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Found 48 results

  1. I have previously asked Barclays for CCA They have sent me a copy of without a signature and said in the letter In response to your recent request, we are pleased to provide you with the copy of your credit agreement and a financial statement. Section 77 and 78 of the consumer crediticon Act 1974(amended) do not require Barclays Bank to provide you with a signed original form of the credit agreement and according with the Act It is not the policy of Barclays Bank to provide this. The date on the bottom of the unsigned agreement 2/8/2005 i have been making token payments via stepchange since 2009 i think also when going onto my noddle account today i can see that this loan is no longer at all showing on my credit file and previously in december prior to the CCA request was showing as defaulted on the first page of my credit report and then as satisfied in my closed accounts section so im a little confused ... Any advise or suggestion for what i can do next, many thanks
  2. Hi all I sent a CCA letter to Barclaycard with the £1 cheque on the 1st Nov 2007, and have had a reply back today. I would really appreciate some advice on the Agreement attached as I am currently out of work and can't keep up the payments. Mercers are harrassing me with calls and letters. Thanks, MC Barclays CCA.pdf
  3. I have recently asked Barclays for CCA They have send me the copy of without a signature and said in the letter In response to your recent request, we are pleased to provide you with the copy of your credit agreement and a financial statement. Section 77 and 78 of the consumer Credit Act 1974(amended) do not require Barclays Bank to provide you with a signed original form of the credit agreement and according with the Act It is not the policy of Barclays Bank to provide this. Any advise or suggestion
  4. Barclay registered a default on my loan account in 2010 and when i requested for the default notice they sent to me a copy of it but I dont remember receiving thr default notice. I have requested for SAR after looking at it carefully, I couldnt find any default notice sent to me from the SAR. I have written to them about three times and they kept saying they could not remove the default as they have provided me the default notice. Shouldnt the default notice show on the SAR ? Also, should i take a court proceedings against them or should i lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman ?
  5. I have just received a letter from Barclays saying they offered a PPI refund in July 2012 for two visa cards but i only queried these on 30/09/2014. One is paid and closed but the other is defaulted with them with a balance of £1800 and they are offering £720 refund but they want to pay the full amount towards this balance. I also have a transaction summary from them and on it it says this account is unenforceable. My question is o i accept the refund and advise them i am offer it to pay the account off as a full and final settlement to get rid of it, or request they return the money to me? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I'm helping someone to sort out the affairs of her dead father. He has £2,000 in his current account and has a credit card debt of £3,000 all to Barclay's Bank. Barclay's have send her a letter to sign that clearly states that they will only pay her after they have been paid. Which would mean that there would be nothing to cover the funeral costs. The way I see it is that she as the Administrator of her dead fathers estate should be able to get this money with no strings attached to cover the funeral costs. Barclay's credit card should not have any preferential treatment and should be treated the same as any other creditor. Can anybody advise me about this.?
  7. I have just been advised that Barclaycard are to offset PPI refund amount from my balance on a suspended account. Can someone kindly advise if they should have only applied PPI amount and returned the Simple Interest part to me ?
