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  1. Hello Caggers, I have gained immensely from the advice on this forum...thanks for that everyone. I need help in removing a DN from my credit file please. The entry was made in Aug 2010 by Barclaycard for #492. I have emailed CEO using one of the sample letters on here and got a response from a lady called Judith Hayes. She has promised to send statements and records. She also mentioned that some of the charges are made up of PPI, Penalties and Interest charges. This is a cummulative total of the charges vs credit limit Credit Limi
  2. Hi all! I made a half hearted PPI claim v Barclaycard circa 2 years ago. As I did not escalate then I was under the impression that I could not go to the FOS now. On another ( MSE) site mentions that I CAN go to the FOS but only if I complain to BC again first.. any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Just wondered if anyone can advise me on what line I should pursue. I am currently in the early stages of court proceedings on another thread for an Egg loan - which led to me reading other things on this site, particularly lots of stuff about Egg cards. Can anyone advise me on whether or not I have anything worth pursuing. Will summarise; In 99 or 2000 took out an Egg card online which ran ok for many years. I know I had PPI and account ran up and down to around £11k. A few years into the account i questioned the need for the PPI and they stopped it. (not sure of exac
  4. skanker

    MBNA SAR Address?

    Hi Guys Im trying to be proactive regarding some letters im receiving from Cabot but i cannot find a recent SAR address for MBNA? Does this one look current? I found it on thread dated from 2007, thats my only concern. MBNA Europe Bank Ltd PO Box 1004 Chester Business Park Wrexham Road Chester CH4 9WW
  5. Hi, I took out a Goldfish credit card in 2003. The account had a balance of around £1000 which I was making minimum monthly payments towards. Goldfish then sold the account to Barclaycard when they merged. At this point I stopped receiving paper statements. I therefore called them on numerous occasions to try and rectify this and continued to make monthly payments of random amounts as I had no statement to refer too. I then received threatening letters from Barclaycard stating my balance was over £4000. I had not used the card and I had not received statements so I disputed th
  6. Hi Guys a while ago I recieved a couple of letters from Barclay card in regards to a payment break plan, I threw away the first letter as I have never had a barclay card, after the second letter I called the number & all they wanted was my phone number which I refused to give, threw that letter too but now someone has said that they took over certain accounts & its basically PPI that they want to repay me, can anyone advise, I also no longer have the number to call. Many thanks
  7. Hello All, Today I have received a claim form from CCBC. Here is the fun part... It is from a credit card I had in 2000. Long story short, I lost my job, got in a pickle and ended up (stupidly) going to a "get debt free within 5 years" company. The company then left me in a big pickle after telling me they wont be able to get me debt free within 5 years (3 months before the 5 years were up) The last payment they will have had from me would have been around Nov 2008 - Feb 2009. I checked my credit history on Experian in August las
  8. Hello everyone, After splitting with my ex partner in 2008 I defaulted on my then Egg c/c. Since then I haven't made a payment or made contact. Egg was taken over by Barclaycard and they started chasing me via letters for payment. Recently MKDP have started sending letters demanding payment. They have threatened to send round a debt collection guy to collect payment, and gave me 14 days to settle. When this happened I found this forum and sent them a letter requesting the original credit agreement, as suggested on here. Today they replied saying they are unable to
  9. I have tried searching on this thread to see if someone else has posted this query before but have not been able to find anything. So apologies if this issue has been raised before. I recently made a complaint for the mis selling of PPI on my mothers Barclaycard which she had between 1998-2011. Now barclays has written to us with a final decision letter stating they are upholding the complaint and have offered £768.41 as a refund. I know that this is nowhere near enough the money my mother is entitled to as in the early 00s she was using the credit card like nobody's business and did actu
  10. Hi, I received a claim form from HPH2 for a Barclaycard debt of 2002 for £7476. I sent MKDD two CCA requests but no reply and now the HPH2 has issued the claim. I have two questions which I hope you guys could help me with. 1. Can the HPH2 enforce a credit card agreement which was taken out in 2002? 2. They are claiming interest, if they are successful, then is the interest COMPOUND, or Simple? Thanks
  11. Hello Everyone, I am new to this website so please bear with me if I am babbling on..aplogies in advance I recently stumbled accross my old Woolwich Opeplan mortgage statements from 2000, noticed Add Ins in the narrative and made a quick call to Barclays to see if this was PPI. The gentleman on the phone took the account number and replied "the bad news is No this was PPI on the mortgage however the good news is you did have it on a Barclaycard taken out in 1998" I was a little taken back but didn't let on, he proceeded to gie me the policy number and the last four
  12. Hi, Been struggling financially the last few months after being made redundant from my job and I am unable to make the minimum payment on my barclaycard credit card (balance 12,000) as the salary in my new position is considerably less than before. I contacted barclaycard in writing as soon as i got into difficulty and arranged an alternative monthly payment of £30 per month. They reluctantly agreed to this and agreed that any interest and charges would be frozen but as the new payment was not enough the account would eventually go into default. I received a default notice for t
