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  1. Hi there, yesterday I received a letter from the debt collection company (Shoosmiths) working on behalf of Tesco personal finance to inform me that, despite having a ccj issued in 2009 (which I have consistently adhered to) they require me to fill out an income and expenditure form to review my payments. Following advice from a debt helpline, I was advised to contact them collection agency to request a balance in the hope that I may be bale to offer them a lump sum to clear the debt. Having just done this I have been informed by Shoosmiths that they cannot give me a balance amount as my balance is 'under review'. They also cannot give me a timescale for when I receive information about the balance, despite my having only 14 days to complete the income and expenditure form. This all seems a little 'convenient' in their favour to me- surely a balance is a balance, I have paid x amount off of this so they should have a list with my payments and charges attached to my account shouldn't they? How can they 'review' a balance? And not to be able to let me know when this balance will be available to me seems as though they are stalling for me to complete the income and expenditure form. Has anyone else had dealings with this company or experienced anything similar please? Any advice would be greatfully received Thanks in advance
  2. So I would like some info if possible; Puchased a right to acquire, council valued property at 107,000 2 bed back in 2007. received 9,000 discount so purchase price 98,000. took mortgage for 101,650 fixed rate 5 years. I had a bit of a financial clitch after 2 yrs and had some arrear, i had suspended poss order. i paid them due to a claim i received but what i was told would clear them wasnt correct and i quickly ran in to trouble agsin. i had a fixed rate mortgage so i presume the monthly amount should remain the same for 5yrs, but it never and they annually increased the amount due. They applied for repossesion again. I was shocked to see a statement from them with various failed direct debit amount never agreed so looked as though I constsntly broke payment agreements with them. they charged arrears fees and court costs etc to the account and included them when they calculated interest. They told me it wasnt in their interest to allow any concessions to help me get back on track. At the final hearing the figure although by now i had paid nearly four years on the fixed rate mortgage the balance was more than started with, i never fully knew how many payments they claimed i missed as they just gave an amount. The DJ was rude to me and never allowed me to reply; Between the DJ and their solcitor it was agreed; I was unable to afford the property, (although by now I was in employment). They decided property had neg-equity. (no valuation reports or breakdown of this reasoning was produced to back this conclusion). The figure stated to the DJ as owing by this stage included the 5,000 fixed rate fee, this figure actually reduced and it had 5-6 months of its term left so the amount was considerably less. As the DJ wasnt interested I could not speak up (basically bullied me into crying and i ended up pleading with him, all he said was no use in crying) and say they had in fact grossly overstated the balance along with the added incorrect rate increases.(altering mortgage terms). They had began charging me for insurance that they added to the balance plus this contributed to the overall balance owing when calculating annual interest (would have ended up paying interest on top of interest each year for the mortgage term, as I refused to pay the insurance) (i had my own insurance which was for the required insurance indemnity amount as stated in contract 100,000, their insurance cover was for far less than stated as allowed 75,000). (this was of no significance to them and they continued to add the insurance fee). Reposession granted, 3 children 2 weeks to leave. I gave up and moved out. As I could not move some itemd struggled as nowhere to store them i had requested if possible to return the week following eviction to collect rest and informed them of items. Upon my arranged return nothing was there all have gone no explanations. The property sold for 75,000 as i found out, even with the improvements I had part completed, loft room with window and full staircase access, driveway; new bathroom with power shower. fitted full length mirrored wardrobes. Then came their bill, payable by return, "rofl" mortgage shortfall removal costs ??? specialist paint removal ??? agency fees?? securing property (i had already surrended keys to bailiffs day before) fee for 5 yrs fixed rate clause, however had been reduced to the term remaining so considerably less than quoted in court. (can they even charge this as they took to mortgage away i never switched to another provider etc) (contract must be void once repossessed surely). all in all excess of 40,000 shortfall due They never pre-agreed or gave notice of the extra costs although their paperwork did state all additional fees would be agreed prior. I never got to know why it sold so low, but believe it was valued far less than the council had said it was worth when purchased, can not have depreciated in value by roughly 30,000 plus in 4 yrs could it..?? I wrote to them asking for explanations, costs,paperwork etc. They never replied but then I received a solicitor letter with same demand for payment. So i wrote to them and referred the solicitor to the letter I was waiting a reply on. Nevet got a further reply from either. Nearly 3 yrs after repossession i received a letter informing