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  1. Hello, Lots of information I've been reading, but nothing specific to my problem, so i'll post it here and hope one/some of you kind people can provide information and suggestions on a way forward for me. i fell foul of a £4000+ debt back in early/mid 2010 and foolishly (in hindsight) then tried to use of those mickey mouse co.'s offering to render it all unenforceable. Suffice to say it didn't work, so i was left with this debt i couldn't pay. paid them £20 a month from mid/late 2010, which i have had to reduce to a nominal £1 per month from mid/late
  2. Hi all, I am looking for a bit of guidance. I have attached Photos of all letters. I will start from the beginning.... once upon a time- On the 7th of April I received a letter from "Hamptons Legal" saying they are the pre-litigation department of "Lowell". They were asking for an immediate payment to "Red Debt Collection Services" please find a copy of the letter bellow - As you can see I have 3 different company names on that I replied with a request of CCA to "Hamptons Legal" on the 15 of April please find copy of letter bello
  3. could anyone help with this , i have lowell chasing a debt that they purchased from barclaycard some years ago , im fairly certain that this is SB , on my credit file there is no reference to barclaycard there is reference however to the debt by lowell who have been reporting it since 2008. The account was actually opened in 2004 but as there is nothing under barclaycard i believe it to be SB as lowell only started reporting it when they bought the account , have i made the correct assumption on this?
  4. Dear All Am going through a long and drawn out battle with Barclaycard re my old Egg credit card - I have posted a letter alongside so that yo can see their thoughts/ My main pointer is that I took out ppi in 1999 (tick box scandal) and at the same time had an existing medical condition asthma which would have negated any claims whatsoever. They have written back now and said that I made an informed decision how? Any advice on a plan of attack would be great Regards Alan
  5. Hi All Hope everyone is well.. I have had a Barclaycard from November 2005 until now and just today my PPI was cancelled. I did not even know i was paying PPI. Last year, (approx July 2013) I wrote to Barclaycard regarding this and they gave me a decision based on the letter i sent saying that i had not been mis sold PPI as i had applied online. Guys, I did not even know i was paying it - no recollection of how it happened.. what can I do? Thanks, Adam..
  6. Hi, I received a claim form from MKDP for an old Barclaycard debt. I acknowledge service online but now need to submit a defence today - any advice please on how to construct it. issue date 29/5/14 Particulars of Claim the claimant claims the sum of 3,175.32 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated agreement originally between the defendant and Barclaycard. The defendants account number was xxxxxxxxxx and was assigned to the claimant on 16/1 2012, notice of this has been provided to the defendant. The defendant has failed t
  7. I have received the following response to my CCA request from Barclaycard (Formally Egg), they have placed a default on my credit file and their letter seems to be saying the agreement in not enforceable. Couple of questions Is it possible to remove the default from my file as i do not believe they ever issued a default notice? I am currently paying a small monthly amount what should i do next? Thanks in advance Unfortunately i can't post a link as my post count is too low but the full size scans can be seen at S1274(dot)photobucket(dot)com/user/sidabm/library/ Link to
  8. Hi, hoping someone may be able to advise I currently owe Barclaycard credit cards - £22,000 Barclaycard overdraft - £3000 BOS credit card - £600 debt has become difficult to deal with, monthly payments etc. I'm self employed and live in the UK. How receptive are Barclaycard and would I be able to write off some of the debt? I've had the barclaycards for over 10 years. I got PPI back from one of them and used that to pay off some of the debts. I used to earn a lot more money so wasn't really a problem until now. Maybe missed payments only a few times in all th
  9. Hello, I need some advice! I am helping a friend with their debts and although have done this before for someone else about 5 years ago I am rather rusty and not sure what has changed! I have been through the site reading threads and have now got some templates but want to make sure I'm on the right track and to get some advice on the POCs as I haven't come across one this long!.... Claim form received - date of issue 30th May Northants CCBC Claimant: IDR Finance ~(London address) Claimant contact for all paperwork - IDR Finance (Scotland address) POC: The claimant
  10. Hello All, Can anyone help me with analysing the attached recon agreements. They are for a Barclaycard credit card agreement from Oct 2006. They were provided by a DCA and are subject to a court case at the moment. There are a total of 7 pages. So far I have found the following errors with the docs, when compared against Carey v HSBC 1. The cancellation notice on page 1. Doesn’t comply with any such notices as per Statutory Instrument 2004 no. 2619 The Consumer Credit (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2004. 2. Both agreements have the incorrect heading. 3. The second
  11. Dear All, After breaking my back in 2002, I was left incapacitated and unable to work and a HMRC debt of £20K inc interest, the principal is approx £10k. By 2007 I was physically back on my feet and earning money again and with an agreement in place, I started to repay the HMRC debt at £300 a month. I started a new business which was doing well within a year and by the end of 2007, I took out credit cards and a loan. The economy hit and by 2011 things became very difficult indeed, I paid everyone in the company but myself and continued to repay the debts, another l
  12. I received a letter regarding a successful PPI claim from barclaycard. It's for 197.67 PPI premiums and 612.61 interest which is inclusive of 8% interest after tax . Now this debt has been bought by a Dca and is for approx 2400 which includes lots of charges . Now barclaycard reckon they are sending me the money . But I am going to claim back or try to claim unfair charges on this account can I still do this . They did once give me some charges refund of approx 300 which they refunded back into my account I at no point wrote and accepted this they jus
  13. I recently applied for PPI with Barclaycard and this is the feedback from them (attached). I was not sure I had a PPI when i took the credit card in 2006 with a limit of £250 so i decided to apply to see what happens and from the feedback it looks like I had PPI and I do not understand how they how have analysed the payments. Can someone adviced me if Barclaycard are correct with their decision. Please view the attachments.......
