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  1. Hi Guys. Please can someone help me with this? A little long, but I will try to be brief. In 2009 I had a Barclaycard. I made regular payments and everything was fine until my situation changed a lot and I was unable to pay . I did the wrong thing (many would say) and just buried my head in the sand. I got various reminders, letters, and default notices and in 2011 I (some would say foolishly) wrote to all my creditors offering token payments including Barclaycard . I paid £1 a month for 16 months. The last payment was in February 2012 when I
  2. I have found that Barclaycard/ Stonebridge had been charging me for an accidental death insurance I did not want or apply for some years ago as being self employed and working at heights I had to carry my own special accidental death insurance. I have contacted both companies in March 2017, they passed me back and forth until late last year with no result other than an offer of £25 from Barclays and £50 from Stonebridge which I did not accept. In Stonebridges case they wanted me to sign a form saying that the payment was in full and final settlement which I found strange. I went
  3. Today I received in which looks like usual fob off letter from barclaycard rejecting my initial claim for unfair charges totalling over £240. All my charges were for £20 and a one-off charge of £40. In their letter they state that their charges of £12 are in line with their actual and estimated costs etc and are printed on back of statements each month. What next - do I reply mentioning the above statement and what I have been charged ? Thanks for any help
  4. Hello, everyone. Barclaycard were chasing me for a debt I didn't recognise, and I asked for a copy of a credit agreement, which they couldn't produce. They then set Robinson Way on me, so I sent them the letter explaining that an unacknowledged debt in Scotland is extinguished after 5 years and received a couple of letters informing me that they'd passed this on to Barclaycard, and eventually Robinson Way closed the account. I can see on my credit file that the Barclaycard account is marked as settled, but the Robinson Way one, which is called Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited
  5. Hi I am looking for some help in identifying what the correct default date should be on an old debt from Barclaycard. I went into arrears on a Barclaycard account during 2011 and the debt was transferred to IDR/Link Financial Outsourcing in March 2012. There was no default issued to the credit reference agencies by Barclaycard before it closed the account and transferred it to Link, who subsequently registered a default in September 2012. However, having gone through old paperwork whilst preparing a CCA request, I have found a default notice (section 87(1)) from Barclaycard (vi
  6. Hi all, I am writing a SAR letter to Barclaycard as the first step towards reclaiming over limit and late payment charges. I've spent a couple of weeks reading various threads here that have been very helpful. I am trying to find the best address to send my SAR but am confused by conflicting information, some of which may or may not be out of date. London? Northampton? Knutsford? If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be most grateful - I don't want to stumble at the first hurdle! Thanks, John.
  7. Hi there. Just on the off chance my husband sent a request to Barclays to see if he had PPI on any of his cards. It turns out he had it on his Barclaycard Mastercard from Sept '97 until Dec 2004 and on his Barclaycard Visa from Sept '97 until Aug 2015. What would be our next step forward please? Thank you.
  8. Hi all, I'm totally new to all this and have had a situation develop over the last 6-8 months where I was unable to pay my credit card bills. My credit was 12k, I ignored it for a few months while dealing with some family issues. I got in contact with them in January and set up a plan to catch up over a 3 month period at £600 a month, I made the first payment but failed in February when I had to take weeks off dealing with my older brother (45) passing away and needing to help my mother through that process. When I called to tell them they told me the card was now cancelled and they we
  9. New here, been reading some posts, but so much info, getting confused.. Well over 10 years ago, had 3 Credit Cards, 2 were with Barclaycard directly, another via another company, but at some point Barclaycard took that card over also... In the last 5 years at least have had a payment plan with Barclaycard with all 3 accounts, as I could no longer afford the monthly amounts along with interest, in Dec 2016 Barclaycard passed 2 of the accounts over to Link Financial, paying one at £50.00 a month the other at £100.00 which is what I was paying Barclaycard
  10. Hello all, Long story short. Put in for PPI and won. Paid off substantial amount on my credit cards. 1 month later received letter from B/card telling me they “realise” I’ve had a b/card for some time ( 12 years actually) at my current non uk address. They are going to cancel card as I’ve not got uk address. Is it legal for B/card to break their terms and conditions yet I have to comply, which I did when I told them of my non uk address. Seems strange that for 12 years they were quite happy for me to have their card but now due to paying off a huge chunk I’m now p
  11. Hello I have seen on the site some threads regarding the reclaiming of premiums paid to stonebridge insurance for Barclaycard Accident death cover. As some of the threads seem very similar to my own experience with these two companies I was wandering whether there was any updates available. In my case this goes back to May 2002 when I saw a payment on my credit card statement for £8.59 accident death cvr. As I had no knowledge of this I contacted the number next to the payment stonebridge insurance and asked what this was for and was told that all barclaycard holders ha
  12. Dear All, I filled out the online form for Barclaycard to reclaim my PPI, which I never realised that I had. I get a reply this week enclosing a copy of a letter dated November 2014 that apparently they sent me when I applied for return of PPI the last time??? I have zero memory of doing this and I am not convinced they are telling me the truth. In any case they are telling me that nothing was miss sold and I am not getting any money back. It seems like a generic letter and they have used internal and external evidence to reach this decision. They have also included the "
  13. HI all have a sepearte thread for another of these hoist have sent me a claim form for a debt for a barclaycard pre 2007 i have already sent a cca request off to hoist which they have repsonded saying they are looking into it and a cpr request to cohen which they have ignored i also sent off a SAR request to barclaycard via the online tool a few weeks back heard nothing and they havent called to take a £10 payment the particulars of the claim are This claim is for the sum of £5410.23 in respect of monies owing under an agreemen with the account number xxxxxx p
