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Found 7 results

  1. My favourite musician of all times a real gentleman. Saw many of his concerts when he visited the UK. No1 Forum
  2. Has anyone been following this story from the House of Commons library re: rebanding of properties purchased after April 1st 2000 1 Council tax valuation bands (1) The Secretary of State shall, by regulation, establish a new set of council tax valuation bands as specified in subsection (4) to apply to all dwellings bought or sold after 1 April 2000. (2) Any dwelling that has not been bought or sold since 1 April 2000 shall continue to attract council tax according to the valuation bands set out in section 5 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (different amounts for dwellings in different valuation bands) and according to the provisions of that Act. http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2014-15/counciltaxvaluationbands.html Main story from the Hoc Library here http://services.parliament.uk/bills/#c
  3. Due to extensive renovation work when I purchased my house, it needed my local Valuation Board to band it. They banded it E in 2004 (despite me purchasing the house in 2002). I accepted this as I didn't expect the Band to be different from the neighbouring properties which are all the same size. With the mass of information on the internet in 2009 I asked the Valuation Board to look at my Band and they visited the house, confirmed it was the same as the neighbours', but stated I could not appeal as I was outwith the six months and so was "statute barred". I have argued this over previous years and I have a Court hearing this Thursday (09.10.14) to argue my case that my appeal is still legal despite being outwith the six months. At this hearing I am not allowed to present my argument for a Band change, as this is a further hearing which is only set if I can provide enough evidence that my appeal is legal. My mid-terrace home is an E and the two neighbouring properties are D. Larger properties at the end of the road are E and when viewed even from outside they are obviously much larger houses. Part of my argument is going to be that the six month rule should not apply to my house as the Valuation Board have an obligation to ensure the Valuation List is accurate. They are also putting me at a disadvantage if selling in the property in the future as my Council Tax payments are higher than the neighbours. They are also saying that my property was of a higher value in 1991 and so they have escalated the property price which is illegal. Does anyone know whether the six month rule is a breach of any kind of rights.
  4. without going into the full story i was accused of shoplifting at b and q, which i denied, the video evidence did not show me shoplifting, but they said they had enough evidence i was asked to fill in a civil liabilties form, to which i refused, the police were called, they asked me to do the same, i again refused, i gave the police my details and said i do not want you to give them to the staff, but eventually they did, and the staff filled the civi liabilities form with my details, and tried to give me the form, which i had not signed, but i did not take the form, they then said i could leave, so i left without the form. they said it would not make any difference, they would still claim against me, i took no items from the store and the items they accused me of taking, i left there, where do i stand, will i still have pay the liabilities, apparently for staff time etc, any help, thanks
  5. I have a re band by VOA, my question is if the Council will refund the difference in tax from previous years or do I have to apply for it, is there any template letters for this.:| Thank you
  6. hello again A friend has just received aletter from the local authority stating that due to a clerical error they were now changing my council tax band from C to E which represents a significant rise in payment ! Anyone with advice please
  7. I recently appealed my banding and have now been moved from F to E, a saving of about £255 per year. They tell me that they will backdate it 6 years which of course is very nice. They say in their letter that the band allocated to my house is based on what it was worth on 1/4/2003 and that the current tax bands in Wales came into effect on 1 April 2005. As I have lived in the house for 20 years I would have thought I could have gone back further than 6 years as surely I was in to high a band prior to 2005. Any thoughts please.
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