me i had been incorrectly charged arrears and default fees over the term of mortgage and they totalled with interest 1500.00 but they were placing this against the shortfall balance. This was something i had already brought up but they chose to dismiss it and ignore me. In turn the incorrect fees with interest applied yearly had given a misleading figure owing for the account, and false information was supplied and in turn relied on in court. This no doubt would have contributed to the decision in granting repossession. The letter says the refund should put me back in a position before they where raised. Clearly not, im still minus my home. I have not heard from the mortgage provider since December 2014 as this was when they issued the letter with the details relating to the refund of charges etc. Upon checking my credit report recently the mortgage states closed with a balance 0. No change from when they sold the property as my credit file stated this info straight after Surely the shortfall should be on the balance? No other defaults etc for this account either. Can anyone advise me if they have acted inappropriately in any with their actions? Could the property have been grossly over valued with intent originally by the council appointed valuer, so the priced fectched on sale could be a realistic figure? If so is there anything that can be done to expose this? Can a fixed rate mortgage payment increase during the fixed term? Can a fixed rate fee be claimed still upon mortgage surrender that has been initiated by the provider and not the mortgagee (Me).? Why would my credit file show balance nil?? Should I have any defaults on my credit file for the mortgage? Can the nil balance be altered? Can a shortfall amount be claimed when there is no record of bslance on my credit file?? Any advice or answers appreciated
  3. I will soon be being left money from a Will to the sum of 11 thousand. What can I spend it on and still keep some so it does not affect Income Support?
  4. Help and advice welcome. To end my debt nightmare a family member has offered to help me pay off my debt. I wrote to Cabot saying that a family member was offering to pay £800 for a full and final settlement. The original debt was for £4000 and was a CC. There are no charges that I can claim back, I just want this sorted before I move house. Cabot wrote back saying. “I am happy to accept the £800 you have offered as a one off payment to close the account. If you still wish to proceed with your offer, once the payment has been received your account will be closed and your credit file will be updated to show as partially settled with a zero balance.” I am not interested in my credit file or obtaining credit in the future. Are Cabot trying it on by showing the debt as partially satisfied? Could the balance be sold to another DCA? If the family member wrote to Cabot saying that his offer is only made on the basis that the balance won’t be pursued by themselves or any other DCA, would that be any good. Any help or advice is very welcome.
  5. Hi Everyone - this is my first post! We booked a cottage with Welcome Cottages in February 2015 with their £25 special offer deposit deal. However, we decided not to go ahead with the booking for financial reasons when the balance was due late July because I'm on a temporary contract at work which could end any day. Welcome Cottages are now chasing us for £145 which is the balance of the deposit. I sent them an email asking them the following questions: "On the Welcome Cottages website, the cottage appears to have been re-let again from 4 to 11 September 2015, which covers the period of our cancelled booking. Therefore, if the cottage has been re-let again, please can you explain why we are being asked to pay Welcome Cottages an amount of £145, when the owner of the cottage and Welcome Cottages appear to have not suffered or incurred any financial loss from our cancelled booking. Please can you explain how the amount of £145 you are claiming was calculated. Can you also provide a breakdown of actual costs and losses suffered or have been incurred by the owner and Welcome Cottages, resulting from the cancelled booking." and they replied with: "Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, as you know, the reason for cancellation does not meet the qualifying criteria for a refund of some of the monies paid. We understand your concerns and are grateful for the opportunity to explain our position in more detail. You may wish to show this letter to anyone you seek further advice from. It is unlikely that the CMA is the appropriate forum. At the time you made your booking, the low deposit offer was running which afforded you the choice to pay in full, pay the standard deposit or the low deposit. You were advised at the time of booking, if the booking is cancelled for a non-qualifying reason, the difference between the low deposit and the standard deposit is payable - (£170.00) in your case The amount of deposit is commensurate with the cost of the booking. The cancellation terms provide many qualifying reasons for cancellations ; including redundancy, illness, death and even when extreme weather prevents travel. Many other companies do not provide this benefit at all. Of course, there is no obligation to continue with a booking if our terms are not agreed to. We feel that if you had read the low deposit terms, and the booking conditions, you would have understood that the low deposit offer does indeed allow a booking to be secured for £25.00 with nothing more to pay until 8 weeks before departure, but that if it is cancelled for a non-qualifying reason, the difference between the low