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Found 3 results

  1. ************************Hi need help urgently***************.... on 11th august 2015 around 2330 at night i received a text messages from barclaycrad to confirm some transaction my card, there were transaction that i had used on 10th and 11th to which i replied Yes( HOW WRONG WAS I) I was at home with my mother and a friend of my mother, i than received further emails and messages from barclaycard that my credit card was used for £3500 on virgngames.com (gambling site) also £280 was taken from my paypal account. i called barclaycard and reported it straight away it was around 0130 in the morning 3 minutes before the last transactions that was done on my account, barclaycard blocked, issued me a new card and sent me a dispute form to fill out and send it back. i did and got a full refund within 10 days, and from paypal. however barclaycard fraud team have now contacted me again few weeks ago and asking me to fill out another form which stated FRAUD DECLARATION FORM to fill and send it back, again i did and they wanted bank statement, prove of my passport payslip basically everything... .. i done that and it proved that i do not gamble. however barclaycard spokesmen was so rude and aggressive and was trying to pin it on me, saying all my details like mother middle name, IP address, Email verification and all my details matches and if i was drunk and did not know that i did it, REALLY!!!!! he called me and said if i was sure that i want to go ahead with this case, i said yes and he stated i would get a decision within 5days through he post, 8 days went pass nothing, i than get a call saying he and a senior investigation team want to come and see me face to face and speak to me and make sure there arent any misunderstanding, i have no problem and said sure lets meet, but i am worried of what might happen i have reported it to action fraud, spoken to Citizen advice bureau, spoken to police and not sure what to do, they are calling me after 3 months after initial fraud and trying to pin this on me now!!!! help what do i do, any advice about why the meeting as they are coming from north of england and i live in south of england and why the meeting?? they have treated me really bad as if i am the suspect!!!:-x:-x:x:|
  2. I rang Barclaycard a few weeks back to offer a Full and Final Settlement on my outstanding balance. I have been with a Debt Management Company for 4 years so interest and charges have been frozen since then and I am making payments monthly through the DMC. They accepted my offer of 30% and said they would send a letter confirming this. However, when it arrived it said that a F&F should not have been agreed as I do not meet their criteria. Does anyone know what their criteria is? Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. Several years ago I lost my job and therefore couldn't make the minimum payment on my credit card. I rang BC to explain and they were reasonably helpful at first. They told me they could lower the payment, which I still couldn't afford, but told me that was the least they could take. I later found out this was rubbish and rang back to make token payments to show I wasn't trying to ignore/avoid it but just couldn't pay at this time. they quickly added charges to my account and continued to add interest despite me pleading to them to freeze the account as I had long since cut up the card... they wouldn't. After dealing with 3 separate recovery companies, explaining exactly what had happened, the third company then sent an "agent" round to my house, illegally. Luckily for him, my mum answered the door and sent him on his way. I rang the company to let them know what they had done was illegal and that I was going to sue them. A few days later I received a letter saying that the case was closed and I wouldn't hear anything about it, which I didn't, for 2 years. A few weeks ago I got a letter from MKRR saying they were acting on behalf of Barclycard and I owed them £4,518.63. I had spent less than £2000 on the card so the rest is interest and charges which is what I argued about for so long. The thing that is puzzling me is that Barclycard have had my address and contact details for the past 2 years so why has this company only contacted me now? And how does it work if the last company "owned" the debt? Have they sent it back to Bacrlycard or sold it on to another company? I'm currently unemployed (just finished uni) and don't claim any benefits. They are threatening legal action and saying the amount will continue to go up if I don't contact them. Do I still have a case suing the other company for coming to my house illegally? Thank you in advance to anyone that offers help, support or advice.
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