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  1. Can anybody advise how long I will remain on the CIFAS register. I have been put on the Cifas register by Barclays bank. The category used was aiding and abetting. I know I can try and fight it but it has caused me so much stress and time that I feel for my own well being I should just wait until it comes off the register. I am not a fraudster but had money paid into my account which I reported to the bank. As a result they closed my accounts and added me to the CIFAS register. Thank you
  2. Can anyone advise as to why the following as I'm baffled �� Took out a secured loan back in 2005 with Barclays plc (firstplus) unbeknown to me it was secured on my house (I was young an niave at the time) only found out it was a second mortgage when I sold my house and solicitors advised of the 2nd mortgage �� What I'm querying is why I signed an agreement in 2005 with Barclays plc on the loan agreement then in 2008 I was forced to sign another agreement for the same loan but this time the headed document was with Barclaycard? The interest rate was higher. First agreement for a
  3. Hi. Just after some thoughts. My dad went to a Barclays branch in 2008 to take out a business loan The branch staff member stated that he could not take out a business loan to start up his business As an alternative, the staff member suggested just taking out a personal loan in my mums name as my dads credit file was terrible - despite him knowing it was for business purposes. They went ahead with this advice. My mum and dad have since split up and she's left with this loan amongst other debts he's left her with. Obviously with it being a loan it's in her name onl
  4. Hi again This is my second thread in regards to an ongoing problem Unfortunately my mum has been left with debts that she has no idea about from her marriage which has broken down These debts are with PayPlan at the moment who are paying all creditors each month with a lower monthly repayment and 0% interest. This plan was set up between her and my dad when they were together as she could not manage her repayments She has now asked PayPlan to send her a summary of such debts which are in her name. On the summary it states that 4 debts are to Barclays and 1 to LINK
  5. 3 weeks ago I asked for a redemption statement so I could repay my mortgage. The first statement that sent included £195 final repayment charge an interest payment that I couldn't understand how it had been calculated and a monthly payment that had not been credited to the account. I questioned these and was told that Id agreed to the final repayment charge when I took out the mortgage and the interest payment was calculated pursuant to terms id agreed. The next redemption statement was correct save for the interest Of £84 and the £195 fee. I took issue with this again but got no whe
  6. Hi, I am currently with the fos with a claim for mis-selling of account and o/d charges reclaim for financial hardship. The FOS seems to side with the bank and is asking for t&cs of the accounts I held at the time, Additions, Additions plus and Premier. The bank has lied about products provided on these accounts and I need access to welcome packs and terms of conditions for the said accounts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Ok i am trying to Re claim my accounts fees as they were missed sold to me. I have all my statements after i finally got my SAR request through. I am claiming back to 2006 when i was signed up to additions account without my knowledge. I have drafted this letter. Dear Sir or Madam, Account name: First Additions Account number: I have had the above account since 1st February 2006 but believe it was mis-sold to me for the following reasons. - I didn’t know I was paying and don’t remember ever agreeing to having this account. - I was upgraded without my
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jun/20/sfo-charges-barclays-bank-executives-ceo-2008-qatar-fundraising I reckon they will get off with a slap on the wrist and a fine.. this after the SFO will have spent £thousands if not £millions of tax payers money trying to make a case against them.
  9. I visited a Barclays bank branch in February. Whilst there, I paid a cheque into my current account. I then asked for funds to be transferred from my current account to my Barclaycard Visa card, in order to clear the outstanding balance. The cashier asked for my debit card PIN, which I had never been given, after which she refused to process my instruction. This is despite my being able to use the card for online payments. By refusing to transfer the funds, the bank had effectively declined to allow me access to my own money. The cashier then said she cou
  10. I have just received a reply to my on line request for a refund of premiums paid on a loan taken out in December 2007. The loan was a top up from a previous loan , In 2008 I suffered a very big downturn in my business and was unable to pay the loan , it is now statue barred . In the letter today it says the account is still active ! They have sent a cheque today for a part payment and have offset the rest to the debt , can they do this with a statue barred debt ? Thanks for looking Tonks
  11. Hi Y'all and Happy Easter I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me advise regarding my claim with Barclays over mis-sold package account? I have had an acknowledgement saying that i had an ADDITIONS account in 1999, but i have no statements going back that far, only from 2004 when it was upgraded to an ADDITIONS PLUS. Does anyone know how much I would have paid in fees per month, back in 1999, for a Barclays ADDITIONS account? They are taking forever on this, I first complained in December '14 and have only just had acknowledgment wanting more info -
  12. Hi All I have opened a claim for refund of Additions account fee's and have received a questionnaire to complete; which I would like some advice on how best to proceed. Here are some background details first: I first became aware of Package Bank Accounts last year when a colleague at work told me that he had reclaimed some money. I was shocked; having only ever banked with barclays for the last 24years I genuinely thought that I had to pay for my bank account and that the insurances etc. were free perks. I decided to pursue a claim myself; I only have state
  13. Our company has experienced gross mistreatment by Barclays Bank and its Business Banking Relationship Manager, [removed]. After the request for an overdraft facility, we were forced to sell assets to fund investigative work for an external accountant, arranged by [removed]. Barclays Bank unilaterally changed the interest rates via side letters and charged us unnecessarily with arrangement, valuation and business consultancy fees. The Barclays Bank continued to charge us but never offered us any support. Did anyone have similar dealings with [removed]. or Barclays
  14. Anybody else had something similar?? My small building company had a bit of a cash flow problem so we decided to sell some land. We had a site on the market with local estate agents for £750K, 9 years ago. Barclays insisted, and I mean INSISTED, we place it with a company in Leeds. They were reluctantly employed by us as estate agents in June 2007. By July 2008 they hadn't even placed a 'for sale' board outside or advertised the land in any way, despite angry calls from me. 13 months of doing absolutely nothing, and in which time, our debt to Barclays had increased by over £75K.