deposit of £25.00 and the standard deposit becomes payable. This is an industry standard and not an unfair contract term. Our booking conditions carry a Plain English Campaign Crystal Mark and we believe that Section 4 is clear about the low deposit offer and that the cancellation terms are also clearly presented. We hope we have satisfactorily responded to your concerns and look forward to receiving the outstanding amount of £145.00 by return. Welcome Cottages have ignored questions I put to them in my first email but have confirmed that cottage has been re-let over period of our booking from 4 to 11 September in another email. We have not said that we will not pay the £145 balance and Welcome Cottages have hinted that remaining balance could be paid by monthly instalments. However, if Welcome Cottages had not re-let the the cottage again and they and the owner had made a loss, then we consider that we would be liable to pay the balance. Therefore, do we have a case to challenge having to pay the remaining amount of £145 because Welcome Cottages and also the owner have not suffered a financial loss on our original booking as they have successfully re-let the cottage? I also consider that they will be making an additional profit because they have also made a profit on the new booking. Or are we still liable under contact law to pay the remaining balance of the deposit? Any comments or advise will be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all I'm not to sure this is the correct section. I have a pair of New Balance running shoes, 10 weeks old and falling apart. Clearly not fit for purpose as the materials used in flexing areas is cracking. Having returned these to New Balance I've been told the wear is due to them being in a washing machine which they never have! I feel incredibly insulted by this response and now have a point to prove by getting them independently lab tested and a report. New Balance wanted to charge me £50 for the pleasure. Following the horrendous lack of any customer support I have zero trust in them after they attempted to fob me off. Can anyone suggest anywhere that could carry out this service for me? I've emailed Manchester University and have seen various online labs. Jut wondered if anyone had used a service before for similar reasons? Thanks very much for your help
  7. Hi, First time poster, long time lurker, so be gentle! My partner had an old mobile phone debt being chased by Lowell for 3 Mobile. I sent them the Prove it letter in 2011 back not acknowledging the debt and requesting the credit agreement. They sent back one page of an overdue mobile phone bill as proof. Nothing else. The debt would have become statute barred at the end of this month. Fast forward a few years, and it now turns out they issued a CCJ for £350 in January to an old address she has not lived at for 6/7 years, whilst sending threat-o-grams to our current address and our previous address to this one. She has had a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors yesterday informing her that the CCJ is now in arrears of £150. This was the first we'd heard of any CCJ being issued, never mind arrears, and only today has it appeared on her Noddle credit report under her old address. We have heard nothing from the court at all, but thats understandable given they were provided the wrong address. The noddle report says its £350. They now want £350 for an original £70 debt, which was increased to £209 in 2011, and are adding on these CCJ arrears. My partner has no job (not claiming benefits), no property and no real items a bailiff could repossess. We rent and I own all the items in our flat. I know nothing about CCJ's but a quick google indicates we'd have to pay £155 to apply to have it set aside. They are demanding the CCJ arrears for £150 to be paid in full immediately. I don't know if this is Bryan Carter adding this on, or this is court ordered. We are not married but could they repossess my items as we share a home? What should we do now? Hopefully I've given enough details but please do ask if I've neglected to mention something.
  8. Afternoon All, I thought I would share some good news with you all today and also ask for a bit of guidance. Today I took delivery of a letter from Lowell saying the following:- "We write further to recent communications regarding the account detailed to the right. After reviewing the account, we are prepared to take a commercial view in relation to this matter and as a gesture of goodwill and strictly without any admission of liability, we are prepared to close the account and write-off any outstanding balance. We trust that you will find this satisfactory and that this matter is now closed." If I am correct it relates to an account opened in 2006 and I have no idea when the last payment was made, the default drops off in a few months. My thoughts are:- Are Lowells becoming more professional and not chasing debts soon to not be enforceable via court? or do they know that it's SB? even so they still have time for a CCJ or do they fully realise from looking at my credit file I have nothing? Cheers, Flappy
  9. my son use my details to open a paypal account, he linked it to my bank account. last week,he used it to gambling in ladbrokes website, total amount he transferred was over £8000 and bank returned all transaction, i have closed the bank account which was linked to paypal and now the paypal account show a negative balance of 8630£, what should i do if i cant afford it? i have sent email to paypal to ask for a repay plan but they said they dont offer any payment plan, anyone can give me an advice? been insomnia for quite a few days....