  8. Hi all, I am looking to get my records for an old EGG account that i am being chased for that i genuinely think i settled in full nearly 6 years ago - it's Bryan Carter that's chasing me through Lowells and i've asked Lowells for everything they have but they've said i need to speak to Egg to get original documents etc... Is Egg now owned by Barclaycard? If so can anyone tell me where to send the request? Thanks all
  9. Can someone please help me? I purchased some large items online with a merchant based in Yorkshire, I paid using my Visa card to the sum of £206.75. The items were of poor quality and it was agreed with the merchant to return them for a refund, in the meantime I contacted Visa to let them know. As they did not offer a return service, this cost me an additional £55 to find a courier that could deliver these items, by this time Barclaycard had suspended the payment (this was in late April 2013). After a load of backwards and forwards with Barclaycard, they have now said that they cannot uphold my claim as the items according to the merchant were delivered in a used and unsalable state. This is not the case and although I have argued this point until I am blue in the face, Barclaycard keep saying that my description of the facts contradicts the merchants - Is this not protecting the merchant in this case? Barclays eventually asked me to try and resolve this myself directly with the merchant so on Friday 23rd August I did just that, their customer care team informed me that the items were signed for as damaged and may have been in a good condition when dispatched but were not on delivery!? No one has thought of mentioning this until last week, I now find that I cannot even claim from the courier service as they have a 3 day cut off for any losses or damage claims Surely, as the information I have been given by Barclaycard for the last few months was incorrect or misinterpreted they should now stand the cost of the refund and I should not find myself out of pocket? The cream on the cake was that the merchant also refuses to even return my goods but I am more than welcome to come and collect them - Again they know this is impossible without a specialist courier service at even more cost. I stand to lose my initial payment of £206.75, a return delivery cost of £55.00 and I have nothing to show for the money I have forked out........Is this fair?
  10. Some time ago I had a account with Barclay card defaulted on it they never really harassed me about it in fact I went months no letters from them I did ask for a true copy credit agreement got sent a blank made up one and argued with them for a bit and they just stopped replying even the CAB couldn't get a reply from them when they requested the agreement. last year I got a notice of assignment the debt was passed on the Lowell, Barclays marked the defaulted account as satisfied on my credit record and Lowell took over marking my credit file defaulted they do every month to this day I requested the true credit agreement from Lowells from then on. June last year Lowell closed my file telling my they couldn't find the credit agreement as it had been so long. Today I gets a letter from Barclay card with yet another blank made up credit agreement demanding payment What the F LOL
  11. Hi all. I was hoping one of you guys could give me a hand with this, I have been Having prolonged wrangling's with Bcard and their DCA's for a good few year, I have perhaps let things lie for a bit to long but with no contact from any of them I just forgot all about it. I sent the SAR request and received back all the statements from the account, I have compiled a spread sheet of transactions. Detailing money in and out, any charges applied and of course and PPI payments made. I would be grateful in anyone could give me any indication as to the best course of action with these figures. Not counting the interest, the money spent when compared to the money paid when combined with the fees and the PPI are about the same. Should I send of a dispute notice to Bcard? I can PM any of you guys with the figures if you think it would help? I am a bit at a loss with what to do with this information. Any help will be gratefully received. Cheers Le_bonn
  12. So I sent Barclays a SAR Request and included the credit card details in the letter. I am still using the card and have a balance on this. Barclays responded saying they can not send the SAR because it is possible the account has been closed for more than 6 years and therefore they have no records... Well that sounds like a crock of..... I beleive they assume I am chasing PPI (why else raise the 6yr mark?) The card is definitely still in use. I guess a response back saying the card is in use (with a balance printout enclosed) is the way forward... I know the card is older than 6 years is there anything else I can do to force them to get all the older documents as well?