  15. Hi all, My father has held a credit agreement between himself & Barclays since October 2014 (Credit intermediary is Cathedral Motor Co). He's already had a phone call from the dealer about refinance / settlement for a newer model & he asked me to take a look at his agreement and see if I could work out a rough settlement figure. However I've read the agreement a couple of times now, I dont know if its late and I'm tired but I dont think it's been worked out correctly. On the Pre-Contract Credit Information it shows that the cars cash price is £10,145.00, of which m
  16. MY 16-19 account had been opened in december 2016 and yesterday, the 23rd of February, I received a letter that my account was being closed, and that Barclays were unable to continue being my bankers. It offers no other explanation. I realized yesterday that my card was missing when I attempted to call them and tried to find my account number and sort code. I decided to go into a branch and was told that my account did not exist. I'm concerned whether there is any way I can reverse this decision and whether I will be able to open an account with another bank or building society such as Nationw
  17. I returned my partner's account to zero early last year. Unfortunately there was a pending charge, and my partner didn't use her account or check the balance again until late last year. It had ballooned into a large amount of overdraft from that one pending charge. Barclays were unwilling to generously be sensible about it, and my partner wouldn't accept the terms of my offer of help, which was that I'd return it to zero (for the nth time) if she closes her account, as Barclays don't deserve our blood to suck on, and she doesn't need a spare account. Since then I
  18. Blimey, it's been a while - hello lovely people! I'll save the recap of the last 8 years for another thread (all good though, largely thanks to CAG!) I was shredding old statements last weekend and noticed payments to Barclays Select (the revolving credit/loan facility they provided way back when) On the offchance I called Barclays PPI claim number and after a great deal of faffing around he managed to get a useable reference from the old statements (as the computer denied I ever hair a Select Loan!) After he admitted I did actually have a Select Loan he went through the mi
  19. Hello I wrote a complaint letter to Barclays asking for a refund of my charges due to hardship and the fact i blamed them for irresponsible lending. Back around 2003/4 barclays allowed me to go overdrawn on my account ,it gad no overdraft facilities. I was charged £30 then £30 for being £30 overdrawn then so on and so on. However, whilst overdrawn even upto £500 barclays never declined or stopped me using my debit card, (I know j should have stopped but i was you stupid ans was suffering awful post natal depression) Barclays have replied to my letter saying they will
  20. Please would any member be able to assist with the following issue that I am having with Clydesdale Finance who have changed a default date with Experian Credit Expert which has greatly affected my Credit file. The issue is: I had had a debt that should have expired 04.01.16 after 6 years, I was eagerly awaiting this to enable myself to move forward with my own financial plans. I recently checked with Experian Credit expert to make sure that my score was still at 999 and that the expected bad debts would disappear from my personal report. I was amazed to see that my
  21. hi took out a Barclays loan in 2000 for 3 years the loan was 5600 and 899.98 added to the start of the loan monthly repayment s was 225.36 for 36 months around 8460. round about 1800 is interest for loan and ppi interest but looking at statement they sent they have added interest charged each month on top over the 36 monthly repayments which then comes to around 9870.00 my loan was only 5600 loan was paid off ppi over 36 months how do I calculated my refund and can I claim this extra interest charged aswell added they wont give me
  22. I'm new to this and not experienced with dealing with the courts and the big lawyers, in fact it is quite scary.. Below is an outline of what has happened to date but now I really need some help to guide me best way through this mess. Background: I had a credit card debt with barclays of £9k and this has gone up to £11k with court fees, Legal and with interest charged from 04/2014 making a total of £11k (All figures have been rounded up.) I missed payment in 2014 which shows up in 2014 on my credit file as a default and not made any payments since, I had the card for 35 y
  23. Hi I took out a Barclays Income Protection insurance around 2008. http://www.barclays.co.uk/Insurance/Incomeinsurance/IncomeInsurance/P1242614107744 Barclays stopped selling this policy years ago. This was a policy that covered me for sickness and unemployment. I paid around a £100 a month and would get around £2000 a month in the event of making a claim for up to 2 years. I have been paying this policy for the last six 7 years. I was recently made unemployed due to a disagreement with my employer (over 7 years working there) - without going into details I w
  24. Hi all First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all forum moderators and members that are always on, answering all of our threads and questions. Well done to all of you. This site is the most helpful of all. I'm trying to claim back the PPI for my O/H from Barclays. The account was opened back in 2004. I SAR Barclays already and I just received the pack thru the post. At a quick look, I found that there were more payments going out to Barclays from this account such as: 1. PPI 2. Unpaids out 3. Paid Referral 4. Account Fee - this suddenly appeared at one point in
  25. I was going to check on my insurance with Lifestyle Services Group [set up through Barclays account]. Firstly when I went onto Lifestyle Services Group login website it didn't recognize my login credentials, then when I wanted recover password [in case I forgot] it didn't know my login [e-mail] at all! Then when I attempted to recover account by providing bank sort code and account number - it claimed it never was set-up! [same account whole life] When I called them they can see that I had my old phone insured trough Barclays but no sign of new phone insurance. Only that I have had ca
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