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  1. Hi all. I have a problem regarding reduced payments to credit card companies and was hoping somebody may be able to help. In August 2006 I became sick and lost my job. I had three credit cards and up until then had made regular payments on all accounts. I continued with the payments until the start of 2007, which was when my savings ran out. I sought advice and offered all three companies a £1 per month payment until my circumstances changed. All three accepted with a note to review at a later date. 7 years on, I pay £30 per month to both Apex debt management and Halif
  2. Hi all I have had a Barclaycard ppi claim refused after 2 attempts so have decided to issue a court claim via moneyclaim online. T he issue that I have is in regards to what interest rate I can charge for the claim. The ppi premiums were for 22 months back in 2003 and the card apr was 29.9%. Am I only able to charge 29.9% interest on the court claim for the period that the ppi premiums were deducted, i.e until the end of the 22 months or can I charge the 29.9% up until I issue the court claim. Or would it be 29.9% for the 22 months and the 8% from the start of the p
  3. This is an interesting one:- I have a letter from them today offering me a 75% discount on an alleged debt of almost £3,000. It actually states this at the bottom of the letter:- "you should be aware that the period for recovering your debt by court action has expired, so we will not be issuing court proceedings to enforce payment. However, your debt still exists and legally we are within our rights to continue to ask you for payment" Is this true? can they continue to ask for payment? can I stop them sending me begging letters? Cheers, Flappy I
  4. Hello I know this is probably the million dollar question but has anyone any recent experience on BC/Mercers settling a Credit Card debt. Been about 4 years now. Paying a DMP which they have now rejected, gone to mercers who threatened in a letter but heard nothing since last year. I am paying about 50.00 a month anyway and owe about 9.000 still Any ideas on what they would settle for? Many thanks
  5. hi there, Looking for some advice. I had some financial difficulties back in 2006 and defaulted on a number of credit cards. Barclaycard didn't default me but marked it as an ongoing arrangement to pay which I understand is common for them. If they had defaulted me in 2006, it would have came off in 2012. I have records as early as 2009 of me writing and phoning them to request the arrangement come to an end however they kepts auto-renewing it. I have just settled the balance of the account and it was closed yesterday. I wrote to them quoting the ICO on the guidelines for
  6. Hi, A quick heads up on my dilemma.. .similar to another post . I currently have 2 accounts with Barclaycard totaling nearly 7k my £180 monthly payments are the most i can pay.. .The debt does not decrease though as it gets swallowed by interest payments. My credit rating is very poor and i cannot get any which is a good thing as it stops future debt. I have contacted them regarding this and although they said they would freeze repayments for a month whilst i send them a expenses form. ..I do not want to stop paying the debt its the interest that
  7. My apologies for leaving this so late, but it had appeared that the claim wasn't moving forward. I have now found I'm in Court! Claimant: MKDP LLP (claim value £9999 - !) acknowledged and the attached defence submitted October 2014 Heard nothing further until Wednesday (25/02/2015) when claimant served witness statements and included various reconstituted documents. This was an electronic application from my Barclays current account for a Barclaycard made in 1992, I did not sign anything. I intended if this ever made it to Court to rely
  8. HI, I got into difficulty in 2003 (Financial) I had a Barclaycard and entered into an AP which was for £19 per month. They are still collecting from the original outstanding amount of around £1200. Is it possible to get the AP removed from Equifax If I settle the balance in full. I note that If I had defaulted and paid nothing it would have been removed many years ago. Any advice greatly appreciated. Andrew
  9. HI hope somebody can help me as I am searching site and internet and cannot seem to find an answer when I check my credit file I have a BC debt which is over 6 years old so should have dropped off my credit report however they have never defaulted me in the 6 years despite no payment since 2008 They have never contacted me in 6 years provided any statements and my last contact was in 2008 when they said they were unable to find copy of my credit agreement not to mention they sent me somebody else credit agreement The credit reference agencies are saying this will not drop off un
  10. Below is the letter that I have written to Barclaycard directors - every one of them bounced. I have logged a complaint that apparently takes 56 days to respond to. Can anyone out there help me please? Dear Directors, I am writing to you in the hope that you can intervene and support a long standing customer who has been the victim of an internet [problem], who now due to Barclaycard 'policy' is being prevented from buying a new home. On January 2014 I paid in full the balance of my Barclaycard account and cancelled my direct debit. on the 20th January Bar
  11. Hi, I have received various letters over the last couple of years, very sparingly, regarding a barclaycard debt. I started by calling them and telling them I've never had one, they would go away, months would pass then the letters would start again, this was with Marlin Capital Europe. On one of the calls I said this was quite simple to resolve, prove it, send me the agreement that I signed, knowing that they couldn't, thought this would end it. They sent me an A4 sheet of paper with one line of text and a Dollar figure right at the top of the pap
