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  1. Good Evening all, I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue I have about a Barclaycard that I opened in 2005. I build up a balance of around £4000 but paid it off in full in March 2012, I have clear evidence of this as I kept most of the statements and you see the balance goes form £4000 to £0000 (although the statements do not say payment received). I also have 22 following months statements with a balance of £0000. I did not use the account after I paid it off (cut up the card) and after receiving nearly 2 years of statements, they suddenly stopped and I thought
  2. This one may be very quick "discontinued" but.... The brief history is - 03/2011 - Last payment made on account. Wrote Barclays to request true copy of signed agreement 08/2011 - Mercers letters 01/2015 - MKDP letters - Responded during this period with S.78 02/2015 and followed up with 12+2 expired 02/2015 04/2016 - Robbers Way letters - I responded with dispute letter 09/2016 - Cohen letters - Responded with reminder that the S.78 had not been answered and enclosed copies 02/2017 - Queried incorrect default date on credit reference file for Hoist Ex Barclaycard. DCA didn't re
  3. I have just been contacted by Lowell portfolio about two accounts. The second one which relates to barclaycard is below. An account with Barclaycard that I owed around £1500 on. They said i had a repayment plan set up with them which cleared the bulk of the balance (only £70 left). They said my last direct debit bounced but I have had no contact from them in the 4 years since the direct debit bounced. What is the situation with this balance? it does not show up on my credit report. If i refuse to pay, can this be added to my credit report (despite the initial default - wi
  4. Hello and thanks for your amazing forum I hope you can help, I've read loads of posts but can't find anything that matches my scenario: (I'll try and keep it brief!) I've got a C/card which was with Egg and is now with Barclaycard due to their purchase of egg. It's now down to £4300, (was more like £6k I think) I originally took it out in 2003 odd. I knew I had PPI with them, and so sent off my £1 and asked for my agreement, and have got back a letter which I wasn't expecting, stating that: "We are currently unable to provide a copy of the terms of your credit agreement as varied
  5. Hello, I wondered if any other poster on the Barclaycard forum has been able to obtain copies of their original application form and statements dated before 1996 using the DSAR method? Did you have to take as it as far as small claims court or the ICO to get the info? Also, does anyone know if Barclaycard used a shorter 9 digit account number in the early 1980's before they extended it to 16 digits? Thanks very much to anyone who can help
  6. Looking for advice on this as I have only been made aware of S86D CCA. I have been on a DMP with Payplan for over 6 years. During this time Barclay's have continue to charge interest albeit at reduced rates on my two cards. I don't believe that they ever sent out a notice of arrears for the accounts at any time. With S86D in mind am I right in thinking that they therefore have not been entitled to charge interest. Whilst I have had AP markers for the entire period they have backdated defaults which will mean that they drop off within the next couple of mo
  7. Received my documentation from the above which seems to state that I did not want PPI in the last century but in 2005 I have entries for £40 called 'out of order' charge. Is this PPI can anyone advise.
  8. Hi So far having followed threads on here I've managed to deal with a hoist claim on a card from 2005 for £1800 before court fees on moneyclaim online for £2800. They were supposed to have paid a fee by 15th June otherwise it would be struck out similar to a thread on here by "musicam" I rang the court a few days after said date and they hadn't paid although the lady said there was some leeway in case they had paid by cheque. I rang again yesterday still having heard nothing expecting to be told it was struck out but was informed its going ahead as they have paid th
  9. I have been following this thread as I am in a similar position - old Mastercard debt now at the stage of it being allocated a small claims track. It does state that if struck out the claimant (HPH2/H&C) has to pay my costs, as the debt is £11k+ with their interest, fees etc, i.e. over the £10k level. my defence was the total lack of any acknowledgment of my request for info regarding s77a/s78 and 86B. When it went south and M/card closed my account the rate had gone to either 19.9% or 29.9% (latter I think) and heaps of late payment/non-payment type £50ers added to
  10. Hello financial guru's Today I received a letter from BC saying my account is to be transferred to Link Financial. This account has been on a repayment plan for the last 15 years, this was set up by Citizen Advice and I was paying £10 a month with no interest, this went on for 10 years with no hiccups. About 5 years ago BC decided to up my payments to £40 a month with a 3% apr, I've had the occasional nag letter about going to full apr but after some phone calls they have agreed to stick with the plan. 15 years ago the debt was about £4000, now it's down to 1200 so
  11. Originally I had accounts with Egg, Barclaycard and Goldfish which had all become Barclaycard by the time I defaulted sometime around 2009. These accounts have since been bought by Cabot and one has been farmed out by them to Westcott. It turns out that 2 of these 3 accounts have the wrong date of birth for me. The month and year are correct but the day date is not. I know that at some time in the past all three accounts had the right date of birth as it was used as a security question in any telephone conversation - of which there were many. One of the accounts is the one with Westc
  12. I've recently started to receive letters from Lowell and today, out of the blue, a phishing letter from Robinson Way. I've plumped for a free Noddle file and can see Mkdp and Lowell. Lowell have mentioned a Barclaycard and their balance reflects what is in my file. I presume Robinson Way will follow the phishing letter with demands for payment. I presume both relate to old Barclaycards. The default dates show mid 2010 however I was thinking the dates would have been 2009. Is there a chance the default dates are wrong? How do I go about moving this forward? One account was opened
