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  1. Like many other debts I am trying to sort out independently after Payplan dmp closure. Barclaycard Visa, I last heard from them by mail 4 years ago, at my old address, when I was living there. My guess is they have not updated my new address details. I have been paying them through PaySham until a few months ago. Paysham estimate the debt as £350. In reality, who knows. It may have even been transferred to a DCA. Again, who knows. I wrote to them with a CCA a year ago. And then again in June stating that as I had not heard from them, I would withhold payment (as I di
  2. A relative wrote to Barclaycard back in 2011 claiming mis selling of PPI which they denied. To cut a long story short, my relative has been pre-occupied will ill health and moved address. However, via the new tenant, she has received correspondence from Barclaycard finally upholding her mis selling claim but the calculations do not include interest rate charged to the original card, albeit, they have included (some) of the over limit charges plus 8 % stat int. We had SAR'd them back in 2010 and have breakdown of PPI payments and over limit charges etc.
  3. We are in the process of collating documents together to write to various organisations to claim charges and PPI payments. To cut a long story short, how would we find out the account number to an old Barclaycard account we held back in 2002? Is this something we could write to them and just provide adress details at the time of opening the account? Would that suffice? Cheers Shelley
  4. I have been working abroad for a few weeks and returned today to a claim form from MKDP LLP issued on 11th July for an old Barclaycard debt. What is my best method of dealing with this?
  5. Hi, I have asked barclaycard to recover money i paid to a company which stated that i had a "no quibbles 60 day money back guarantee". I was unhappy with the installed item and asked the merchant for a refund, the company stated that their "no quibbles" money back guarantee doesn't work like that. To cut a long story short barclaycard attempted a chargeback which was declined by the merchant bank. The merhcant produced a set of terms and conditions which were not there terms on their website at the time of my order. I managed to retrieve the previous terms with the help of an archive webs
  6. Hi all looking for advice a previous credit card debt has now been passed onto lowells who sent a letter asking me to phone. I didnt phone i sent the cca letter requesting my cca with a £1 postal order. I received a reply yesterday saying my account with them has been put on hold because they are trying to get the original cca from barclaycard. This is for a credit card i took out in 2004 and was paying up until 2009 but hit hard times. i have not paid anything since then and was wondering what the next course of action is please?
  7. Hi my OH took out a FA Premiership Barclaycard Visa account in September 2001 (now paid up and closed) and on recently checking old statements, she had been paying PPI. To be honest she didn't have a clue about PPI at the time and what it was all about. I got her to send a SAR and she received most of the statements. Terms & Conditions and a grainy microfiche copy of the application. She is sure that it was applied for via her Barclays branch in London and over the phone. The copy of the application is mostly unreadable and looks as if Barclays have typed it
  8. Hi hope someone can help. I had a CPP for the above in which I have been successful in reclaiming. The only thing is I have today received a statement and Barclaycard have deducted protection amount owed from balance, Tax amount and also the simple interest amount ? The card was suspended a couple of years ago (due to another barclaycard account that I had problems with) and I always make the regular minimum monthly payments that are due on this account. I have had no contact from them regarding what they have done or any further contact from Card Protection Plan
  9. Back in May I CCA'd Lowells regarding a Barclaycard debt. I have received a letter from them saying Woo Hoo! Regards, Sue
  10. After too many years of running to stand still I am writing to Barclaycard to tell them I will be making a token payment of between £1 and £5 per month in future as I am too hard up to pay the true minimum payment of around £50. I have recently skipped paying a couple of months so the phonecalls and letters have started. I will also be sending off a SAR because I have recently noticed that because my credit history recently is not too good they have reduced my available credit to £0 and are charging me £12 pcm for the privilege! I am also tempted to sent off
  11. Hi, I am new to the forum and have found it useful so many thanks. I have a credit card debt that I have not been able to service for around 2 years due to the financial crisis. I am just starting to get back on my feet. Barclaycard have in the past served me with a default notice etc but have never informed me that the debt has been purchased, transfered or otherwise to MKDP. Last week I had a court summons arrive (just as I was about to go on a much low cost get away holiday for a few days). I have submitted my acknowledgment of service via the web and I am now start
  12. Does anybody know how to interpret a BC Sar properly?! Mine is printed out in 1 long sheet and its confusing trying to make sense of it. I didnt receive any statements and after complaining i was told all the information is on the sheets! I'm looking to reclaim charges and it states :Late payment fees £84 total amount calender year to date. Does this mean in one year or the whole account time until the Sar was sent because that seems a low figure and a lot of them would have been in 2005. The account was Defaulted April 2010 and the Sar is from April 2011. Also
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice in regard to a very old Barclaycard account which my husband is being chased for. We sent a "prove it" letter to Bryan Carter solicitors, and have now received a letter from Fredrickson stating that if full payment is not received within 48hrs, Fredrickson will recommend that Lowell commence legal proceedings. Am I right in thinking we should now sent a CCA request to Lowell?