  12. I have 2 Barclaycard (Ex-Egg accounts) They were defaulted in March 2012 but my credit file shows them as marked 6 monthly since November 2009. Should they have been defaulted earlier? Is there anything I can do to change the date? They would have become Statute Barred later this year if I had been defaulted in 2009
  13. Hi everybody I ran into financial difficulties 2.5 years go and arranged with Barclaycard (peviously Egg) to pay £75 per month with interest and charges frozen on a £10,000 debt. This was paid by direct debit and I have not missed any payments. I have just noticed that they have stopped taking the money - the last one being in November. Does anyone know what this means? Is it a prelude to heavier action? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Hi. I've been trying to claim PPI refund on a barclaycard I had in the early 90's. I SAR'd them and got a copy of the original application form. I put the reasons down as it was not sufficiently explained to me and that my employer at the time had a sick pay scheme so it was useless. They refused my claim on the grounds that they couldn't confirm the sick pay scheme (the company ceased trading some time ago so they wouldn't be able to) and that as it was an application form they say I must have taken it out in branch so the PPI would have been explained. I countered their arguement as at the t
  15. I've had a Barclaycard for a little over a year now but more recently came to the realisation that our household credit was out of control and contacted stepchange. I set up a DMP through them and most of my creditors have played fair, accepting the reasonable offering and I've heard little from them since. Barclaycard however are noisy little cherubs. The first payment to them (although actually above the minimum payment due to an interest free period) was a day later than the statement date, so I'm consistently 'a month behind'. They're rewarding me with several phone calls a day, most
  16. Hello, Back in 2013/14 I run into some money troubles and couldn't meet the minimum payments on my Barclaycard. I called them and agreed a payment plan for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months my finances were reviewed again by Barclaycard and the gentlemen on the phone agreed another payment plan. Note, all payments were made every month without fail. Even received a text message to say a new plan was agreed. however when trying to obtain some credit elsewhere I was declined i got my credit report and notice Barclaycard/Mercers were giving me
  17. CCA Letter sent to Aktiv Kapital. Let's see if they reply. Barclaycard assigned debt to Aktiv Kapital April 2011 £2,789
  18. I defaulted on Barclaycard about 18 months ago I heard very little other than the odd letter about account termnination There was a letter about debt going to a DCA some months bac and endlesss phone calls I did not answer. Then Saturday a County court letter from Northampton arrived with a DCA I don't recognise out of the blue with no warning so I 14/28 days to defend. I am going to try and defend the action I am also going to ask for a SAR but unlikely to get that before the court hearing One thing I can determine is that as I took out the barclaycard in 1973 or maybe 72 the
  19. Hopster

    Hopster v Egg

    I have paid £495 to one company - since been served with a default notice by Egg - now past the due date - was told no problem if this happened - have emailed them but no reply !
  20. Hello Everyone, MKDP have issued a court claim against me for a Credit card account. I will be defending it, as they have no valid agreement (pre 2007), I have read up on all the relevant threads and have everything ready to send. I am a bit worried I have left it too late and need help, the claim was issued on the 14th of March, I filed my AOS on the 28th of March online, I will be sending them a request under CPR 31.14 for all the relevant information, but I understand I have to give them 7 days to reply?. is this 7 days within my 14 day from AOS time limit, or
  21. Quick question, i have issued court proceeding against Barclaycard for late payment charges, they have filed an acknolegement and asked me to agree to a 28 day extension for them to investigate. Should i agree to the extension or make them fit in with the court timeline? Sidabm
  22. Hi folks, I got a Northampton claim form through a little while ago which I responded to with a CPR 3.14 to the solicitors and put in a no agreement defence. They sent a back-dated letter to say they would need to request the documents and would put any action on hold. They didn't and still haven't responded with any documentation. I don't have a CCA for this account, nor even a statement of account. The claim got transferred to my local court (Oxford) and the latest from the court is a general form of judgement or order. The order is that "The claimant m
  23. Morning Sorry for the "hand holding" request - I'm new to all this. I'm 10 months in to a DMP, largest creditor being Barclaycard (this was an Egg card taken out in approx. 2001/2002). Agreed payment plan would mean debt is repaid in 6 yrs if no interest charged. Despite several requests Bcard will not freeze interest, or default me, but show AP on Credit File. I'm paying too much each month as a percentage of the debt for them to do this apparently. Under the terms of my DMP, I can't drop the payment to them as total monthly debt repayment has to be distri
  24. Name of the Claimant: MKDP LLP Date of issue: 01 Dec 2014 (Happy Christmas!) What is the claim for: The Claimant claims the the sum of 12,964.30 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a regulated agreement originally between the Defendant and Barclaycard. The defendants account number was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and was assigned to the claimant on XX/07/2011, notice of this has been provided to the Defendant. The Defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pur
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