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  1. Hi everyone im quite desperate. I just made my new account at barclays less than 2 weeks ago with the switch service and yesterday i got a letter where they say my account is gonna be closed on 18th jan, 2016. The letters date is 17th nov. Also i recieved another letter with the date of 20th nov, which says my switch process has been successfully completed from my old bank (santander) to the new barclays account. I called them a lot of times but nobody could give me a proper reason why they want to close my account. Some said, ( also in the letter says) the bank made a review on my account and
  2. BANK - barclays & 1st credit PROBLEM - Barclays sold my UK debt to 1st credit and I now live in Spain INITIAL LOAN AMOUNT - £4900 AMOUNT OWED / REMAINING - £3509 LOAN START DATE - 10 FEB 2012 LOAN TERM - 60 months LOAN MONTHLY REPAYMENT AMOUNT - £106 reduced to £5 COLATERAL - None REF: Barclays sold my debt to 1st credit against our agreement when no payments where missed or late. NB My situation can be classified under 3 forums and I have posted this message under 1st direct, barclays and debts abroad. My apologies for any confusion. Hello Everyone, I took
  3. Daniel Head can’t take credit, move banks or even secure a new mobile contract because his bank mistakenly put a fraud flag against his name and refused to remove it Daniel Head has worked hard to build up a strong financial base and an excellent credit rating over the years. He has never fallen into debt or suffered financial difficulties. But he can’t take out credit, move banks or even secure a mobile phone contract because Barclays (LSE: BARC.L - news) , his bank for 12 years, mistakenly put a fraud flag against his name and refuses to remove it. Fina
  4. Hi, I was a victim of credit card fraud and reported it to barclays who closed the account and sent me a new card. Amount just over £2500 with over 8 transactions. When looking at my statement (once the funds were processed) it says the card was used in another country and the chip and pin was used. I was sent a deceleration form to fill in and send back which i have but now i got a call to fill in another form which allows police to investigate which i am fine with, i was also told to send in passport details etc. my question is how did they manage to use my card and and get hol
  5. Between 1st-7th April a number of payments were taken from my debit card, to a company I have never heard of. I contacted barclays who put me through to the fraud team, who said I could open a dispute. I had to wait for forms, and as soon as they recieved them I would get a refund. When the forms arrived I took them into my local branch and asked them to fax them for me, so that they couldn't get 'lost' or anything. I then contacted the fraud department and was told that now I had to wait 10 working days for a refund. 3 days after that I recieved a letter stating it would now be TWENTY working
  6. Basically, help! We have a small business, opened one year. Our business banking is with barclays- as are my personal accounts. Didn't have much choice with that, for lots of reasons. Barclays are awful. They refused us an overdraft or any funding whatsoever - the account was in credit by considerably more than the overdraft we'd asked for, but we needed the ability to have credit in the future because we need to buy stock. Refused when we had contracts worth thousands, almost lost one because of it. Told us to use 'payday loan' type companies for credit for stock
  7. Hi, Thought I would start the next (and probably last) round of my ongoing battle with Barclays. This time it's for mortgage fees that were levied between 2002 and 2010. Total is about £1500 and compounded restitutionary interest at 22% adds another £7.5k. There's no previous claim history with this but the mortgage is still with Barclays (v low variable rate and I will likely remain on this until full term). Also, the arrears were cleared at the end of last year but there is still a suspended repossession order on the house. I believe I can apply
  8. Here we go again. Back in 2006 this wonderful website enabled me to claim back over £1600 in unfair overdraft charges from HSBC. Following the media storm over PPI I decided again this was the place to get my information ! I've kicked things off with a initial letter using the template from the Which? website, this was sent on the 26/04/2011 and I'm yet to receive any sort of from them. The PPI insurance was taken out in September 2004 and is on an active card. Should I expect any sort of acknowledgement from them or will they just reject my 'claim' in approx. 8 weeks ? Thanks
  9. I am appealing for advice in this case in which Barclays has failed over a 2 year period to put right errors on my mortgage account and now refuses to abide by the binding settlement terms. To confuse matters, the Ombudsman provided misleading information which led to me agreeing the terms and the complaint being closed while the issues are unresolved. Ombudsman has now washed its hands of the case and told me I need to sue Barclays. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000) makes an Ombudsman’s decision legally enforceable in court, but I can find no solicitor to tak
  10. Hi All, First time poster! I've been battling with Barclays over a default they placed on my credit file purporting to a current account with Barclays which I didn't recognise. Six months ago my partner and I were house hunting, at this stage we were really just getting a feel for the market. A house came up that was perfect and we set the wheels in motion hoping to get a mortgage offer sorted within the week and put an offer in. After visiting a mortgage advisor, he asked for copies of our credit files, which we duly acquired from the two credit reference companies and sent th
  11. Hi Me and my husband currently both have an additions account with Barclay's. Around 2007/2008 we converted our basic accounts into the additions accounts on-line, because that was the only way to get an overdraft. We have never needed or used the benefits. Do we have a claim for the account fees and if so how do we go about reclaiming these? Any help would be appreciated. I have read other threads but cant find links to letters. I am very sorry if this has been mentioned else where but it means i did not find the thread. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi have not posted for a while as things have been ticking over O.K. thanks to all the help from this site but I now have a new problem which I hope someone can advise me on I have a loan with Barclays which has been off my credit file for some time but on just checking my file it is back on I was unable to maintain payments to the loan and started paying a reduced sum from around 2003 - payments have always been maintained but at a very reduced rate (have checked and the debt is enforceable - even got a copy of the signed agreement when I made a subject access request some