  13. Hi i sent a sar to barclaycard , i have just recieved there response , all they have sent is copy statements , now are they supposed to send me everything they have on file , like , default notice , signed agreement ? i wish i had kept the default notice but at the time going thyrough bad time and just ripped it up , many thanks
  14. So here's the latest in my Egg adventures. I've had a letter from Barclaycard referring to an EGG debt, to an old address. It's attached here. It refers to a default that hasn't appeared on my file as yet. I'm fairly certain (although I don't think I have a record) that the account was defaulted in 2004. Here's the fun part - it was from an Egg credit card, Now this. Do I CCA Barclaycard for the Egg details instead? Egg_Barclaycard_default_26-02-17.pdf
  15. Hi im hoping someone can help, we've had our barclaycard since 2007, we've always paid it the average balance is around 2k we only realised in feb we had been paying PPI. I ve sine sent a letter to barclaycard as we've never used this policy as we wasn't aware we even had it even through unemployment etc the payments have been made. They have sent a letter today advising us they are refusing the claim as they sent us 2 letters in jan and feb 2013 requesting we check all of out PPI policies and that all the information was correct and that we should have been in to
  16. Hi thanks for the advice. The other is from Barclaycard signed in 2000 . I have the credit agreement with a signature but this time there are no terms and conditions enclosed with the agreement nor on the actual application form . I do once again have correspondence from Barclays and Link regarding the sale of the debt. I have attempted with both original lenders and with Link to settle the debts on behalf of my partner as she is stressed with the situation Link require around 60% of the outstanding sums and i do not have the money available to do that and suppor
  17. Hi guys. After scanning through a few similar posts I thought it would be clearer to understand if I posted my own thread hi-lighting my own concerns specifically. Hope that's ok? I'll give an explanation of my situation then submit my questions. About 7 years ago I had a few outstanding debts on various overdrafts and c/cards etc. My wife and I owed around £4'500 in total. Nothing to get to worked up about. My wife and I seperated though and after a clean and simple divorce I was left trying to float the home finances alone. Living on half of our former income, thin
  18. Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd Date of issue: 29 Feb 2016 defence due by 4pm 1st april What is the claim for – 1.The claim is for the sum of £11,028 in respect of monies owed under an agreement with the account no. 4929… (16 digit ref) pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA). The debt was legally assigned by MKDP LLP (Ex Barclaycard) to the Claimant and notice has been served. 2.The defendant has failed to make contractual payments under the terms of the agreement. A defa
  19. I have received a letter from Barclaycard asking me to confirm my details in respect of something to do with my former SkyCard payment break plan. I rang the number and was taken through to the complaints team who asked me to fill out the form and return it. Has there been something in the news about this that I have missed as its all come a little out of the blue? I did have a SkyCard but that went away with all my other debts when I was declared bankrupt in April 2011 (i was discharged in October 2011), and I dont remember having any cover but then again maybe I did. I'm assum
  20. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice. A few years ago I was the victim of identity theft. I was made aware of this and checked my credit report, someone had applied for several credit cards in my name at a previous address. This had left several defaults on my credit I made contact with these companies through Experian and all these companies confirmed i had been the victim of identity theft and cleared theses defaults from my credit report. I also as advised reported this fraud to the police via action fraud. One of these companies was barclayc
  21. A bit of background, when I got my first job after being a student circa December 2008 I got my first CC - a Barclaycard Platinum. Within the space of 2 year they'd thrown a £9,500 limit at me and having something of a love for travel back then it got used up. At the time I was living at home with the parents and therefore regular payments of £600-700 were not a problem to keep the balance going down faster than it went up. Roll forward to 2013, I move out and start renting, the Barclaycard becomes my only source of 'offset' spending and the payments I'm able to m
  22. Hi, It's a bit of a complicated issue, but I'll try to keep it concise. It's relating to my partners BC account, for which he put his head in the sand until 2014 as he assumed PayPlan had 'sorted it all out', since starting a DMP in mid 2006. I took over the issue in 2015, helping him, as we discovered BC failed to default the account in 2006 (and where still trashing his CRA files). The journey since has been frustrating to say the least.... ...I use 'I' in this context as I have been writing the letters etc on his behalf to try to get this sorted. I have a complain
  23. I have also had my Barclaycard debt passed to a debt collection co., but this morning I had a 'phone call from B/Card telling me that they had never had a debt cancelled and that they did NOT have to produce a copy of their agreement for credit cards. Are they correct please?
  24. Hi Firstly, those in debt finding it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel, don't be disheartened, it can be done. After 8 years, I am within 9 months of being debt free. however, this hasn't been without issues and I could do with some advice on what should be my last issue.... Sorry for the length, just don't know best course of action... thanks in advance for any help I defaulted on an Egg credit card, they sold the debt to Arc Europe. Barclaycard bought Egg. Barclaycard transferred the debt to Moorcroft. I have consistently paid the agreed m
  25. Firstly I have been reading through your site and must congratulate you on a wonderful service and website. If only I had put my thinking cap on earlier and paid more attention! This is a big one and I have followed your advice so far... here go's.... I had loads of debt in 2006 when my company went into a CVA, I have kept a lot of the information and letter replies including an experian report dated may 09. I had numerous debts up to about 100k, with a remortgage I paid around half and tried and have succeeded in removing another 25k to date. Lowell then wrote to me saying
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