  14. Please can someone help me? Today I checked my credit report for the first time in years and there is an entry from an old debt I had ten years ago. In 2004 I got into financial difficulties and whilst I negotiated with my other creditors Barclaycard never chased me for the debt so I ignored it and I have never contacted them since. I originally opened the account in 1994 and the final debt was over 10K. The account is marked as delinquent on my report and it is updated every month (non-payment) and the account has never defaulted. Please can someone t
  15. Hi all I owe £5700 on my barclaycard. I used this to pay off my sisters back rent, bailiff charges and council tax as she was going to be evicted. She is repaying it at a reduced rate now of £50pcm as she cannot afford the full repayments. barclaycard have frozen interest on the account for a period of 12 months which is almost up and they are expecting full payments to resume which we cannot meet. I was wondering if there is any way to make the interest freeze permanent to allow the debt to continue decreasing as if we cannot do this it will just keep incre
  16. Hi I’d be very grateful for any help/advice with the following problem. Four years ago, I asked Goldfish if they could write-off my credit card debt due to my circumstances (which I’d explained to them). They wrote back saying that they couldn’t do this, however they stated, due to my circumstances, that they wouldn’t pursue me ever again for any further payments. However,the debt would still show on my credit file. Not so long after that was agreed, Barclays bought all the Goldfish accounts,including mine – and it wasn’t too long before they requested payments from me ag
  17. Hello, I was hoping for a little advise regarding a PPI claim against Barclaycard from any experts on these matters. The current status is that the Financial Ombudsman Service found in our favour and recommended to Barclaycard that our claim should be fully upheld and reimbursed accordingly. The basis of our claim was that Barclaycard were guilty of systematic selling of our PPI, they had implied our application for the card would be more successful should we take it out, a familiar and well established tactic. Barclaycard however have rejected the FOS initial findings and
  18. Hi Folks, Ok I have a Barclaycard, (worst decision I have ever made). On a recent trip to Berlin I inadvertantly used it when checking out of the hotel. I was not quite sure as to what balance was on it but the payment went through. Today I received a letter stating that it was over its balance by £32.00 and I need to pay the £32.00 immediately and there will be a charge applied. Now, to me this is not responsible lending but simply a way for them to extort money. If they were responsible they would have declined the payment and I could have used another card. Surely the
  19. Morning all, my first post but I've been lurking for some time! I have recently sent off 3 CCA requests to my Credit Card companies with no satisfactory reply. I sent the account in dispute letter to all 3 on Tuesday, they all received them yesterday. My question is, Barclaycard have issued me a Default Notice last week, all done properly as I can make out, after not sending any payment for the last 3 months. Can I, by making one months payment, render this Default Notice void or do I have to pay the full arrears? Any opinions please guys? Thanks in advance
  20. Hi Guys, Could someone please have a look at this attached spreadsheet - I am not sure what I am doing wrong. The 8% interest isn't adding on, and I must have made a mistake somewhere, but for the life of me can't figure out what it is. Also - my understanding is that you can claim the 8% up to todays date, when it comes to the contractual interest it has to be thill the account closed. If this is correct how do we show this on the spreadsheet? I am assuming that the total CI tallied up to todays date and not the last transaction/statement date. Got a few of these spreadsheets to fi
  21. Hi, I have been paying PPI on a Barclaycard credit card for a few years. I would like to make a claim, but I'm not sure how I applied for the card, and what grounds to use. Is it possible to find out what process I used to apply from them, i.e. online or postal/phone? Is there any general information available about any mis-selling perpetrated by them around September 2009 I can make use of? I would like to take the time to give myself the best chance of getting some money back. Should I get the SAR first? Is there any other information I should request? They have an
  22. I have been paying Barclaycard by payment book for last 10 years and now Barclays bank has advised me that they no longer re-issue new payment books as they want to have every one on paperless billing. this is a 10 year old debt I am paying off at £3.85 per month,and I have had no contact with Barclays since I set up the original payment plan 10 years ago. and the payment book now has only one payment slip left in it. any advice on how I should go about getting another payment card from Barclay card would be greatly appreciated .i am reluctant to call them by
  23. Hi another two of our debts are with barclaycard. Sent off cca request but nothing back within the 14 days sent account in dispute letter. Oh and in between also had to send telephone harresment letter due to constant calls that have now stopped. Had response today saying that they only have to provide a reconstituted one but there was nothing in the envelope with the letter! I need to fire a letter right back to them tomorrow but as the agreement was taken out in 2002 don,t they need to send the original? I have been reading conflicting advice on posts a
  24. I currently have three credit cards which I currently owe in the region of £35k in total on. I have recently been unable to make the minimum payments on them in the last 3 months due to work drying up, and not looking much better in the forseeable future. One of which is with BC. I wrote to them saying that I am having trouble paying, and they gave me 30 days to sort out a plan and that they will freeze the interest for one month and that I should send them an Income and Expenditure breakdown asap so that they can sort out a payment plan. What I really want to find out is what
  25. I was wondering if anyone could advise on a possible PPI claim? My husband had 2 credit cards a long time ago. One with Providian (approx taken out 2001), and one with Barclaycard (approx taken out 1998/97). We have no statements, but do have both account numbers. The Providian one was sold to Cabot in approx 2004. These were both cleared in approx Aug-Dec 2007. I think both had PPI on them, but I'm not 100% sure, and can't check statements as we have none now. We would like to try to claim back the PPI, but are not sure how to go about it. I cannot use the calcula
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