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  1. Hi All Little bit of advice please. I have received a letteri today from HPH2 Ltd stating an old barclaycard debt I have been paying to MKDP LLP for the last two years has been passed onto Robinsons Way who will now be managing my account. My question is, as I have not received any letter from MKDP LLP confirming this, should I contact Robinsons to arrange to carry on payments or should I wait to hear from MKDP LLP before making contact. Also will my monthly direct debiti be transferred automatically or will I have to set a new one with Robinsons. Dont wan
  2. followed advise from this forum and Barclaycard have upheld my claim,although they admitted PPI for 8 years they never informed me about this so that's why I claimed.Five weeks later they admit my claim from 1994 to 2002,i had no credit card statements and they only have records they say for 2002. No records fro 1994 to 2001,offer made of 2260.00!!.Now the point after reading the posts here is should I go for an increased offer as they say they have used information from the BBA TO GATHER TRANSACTION HISTORY IN ORDER TO VERIFY MY CLAIM AND THEREFORE THE OFFER,CHEQUE ARRIVED YESTERDAY.
  3. Just under 2 years ago my Barclaycard went to Mercers, and I received a default notice on Mercers headed paper. The account was then transferred back to Barclaycard. I've been trying to keep up with the reduced payments (£50+ per month) they then agreed with no interest, but having been back to CCCS with my current situation they advise a £1 token payment at present. Things are due to improve once priority debts are paid off but this will take about 12 months, and I am now on a payscale ladder so things will improve next year. Barclaycard have refused this offer and their previ
  4. sumik


    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help? Quick background- I have recently lost my job, therefore halfing our income into the household We do have a family member who has been very generous and offered to pay off some of our debts to help ease the current financial constraints on us and we have begun sending "full and final" offers to our creditors as well as asking for CCA's from the relevant creditors. We have received most details back inc CCA's other than one with Barclaycard. When i initially took out my Barclaycard it was with Egg bank and this changed to Barcalycard later
  5. I recently had an offer of £700 as a full and final payment accepted by Barclaycard. This was paid and I received a letter from them stating that the account was now settled. Today I got a statement saying I had a balance of £541.38 and that includes £18.75 in interest. What should I do? Should I just ignore it or call them? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, I am new on here so please bear with me. I have several credit cards and due to having a much reduced income at the moment cannot make the full payment. I have managed to agree reduced payments with Halifax, Cap One & MBNA but Barclaycard will not play ball, I have 3 accounts (1 is ex Morg Stan, 1 ex Goldfish). I have made an offer in writing of £50 per month for each card which was declined, they said that they would only accept a minimum of 1% of the o/s balance and if I wanted to pay less I had to deal with them via someone like Payplan. This has been going on since
  7. hi this is my first post . I have successfully claim back ppi on an old Barclaycard in May 2015 when I was going through these old statements, I found I had been charged late fees which go beyond the 6 year rule. After doing some research on here I found out about the s32 limitation act 1980. I sent a letter quoting this part of the act and how I felt it applied to me. Barclaycard did reply but didn't acknowledge this act and said the £12 charges reflect their cost and if I want to continue this complaint I should go to financial ombudsman service. However all the charges
  8. hi all, i am trying to help a friend to claim his PPI on his barclaycard but i'm unsure as to which way to fight it best. I will try to keep it short and sweet and explain what i know about his situation. My friend applied for the card in 2003 and the box for PPI is not ticked, however he did tick the box asking for card protection for one year for £16. I have done a SAR but the statements are missing from 2003 to 2004 but PPI is showing through the lifetime of the account. In the data log there is no PPI or insurance products flag and is showing no insurance or PPI pre
  9. Hi, First time posting/reading the forums here and I'm in need of some advice. I have an outstanding balance with Barclaycard for around £2,500 (credit card - no ppi). Due to loss of job back in 2013 I went in to a debt management program, since then I've been making payments for the last 18 months or so but at a rate under the minimum amount (agreed with my Debt Management Company). In my first year of debt management I made a very small payment £100 or so to my DMC and they paid my creditors. This year my financial situation had improved somewhat (new job et
  10. Hello all, I'm completely new to this so please excuse any ignorant mistakes I may make I'd be so grateful for any advice/suggestions you kind people may have. Out of the blue I received a Claim from MKDP LLP (wow I've read some bad things about them and Sarah Lambert on some forums!) on 29th August. I received a letter from Raven Recoveries in November 2013 about the debt, but had no idea who they were. I'd never received a letter of transfer of ownership. I contacted them via post but never heard back from them and then never received any warning of legal action. I get lots of n
  11. We have 2 barclaycards both we have had for many years, 1 was originally an Egg Card. Both cards in my wifes name. Current Balances: 5311.19 8405.12 We have received a default notice for both cards as we have paid very little in the last 6 months. I have just written to them asking to freeze interest and charges and give us 2 months to respond back with a payment offer. Is there anything else I should be doing yet?