  10. Hi Everyone I have an account on my credit file for British Gas which shows a balance of £900 for a property I resided at in 2012. I have written to British Gas to request information relating to the account and to set up a repayment plan. British Gas are reluctant to provide any information relating to the account or balance and referred me to Past Due Credit solutions informing me they are managing the account. When I contacted PDC they informed me the account was closed and the were no longer handling it. Again I referred this info back to British Gas where my complaint was escalated to "Tier 3" after a lengthy discussion I was informed the account was reopened with PDC and to contact them for repayment. However again PDC has informed me they are not handling the account and it is closed with them Where do I stand with this? British Gas continue to have a negative affect on my credit file with monthly updates yet refuse to allow me to make a payment to the account, any advice on what to do next. Thanks
  11. Hi Last year we were in mortgage arrears and were told we would be taken to court, they were after a possession order. Stupidly I didn't get legal advice due to cost and my local CAB being unavailable pretty much all the time. The Mortgage company said if I arranged an amount per month with them in additional to my payments they would just get a suspended possession order and I needn't attend court (bad advice it seems but I was naive). so they got their suspended order and we started paying it, but then had some work difficulties and went through a period of not being able to pay the full amounts. Now they are saying they are going for an eviction though no date is through yet. There want a large lump sum, I don't have one. Help! I have filled in an income and expenditure which proves I can now afford the regular monthly payment, the spo amount and a small additional amount towards the arrears but it sounds as if they won't agree and just want possession now. Will they get it? There are a few hundred £'s of insurance payments on there which they say they will remove due to me already having buildings insurance elsewhere. They have bought this mortgage off another company which were charging me arrears charges of around £55 a month too. Can anything be done about that? Because if all of those things came off we would be a bit nearer to making a dent in the arrears? Basically help! I have three kids and am worried sick!
  12. Hi, I need some serious advice on what to do. Long story short, I did something stupid and accepted a job that used PayPal. What it was is I had to accept money onto my PayPal account, and then withdraw it from my bank account to then send it back via Western Union. Apparently they were into e-currency trading and the website they gave me looked very genuine as it had the Forex logo and the different currency exchanges. Now what happened is that PayPal put that money under review and asked me to send proof. After I did that I still lost and they refunded to the "buyer". I now have a negative balance of £719.48. I can't afford to pay it at once as I am currently unemployed and in benefits. I have been paying into my account bit by bit (paying £20, £10) and now my balance is -679.48. They now call me a lot and I actually called them back and explained my situation. They basically said in a nice way that I need to pay it back fully and asked me to ask family or friends to cover it for me and then pay them back. I can't really do that, and really don't want to. I don't want to go to court as I would not be able to afford it! What do I do? and how long does it take before they send debt collection agency? And how long until they send me to court? BTW, it's almost a month now since the reversal( 9/01/2013) I don't even use PayPal. I only have it because sometimes I need it to pay something online. Other than that, I never use it. Any awesome help would be greatly appreciated, as it stresses me out quite a bit.
  13. Good Evening, I have a question about my 'available balance' on my Lloyds Bank account. I paid a cheque into my account for £2,500 and when I checked my balance later, it showed I had £666 available to me, this being after I had made some withdrawls from my account. Furthermore, I was puzzled by this because I have an o/d of £600 and I was into it by about £510, approximately. I got paid by my employer and found I had roughly £208.00 in my account, credit. I made a withdrawl of about £120.00 there and then. All I can assume is that my available balance includes my planned overdraft limit, is this correct? I have about £147.00 now of my available balance available - therefore, what happens once my cheque of £2,500 has cleared? What would be my final account balance? How would the bank work this out? I am VERY confused. Also, I've heard a bank can recall your o/d at any time. Does this mean that because I have already paid in a substantial amount into my bank account, that I have in essence, cleared my o/d? Sorry if this sounds confusing but I am confused.
