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  1. On the 22nd Feb 2006 i took out a second secured charge on my property with a lot of 'hel'p from the first plus operative. I had a property worth approx 155k with 148k outstanding on my Northern Rock Mortgage. I had a requirement for 100K and approached Firstplus who at first suggested there was insufficient value / equity in my property I bleated that I really needed the loan and he said he would see what he could do. I subsequently received the 100K. I have now been advised by Barclays that they valued my property at 200k at the point of the loan (nationwide and halifax p
  2. Hi there, I moved house mid Jan this year. With one thing and another it took a few weeks to get all of our change of addresses done, and one of the few I couldn't do online or by phone was Barclays Bank. I don't use them as my main bank anymore, but have held an account since I was a child which I used during university and had quite a big overdraft on. I had been paying small amounts off this overdraft so that I could eventually close the account, but it was still £900 when we moved. I filled out a postal change of address form they have, and sent
  3. Hi, This morning, I intended to pay off a portion of my Wonga loan, I accidentally paid in full, which I really couldnt afford to do (paypacket wasnt what I was expecting!!) Anyway, obviously Wonga wont refund anything, nor will they give me another loan for some stupid reason or other. My question is, does anybody know if Barclays are able to recall a payment I made in error?
  4. I am a private house hold and have an ex-directory private landlines telephone with BT. I am 64 years of age with health problems. I do not run a business from home and this telephone number has been with me since 1966. On the night of the 24th October I started to get telephone calls from mid-night onwards which got picked up by the answer machine that I have no sooner the answer machine started the calls were cut off after giving a fax signal and then the process was repeated again up to seven or eight times call after call then after a twenty minute break it started again. Thi
  5. As a student in 2002 I took out a Barclaycard for which I was charged for PPI - was told I was unable to have one if I didn;t take out the option, IIRC. I also took out a Barclayloan as a graduate in 2005, on which I believe I paid PPI. I don't have any details of the account numbers anymore, and moved banks in 2006. Is it worth a SAR? I've filled out the Barclays questionnaire online to reclaim, but without specific details I'm not sure I'll get much more than a fob off.
  6. hi had a Barclays additions account up until recently which I paid off. i want to claim for charges etc on the account, how would I go about doing it? any advice would be great thanks
  7. About three weeks ago i opened an account at barclays with my NEW business Manager as it is a brand new business account (business has been trading for 5 year) After meeting with business manager and opening a business account we proceeded to trade as normal at my business. On the 29th of May i paid in some cheques from my clients, which was about 100K, i informed barclays about this even before i put the cheques in and i also told barclays what the funds would be for, Business manager told me that it was ok to put them ALL in as i had informed barclays before i even did so. On wedne
  8. My son is 24 earns good money and has very good credit but has never had a credit card or a loan. He applied for a £6000 loan to buy a new car with Barclays bank which he has been bank who he has been banking with since he was 17 years of age. Barclays have been sending him letters about getting loans and credit card which has previously declined and now he has applied for one he has been refused. My son lives with me and I do not have good credit and I am sure that credit applies to the individual and not the household, is this correc
  9. All creditors were written to by letter dated 21.08.06, to inform them of financial difficulties. I enclosed £1 token payment and cont’d to pay this for some months until payments increased. The original payments amounted to £500-£550 per month. I am still currently making all reduced payments as below. I would like to resolve all this but, as I have not had any statements etc from and have still been paying them, I am unsure where I stand and what I can do, if anything, and do not want to open a can of worms as I have been of
  10. Hi guys. I have taken the time today to come to my senses and attempt to arrange all of my finances once and for all... I will create a separate thread, in the relevant section for each creditor. For now though, I currently have an ongoing debt with Barclays Partner Finance, this was previously Clyesdale Financial until BPF took over. I have a remaining balance of £314.77 and currently paying back at £1 per month due to my previous job coming to an end and now in receipt of JSA. £1 a month is all I can afford to make at this moment in time. I have never ever thought
  11. I wonder if anyone can assist? I was in my overdraft (always near the max) I regularly pushed over my limit and incurred a charge (or 3) as a result of Interest charges levied on my account. I was under the impression that Interest Charges & Late Payment Charges would not then trigger another Late Payment Charge, is this correct or was I misguided. Thanks
  12. Hi all, been reading the forums to see I'm not the only one with this problem with Barclays. On the 3rd of Jan, Barclays removed £9.6k from my account to "TO RECONCILE", reading the forums shows that this was an AML check, but I got a call on the 9th to say that the money is back in my account, and no we aren't going to tell you why it happened. I asked if there were any issues on my account that I should know about, and was told everything is fine, carry on as normal. Then the 13th comes along, and all access to my account gets cut. I call up and find out that my account is und
  13. Hi recently SAR Barclays and have received a list of documents from them, can someone give me an idea as to what they should have sent me. They have sent me a print out of statements which point out telephone calls made to house and late payment charges going back 6 years dont seem to see any T&Cs included. I know I have had an account longer than that, is this all that they are required to send me, any help would be appreciated.