  14. Hi, I was looking for some advice on what to do with my Egg card. The agreement can be found by clicking the link below. Due to my lack of income my current status with this card is that Ive been on a payment plan for 6 months with them. This ended 2 months ago and since then Ive paid token payments totalling £26. They are hounding me now wanting payment, which I just havent got so what do I do? I know there's a case going through regarding Egg and this 'approved limit' statement but is there anything I can send them in the meantime? All advice woul
  15. Greetings all Following a lot of reading here, the following is my current state of play with a claim received from MKDP LLP. At the end is my proposed Defence to the Court. Name of the Claimant ?MKDP LLP Date of issue – 26th June 2014 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? Please type out their particulars of claim (verbatim) less any identifiable data and round the amounts up/down. What is the value of the claim? £8410 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Old credit card When did
  16. I received a letter from Wescot today titled - ''Notice of debt collection''. We have been instructed by our client(Barclaycard commercial) to collect the outstanding balance on their behalf. The amount outstanding is £1174.95 which (judging by my statement) is comprised of £778.95 on purchases and £396 default fees. I started a little business(sole trader) 3 years ago that went absolutely nowhere and this is where this debt is derived from. Now...I had been making payments on this account but for a good 6 months I have not been in a position to keep up, and therefore I
  17. Info in brief Back in 2002/2003 I opened a Barclaycard account and my boyfriend of the time used it. I was not as financially aware as I should have been and ran up huge bills, which I was unable to pay at the time. I default for about 7.5k in 2006. In 2008 I heard from 1st credit regarding the debt and I made a couple of payments. Since then I haven't heard anything until 3 days ago I received a letter from "Barclaycard' giving the card number the balance outstanding and their reference number. They stated that they "hereby give notice of the assignment of the
  18. Hi I am new and just dusting off the sand from my head so please bear with me. I have a couple of large debts but one of them, a Barclaycard is older than 6 years so am guessing it is now Statute Barred. It has been tossed around different debt collecting agencies namely Lowell and Frederickson to name a couple. So far I have ignored the letters because I had no way of paying them and just wedged my head in the sand. A couple of years ago I did try to claim PPI on it but was refused. Does my contact with them when attempting to claim PPI mean that the debt is n
  19. Hi, I'm going through a claim with Barclaycard at the moment which dates back to the mid 90s. Ive sent back the original questionnaire but they have written back asking me for proof I was employed at the time. I wasn't, I was self employed so I think they may be trying to trip me up, also due to the length of time I have no proof either way. Could anyone advise me how I should proceed?
  20. Hi, After over a year of trying I have finally received a calculation from Barclays for my Mastercard which I took out in 1996. After the involvement of the Ombudsman they offered to settle out of good will with no admission. The offer letter I received stated that they are admitting that I was missold. The letter is a little cryptic in that it states that they are "not required to retain statement information for more than 6 years" and that the value of payments prior to 2005 would be calculated assuming that the payments reduced at a steady rate to 0 going back to 1996. They say th
  21. Hi I will apologise for my spelling and grammar in advance as I'm dyslectic Back in June 2005 I took out a Barclaycard on a 0% offer and transferred my HSBC Balance of £1056 on to the card within a few months I became unwell giving birth to my Daughter and had to give up my job, I ended up missing a couple of payments and I telephoned Barclaycard and explained my situation and asked if the missed payments could be added back to the balance and I could then manage to stick to the monthly payments .. I was refused any help and worse advised that due to
  22. Share the same computer systems? Many thanks
  23. Hi there I am trying to find out the insurance under writers for Barclaycard in the 1980's and 1990's. I think it was a company called Consolidated Financial Insurance Group Ltd but I have been unable to find out anything else about them such as who the parent company was? Does anybody have an idea or could you direct me to a register of under writers for the various financial institutions? Barclaycard are being very unhelpful in supplying information about my PPI policy and this is a possible further avenue for investigation. Many Thanks.
  24. Hi folks its my first post here so please be gentle with me - barclaycard sold my default to MKDP LLP and this company is mention on my CRA file as being the company who issues the default. I have recently sent a recorded delivery letter to barclaycard asking for a true copy of the original 1995 Credit agreement. My question is if they send me back a letter stating this is a reconstituted copy of the original agreement ( what must this reconstituted agreement contain ??) and, should I also send MKDP a letter also asking for a true copy of the original agreement.
  25. I received a letter from "MK Rapid Recoveries" regarding a debt on a Barclaycard which I have never had. They have indeed put a default notice on my credit file. anyone know how to rectify that? ( sorry never had this before)
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