  13. Hi all, Thanks for setting up such a rich source of information. One of the problems with this is there is almost too much information and I am struggling to understand it all.... anyways.. this is my first post so here goes: Whilst in my first job I made the same error in judgment a number of people have made and got loaned up and took out credit ards with NatWest and Virgin!!! Whilst taking out these loans/cc`s I was sold PPI on each one. This was despite me not wanting it but also having comprehensive private medical insurance from my very stable employment. after leaving said company I worked for myself for a few years and really struggled to make the payments + PPI on each one... Thankfully I am recovered now but I feel aggrieved at the PPI and so am going to claim against NatWest, Barclay Card and Virgin Credit cards. This will be my step by step status on how/what I am doing any support or guidance is well received. My First stage as with all is to get my SAR from each company I am using the following letter for this: Barclays Bank PLC Privacy & Data Protection Radbroke Hall Knutsford Cheshire WA16 9EU 
 Tuesday 9th October 2012 DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 Subject access request Dear Sir/Madam Current account details (i.e. bank account/loan account/cc number) I understand that you currently hold details of my personal and financial information within your internal record systems with regard to my bank account, personal loan accounts and credit cards. Please supply me with a complete list of transaction and charges relating to my history with your organization, INCLUDING bank account, Loans and credit cards, payment protection insurance and other products. Alternatively a complete set of statements for the accounts or associated accounts is acceptable. I would be grateful if you would provide the following for ALL accounts or associated accounts I have held with your organization: -Full copies of all contracts which you believe exist or have existed between myself and your organization, including true copies of any documents you hold in support of the same and transcripts of any telephone conversations I have had with your organization. - A complete list of all transactions or statements relating to ALL of my bank accounts, Loan Accounts and credit card with your organization. -Copies of all documents which include any of my personal information including copies of any contacts or invoices, emails or computer records containing my personal information, or any records which pertain to this information. -Full copies or transcripts of any correspondence in postal, email or any other format which you have entered into with any individual, organization or third party which contains my personal or financial, or which pertains to me. - Where any previous information or records held have been deleted or disposed of, the methods used to do so, including dates, certificates or references confirming details of destruction. Where you are unable to provide such certificates, please provide a declaration, signed by an authorised officer of your company, confirming the dates and methods of destruction of this data. -Full hard copy print outs of my personal or financial information, held in a digital, magnetic or any other format which is held in any archives, backups or other storage devices / locations. I enclose a cheque in the sum of £10 to cover your fee. IF YOU UNABLE TO DEAL WITH THIS REQUEST, YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY FORWARD IT TO THE PERSON WITHIN YOUR ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA PROTECTION. I look forward to hearing from you in the first instance of receipt. For your reference my personal details are: Name: Date of Birth: Yours faithfully Your name Can someone check this is ok...?
  14. I'm hoping someone can advise me on here about what my daughter should do re a barclays account which was opened approximately 3 years ago. Initially she agreed to pay a £5 fee per month for insurance on her mobile phone but the account was never used. She had a telephone call a few weeks after opening the account and told the caller that she didn't want to have the £5 fee added each month because she got insurance elsewhere and they said they would do that. As I said earlier she has never ever used the account yet has been issued with a statement showing that she owes approximately £200 which has been building up each month!! Thanks in anticipation!
  15. my fathers girlfriend has died she had no estate. she took out a car loan with Barclays finance, i believe this is a loan done through a car dealer to buy a car, i do not think it is hp/lease but a loan. the car is in my fathers name but she paid the payments of for the loan. Barclays are asking for the car to be sold as this is part of her estate and the funds paid to them. Does my dad have to sell the car? if its in his name not this late girlfriends?
  16. Hello folks, I posted to these forums about just under a year ago at the start of my DMP with Payplan after researching that they were the best choice for me and would actually pay back all of my debt rather than part of it and try writing off more of it which I understood damages my credit rating further. At the moment I'm £2.8K from being clear of the major part of my debt, this should be done in about 9-10 months time fingers crossed. I do have two issues I'd like some advice on, Payplan are great but bless them they don't quite get what I'm asking or wanting advice on. Barclay Card have now twice cancelled the agreement with me and slapped interest back up to 29.9% after I made two reduced payments, one because of a large phone bill and the other because I required funds to pay for a long term prepaid prescription card. They refused to accept a lower payment even with that explanation and leeved several times across the DMP £12 fees for being late with payment. Is there anyway I can get them to reverse the charges and help bring back down what I owe them, they hassle me rather than my DMP company, going as far as to claim they did send letters that haven't been received. My second question relates to Santander, previously Abbey and Abbey National when I first joined them. The entire reason the house of cards that was my debt collapsed was their full withdrawl and demand for repayment of my overdraft with them, something that I never received notification for, nor could they prove they'd actually send, going as far as to say they couldn't reproduce such a letter because it was all automated. I did complain to the "CEO" help they have but they essentially told me the same thing, we did send the letter, no we can't send another, no we can't accept that payment etc. I'd like to know if there are any suggestions for dealing with this or reclaiming fee's back from them over the years I'd been with them? Sorry if this is pretty long winded, just wouldn't mind speaking with experienced folk about these issues.
