the limited information on the summons and that he was awaiting a reply to the CCA letter sent to them on the day the summons was received. He never received a copy of the CCA, just a letter from them saying the debt was no longer enforceable and they could not proceed any further through the courts, but would he please call them to discuss a repayment plan. They also promised to forward the copy of the CCA.
  23. Hi Guys, I received a chasing letter from Lowell for a debt I thought was SB they have replied saying it is not. I have been paying this through a DMC but stopped payments in 2012 (i checked my statements). Thing is I completely forgot about this and sent them a prove it letter. The debt is a store care debt and total £299.00 - They have said they have placed my account on hold when they request the contract from the creditor. What shall I do when they do reply? Thanks for your help
  24. Hi. Robinson Way own an old account of mine that I have not made payments to since Feb 2010. I thought that it would now be Statute Barred I sent them the 'stat barred' template letter last week. I have a response from them today. 'After reviewing your account we write to confirm that this debt is not statute barred. The default date on you account was 19th March 2012 and therefore this is within the 6 year period.' Are they correct? I always thought that the 6 year period began from the first missed payment. Thanks. Paul.
  25. Hi, apologies if this is posted in the wrong section, I am posting on behalf of a friend whom has recently started talking to his parents again after 6 years. He moved away and hasn't made contact until recently. His mother has kept a gigantic amount of mail dating back years all unopened, we got to work sifting through them. Have come across a letter from Lowells dated August stating that he has failed to make payments against the CCJ they issued against him, she has every letter that was sent to the house in his name, there are no court papers and no prior letters
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