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  1. Very silly situation. Years ago had a good business, took out a loan to help grow, but down the line a big client failed to pay and the business suffered and closed. The loan - unfortunately - was secured against property. And even more unfortunately the interest rate was super high - almost 8% above base. To cut to the chase - 7 years have passed and I paid hardly anything - because I was simply surviving not earning enough to pay a huge monthly amount. Barclays never sent any statements. The original amount has just grown and grown. And Barclays haven't recalled the debt
  2. Hi I have had a Barclays Bank Account for my business for nearly 3 years I stopped using this account about 2 1/2 years ago due to a row over charges. This week after all this time Barclays have written to me demanding the outstanding balance within 28 days or face action. Before I contact Barclays to discuss the issue I need some help because I am going to ask for the return of my charges which some months were as high as £500 for returned or cleared charged items, I read about somebody wining a case for return of charges bases on the fairness of them can anybody tell me the deta
  3. Hi guys, i have a BPF fixed sum loan agreement which was taken out for purchase of an ex demo car from Hippo Car Leasing. The agreement is in my mothers name due to her having better credit than me, The problem is, i now want to sell the car and believe that under Fixed Sum Loan agreements, it shouldn't be secured against the car but a personal loan. I have HPI'd the car, and finance is showing on the car? I do not want to trade it in at a dealer, as it will have negative equity of around 3-4k as the mileage ive used is quite a bit more than normal. Basically what im a
  4. Saturday purchased car via right car supermarket sold as a 1.4 fiesta advised it was a cheap insurance car also cheap tax. on talking with my insurers they told me the car I was registering was in fact a 1.6 fiesta the insurance on this vehicle would not be lower.contacted the company asked for an explanation they said they could not give me one as I had been told the correct details and told the insurance company the wrong ones as the finance for the car was completed nothing they could do. So I must pick the car upon Thursday as arranged. telling them that the details I gave my insur
  5. Hi - here's hoping!!! I have a current account with Barclays bank (BB) which has an £2000+ overdraft which is always being used to the limit. It only gets reduced for a couple of days when we get paid. What is happening now with their new charges for every day the account is in overdraft is that my monthly fee has more or less doubled. I just used to pay interest on the OD which was about £40 now its around £80/90, which I feel is very unfair. I did contact them to ask about a refund (as you previous helped be get the charges back, saying that I felt
  6. hi guys, hopefully i can get some help here. i had a 10k loan with Barclay back in 2001 which had ppi on it, at the time i was earning good wages in my job but unfortunately lost it. apparently my ppi wouldn't cover me because of the reason my work finished. therefore i could not pay it and went into arrears (id payed nearly 4k off by this point). i let it go however and ignored their letters for years until a bailiff turned up at my door to which i payed 2k to over the space of 8 months, (credit security ltd) stopped the payments when i heard they were under inves
  7. After spending the last 6 months dealing with numerous PPI claims i can now concentrate on reclaiming my Barclays mortgage arrears fee's covering 2004-2012. Will be claiming £880 plus £4,000 restitutionary interest at 24.90%. Will issue claim via CCMCC Salford (room for full POC) Any suggestions / ideas on my POC ?
  8. Received CCA from Barclays, however it is very different to others I received from the same bank. This Loan dates back to 1999, I have already successfully claimed PPI on this. Is this agreement reconstituted? There's no personal detail on the agreement. T&Cs very short. Do they not have to provide signed agreement as per my request? Big question though, can they enforce this agreement? How should I reply? Appreciate if someone can please help me with the reply. Thank you.
  9. Hi all I need advice please my dad had an agreement with barclays partner finance for nearly 3 years cleared it a week ago i noticed from random letters he has racked up a few charges such as failed dd and late payment when he was having some difficulties, my dad has just retired and i am looking to claim some money back for him looking for advice on how i do this i would need a statement off them first with all the detailed charges i know that but what letter do i need any help would be appreciated as my dad has just retired and in ill health at 72
  10. I am trying to help a relative with their finances and came across an old Barclays business loan, it was an overdraft converted to a loan, the documents show an insurance premium of about 1300. I assume this is PPI but cant find any policy documents, it is just a summary letter with loan amount plus premium at 16% The loan was settled some years ago when their situation picked up. How do I clarify if this was PPI? and can this be claimed back? and if so how does the interest work? The loan was taken out in about 2000 and paid in full in 2003, but dates need to be confirmed
  11. Earlier today I withdrew some cash from an ATM outside Asda. Except, being a complete numpty, I forgot to actually take the cash! Realised when I got home and phoned the supermarket. No one has handed in the cash to the supermarket. Security bloke was very helpful, I gave him a description of myself and he reviewed the CCTV. He confirmed that I only took my card from the machine, and not any cash, and also that no one else used the machine for a good few minutes. The next person that tried to use it appeared to have some trouble with said machine and then went to t
  12. Hi friends, I tried to search but most of the template letters are designed towards claiming single payment PPI, especially, for fresh cases. Mine on the other hand were monthly payments and they were stopped by Barclays in 2005. Why? Because, I claimed back some of the money Barclays had been charging me in the name of their Additions fee that I had never opted for. This probably prompted them to also stop my PPI immediately. And yes, I did not know what PPI was all about at that time. Now, I wish to take up claiming back the PPI Bacrlays charged me over a p
