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  1. Hi forum goers! This is my first post so I hope I've got it in the right place. My situation is quite standard but need some advice on what to do next and some clarification of my position. Some years ago I had a Barclaycard which I was unable to meet the payments. Eventually I stopped paying and forgot about it. I sought debt advice at the time and stopped worrying about it. The debt got transferred to Lowell who chased me for years and my credit rating was shot. A few years ago though I started getting accepted for credit. Opened bank accounts, got a
  2. Bryan Carter have written to me saying they have been instructed by Fredrickson (acting on behalf of Lowell re. an old pre-2006 Barclaycard account) to issue court proceedings in a few days if payment is not made. I dispute this account and wanted to check what I need to do. Presumably I need to a) inform Lowell the account is in dispute in writing (I have only done this by telephone a couple of years ago) b) CCA Lowell and c) inform Carter of the account being in dispute? Is this course of action correct? Any advice would be appreciated. Also, I can't find
  3. Hi all, Barclaycard have agreed to pay back all fees charged to my account plus compound interest after I took them to small claims, however, the say that because this is compensation the are going to subtract income tax @ 20% on the compound interest portion of the claim. Is this normal procedure?? I used the unjust enrichment approach. Thanks in anticipation
  4. Hi all. Hope someone can offer some advice as to how to proceed regarding defence submission. Details as follows: MKDP LLP issued County Court claim form (bulk centre) on 21 Oct regarding a credit card debt allegedly had with Barclaycard. I have no record of the account and have never received any paperwork relating to it and have never made any payments to the account. I received the claim form on 24 Oct and acknowledged service and intention to defend online on the same day. Deadline for defence submission 23 Nov, although the Court advised as that is Saturday, they will ac
  5. Hi, not sure whether to post here or not so apologies if this is in the wrong section. About 3 years ago I used my two Barclaycards' to help finance a business. I know it was silly. but at the time it seemed a good idea! Sadly the business was defrauded leaving me with a Barclaycard debt of circa £30k. After a period of shock and anger (at the fraud) I tried to start again, sadly to no avail. I have since started a new business in an unrelated industry. Money is tight and I have virtually no income (genuinely) to speak of. I live in rented accommodation and h
  6. Hi I have four different debts which have been with me for a very long time. I intent to deal with them now, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Firstly I have 2 separate debts with 1st Credit a company based in Riegate. the first of these two debts with 1st Credit is for a Barclaycard I took out on 3rd of March 1999. The default date for this debt listed on my credit report is 30th December 2008, however I think I stopped paying or contacting barclaycard a lot sooner than this date. I am not sure exactly of the last date when I made a payment or co
  7. After 2 years with a Barclaycard PPI claim through the FOS I finally received a cheque for £1,925.00. I banked it immediately. On receipt of my October Barclaycard statement the amount outstanding was £1,399.00 - this led me to believe that they had deducted extra PPI reimbursement from my outstanding balance. I assumed they had refunded far more. On the back of this, thinking I was much better off than I actually was, I had a mild spending spree and probably spent about an extra £250. Just received my November statement and I am horrified to see that
  8. Hi all. Does anyone have a current email address for Barclaycard Customer Relations dept, their PPI dept someone to contact directly or similar? I have looked in the contact details and cannot find anything, it would be really useful if someone could provide this information because when you ring their Customer Relations dept, it's actually the telephony team you get through to, and they're about as much use as a chocolate teapot! Plus, they won't put you through to the Customer Relations dept, because they don't take calls apparently. And if that's not bad enough, w
  9. Hi I am in the process of claiming back charges that Barclaycard added when I fell into trouble with credit cards a few years ago. I have requested a list of charges from Barclaycard which have been received. The debt was sold to Lowell after I had defaulted so interest, charges, etc were frozen. I have a question regarding the interest I need to claim back. Do I need to work out interest up until the day of when interest was frozen (about 3 years ago I think) or up until today? Many Thanks A
  10. Hi all. I am starting a claim against Brclaycard for PPI on my credit card. I have attached an agreement form from 2001 which I signed. It looks like PPI was mandatory as there is no option on this form is this a good cause for a claim? I have full statements now back to 2004 but nothing from 01-04. how can I account for this on the spreadsheet for claims? Thanks
  11. Hi there, any help or advice would be appreciated. MKDP have sent my wife a summons for a "ficticious" debt. I am tempted to let this go to Court, but please read my timeline of events below and let me know if I should sort this out with them direct, as I have telephoned them and they have asked me to send evidence to them. Here we go 2000 wife given barclaycard with no job, 5 days after her 18th birthday 2011 wife suffered sports injury, called to claim on her ppi policy and was told she didn't have one? 2012 put in to re-claim ppi payments, as stateme
  12. Hello, can anyone help with this issue please? I live on the Isle of Man and have Barclaycard and mercers still chasing me for a debt they say I owe them, I have written to Barclaycard several times and asked for the Original Credit Card agreement they replied saying then did not have it,one sentence in the letter said “We arecurrently unable to provide a copy of the credit agreement you entered into. We accept that we are therefore prevented from enforcing our agreement with you while this state of affairs continues”. Now I know that the consumer credit act 1974 is not applicable here o
  13. I've just had my first knock back by the Ombudsman's office. Had a credit card ppi complaint in against Barclaycard. She phoned to say they weren't upholding my complaint, that Barclaycard were giving value for money in their charge of 79p per £100 of cover, and since I hadn't sickness cover through work, I was better off WITH the product. I explained that I had significant savings, double the card limit, that I was not able to make an informed choice having been sold the card while passing through an airport (she argued I had been sold the card at a Barclays bran