  14. Hi, I have a mediation planned with regard to a small claim issued against me by Howard Cohen solicitors on behalf of hoist portfolio that I have a few questions about that I would like help on please. A bit of back ground information.. The debt for £2900 was originally passed to MDKP LLP in November 2014, the account was then assigned by MKDP LLP to their client Hoist Portfolio in December 2015. I had a payment plan set in place of £50 per month and made payments reducing the total outstanding to £2000, in around June of this month i fell in to difficulty and missed a c
  15. I have had a 2x Barclaycards since 1994. I have asked Barclaycard regarding PPI but have not got anywhere with them. I raised a complaint on their website in 2016 and received a letter rejecting the claim in Jan 2016. I didn't respond after that. I received a letter in November 2017 saying I may be able to claim on the Plevin case ruling. I did this and they said they would re-open my original case from 2016. I have not heard anything from them and rang them again on the 2nd Jan 2018 they said they were treating this as a new case and there was no time limit for
  16. Sent off prelim letter with compound interest spreadsheet and VERY quickly they responded with a cheque for £276 with usual blurb about being in line with OFT ruling and fees reduced to £12. Do I now sent LBA mentioning Limitations Act as I am claiming fees from 2010 to 2012 and whatever I can find that seems relevant (already pointed to a very successful case which I will take time to re-read). Do I also accept cheque as a part-payment or not? When doing my POI (eventually) do I just leave the spreadsheet as it is currently showing but put that I have already received th
  17. Hi, this is one for people who really know their contract law, specifically the consumer credit act. This is the scenario: I have a builder do me an extension. Our contract states the work will cost £100k. In order to get s75 CCA protection, I get the builder to give me 4 invoices. Invoice 1- foundations, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 2- Roof, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 3- Walls, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 4, decorations £25k (price shown on the contract). £100 was paid for each invoice using a credit card. The tr
  18. yesterday I had a case dismissed in the County Court brought by IDR via Kearns. A quick run down of the case: Following the sale of a Barclaycard debt to IDR, a letter was received from Link demanding money together with a default placed on my credit record. [removed] I challenged the allegation. This seemed to put them off - or so I thought. A year later I received a hearing letter via the Northampton courts and subsequently submitted a defence. This led to the case being successfully stayed. At this point I submitted a CCA and S78 request to Link via Kearns. K
  19. Barclaycard response below: I will only post the important bits We refer to your request for documentation under Section 78 of CCA 1974, we need to advise you that , regrettably, we are currently unable to fulfill your request. As such, we are not currently able to enforce our agreement with you and the agreement will remain unenforceable until such time as we are able to fulfill your request. what this means for you whilst discussions continue, we know that we're not able to enforce our agreement with you, but our rights continue to exist under the agreement. your ba
  20. I've been reading through the forums for a while but just am getting a bit nervy now! Im at the stage where after submitting the defence, ive got the Defence questionnaire re the small claims track. Hoist still haven't responded to my requests for info, and ive not had anything back from Cohens either and the requests were sent at the end of April. Before it got to this stage, Id spoken to the litigation department twice requesting correspondence - in the second call, the Hoist person said that they wouldn't be sending me any requested info... Am i correct in thinking that
  21. i didnt even know this place existed till today and i came here for another reason a hour later of reading, i am hoping ppl can give me some advice .. i owe a debit which has been bought by lowell now they have been calling of and off for weeks but i have ignored the phone and i had had several letters, wanting payment the amount i owe is £3679 its a littlewoods credit card debt that i fell behind on and finally defaulted through no income. now the thing is it doesnt say littlewoods on the lowell letters it says barclaycard who do own littlewoods card.. but i was told nu
  22. Hello , I'm new here and I was looking for some guidance. I have had a Barclaycard since the early 1990s , indeed i believe probably before 1988. I took this out following a meeting with an advisor at barclays. I was told protection was compulsory and that I needed it to protect myself from any problems with the goods I was buying etc . I did not need it for any other reason as I had excellent cover from my employment for sickness etc . I was young and naive and was led to believe it would be a condition of me getting the card . I have had this protection on thus
  23. Hi everyone, as suggested I am posting each of my debts separately so I sent a CCA letter to Allied International Credit regarding my Egg credit card (now Barclaycard), I should have received an answer by 22nd July '14 but have today received a letter on Barclaycard headed paper saying they have enclosed a "reconstituted copy of your agreement". it is saying that they are "currently unable to provide a copy of the terms of your credit agreement" and go on to say "they are therefore prevented from enforcing our agreement with you". However they also say
  24. Had an old egg card that I defaulted on back in 2010. Agreed payment of £1/month with egg then was informed barclaycard had assumed the debt. Continued to make my payments but they suddenly started getting rejected by barclaycard. Eventually cancelled the standing order. Last successful payment was may 2012 so about 9 months until it is statute barred. Now out of the blue had a letter to my old address (new occupant there has sent it on to me) saying Robinson Way on behalf of Hoist are instructed to recover the debt. First question is whether or not to igno
  25. Hi I had a letter a couple of months back from Robinson Way regarding a Barclaycard account. I have never had a Barclaycard called them immediately and they told me that it was an egg card. I did have an Egg card several years back and this went in to a DMP but then the DMP Company went in to liquidation and hadn't been paying. I did make payments hug these were returned 'suspense' so didn't make it to the right person. I have checked my Experian and this account has dropped off my file. I don't know if it would be considered SB. How would I find this informat
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