  13. Just in case anyone is interested - I had an Additions account from the end of 1998. I was told that this was the account I had to have when I finished my studies and was no longer a student. Unluckily for Barclays, I kept ALL my statements! So when I heard about reclaiming charges, I added it all up and sent in a form. No arguments - they paid me back all the fees plus 8% interest per year, even though the account has been closed for a couple of years. I also sent in a claim for the Overdraft PPI that I was charged for many years. Got that back too! Good luck to
  14. Hello all from this forum, Lets start back from 2012, on september 2012 I was going to complete 14 year living in this country and for the ones who think I am another foreigner trying to reach the easy life, i can assure you that I have done more to the english elderly than a lot who has bourned here and I am very well documented about that. but the matter is not that yet. Two months before I completed the 14 years life in the UK which would give me the right to apply to the ''leave to remain'' the prime minister, Mr Cameron changed the rules of 14 year to twenty two years, but gav
  15. Hi all some advice needed, last Thursday went to withdraw £350 from my local Barclays at 6am only for the machine to make lots of noise then "Thank You" and the cash draw opened and closed with no cash. The machine then displayed "out of order" so i went along to the next cash point but the £350 had been taken from my account. So at 10am i went into the branch and noticed the cash point was still out of order the cashier told me there was indeed a problem with the cashpoint and the withdrawal should right itself overnight it was not there in the morning so
  16. Barclays started possession proceedings against me after I lost my job. To save embarrassment at court I sold my house for substantially less than its market value. To add insult to injury Barclays have charged me over £5,000 in early redemption fee. I feel this is draconian and legalised theft. What can I do?
  17. It's been a while since I had to use the advice on this forum, which is a very positive thing! Anyway, I am currently trying to help a relative claim back PPI from Barclays and PBP from Monument. 1. Barclays have replied to state that apparently the relevant box was ticked and so there can be no claim. I reckon there's more than a hint of male bovine excrement about that statement but am unsure how to proceed. Exact wording from the letter is; "Following my investigation I have identified that your application for PPI was submitted by post. This means that at the point of ap
  18. I meet all the criteria for financial hardship (checked the Moneysavingexpert advice on this) and have been absolutely crippled by Barclays charging me £3 a day or nearly £100 a month on my account since they changed the rules. I have also suffered from charges piling up on my account to form the overdraft that is the basis for those £3 a day charges. I sent them an SAR, got my documents and duly sent off an email to Barclays Head Office following personalized templates from here asking them to stop all further charges and refund me those for the past four and a ha
  19. My OH has been successful in reclaiming monthly fees plus interest but bank has refused to pay back any other charges, where the monthly fee amount affected some months being overdrawn and also additional charges added. They have also commented about going to FOS within six months. Is this correct or should she revert and disagree with their comments ? There are quite a few charges been added. Thanks
  20. hi i have been burying my head in the sand over this court case and someone pointed me in the direction of this forum. Some time ago my husband and myself took out a loan for £35k with first plus, we shouldnt have done it as we were in debt already and saw part of it as a way out then by "consolidating" our payments, not realising that by taking this over a 15 year period at 10% APR it would be a huge amount to pay off. At some point last year the account went into arrears - i had a period of unemployment, then got a job away from home then split with
  21. I apologise in advance for the long post. There are a lot of details to this story! August 2005 I open a bank account with barclays. Its a student account. They try to deliver my bank card one day when I'm out of the house. Because I didn't open the door they removed my address from my bank account and said I don't live there anymore. A few months later they give me a card. In April, I pay around £1500 in rent online using said card. I then go to the bank to pay in £300 cash and get a mini statement. My account is a couple of grand in credit.
  22. I have issued a County Court Summons against Barclays Mortgage Service, PO Box 8575. As they failed to respond I have entered judgement against them and a warrant for full payment was attempted to be issued by the bailiff, because we only have a PO Box address the bailiff is unable to execute the warrant. Does anyone know the real address for this office in Leicester ?
  23. Hi, This is my first post but I have been looking around on here recently as have been seeking some advice. I haven't been able to find a post similar enough to mine to get an answer so I'm going to tell you about my troubles in hope someone can steer me right! I took out a Barclays Career Development Loan back in 2007. The company I took it out to train with then soon went out of business - I'm sure some of you would've heard of them. 'Connectivity IT Training' based in Docklands, London. I telephoned Barclays after I'd found out to then be t
  24. Morning Everyone, I was hoping to get some much needed advice from anyone who may be going through or has gone through and claim with Barclays bank. To give you an overview of the situation; about 9 months ago my business account was frozen by Barclays due to a technical error which concluded in my funds going from £20,000 to - £3,500,000 overdrawn. During that period I had no access to any funds and no money could go in or out. As a result two contract which were signed and dated during the error were unable to be fulfilled resulting in a loss of pr
  25. Hi I wonder if anyone can help? I had a business that went sour in 2006 and debts that had a personal guarantee attached. The debts are made up of historic overdrafts and a business loan. I have been paying about £800 a month off the debt fo:|r several years and thought the figure was down to about 5k. The bank has been reluctant to send me regular statements and even said they are not obliged to do so. The bad debt that has now become personnel (because of the PG) has a 8% interest charge on it. When I eventually got my statement I was horrified to discover that 28k is still outstanding! A bo
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