  17. This issue involves Barclays bank/HDFC back (india) and a University. My brother has enrolled into a university which has fees of 16600 GBP (14,98,814(@90.29) INR). He issued a Demand Draft from the local bank in India (HDFC) and went to London. When he first Presented the Draft to the University, I was told that theres something wrong with the DD and so please arrange to pay by bank transfer. He contacted HDFC bank regarding this and they sent him a mail in 2-3 days saying the problem has been solved so kindly represent the DD back to the Univ. What was the problem and why the transfer didnt take place in the first place he had no idea neither did HDFC bank mention this in their mail. When he told the Univeristy that has been told to represent the DD again they said your DD has been lost but anyways it didnt get processed the first time so its his fault and as such you need to get a valid DD again or pay by bank transfer. That is when he thought he will do as the university wants him to do. But Now the problem is the earlier DD cost him 14,98,814(@90.29) INR, the Refund given to us by Barclays Bank is 14,05,688(@84.68). and When my mother enquired about bank transfer today it will cost me 14,59,638 (@87.93) as on 29/10/2012 incurring me a loss of 1,53,950 INR which is completely unfair to us because we have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Please help us out what action can we take against the Barclays bank Regards Sarin Kane
  18. Can Barclay's Bank allow their reputation to sink any lower? You bet they can!! Barclay's bank Wroxham Norfolk. While on holiday in the beautiful Norfolk broads, we paid a visit to the Beautiful village of Wroxham. It was quite a dull grey day with nothing exceptional occurring in the village, just the usual excursions on the passenger boats. The kids loved the sights as did the parents. We popped into Roy's food hall prior to us departing from Wroxham and picked up some groceries. My son and I spotted an opportunity to have a look the in guns and tackle shop, while the women got their things together. We crossed the road and turned towards the shop. We were greeted by what looked like a couple of young girls, one of which were lying on the floor and the other crying and looking very distressed. i immediately went over to ask if they were OK, when the person on the floor looked up, she was in fact a lady of about 40. The young girl was obviously with her and in quite a state of shock. I asked what had happened. She said she had fallen. i asked my son to call an ambulance, however he had no signal. I looked up and noticed we were directly outside Barclay's bank. i ran inside the bank and asked for their help. I said do you have a first aider that can help this lady? They looked at each other and told me to go to Roy's (the shop from where I had come)! i said can you call an ambulance then please? Again they told me to go to Roy's store!! I was totally livid with them and gave them a few choice words. i then had to run around to Roy's, who called the first aider's to the check out. They then allowed me to call an ambulance. The first aider's then tended to the lady who was now sitting up, with the young girl looking a bit calmer. I informed the small crowd that were around the lady of how unhelpful the people at Barclays bank had been. I don't know what happened to the lady as she was in good hands when i departed. I do know this though, if Barclay's were the last bank on the planet i would rather burn my money than let those uncaring bastards deal with it. Barclays bank shame on you yet again.
