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  1. Be careful when Googling for Barclays. If you click on it, it looks, at first glance, like Barclays. But it is actually Barccays It's a sca mmers site, where you are asked to submit all your usual on-line banking details. Your account would be emptied before you were any the wiser. Always double check the address bar before entering any details
  2. I'm a court appointed deputy for my husband. In 2008 he was placed under the court of protection due to a severe head injury, at that time he had a Barclays Bank account with an overdraft of £600. When the CoP was put in place he had been in to his local branch and they refused to serve him or talk to him. He was lied to about why and we only found out a few weeks later that it was due to the CoP which had taken over a year to be put in place. His original Deputy was extremely incompetent and cause no end of problems. In a nutshell they began paying his overdraft off at £15
  3. Hi Experts, Please advise on the matter. Barclays have closed my current account without giving any reason. I was holding the account since 2008 and it was in satisfactory condition, never used any overdraft, always in credit. Also have barclay credit card. I was not using current account on regular basis as it wasn't my main account. 2 weeks ago I sold my cars due to investing money somewhere and given my barclay account to the car dealer to transfer money in to my barclays account. Money got transferred and barclays fraud team have restricted my account a
  4. Hey guys anyone know where the cars are taken once they been repossessed had mine taken Wednesday but was half asleep when they took it as was on night shifts plus I gave the repo blokes some abuse but got no paperwork just wondered if they get auctioned off and if so where? I'm based in Newport South Wales. 62 plate Audi A3 they took got no issues with them taking it just wondered where it goes afterwoods. Cheers
  5. Hello all My sister in law accidentally paid £200 into my Barclays bank account instead of to my brother. This was an old business account I have which I had not used for about three years. The charges and interest has mounted up in I to the extent that it is £1200 overdrawn. I had not heard from Barclays at all for several years despite this being an unauthorised overdraft, no phone calls, no attempts to get me to credit the account, no letters. They just let it go. And so did I. Anyway my sister in law contacted me straight away and I said the best way to tackle this w
  6. Hello. Posting this on behalf of my friend. Sadly, a few weeks ago, his wife died due to cancer. They were a married couple. During the marriage, she took a loan from barclays and had a ISA with them too (roughly about 5 grand savings in there). My friend phoned them up to ask about what's going to happen with the loan after she passed. They said he will not have to pay this loan, but it turns out they've used the money from ISA account to settle some of it. My question is - is this a legal process ? Thanks in advance for your help guys.
  7. Hi, on 25th I was taken 244,61f from my account by Direct Debit from O2. They said it was mistake but I know people that was edited like that before. O2 said to use Indemnity Claim (firstly they said they are refunding me but after few chats they said they didn't - pure edited). I contacted Barclays like 5-6 times. Everyone edited or ignores the matter. I have proof on chatts that different customer service write that indemnity claim is succesful and I will get my money back but after 2.5 days I don't have nothing. I have just called on barclays helpline and some guy edited told me that t
  8. I have had a Fee paying packaged bank account with Barclays since June 1999. I had no idea until a couple years ago that it was not a standard monthly account fee but a packaged account. I had no use for a packaged account as I had breakdown insurance with my employment at the time of opening the account (company vehicle), we always bought our family travel insurance and had other normal insurance covers in place. I would never have agreed to pay over the odds for a bank account if I was made aware of this at the time. Please could someone advise me how I should pursue the
  9. Hi, Before I start, a big thanks to CAG for past help with different matters. If you read any of my other posts you will see I had debt problems in 2007, with a failed company and business / personal debts to near £150k, its taken 9 years to clear everything, finally debt free I'm looking back over accounts to see where I can claim back some of the huge interest amounts and fees whilst paying off credit cards overdrafts etc.. my wife has a Barclays account, it's still her current account and its been active for over 30 years, due to our extreme financial hardsh
  10. Hi all, First post from an occasional lurker Used to have a current account with Barclays about 20 years ago. Had 4 loans with them all with PPI (remember being told if I didn't take it out, the loan was less likely to be approved) Have zero paperwork from that long ago. Rang them up and thought I'd try anyway. I have a very uncommon name, gave them the address at the time DOB etc. But nothing more. I received a letter from them saying "With the information you provided. We can find no evidence of PPI on these loans. So we are closing your claim" However I pr
  11. It is the summer of 2015, August to be precise. My wife and I have just ordered a top of the range Schreiber kitchen - £24,000 worth of all singing and dancing fittings from Homebase ( now Bunnings UK ) It was going to be a large contract and we were going to be out of the country whilst the work took place, hence we gratefully accepted Homebase`s offer to project manage the delivery of goods and installation. While we had the cash to pay for the whole thing upfront, we deliberately opted for the 12 month deferred interest free loan arrangement as this would enable us to "sign off" the w
  12. I've just realized that i made a claim back in 2007 for unfair charges which was stayed pending the "oft" test case going through my paperwork i've found that it was struck out in feb 2010 could you tell me if i can start the process again to reclaim my unfair fees please
  13. Hi , Im helping my mother deal with an old Barclaycard. We sent a SAR request a week ago to this address: The data Controller , Barclays Bank Plc One Churchill Place London E14 5 HP. She today received the letter back, with a Royal Mail sticker on with `refused box ticked`. Is that the wrong address or are they being obstructive???? Any advice appreciated, Thanks