  14. been accepted for a Barclaycard 0% interest. a bit new to this. i cant find anything to say that if you havent cleared it by the end of the 0% period. interest is back dated to the date of balance transfer is this true i found this site http://jmjohta.online-review.net/credit/31637.php
  15. Hi guys, This may sound like a silly question, but, I have come into a small amount of money, and wish to pay off some of my smaller outstanding debt balances, £120 here, £210 there etc. Having several creditors, and therefore several DCA representing them, I would prefer to make payment direct to the original creditor as opposed to the DCA. Does anyone have any idea of the best way of doing this? I don't want to phone them, and then make payment over the phone. I'd prefer to do this in writing. So could I just write to the original creditor and say, I want to settle the debt, provide me with a giro slip? :/ Or should I go about this differently? I want to make sure the debt is firmly settled, and that my credit file is marked as satisfied etc. Appreciate your thoughts!
  16. Hi All, Hoping you can help. A couple of years ago I got in a mess with payday loans, all were paid off via step change last November. However CFO lending and Payday Express are still causing me a headache. Payday express show a default with an outstanding balance of £645.00 and CFO lending are showing as satisfactory but with an outstanding balance of £645.00 - I have tried calling and emailing both companies to get this resolve but I am getting no response whatsoever. Is there anything I can do about this??? Thanks in advance
  17. hi im going to a tribuneral about my pip,claim and my friend has been looking threw my paper work and he notice this..in the summary justification..of capitas exsamanation.. it states(it appears that myself has some limited funcinol restrictions which occurs more than 50% of the time and will continue for the future)and also in my reconcideration letters there are no signitures on ever of them to say who had reasest me can anyone shed light on this please thankyou
  18. Hi everyone, I have a LLoyds bank Premier account. I get charged £25 for the account, £6 for an overdraft useage fee and interest on the money that is overdrawn. We pay around £51 per month, the balance doesnt change and hasnt changed since 02/10/2009! we are just treading water, we have a constant balance of £-2090 and cant see a way of paying it off as we cant afford to pay anymore. We have asked to change to a different account before to help us reduce the balance but were told that until we get it down to £500 they cant do anything for us. Can anybody help?
  19. Found some old statement from Feb 95 to 2000 from my Littlewoods Account and can see that Agent Balance Care Insurance has been added every month. These were up in the loft and even though I still ahve the account the next lot of statement I have start again in 2009, so theres a gap from 2000 to 2009. There is nothing else in the file and if any paperwork relating to cover was sent it would of been in the old file as I used to keep everything. Is this the same as PPI? I have also found similar for a Choice account that I have..statement from opening the account in Jan 94 to 2001, then a gap and start again in 2009. Has anyone claimed fomr a catalogue before is it the same as for credit cards
  20. Good Evening, I have transferred from Scottish Power to another utility firm and had enougth money in the account to pay the final bills with a large credit to cover this. However, on receiving my final bills, they have added the following Other Charges: "Balance Transfer from Electricity Service" to the value of £59.62 on both Gas and Electricity. The Electricity bill was in credit before and after, so I am not sure what this Other Charge is. I transferred my account before the end date and as stated in my Terms and Conditions I would pay no cancellation fee? Any pointers? Regards
  21. I have just logged into my Smile account to make my regular payment on my credit card and the account information states unavailable and no balance amount showing , I have not had any notification of any issues with my account what should i do?
  22. Hi all! In December, I opened an Amazon seller account. All was going well until they blocked me because it was linked somehow to another account. I've never held another account, and keep denying it to them. they suspended my account for 90 days holding just over £500 of my money with it. Now the 90 days have passed, I have been in contact with Amazon Seller support to try and get my money back, but they say I need to pay the balance due on a previous seller account I have supposedly held. The amount they are demanding is quite substantial, and Amazon have not provided any proof that the account is linked! They keep claiming they can't release why the accounts are linked! How can they keep holding my money without substantial proof?! I keep telling them I have never had another account, but they come back with the same responses! What can I do about this, I have sent a letter and received no reply, emails have been responded to by a simple computer generated response, and phone support is useless!! Is it going to be a case of taking them to court? If so, who do I claim against?! Thanks in advance for your help!!
