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  1. hi can i have some advice please got a letter off my mortgage company/bank saying they would close my mortgage reseve facility, i am in arrears with my mortgage so am thinking about selling my house as i have roughly 50 percent equity in it i have been blacklisted so would not use their facility if i wanted to anyway , was going to ignore it and let them shut it anyway read up about it and it seens its just a loan facility like a remorgage.... am i correct many thanks ...if i asked for a loan they would refuse anyway cant get an overdraft anyway!!!!!thanks alot
  2. I have been a barclays customer for 33 years, a Premiere customer for the last 20 years. I had a 9000.00 agreed permanent overdraft facility I have used on and off and it was at 7300.00 OD. I live permanently abroad (monaco) and following advice from a barclays manager, I wrote to barclays last year to inform them I am now separated from my wife and the divorce is taking place in Monaco, and with the account being in joint names, there was a mandate dispute (this is what the manager said to put) and I wanted them to stop any further payments being made from it (to avoid my wife spending mor
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help… A friend has had repossession proceedings started against her by Barclays/Woolwich. The hearing is set for 1st August and I’ve been helping her by writing all the letters to Woolwich and their solicitors trying to get the full picture and making offers to them. Briefly the mortgage was taken out in 2004, all payments on time until Oct 2009 when her work virtually dried up (she is self-employed). She was in touch regularly with the Woolwich - but unfortunately these contacts were all by phone and she was told as long as she made the effort to pay someth
  4. Hi All, I have banked with Barclays since 2001 (13 years old) having the same account since then. On Saturday 18th June 2011, I attempted to log in to online banking it said I couldn't log in due to a problem with my debit card. I called the OnLine Banking team, they said there is an issue and put me through to debit card services. They advised to take my ID into the bank, they need it and would sort it. I go into the bank and the Personal Banker (PB) photocopied my ID and apparently got the block removed from my card. 1/2 hour later it still wasen't active, so went back in, the PB had b
  5. Good afternoon, I received a phone call on my French phone nearly 5months ago from a company called "regents legal" concerning an outstanding liability of 462.50 british pounds. I was shocked to receive this call as I have never had any bank problems in my life (either in the UK or in France). The company explained that I owed barclays 462.50 pounds when I never spent that much money. I waited months to receive a proper explanation from the company barclays had contacted. Their answer was always "when are you going to pay us Mr. Lacroix", and we are unable to expl
  6. We should stand together and fight this bank who seems to be one of the worst. I'd particularly like to hear from those who have suffered through banking fees
  7. Please support and sign this ASAP, it's on Go Petition
  8. i have an outstandng dispute with egg card and heve been chased over the years by various DCA'sI have now heard that Barclays have brought egg.I have a barclays account can they take money from this account to settle the egg card
  9. I've an open thread about PCI compliance and just had a thought regarding the recent Sony Playstation server hack. Sony must have some pretty high security standards; much higher than the average company would usually install and yet personal credit card information was hacked. How on earth is a small to medium company supposed to stand up to the new rules credit card companies are imposing if Sony can get hacked? £50,000 fine is nothing to Sony but that will put most small companies out of business... Or is that the idea?
  10. I am currently running a claim on behalf of my brother from Barclays now Woolwich mortgages for charges of £40per month for arrears admin charges. Barclays have issued him with their final response with a resounding no so taking it to court, I am unsure how restitution would be calculated on the claim and appreciate any help cheers
  11. Following the advice of the promotions for bank visa cards I decided I would use my cards for obtaining cash whilst abroad. My cards were stolen and when I asked Barclays bank to transfer money and or replace cards I was told if I wanted to transfer money abroad I would have to return to my branch and do the transfer from there, (14000 miles and £1200 airfares). They said they could only send replacement cards to my home address not much good if no one is there to send the cards on. I think that the banks attitude was obstructive and insensitive to my situation, (they in effect told
  12. Please could someone help me to stop an eviction order, looks like I am going to lose my house on 17 Feb 2011 !!! I am desperate and at my wits end. Apologies in advance if this post is too detailed but i wanted to try and include all the facts. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think i have left anything out, or have any questions. I have put what i think are the most important points in bold, i hope that is ok. Unbelievably, they have a judgement to sell the house for not less than £229,500 when the house was valued last year at £260,000. This is for a judgement of £4,
  13. Hi, I currently have a Barclays Personal Reserve which is costing me £22 every 5 days in charges. I can't afford to pay it off to get back in the black for another couple of weeks, but according to Barclays website, one can cancel it at any time. Does anyone know if I call and cancel it, will I still be charged £22 a week because I'm over the limit? or will cancelling it stop me from being charged any more? (I appreciate I will have to pay it back eventually, and will presumably be charged interest on the overlimit amount, but I'm trying to minimise the cost until I can afford to do
  14. I am beginning to have a very stressful time with Barclays, and the fact they can't seem to let go of money that is not theirs. Below is a draught of a letter I am preparing to send to whoever I have to. It will explain my situation a little better. Otherwise tomorrow morning I'm going to my local branch and refusing to leave until I get something out of them. Any help or advice will be much appreciated. * Ok let me explain my situation here: My father sadly and unexpectedly passed away nearly 3 months ago now. Barclays were informed straight away and his accounts were f
  15. Hello, my first thread, just one of many problems I'm having!! After being with Barclays nearly thirty years, I thought they might have trusted me by now. I have a business account with an overdraft of £2000. A couple of weeks ago I recieved a call from a rude man at Barclays telling me my overdraft expired in Oct '09. I told him that was news to me. He said as my turnover of money through this account had drastically fallen over the last year, it was unlikely my overdraft would be renewed. He then said Barclays would be looking for payment to clear the overdraft. Kick me when I
  16. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here. I'm in the middle of drafting a complaint to the Financial ombudsman service regarding a swingeing charge from Barclays to redeem a loan. It seems Barclays did a 'swap' when the loan was first set up, without my knowledge. Could anyone direct me to any earlier posts by members in a similar situation so I can get some idea of the flavour of the ombudsman's responses to this sort of thing. There are other elements to my complaint about Barclays as well but there seems to be a dearth of information regarding 'breakage charges'. Thanks to anyone that
  17. Spoke to an uneducated muppet at BC this morning on a unlisted private telephone number (available upon request) in Kirby (Liverpool) which was thier IT & Data department, regarding the release of statement data and other sensitive info to HFO Services Limited. He did not ask me who I was nor attempt to carry out any ID verification process. He asked me what it was regarding, so I told him it was relating to release of data to a DCA for an impending court case. After I told him the names, (you all know who Im talking about) he said, "Oh well thats OK 'cos they are the same company". I said
  18. Hi, I have been out of week since September last year and my only income has been Tax Credits, I had a couple of £22 reserve fee's taken which I had forgotten about and since being on Tax credits I have not exceeded the money I had going in to my account but due to the original reserve fee's it has meant that I have been using my reserve every month without my knowledge due to the fact i knew the excact amount going in to my account and knew how much I could withdraw. My tax credits have dropped considerably and do not even cover the reserve amount let alone my overdraft now. Due to the f
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