  14. Hi all I’m writing on behalf of my girlfriend who has a longstanding debt which she has finally agreed she needs to look in to, but does not know where to start. She admits she has been irresponsible and has been scared to look into it for a long time, but having read around these forums for a while I’ve managed to convince her that there are processes that we should follow to see where things really stand, what really needs to be paid, and if there is anything she can claim back. I’m not particularly informed myself, but am prepared to read and invest time and effort into this to try
  15. I had a Barclaycard default which dropped off my credit file at the beginning of this year. As I also bank with Barclays they started to take money from current account and therefore I was paying them £20 per month for a number of years. As far as I'm concerned the default has now expired and so I stopped paying. However last week I received a letter from a DCA saying the account had been transferred to them and I needed to make arrangements to pay or face action. Can you be defaulted etc for the same debt twice? what if I just ignore these letters will it
  16. Good Afternoon, In 2007 i started a dispute against barclaycard for misold PPi, and charges. This was at the time that everyone was chasing bank charges so it took them longer to reply to everything. Well eventually they wrote back stating they was putting all claims on hold until the big court hearing and that they would get back to me when the final outcome was known. I accepted this and awaited and never got no reply, in the meantime they passed on to a recoveries agency, i wrote to them and sent all documents etc i had sent to barclay card outlining th
  17. Hi Folks, I wonder if someone might be able to assist on my POC. Basically in Jan 2010 I made a SAR with Barclaycard and they only sent me statements and back in Feb 2010 I sent them a NON Compliance notice and they simply ignored it. At the time I had lost my job and was going through tough time so I did not follow it up. Fast forward July 2013 I sent them a new SAR request, again they sent statements only. Then I sent them non compliance notice and letter before action and still they had not responded. I would like to get a court order to enforce compliance as per below
  18. Hi All, I could do with some good advice on my current situation if possible? I have just received information relating to my SAR request to 1st Credit (old Barclaycard debt) and I have some questions hopefully you can help with: 1. Due to the usual pressure of the DCA (and not understanding much about my rights) the debt was paid on instalments from 2004/5 until early October 2007. Then I request the CCA and had nothing sent to me, so stopped the instalments. 2. Now in August 2013 - I received a Judge & Priestley Solicitors letter suggesting court action, so I re - CCA
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping for some advice, I have been chasing Barclaycard for what seems forever to try and reclaim PPI and Charges on an old Egg card. I took the card out in October 2004 and it went into default about a year later. Eventually I received the SAR information and had £60 worth of charges, and a couple of hundred pounds of PPI premiums. In addition to this, there was a two page list of tranactions relating to the November 2004 transactions, if I add up all of the transactions and add them to the opening balance, there is a £611.40 difference between my total a
  20. Hi there, I'm trying to reclaim PPI from Barclaycard and have received a letter from them stating that I applied for my card by post and was therefore not mis-sold. I actually applied for the card when I was 18, as it was my first credit card I applied in a local Barclays branch and the application was completed by a member of staff and all I had to do was sign the form! I have requested a SAR and received a blank copy of my original application form with no signature on??? Please could I have some advice as to what I should do next? should I send another lette
  21. Hi, I had court papers from Northampton CC as a companyin Milton Keynes had brought the debt, (old Barclaycard £2,000) be ignoringcall for three years. I had a look on the site and sent off a CPR 31.14 Request to their solicitors. Heard nothing backbut was worried about a defence and came across this defence and sent it off Defence 1. The claim aspleaded does not contain sufficient particulars to permit the Defendant to filea properly particularised and pleaded defence. The Defendant has made a requestfor disclosure, pursuant to Part 31 of the civil procedure Rules, to the Claimant
  22. Hi, Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D CCA request printed & being sent Monday, then need to get started to see if anything to reclaim....
  23. Hello Again, This site was so good last time in helping me with some problems I had been having with a most dubious debt recovery firm that I thought I would come back and ask for further debt advice in trying to reclaim PPI on an old Egg/Barclaycard for a friend of mine and hope that the very kind people here will offer me some further advice. Chatting with a friend of mine a few months ago, we were discussing PPI refunds and to my astonishment, she told me that "she was still paying PPI on her Barclaycard and had never bothered to try to reclaim or cancel this" - well t
  24. hey all, im returning having slain a few banks in the past under a different usernme. Refundmylife if i remember rightly. Im now hitting the Barclaycard having left it far far too long. However i have a few questions already! A) I did the SAR months ago, and got the 6 years followed by a ream of uninterpretable computer speak for the previous years. I have just noticed a letter to send for the additional info, what im wondering is do i need to SAR them again after leaving it a while? B) This one concerns me a bit! I stopped paying it about 3 months ago and have just ignored
  25. Hi, Hoping someone can advise me on this... ...i sent off a CCA request to Cabot for two of my debts they now own - on eof those being Barclaycard(account opened 3/8/2006). I have received a letter today saying that they don't currently have it but have requested it from the original lender, and that they anticipate being able to get it in 40 days. Now if i understand correctly I *could* put this account into dispute once the 12+2 days are up BUT my creditors are managed through the CCCS (who have always been very good with me). Additionally I remember reading that 2006 wa
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