  12. Partner’s Egg card taken out probably about 2000, defaulted in 2006 (default notice received) and paying DCA £1 per month since 2007 into their bank account with a reference number, every month, without fail. Initially got letters confirming payment but these stopped coming in 2008. In 2011 got two standard letters from from Barclaycard that they had taken over the Egg Card, and their terms and conditions. Then nothing further from Barclaycard. Now you are probably wondering why are they still paying the £1 per month if no-one has been contacting them. They are actually too
  13. Dear friends, I have checked my Equifax and Callcredit report’s in the last few days as I know I have some pretty bad looking marks relating to a Barclaycard I had a good number of years ago, I have learnt from the error of my past and have had a clean credit file for the past 5 or so years. The Barclaycard was not managed well by me (I moved address in 2008 after graduating, got a new job and got married all simultaneously and did not inform Barclaycard during this busy period until 2010), although I never defaulted just had a large number of late payments,
  14. hi guys, I'm after some advise if you can please. Ive also phoned debt line twice today and received two lots of different information, and also received different information with regards a bank and a mortgage broker. so here goes. my situation: years ago i got myself into pickle with debt. i had several loans including a large one to Barclays, Barclaycard, and some minor loans. i lost my full time job and money was tight. eventually i started to pay off the loans i could, or the ones i knew about at the time. got with my ex partner who i give the
  15. Hi all, My wife had a small BC balance (£250) when I lost my job back in 2009. To summarise, BC sent a Notice of Default in May 2009 so as we thought this account had defaulted we added it to our DMP which we started in August 2009. BC refused to accept DMP payments and sold the debt to Cabot in November 2011. Cabot have happily received the DMP payments since then. We have recently been trying to tidy up our Credit Reports to move on with our lives and have contacted BC to complain with regards to the fact the balance has never been recorded as diminishing (It w
  16. Hi all, Wanting to try to reclaim PPI (and possibly late payment / exceeding limit charges?) for my girlfriend and confused about exactly how to do it? Have just tried to look around the forum but there are so many links and reems of information and I am not sure exactly what to do. is there a simple step by step guide relating to the below?..... Have been sat on a lot of this info since 2012 when we sent SAR requests - with the intention being to try and sort out her credit rating (due to previous defaults entered relating to the accounts below). We haven't followed up
  17. Hello-question please re CCa or lack of one, Barclaycard and Amex didn't send a proper CCA but still adding % and even late payment charge on BCard x 2 -can I send a letter telling them this is wrong whilst in dispute or are they allowed to carry on like this -I stopped payments several months ago after the terms and conditions came instead of CCA. ..can anyone help with advice on what to do next please -Thanks I have requested CCA from Barclaycard x 2 and Amex-neither sent CCA just terms and conditions. Now BCard are adding % and late payments
  18. Afternoon All, I thought I would share some good news with you all today and also ask for a bit of guidance. Today I took delivery of a letter from Lowell saying the following:- "We write further to recent communications regarding the account detailed to the right. After reviewing the account, we are prepared to take a commercial view in relation to this matter and as a gesture of goodwill and strictly without any admission of liability, we are prepared to close the account and write-off any outstanding balance. We trust that you will find this satisfactory and that this m
  19. Hi everyone, this is my first post so my apologies if something similar has already been posted. I need advise on a couple of points about the dmp I'm on. I am current 5 years into a dmp with Eurodebt (I know its not great being on a paid for dmp, but it has served its purpose, also i'll get into this shortly) and have four creditors with a current total owed of around 23.5k. Of the four creditors, 3 have placed the accounts into default which are due to clear from my credit history within the next 12 to 18 months. However, after looking at my credit fil
  20. Hi I have been chased for a while for a debt for 2 barclaycard debts. A few days ago a chap knocked on my door and handed me a statutory demand. I have sent off a CCA request by recorded delivery and am awaiting a response. Would it be advisable to apply for it to be set aside if the CCA request is not received by the time the demands 18th day has passed? BW Legal has assured me it wont go any further until the CCA request has been processed, I do not have this in writing but have been told it on the phone. I have tried to read up as much as I can but there is so
  21. i have had a Barclaycard for around 10 years and managed to run up big debts on it (aprox £12k). I ran into trouble after a period of being jobless and Barclaycard closed my account and agreed that they would freeze all interest on the account if i made regular repayments of £50.00 a month , at the time this seemed like a good deal overall as i wouldn't be getting charged interest and did genuinely want to clear the debt. I have just realised... (been sent a default notice by Asset Link Capital). . that payments for the last 3 months haven't left my account to Barclaycard.
  22. Hello out there to anyone who can help. I currently have a thread running in legal issues http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/192275-ccj-interest-debt.html and as the advice I've been given has made me lift my head out of the sand a little more I thought I'd try and tackle my issues with Barclaycard. I had accounts with Goldfish and Morgan Stanley(probably around 7-10 years old) which unfortunately ran into difficulty. I arranged payments with both these accounts on an interest free basis and all was running smoothly. Since last year Barclaycard have take over both
  23. Hi all What do I send next to Bcard - if anything? CCA requested for very old MSDW card. Received usual reconstituted application form. Dodgy DN issued by Mercers. A/c in dispute letter sent to Bcard + holding them responsible for Mercers harassment. Letter and doorstep visit (told to Foxtrot Oscar) from Resolvecall but no confirmation from either Mercers or Bcard that they are who they say they are. Today: 2 statements from Bcard. 1. Mercers are now dealing with your account...' 2. '...your card has been withdrawn. 3. 'Your card has now been cancel
  24. Hi, I was self employed but my business now makes very little with just a few hundred a month coming in. 9 months ago my wife and I sold our house (which had a joint mortgage) and bought a cheaper house in her name. We used the profit to pay off some debts but I'm still left with about £30k debt on credit cards and an unsecured loan. (which I haven't paid for about 7 months) After my wife has paid the mortgage she's left with about £600 a month for the other bills eg community charge, utilities etc so there's not much, if anything , left to pay my debts off.
  25. Hi I have been in a DMP with StepChange for about 4 months now and it seems to be going fine - the threats/chasing letters are drying up. Most of my debts were defaulted in 2011/12 and have been passed to DCAs. My account with Barclaycard was initially passed to Mercers (who I believe are part of Barclays) and I received a default notice in December 2011. The debt was then assigned to IDR Finance and is run by Link Financial. When I check my equifax report (yet to do experian), the account does not show as a default - rather a series of status '6' since April 2012 (it is showi
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