  14. Dear members, I'm a student in London. Yesterday I found that both of my account balance became zero and the money has been transferred TO RECONCILE Debit COVENTRY OPS 05 ADV. I went to a nearest branch to ask what happened to my account. They said they couldn't touch the money now and I have to write an email to reportasam (a barclays email, I can't post it here) to clarify the source of my money. After searching on the Internet I realized what happened. At the beginning of this year, my ex-boy friend has purchased a property in London. But in my home coun
  15. Dear Members, I am resident in the UK, I have a business account and I transferred money from my country to my business account by exchange company registered in the UK, they deposited it in cash in Barclays bank with all required documents to show that the money is my own money the exchange company provided me an official document to show that they deposited the money came from my country, on the second day I found the money in my account, after ten days I checked the account, the balance was £0.0. Barclays took the money and wrote in
  16. Barclays- SAR and CCA? Dear Cagers, As mentioned in another post I have 4+ debts which I desperately want to sort out ASAP. I want to start with Barclays and I will rely on your amazing help I have seen you have given to other desperate people. Please be aware that I am very inexperienced in dealing with creditors, DCA etc... The situation: Barclays current account: Opened 11-12 years ago. I use this account to transfer £4 each month from another account to be able to pay my debts -£1 to each of 4 debtors. This is including paying £1 each month to my Barclays unsecu
  17. can someone please help my father filled in a lpa in 30 sept i had a letter from the opg saying is was registered on the 5th feb and was sent via courier to the solicitors im hoping i can pick it up mon depending when the solicitor gets the document was sent via a courier on the 9th taking ages this is my problem i am to be my dads full time carer he has early onet dementia and is disabled hence the poa we are buying a house together and its an auction proprty which means you have to move with 28 days paid deposit so only 26 days left t
  18. Hi Caggers, I took out a personal loan in 2007 to pay a tax bill the bank manager at the time agreed repayment over a period of 6 months. My circumstances changed and I was unable to pay. The loan docs were on one side of A4 with no real T&Cs etc. The bank manager was eventually fired I received new documents to urgently sign by the new branch manager. These looked more like a proper credit agreement. I carried out a CCA request and found in the statements that by account balance had been corrected to £0. Barclays continued to be very pushy in relati
  19. Hi there I would really appreciate your help on your input on below matter. When I was in University I opened an account with Barclays Bank in 2003 and 2004. I had overdraft of £1250 which I could not pay. Barclays demanded money few times until 2008 - 2011 through DCA. I never received letter that my account was defaulted. My credit reports obtained in 2011,2014 and 2015 never show that my account with Barclays was defaulted. A month ago Lowell Group sent me letter and demanded money I owed to Barclays. I sent an email to Lowell with a standard
  20. Hi, I've recently been helping my partner (who's not the most organised when it comes to money) review her outgoings. In doing so, I noticed she was paying £14.00 monthly for Overdraft PPI....and has been since 1999 when she returned to work part-time once her son reached school age. She can't remember asking for this insurance and has never claimed on it. I believe she was mis-sold it on the basis she believed it to be compulsory. We've now cancelled the policy and the DD. Is it best to use the online Barclays questionnaire to claim a refund ? Any tips on filling this
  21. I have been trying to resolve an issue with my credit file with Barclays for a number of months. The reason for missed payments on a barclayloan was related to a serious illness which was impacting my memory. Unfortunately I am having to chase up the Senior Complaints Handler from Barclays Executive Office, every day. But there is no progress in resolving the issue. As the missed payments started towards the end of 2009. There was an amendment to the collection date and funds that should have been collected from the account to pay for the loan were not being collected a
  22. I have received the following response to my complaint regarding Barclays Additions Account You have held Additions on two separate occasions and Additions Plus. Please provide your recollection of each point of sale. I can see your account was downgraded in error from Additions to a fee free account with an overdraft. Please confirm why you requested the account be upgraded to Additions again. Please confirm why you took the Additions plus Please advise why you retained the upgrades. I originally took out the Additions account so I could have an overdraft. I knew I would always have
  23. Hi, I have just checked my Barclays account, only 2 payments ever come out of this account but I am constantly in my £1000 overdraft. I had a letter today saying that I had gone over which came as a shock to me as the money that goes in should more than cover what gets taken out but I havent paid anything towards my overdraft in a long time. They have changed their fees apparently and now I am being charged £26+ a month for my overdraft, I never signed up to this, I had the additions added on back in lets just say 2005 and havent signed or agreed to anything since. Are they auth
  24. Hi just wondering if anyone can explain what these interest charges mean. i have my old additions account bank statements from 2003. along with many other customers i have incurred penalty charges. the monthly interest amounts don't appear to stay the same, for example for Aug 06 = overdraft interest debited £0.60 credit interest 0.10%. if over the overdraft limit 2.05% another example Sept 08 overdraft interest debited £1.1 credit interest £0.54 how does this then compare with 24.9% if claiming restitution?
  25. Hello Folks, I have about 4 Defaults on my credit report. A friend told me i can negotiate by offering 10% of the money owed to each of them. In turn, they will remove my name from credit agencies. Is this true? Please assist.
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