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  1. I am in a similar boat to many people here - had an Egg card from 2000, became overwhelmed by debt and signed up with a debt management company in November 2006. The debt management company advised me in 2010 that the debt was unenforceable and wrote to Egg asking for a copy of the CCA, which Egg said (when they were still Egg) they were unable to provide. Egg was bought by Barclaycard, Barclays sold the debt to Marlin and now they've started chasing me. In reply to their first letter, I emailed to say that I would like to see a signed credit agreement for th
  2. Lowells are chasing me for debt re: Barclaycard. Have written requesting the CCA, they've sent this direct to Barclaycard. Have received said agreement from Barclaycard It appears to simply be a copy of their conditions? Can they argue this is sufficient and then provide a signature down the line if they wanted to issue a CCJ? If not, should I write back to them? Thanks
  3. I am just wondering whether kind folks on here think I have a case. First I am registered disabled and have been for many years. Back in 2003 I was quite poorly and in March 2003 had just begun taking medication which had some horrendous side effects. I banked at Woolwich at that time already part of Barclays. We were very tight financially and due to my medication was not in a good place mentally. One day I went into Woolwich to withdraw money. The cashier said would you like a Barclaycard. Not really with it I accepted and the form was filled in there and the
  4. Around 7 months ago I wrote to all my creditors to say I was struggling to maintain payments. While I am working full time my wage was badly affected by the downturn and I was using credit to live as my whole income was going onto priority debts. I was diagnosed with a mental health condition in 2009 and the stress was making me so ill I had to do something. I prepared an I&E form and wrote to each of my creditors offering this amount and this was excepted. I was surprised to get a reply from barclaycard requesting only 5.45 per month which was much less than
  5. I was contacted by Capquest last year in writing to say that they have taken over a debt from Barclaycard for £2,700. The account dates back to 1990. I denied any knowledge, but they have now written to be again and claimed to have added the debt to my credit file. Here are some facts 1. I moved from the address in 2000, divorced and moved overseas 2. I moved back to the UK in 2003 and my credit file only has my current address, with no previous addresses recorded. I have no loans or credit agreements ongoing from the old address. 3. I believe that the card was
  6. Hi, Requested CCA and SAR from Barclaycard late March 2012 Received reply seven days later saying they are dealing with my request for CCA Then received SAR response, 6 years of minimal info copy statements with nothing else. Sent follow up letter Re no CCA , "account in dispute" second week of May, this letter was sent recorded delivery, First Class, along with duplicate standard First Class letter, both to the same address as the initial CCA request. Royal mail tracking states recorded item being "processed through the system".. sent it to : P.O. Box 9131 51 Saffron Road
  7. Can anyone advise me and confirm my own thoughts on this situation please? I have had a letter from Barclaycard about a debt that I had accrued due to my lack of employment. The matter came to a head in June 2009 when I took issue with them sending me a formal demand as I had been paying for PPI.........or so I thought. They said not and I took them to the FOS for a decision. I won the claim and in February 2010 Barclaycard offered a payment of about 10% of the debt outstanding. I suggested, via the FOS, that given my employment status, Barclaycard took this them
  8. CCA reply from Barclaycard re my old Egg card today - they admit they are 'prevented from enforcing . . . while this state of affairs continues' - because they are unable to provide a copy of the terms of the credit agreement as varied in accordance with section 82 (1). They kindly inform me that they will take any action short of enforcement, which includes instructing a 'third party to demand payment or otherwise seek to procure payment'. I'll expect some letters then. if Barclaycard can't enforce this then I don't suppose the DCA will be able to either, but I'm happy to send them a CCA
  9. All creditors were written to by letter dated 21.08.06, to inform them of financial difficulties. I enclosed £1 token payment and cont’d to pay this for some months until payments increased. The original payments amounted to £500-£550 per month. I am still currently making payments as below. I would like to resolve all this but, as I have not had any statements etc from the EGG account and have still been paying them, I am unsure where I stand and what I can do, if anything, and do not want to open a can of worms as I have been off work with bereavement/stress/anxiety and as a result I am
  10. Similar to the other thread recently started I also received the sorry we have been reporting to CRA wrong and heres the default notice. Default date is end Jan-2010. Background for me is got into trouble due to lack of work in 2009 after some back and forth with BC (a lot via their internal DCA's) trying to reduce payment to £1 a week they agreed to stop charging interest and eventually a 1% a month payment was agreed and direct debit setup, this was Jan 2010 they never took any payments and have had no contact from them since so the default date is probably
  11. Hi, First time posting and hoping for a little advice. Just had a letter land on my door mat from Credit Solutions Ltd with regard an £80,000 secured debt with Barclaycard Secured Loans. No other details apart from the usual "give us a call, we are really nice and helpful". the property that this loan was secured against was repossessed over 5 years ago ( I won't go into details as it was the same story for a lot of us back then). I have sent off the prove it letter and am awaiting a reply. I cannot actually remember the amount that was outstanding and think th
  12. Hi, I am experincing some issues with Barclaycard via MKDP PLL. The story is that I had an barclaycard around 2006/7 which I am 100% paid off as payment plan. I haven't had another card from since the pay off, but I had a few issues in that I was paying them off some reason they would contact me and say that I had not paid, which I did as I showed them the proof from my bank statement. Now whats happening theyre saying that I still owe £597.98. This has only recently only started up last Year via some other less reputable DCA, and all a