  23. When I left my old flat (in the same road I'm in now incidentally, a few doors along, the old one's waiting to be refurbed or demolished), there was £281 owing on the bill by their reckoning. Around £400 had been in dispute but they'd sent some of it off to a debt collector who'd written me a nasty letter or two then gone quiet. This was maybe three/four years ago. The rest of the debt (or alleged debt, depending on your viewpoint) was simply carried forwards on the bill and I paid every month the amount I thought they should have. In November two years ago I mived to a different flat in the same road. The leccy here was supplied by EDF but I changed it to BG as EDF didn't do a discount scheme for disableds. I've received occasional emails from a debt collection company about this alleged debt since I've been at the new address. I ignore them, life goes on Now today I get a letter from BG saying they're transferring the debt from the old account at my old address to my account one here. Can they do that? There's no problems paying the bills here, I should point out, I'm not in arrears or anything. On Noddle it says late payment against my old account but my account here's fine. The old one only got in arrears when a relative of the landlady's moved into the flat upstairs from me there there and my leccy bills went through the roof. The flats were conversions from an old, old property and eveerything was a bit higgledy-piggledy. When he left, my bills went back to normal. Go figure, eh? This went to court without my knowing and I lost. BG sent the boys round to change the meter for a PAYG one with what they said was a warrant but I refused to let them in and showed them my CPAP device, an electrically-powered device which assists me with breathing when I'm asleep. On seeing that they went away. I managed to get BG to put me on the cheap tariff they had for disableds after that incident, managed to get it in writing. Aapart from a few dumb emails, since then there's been nothing and today I get a letter saying they're adding the bill from my old flat to my bills for the new one. So, can they do that? Some might be wondering how BG could take me to court, which involves advising me first, without my knowing. Simples, they bombarded me with threatening letters saying more or less the same thing, bad things would happen unless I paid up etc. which were all similarly formatted. After you've read a few, you've read them all. I just glanced at them and filed them after a while. Then they sent one which appeared the same as all the others but when I went back to look at it later it did actually have a court date in it. Sneaky, huh? can they add this amount from the old account at the old address to my new bill and account here? You have to wonder why they didn't do it before if that is the case.
  24. Hello, I'm new to the site and I do appreciate people are volunteering their time. I am under time constraints though because the company say they will take further action if I don't reply within 14 days of the date of their letter, since it took 7 days to arrive that gives me a very short turnaround period. So here is my problem. In 2009 Wescot agreed to accept £1500 as final settlement on a credit card debt of £2500, thus leaving £1000 unpaid. I asked Wescot for a letter confirming this was a Full and final payment but they only partially complied. The letter they sent me says it was a final payment and that Wescot will not be pursuing the unpaid £1000 portion of the debt. I don't have proof but from memory I think Wescot were acting on behalf of Arrow Global. A company called rossendale have now written, they say on behalf of Arrow Global, seeking the unpaid portion of the debt. I wrote back explaining my circumstances and that a final settlement had been paid. They asked for proof, I wrote back with partial quotes from my Wescot letter and suggested they go back to Arrow Global and ask them to look up their files. Interestingly Arrow Global are able to quote the date and amount of my final payment, but say they need proof that this was a full and final settlement. I could just send them a copy of my Wescot letter, but I smell a rat and think they may try and say that just because Wescot said they wouldn't pursue the balance it doesn't mean they won't. Is there any legislation that covers a circumstance such as this? I'm tempted to write and ask them for copies of the information they have on file. I've been approached by rossendale out of the blue, I don't recognise the reference they use to identify the debt and I dislike the intimidating suggestions about 'taking this further' and whatever that implies. I really need to make this go away as quickly as possible, and I couldn't deal with the stress of fighting a court action. When I made this payment I had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer a nd was trying to clear as much debt as I could and put my affairs in order. My terminal illness hasn't gone away of course and it's still vitally important to me that my affairs are as clear of debt as possible as well as being free of any on-going issues. Were my cancer curable they'd say I was in remission, it's not, and I'm living on borrowed time. I don't want to seem melodramatic but I would really appreciate some help and advice Many thanks Iola
  25. Hi all. I hope to gain some advice if possible? I have begun the process of reclaiming PPI from MBNA. My question is this, I generally settled the card off every month during a 4 year period, as I used it for business expenses which ranged from £1000 to £3000 per month. Will I be due any PPI in this particular scenario? Are PPI claims generally higher on amounts outstanding that drag on? Many thanks in advance.
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