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  1. Good morning. I have recently been contacted by Equidebt on behalf of their client Aktiv Capital UK Ltd. I do not have a CCA with Aktiv Capital UK and the debt I think it refers to is more than 7 years old.. I replied to first letter from Equidebt asking for information which they have ignored. Should I now send them the standard statute barred letter or do I send a FOI request so that I know that the current action is legal? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi all, My first post so I hope I have done it correctly. I will try to keep this short. My wife and I have mainly credit card debts. In September 2006 we moved house (from where the debts originated) although in late July 2006 I wrote to the bank in question advising of our new address (copies of both my advice of this change dated 21 July 2006 and the banks confirmation that my request had been received is in hand dated 28th July 2006). The latter being the last time I know of having any correspondence with the original creditor. In the months prior to this last pie
  3. Hi advice needed i had a credit card with capitol one last payment made to them in january 1996 they stopped putting interest on this account in july 2006 this account was sold to our old freinds Lowell some time in 2009 i have never admited this debt or payed anything off it never contacted lowells and never spoke to them they keep writing to me i just ignore them so now they have passed it on to a debt collector so please advise as to where i go next is this account stature barred many thanks mike
  4. I have received several letters from Aktiv Kapital regarding an old account. I spoke to them today and explained I wasn't familiar with the account and if it was an account of mine then it was probably statute barred. The agent looked and confirmed that the account is statute barred. I said ah ok then, she went on to say that they are still looking to collect but just won't take legal action but that was never their intention. Where do I stand???
  5. Hello, I have had a hand delivered card from the lovely people at Scotcall . I am not too concerned at all infact am rather relaxed. The debt is 14 yrs statued barred. Are they daft enough to take this to court , I am hoping they will to be honest. Part of me thinks just ignore them and let them waste money in chasing , or do the standard letter telling them its SB. What would everyone else do.....
  6. A brief Chronology Amex Card, firstpursued by Creit Solutions in Summer 2007. CCA sent and defaulted on ( under old time frame) OC did send a very poor quality of application form with a printed "Application Form"in two places covered with white labels ! - this on the photocopy of the application form rather obvious I thought. Nest page was very general T & C also almost unreadable such was the photocopy quality Next Moorcroft had a go, and they were sent packing with the "Bemused" letter (late 2007-early 2008) Cut forward to Aug 2008, a letter from Brachers "acting for" dema
  7. Hi ... looking for some help Statued Barred for unsecured debts happens 6 years (5 Years for Scotland) Can someone clarify ... is this from the date of Payment default or from the date of last correspondence. Example is I defaulted a few months ago (long story) but In the process of advising the credit card company of my new address in Oz. However they are not responding so Its taking some time. So would the clock start ticking from the default date of from the date of my last letter. Many Thanks Scot
  8. Hi guys I took out a credit card on 05/01/2007 and was unable to keep up payments the date of default was 04/12/2007 does that mean I havent paid any payments since? and also the second account is 20/11/2006 and the default date is 24/07/2008 so if these debts are indeed statue barred what is my next step?
  9. Hi Guy's As above, basically a debt that has been statute barred for around 3 years. This morning we get a letter from Provident telling us they bought the debt from Scotcall. I have uploaded the letter for your perusal. Please advise on suggested next step. Many thanks David Just seen the letter is really small, cant at the moment see how to increase the size, will keep trying.
  10. Hi all, First time up and looking for some help. I've an old debt from 2005 (HSBC Credit Card) which I'm unsure is statute barred? I stuck my head on the sand for a couple of years, the debt was chased by a DCA in 2008. They however, made a mess of the case, and I raised it with the ombudsman. The ombudsman ascertained the debt did exist but reduced it drastically due to the harassment caused. As yet, it's all gone quiet and i've heard nothing since. At no time have I made a payment or admitted the debt, so, as the 6 year time limit expired in 2011, is this statute barred; or a
  11. Hi, I'm hoping someone could clarify things for me re statute barred debts. A lot of articles state that a debt is statute barred when the company has not contacted you and you haven't made payment in 6 years. However, if a company continually sends standard letters seeking repayment but cannot provide a CCA would that become statutue barred after 6 years (providing no payments had been made)? Thank you!