  13. I have made a claim through Barclays as I believe I was mis-sold on several credit cards and loans, they have accepted on of these was mis-sold and paid me £1893, I received a letter from them today stating that another one was not mis-sold as the application was done in the branch and I would therefore have agreed to the PPI, as the application in the branch dates back to 1997 I am not sure how they could prove this, is this likely to be a way of them getting out of accepting it was mis-sold and not paying me, and should I tell them I want this reinvestigating as
  14. I will try and keep this short! Ive been banking with Barclays since 1995 and there have been good and some not so good times! I've always had an overdraft. Last year when they introduced the new fees my monthly interest went from approx £11 to about £48 per month! I wrote to them in Sept and explained I was already struggling and asked if they could freeze the interest and in return I would pay £50 per month which would reduce the balance of the overdraft- I asked for 6 months and then for it to be reviewed. They acknowledge my complaint but I did not hear from them for several months, a
  15. Hi all, In 2011 I took out a £15k loan from barclays to save my struggling business which inevitably failed, I had a PG on the loan so I paid off £50 per month since and now it has been sold to Westcott. Judging by previous threads here, it seems as Westcott now own this loan instead of barclays and are sending me letters trying to arrange the payment plan again I am 26 years old and struggling with work at the moment, so I want to know if I have any rights and what I can do about it. By looking at other Westcott posts it seems as if I should avoid them as
  16. Following on the thread of dealing with dads debts. Dad had an egg card which barclays are dealing with. This letter turned up today...a little unsure though of what it means if anyone can assist please A seperate unsigned undated egg credit agreement has been sent also Apols the JPG files are two small the PDF files work ***admin is it possible to remove JPGS ? *****
  17. Afternoon, I've been in a bit of a spot recently, lost my job, had to re-arrange my mortage to interest only or risk losing my house, defaulted on my one credit card, missing paying bills every month, I think you guys get the picture but the last year or so has been financial hell for me. My credit report is a sea of red Anyway I'll concentrate just on the Barclays account here. I've had an account with Barclays for around 20-25 years and I have most of the statements which I've started to dump info from into an Excel spreadsheet. I have a question if anyone would be so kind as to
  18. Hi, I was hoping for a little help and advice please.. .. In 2009 I took out a Business Loan from Barclays for a business debt of £20,000. I have an signed Agreement and have been paying £230 per month ever since. I have never missed a single payment. Today I received a letter from Barclays saying that the debt had been transferred to Westcot and to contact Westcot to make arrangements to continue payments but this time direct to Westcot. I rang Barclays to see if I'd ever missed a payment and why it was going to Westcot, the lady wa
  19. i have recently won a ppi case against barclays however they have sent me a cheque in the business name that no longer exists nor does its bank account so i would like the cheque in my name ,, i have rung them and they have informed me that i need to get a solicitors letter confirming that my business has ceased trading, which from what i have been told may cost a fortune the cheque is for £456 my name was on the cheque book chris CAN I ARGUE THAT THEY COULD CHANGE THE CHEQUE TO MY NAME WITHOUT A COSTLY SOLICITOR OR A ACCOUNTANTS LET
  20. Hi all, hopefully I'm posting this in the right section To cut a long story short, my mum went to Uganda back in May, during her time there [i suspect] she was a victim of 'skimming' and around £700 went missing from her bank account. When she got back to the UK, we took a look at her statement and the ~£700 was withdrawn from various ATM's around Kampala in increments over a few days. Barclays bank did initially cover my mum's losses whilst they supposedly opened an investigation, but just a few days ago, they basically sent her a letter saying that because her card uses the chip a
  21. Greetings, I do not know if I am posting this in the right forum, but I'm wanting help with something Barclays has done to me: I posted the following question to Barclays customer service department (all the following quotes are simply repostings of our interaction): Me: "Greetings, I am requesting that Barclay card does not increase my credit line, and does not do any hard credit checks whatsoever on my account. Can you please add a note that this customer does not wish to have any credit checks accomplished?" Barclay's Response: "Dear _customer's name_: Thank
  22. Hi Guy's, Today I took receipt of a letter from Barclays saying that they thank me for my request etc. Tomorrow is the final day of the 40 days to receive the information back! They are now asking me to provide details of which branch i would like to visit and provide id documents etc (while they collate the information) I have already sent them a copy of my utility bill, my council tax bill etc - can they request this? More importantly they have failed to get me the documents within the 40 days. Thanks, Flappy
  23. Hi everyone, My wife have accounts with Barcalys which were opened in the early 90s. Apart from recent statements, she does not have any other paper works. There are definitely charges and possibly PPI but we need proof before making any complaint. We made a SAR request in Feb 2015 and a LBA went out three weeks ago (April) giving them 7 days but they have not bothered to respond at all yet both letters were signed for. I now want to get a court order for them to comply but I am not sure of how to go about. Which form do I use? How much will it cost?
  24. Hi, I hope someone can help please I took a loan with Barclays and defaulted on payments when my best friend died as we were still young the grief hit me so bad I had to go to hospital for a while so couldn't pay my loan. I've finally got my self together and out of the blue I had a letter from PRA group offering me a reduced payment I've never had a letter of assignment from Barclays not really had any letters from Barclays that I can remember. I checked my credit file a few weeks back to check where I am in life as I wanted to move out from my parents and then a
  25. Hello I'm hoping someone will be able to give me some advice. Last week I received 2 letters. The first was from BCW asking for me to verify my address and that they needed to communicate with me about a 'private matter'. I subsequently received a letter with a Barclays letter head stating that a debt (£1900) with them had been transferred to BCW and that I should now pay this in full. No breakdown of the debt was provided but an old current account number was quoted. I did hold an account with Barclays until 2004 when I switched to the Coop Bank. I
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