  13. Hi all, Have what I think a slightly odd situation with Barclays at the moment, appreciate anyone's thoughts. Years back I got into a dispute with Barclaycard, that ended with me being issued with a Default in December 2010. They then sold on the account to MKDP not long after, who hounded me for years, took me to court, but I saw them off. I recently checked my credit report and noticed that this same account had had all this time 2 defaults registered against my name, by both Barclays and MKDP. MKDP registered their default 30 days after Barclays, who did theirs 7 months after
  14. Hi all, I used to frequent these forums years ago and was successful in getting money back from Nationwide who promptly closed my account (like they used to, dont know if it is still common practice) and helped others do the same. Around that time (2007) I sent a PPI request to B'Card, and they rejected my claim saying that I was not mis-sold PPI. Yesterday I received a letter acknowledging that they said that I wasn't missold PPI, but now saying that they have reviewed my case and agree that I was missold PPI. It says they will provide a refund, and they offer a refund of
  15. OK long story simplfied. --------------------DCA--------------------------- Barclaycard taken out many years ago. Credit card charges account for £900 of the balance. They then SOLD the debt of £3300 to Link. They have provided me with deeds of assignment to prove it. On 25/03/14 I requested the CCA from Link. On 31st March they replied stating that they did not have it and were requesting it from Barclaycard and would take 30 days to get this. Even by their time scale this expired 3 days ago. So I shall be sending the unenforceable letter and removal of
  16. I originally had a repayment plan in place with Barclaycard in which was passed to DCA. I currently receive a monthly payment allocation statement advising balance of debt less monthly amount. Is this suffice in order to comply with what is required ? I have never received any annual statements showing complete allocated payment details. Thanks again.
  17. Hello CAGGERS!!!! I have made a claim against Barclaycards on penalty charges that occurred between 2007 to 20012. Given to directions from experienced BC forum members I managed to processed my claim to the CCMCC's stage so far by submitted a N1 form & POC. But I have received a letter from CCMCC states that; The defendant filed an acknowledgement of service on 6 August 2015. The defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim...... But what surprised me most and given to other people successful claims in the forum, I hav
  18. Hi All I had a DRO which I was discharged from in 2011. I had a barclaycard debt as part of this. So for the last six years, barclaycard have been reporting a default every month on my credit report incorrectly, negatively impacting me. I asked them numerous times 2011-2012 to sort it. They never did and I just could not be bothered to chase. I am now sending a final formal complaint before I go to the FOS. Would you say I could request some compensation too for the fact they have left it this long, it has negatively impacted me for years and they ignored me? Not
  19. Hi I just wanted to ask if anyone has used the PPI claim complaints page offered by Barclaycard to make a PPI claim? They have an online form and an option to print out a large PDF form to fill and send. To me there seems to be a large number of questions they are asking including employment status at the time etc, which I can not see the relevance of. If anyone has used this I would appreciate it if you can let me know of your experience,
  20. I have had visa card for decades with largish credit limit of around £7000, very light usage, and always paid in full before pbd. The latest Card was issued in 2010 and I did not use it for any purchases but kept it for emergencies only, and was due for renewal at the end of July 2014. However, sometime in Feb 2014 they sent this surprise automatically generated note; “Would you like to keep your Barclaycard account open? We've noticed you haven't used your Barclaycard Classic card for a while and thought your account may longer be needed. That is why on 9 April 2014 we'll close
  21. Barclaycard will offer its customers free, regular access to their Experian credit score from Friday, This is Money can reveal. The credit card giant, which has 10.5million customers, will offer the service online and then roll it out to its mobile app from January. The credit card provider says the Experian tie-in aims to help customers 'understand their financial footprint and get on top of their finances.' Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-3323849/Barclaycard-gives-10-5m-customers-free-access-credit-scores-data-shows-six-ten-never-checked
  22. ************************Hi need help urgently***************.... on 11th august 2015 around 2330 at night i received a text messages from barclaycrad to confirm some transaction my card, there were transaction that i had used on 10th and 11th to which i replied Yes( HOW WRONG WAS I) I was at home with my mother and a friend of my mother, i than received further emails and messages from barclaycard that my credit card was used for £3500 on virgngames.com (gambling site) also £280 was taken from my paypal account. i called barclaycard and reported it straight away i
  23. My partner recently received this. It's for a debt which was originally around £9000, but with interest/charges is now £9858. With the court fee the total amount exceeds £10000. POC: The claimant claims the sum of ****.** being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a regulated agreement originally between the defendant and Barclaycard. The Defendant's account number was **************** and was assigned to the Claimant on 17/9/2012, notice of this has been provided to the Defendant. The Defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the agree
  24. I m trying to claim back charges on my barclay card. I found the prelim letter to use, but not sure if i should include an soc. If this needs to be included with letter, is there sample / template of this on cag site that can help me prepare my soc. Thank you A S
  25. Any ideas who this lot are?? And i do bank with Barclays Just had a new credit search on my credit file that i did not ask or authorise Exquifax say it is a credit broker company I realise this is probably a "Soft search" but who are these people, and more to the point why are they doing credit checks?? If this has anything to do with that Clearscore then i shall not be happy
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