  14. Share the same computer systems? Many thanks
  15. Hi, I am looking through my credit report to get details of old loans and credit cards in preparation for making PPI claims. However, I have come across an entry for Barclays Bank plc that I can't recall. It mentions a current account opened in 2000 and closing in 2009. I have never had an account with Barclays, so I am wondering if they have taken over someone that I used to bank with? That said, I have only ever had current accounts with Natwest and Halifax, who I am still banking with. Does anybody have an idea what this could be? If I were to send an SAR to Barclays, co
  16. recently myself and my partner were in Poland and used our Barclays debit card to purchase flights back online. The bank then blocked the card, when the automated machine at the airport went to validate the card it wasn't valid, I have then spent a considerable time on that day trying to contact Barclays who constantly couldn't understand me and kept putting me from person to person, upon asking to be put through to my branch in Northern Ireland, I was told that Northern Ireland was a separate country and not part of the UK, when I said my local branch they tol
  17. Barclays is set to move around 2.3m savers on to a new type of Isa which for two thirds of them will mean worse interest rates. The bank has already closed 11 of its cash Isas to new customers and will now be withdrawing them from existing customers too. The new Isas will pay less than the two per cent annual interest, meaning more meagre savings rate for 1.6m customers, with 740,000 benefitting or remaining unaffected. Barclays has said that it has been urged to simplify its Isas. Lee Chiswell, head of savings at Barclays said: These changes will make it easier for our c
  18. I am looking for help with the issue of First Plus interest rates on a loan. Has anyone else tackled these people over re negotiating their loan to a fairer agreement? Thank you.
  19. I have had a degree of success with claims against Barclays Masterloan PPI. One of the accounts I submitted is still ongoing from April 2013, the first letter I received back said that they had been unable to find a PPI policy in my name so the complaint has not been upheld. However, if i can provide further information relating to this policy eg Policy number, document, your complaint will be re-opened. This letter is our final response to your complaint and we hope that you are satisfied with the outcome. Re-sent all the paperwork copy of credit agreement with the breakdown of t
  20. Hi all, Sorry to bother you but I'm after a bit of advice regarding an old Barclays account. Heres the story... My partner and I had a joint account with Barclays many years ago (2004) of which we ended up having an overdraft of £2170. Due to various reasons we ended up pushing it to its limit every month and eventually came into a bit of financial hardship but we struggled on as you do. Then in 2008 I was sadly made redundant. This is where things went terribly wrong. We struggled on for another year incurring fees left, right and center but we just got
  21. Hi Folks, Does anybody know if Barclays are legally allowed to charge £30 for Paid Referral Charges on a business account? I have month on month been hit hard with these charges and every month its getting harder to get out of the hole they are creating for me! My personal account has the occassional Paid Referral Fee but this is charged at £8, although still a lot of money it is much more reasonable than the £30 on the Business Account. How do I stand if I decide to go after them for a refund? B
  22. Good evening guys, I was wondering if I could seek some help. My partner has been off work on SSP for 7 months now and I am the sole breadwinner in the house. Our income and expenditure looks relatively OK but Barclays have been making things much worse for us. Both of us have had suspect transactions to EE/T-Mobile on our statements, even though I am with Three and other half is with o2. They've refunded these amounts to us as and when we've noticed them, but it's got to the point where I've had to go into the bank to sign the forms as they're just taking too long to s
  23. Dear all, The Friday before last (4/7/2014) I went to make a debit card payment for dinner with clients and the transaction declined. I checked my account on my phone (Barlcays App) and my two barclays personal accounts (current and premier) 4 savings accounts and 2 business accounts were collectively showing to be overdrawn by £5,000,000. On 7/7/2014 all available funds in the account were sent to reconcile to Coventry OPS 05 ADV. I logged a formal complaint on (4/7/2014) and after countless calls to customer service advisors who gave excuses ranging from a technical error to
  24. WHAT DO YOU ADVISE I wrote to Barclays using a template letter from moneysavingexpert and got a no we don't owe you anything. a few months later gave my account details to Brunel Franklin who also got a no. then a couple of months later got a opps we made a mistake we owe you £800 plus 50 as a goodwill gesture from Barclays. cc Brunel Franklin. Now then if Barclays had been honest/done there job brunel franklin wouldn't be in the frame and wanting best part of 300 notes from me. secondly Barclays have paid the money into my defaulted account and I don't have access to
  25. I applied for a Barclaycard Platinum online a few days ago and I didn't get an instant decision. I rang to ask about it and they said I have been sent a letter requesting documents although they didn't know what and why. Any idea what documents they will be requesting and the chances of me being accepted? Noddle and moneysaving expert creditcard eligibility checkers rated me a 70% chance of being accepted and Barclays own said I had a 'good' chance. Only problem is I have a lot of searches on my file which is the thing that could get me rejected.
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