  13. Morning all. It seems that I have received the same 2 letters relating to some Barclaycard accounts as others have done so over the weekend. My last letter to them was back in 2009 requesting a CCA, and received a reconstituted version which I promptly rejected and told them to Foxtrot Oscar. Having not heard from them since, I was happy to quietly wait out the 6 year statute barred. It seems that Barlcaycard have other ideas. What is the general consensus, with a response. Should it be responded to, and if so how? I'm minded to leave it alone, but I dont want the
  14. I would really, really like some help and feedback with my enquiry. Within the last few weeks I have applied for a refund for the Barclays PPI that I paid into. In February 2005 I was advised to take out a PPI policy. From memory I think this was done face to face with the advisor. When I took out the policy I was working full time (over 30hrs). Later on that year I found out that I would get made redundant as the firm had lost their contract. At that point I decided to work part time so I could do a degree; and in September 2005 I started part time. After being ma
  15. With the help of this forum I was able to put together a letter and FOS questionnaire to submit a claim for mis-selling of PPI. I managed to find statements going back to December 1994 which I thought would help my case. I must admit I could not remember how I applied for the card so went with telephone. I received a reply back which said that they were unable to find any evidence that they had mis-sold me PPi and are unable to give me a refund. They say that my application for PPi was submitted by post (it may well have been I just cant remember) this means that at the
  16. I wonder if you can help. As i have stated elsewhere I am in a bit of a financial pickle I am trying to wade through it. I wrote to barclaycard about 6 weeks ago telling them that I was in financial hardship and could only pay a token amount £2 for 6 months etc - following the advice dx100uk has given to others. since that time they have written to me twice and bombarded me with phone attempts - up to 20 times a day! but they have not even acknowledged that i have written to them. Today i got a pay up or its Mercers for you boy letter. What sho
  17. Hi all - I've successfully claimed from MBNA for missold PPI - incredibly easy so I thought I'd have a go at Barclaycard. I submitted SAR and got 6 years of statements showing my PPI active from 2006 - 2007 when I cancelled it (I realised it was a pointless expense). However I noted PPI has been on the account since 1989. Now initially BC turned down the complaint so I went to the FOS and strangely they've caved in as soon as the FOS process was started. I've received a letter from the FOS telling me I will receive an offer by the 4/1/13 however I'm not sure what a f
  18. Hello I have a second BC debt being collected by MKDP, it's for £2,500 and is not SB. I made a CCA request during summer last year and followed that with a failed CCA letter. This week my failed CCA request letter has been answered with a few pages of T&C's and some copy statements from BC. MKDP state that I am liable for the debt and they will now resume collection activity. There is nothing with either mine or BC's signature, even a letter they included supposedly from BC responding to my CCA request wasn't signed and looked a bit suspect, was dated June 2
  19. Hi Guys, I have one late payment marker from Barclaycard from 3 years ago which I have been told may affect my chances of getting a mortgage in the near future. This is the only late payment I have on my Credit Report in the past 5 years so would like to try and get it taken off if possible. I think the payment was literally 3 days late due to a banking error on my behalf but it is still there either way! I do have some other marks on my credit report which are 5+ years old but they are due to drop off after this year so aren't such an issue. I was just wonder
  20. I put a claim in to Barclays for a business loan I took out back in 99 which had PPI attached to it, I was and still am self employed so reclaiming on the grounds that i would never have been eligible to make a claim, today I received a letter from them informing me my claim has been rejected as they can't find any evidence the policy was mis-sold and that the letter is their final response to my complaint, they also enclosed a leaflet explaining I can refer my complaint to the FOS. After reading on here using the FOS could take up to two years is there another step I can take?
  21. Hi Could anyone kindly advise me please. My complaint has been sitting with FOS for approx. 2years, it was upheld in initial assessment, then BC disputed it, In Dec 2013 I received a letter from FOS team leader saying following their involvement BC would be making an offer of compensation. I then telephoned BC who said that it was over a year ago that they had heard from FOS.# and did not know about their decision. So i phoned FOS who said that they wait for a few hundred (!!!) before submitting to BC.- anyone know how long this takes??!! I would like to know if BC can dispute t
  22. Hi, I need to do a SARS request for my barclaycard and egg cards (egg now owned by barclays) I'm a bit confused as to who I should send this too? And exactly the name I should writ eon the £10 cheque? Any help would be great. Thanks
  23. Hi everyone, really quick question really... According to Experian I have a 'Very Poor' Credit score of 458... Put simply, as a bit of a summary, I have: - Amount of available credit (excluding mortgages) = £100 Amount of outstanding debt (excluding mortgages) = £4,559 The outstanding debt is soon to be paid in full so that's not so much an issue... The issue really is it seems that Experian don't know enough about me... *The available credit that they know about is my small Current Account Overdraft... The available credit is wrong... I have had and st
  24. I have a compulsive gambling problem. I took out a 8k loan in Sept to pay off two credit cards MBNA and Barclaycard. After I cleared these two cards off, I took what I felt was responsible actions to close both of these credit lines and to remove temptation. I contacted both MBNA and Barclaycard through their online messaging consoles. MBNA cancelled and closed my account within 24 hours of contact. Barlcaycard I received this response about 30 mins later However I never heard from Barclaycard as per my simple request to close down the account ASAP.
  25. Hello, Barclaycard sent a questionnaire to me a month ago about PPI possibly being missold to me. I filled in all the questions and was informed that yes I was entitled to £1200. Well I phoned on the day of the letter and they said that they would pay me either by cheque or bank transfer whichever I wanted. As it was a week before Xmas I opted for the bank transfer option, I was told that with Xmas approaching I should have the money by Friday past at the latest. I called them on Saturday and I spoke to a gentleman who to be honest didn't have a clue and told me that my refund wou
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