  12. Hi Cut a long story short a debt for a current account last payment made over 6 years ago in May 2006, court summons received in Jan 2010, case stayed with consent order sealed at court, no contact made from creditor SCM aka Lloyds TSB to arrange payment 2 and a half years later 6th June 2012 a notice of hearing application arrives just after the 6 year limit, I have to attend court next Wednesday, I am prepared for this but one question is it worth me even mentioning the statute of limitations or is this not allowed due to the consent order. thanks for any advice/abuse received
  13. I have about 7 credit card and bank accounts which fell into debt 6 years ago, and I am wondering if i can claim back the charges on them? Has anyone done this successfully? I am concerned that if I did try this they would start chasing the debts again, or it would be seen as an acknowledgement of the debts. I am pretty sure they are now statute barred as my last payments were over 6 years ago, but I did enter into an IVA after that date, and the last contact from that plan was Aug 07. I'm not sure if that counts as acknowledgment from a statute barring POV.
  14. Hello All,I have a debt that I can only assume is statute barred (last payment made was 2001, creditexpert showed default date as 2005 - either way, now past 6 years and my credit is good). I am still receiving lettes from a new company now (Paladin). Now I am going to go through the blunt fone call (stop mailing and you will be receiving a registered letter through the post outlining the limitation act, etc.) and the actual sending of the letter. My main worry though is - The debts have now dropped off my credit history report...If i start this whole process, can they put the percieved debt b
  15. The last payment was made on the debt 6 years ago next month. I have had phonecalls, all unanswered thanks to caller I.D and countless letters from various DCA's, Moved house 4 months ago and had a "tracing" letter from a company a month ago ( which i never responded to ) then today a completely different company has sent a letter saying 7 days or we're taking you to court ( much the same as every other company that this debt has been passed through) i have never responded to any of the letters or spoke on the phone. as of next month can i say that i'm statute
  16. Hi all. I am a novice to all this debt and just require some advice. I have received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors; RE: Arrow Global Guernsey Limited. For an outstanding Balance of £679.07 The letter states; "This matter may be referred for court proceedings to be issued in 10 days if payment is not received at our office by that date." Previous to this I received a couple of letters from Fredrickson International Limited; Re Brand/Product: Capital One. Our client: Arrow Global Guernsey Limited. Balance £679.07 I ignored the Fredrickson letters as at
  17. Don't want to say who yet, but a DCA has been pestering me about an account that the last payment date was 23rd August 2005. Confirmed by the statements they've sent me recently. So can somebody confirm that as i've not paid or acknowledged the debt since then that I can send the stat barred letter on Tuesday. Although i've not moved the OC decided to start writing to me at a relatives address, those letters were returned, then they sold it to a dca who kept writing to the same address all were returned unopened. Early this year they wrote to me at the correct address, I sent the prove it
  18. I have two debts for students overdrafts taken out around 2001. #1 I have not paid anything towards this debt or acknowledge it for about 10 years. I have received a few letters regarding it but binned them all. There is no CCJ for this debt. Am I right in thinking it is eligible to be statue barred? #2 I have a CCJ for another student overdraft account. The CCJ is dated April 2006. I have paid nothing and not been contacted about this debt for over 6 years. Does there come a time when this CCJ can be written off? What is the life time of a CCJ? Thanks for
  19. Hello - I'm new to this forum but am in desperate need of help and awareness and really just want to warn everyone out there to be very careful if you choose to open a contract with Orange Mobile. I'd really like to know if anyone has had a terrible experience with mobile service provider, Orange Mobile - similar to the one detailed below: On March 27th 2012, I called Orange for the third or fourth time to discuss a previous mishandling of my bill, whereby they charged me significantly more than I had used and had not made my bill available to me in any way so it wasn't until the mon
  20. OK....so I'm certain this will have been covered in other posts but I'm confuzzled by the sheer number! I have about £25k of debt dating back several years and I plan to finally sort things out once and for all. I got a full credit report and have all the relevant details but I'm unsure about a few things. I realise that 5 years have to have elapsed and this seems to be the case for all bar one of the debts (that one reaches the 5 year mark in December 2011). Can I start the 5 year count down from the date of my last payment to each as the default dates ar are all several months af
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