  19. Hello everyone- I am a newbie!!! I would be very grateful for any advice you can give meas acting on hubbys behalf ( as works offshore) 1. Had a CC with Egg with direct debit in place. Payments upto date and no arrears. 2. Tranferred over to Barclays as part of the Egg deal last November 2011. 3. Received notification of this in November- expected December payment to go out as per the existing direct debit. 4. Find out end of December, that direct debit ( dispite being told otherwise) did not go out. 5. Hubby home for holidays so rang up, paid Decembers payment and was told a new mandate for the direct debit would come out. 6. Direct debit manadate was completed and returned and should have been taken in Feb 7. Again a pattern of point 5 and 6 happened again when hubby came home in April . 8. Direct debit has been active and ready to be instructed since April. 9.The phonecalls started in May - tried explaining the siutuation but due to ' Data Protection' they could not disclose this information. ( Hubby was away) 10. Sent letters explaining the situation but heard nothing- then on the 5th July 2012 I had an unexpected visitor from one of their debt collectors. 11. He asked for my Hubby by name- ( his name bagdge was facedown). Never had experience of this before, so said sorry he is not in. Was ready to close door when he started disccusing Hubby's account- outstanding balance showed me a sheet with details from Barclays- amount owning etc. He was rather loud. I asked him to be quiet as neighbours were out in the garden. At this time, I was feeling rather intimidated- shaking infact. I asked for his name but he said it so fast- I could not catch it. He was not presented well to represent a company such as Barclays. 12.Phoned Baclays/Mercers straight up- I was very distressed ( I am only in my ealry 30's and this man was very intimating) they stated that they would lodge this as a complaint and I would hear back dispite hubby being away. 13. Hubby returned home last week for hols- phoned up Barclays/Mercers regarding this and the direct debit- was advised that this issue had not been looked into and she was escalting:-x to level 2. Advise about direct debit not going out- she said no mandate had been sent out and therefore could not be set up. Hubby said yes, it has, we have proof ( I had scanned and printed a copy for reference) went through the form and she accepted this. 14. On Wednesday we received letter dated 7th Aug 2012 stating they wrote to hubby on the 7th August 2012 and would repond with 30 days????????????? I am so sorry for the length of this email but wanted people to know the true facts. Direct debit finally being taken but the they have marked my credit file and don't appear bothered regarding the data protection breaches- I could have been anyone- he did not ask me who I was. Would appreciate anyones advice on what to do next please?
  20. Hi I was wondering has anyone else made a claim against Barclays I did and got turned down on each count. I was going to leave it but then I thought to hell with it I will go to FOS. Altogether its over 30k at stake. I haven't heard back from them I probably haven't done it right, I just wrote to them giving a brief outline. Do they send out a questionaire? Its scary stuff all this financial jargon or is it just me??:???:
  21. Hi ,I took a loan out in 2008 or 2007? I have the sort code and loan number where I paid the loan from my bank.The payments were £389 per month.I cleared the balance early in March of this year £9300.The original loan was for £28,000.I know i had ppi because 2 months after i started the loan i phoned and tried to cancel it and was told I couldn't. I'm not very good at figures and have no idea of how much I should get back?If anyone can give me an approximation? What would be the best way to pursue this,I was thinking of phoning or going into barclays bank and asking for a claims form? How long will it take to get this sorted? I'm sorry for asking so many questions ,if anyone can give advice it would be appreciated.
  22. Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond has been summoned to appear in front of the Treasury Select Committee on Wednesday Vince Cable has admitted banking sector is a 'massive cesspit' Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland were censured for selling risky and inappropriate insurance to thousands of small firm Barclays failed to act on three internal warnings about conflicts of interest Bankers who have committed crimes must be brought to trial, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke insisted today Six UK Barclay traders could be extradited to the US to face criminal charges over the interest rate rigging scandal. Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond - the first bank to be exposed in the recent market-rigging scandal - has been summoned to appear before the Treasury Select Committee next Wednesday. His appearance comes alongside revelations that Barclays compliance department failed to act on three separate warnings about conflicts of interest and 'patently false' submissions by its staff. Following an extraordinary week of scandal and disgrace, senior politicians and church leaders have called for a financial equivalent of Lord Leveson’s Press inquiry. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2166700/Banking-crisis-Barclays-boss-Bob-Diamond-summoned-MPs-corruption-scandal-emerges-bank-THREE-chances-probe-market-rigging.html#ixzz1zHR9u0iB
  23. Hi had a barclay card through littlewoods personal finance many years ago and was mis sold ppi sent letter to reclaim last June and still waiting for a response. Rang a couple of months ago and was informed that my claim was in a queue that would have never have got worked due to an error by a member of staff, and I am still waiting rang last week and still no news. Is there anything else I can do?? Thanks in advance for any help!
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