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  1. Hi I have recently moved back into my parents house after 3 years with my partner. We're waiting on getting a new flat. Bailiffs (Rossendales) have turned up at my parents house today with a letter saying Bailiff Removal. They say i have 24 hrs to pay £2422.78 in council tax (which i thought was already being paid the an Attachment of Earnings, apparently not) Now i wasnt in, i was at work. My dad says they did enter the property, but he didnt sign anything, and they didnt make a list of goods they were going to take when they come back in less than 24hrs. This is an impossible amount of money to try and find. They say they are going to turn up at my partners house too. They havent been there yet. I phoned the Debt Helpline and they gave me alot of information, just a couple of things i have forgot to ask. 1. Can they force re-entry and take stuff even though there is no levvy and nothing has been signed? He only dropped the letter off, but was in the house. 2. Should i phone them in the morning and let them no that they cant take anything cos he doesnt have a levvy? and therefore no to bother coming back and i will make arrangements to pay and 3. What happens if no-one is in tomorrow. Im at work and so is my mam, but my dad is off. We were all going to stay home, but were wondering what would happen if we werent in. Thank you for any help
  2. If a bailiff knocks and says are mr.x and you reply yes.....is that enough proof for them to continue or would they need to see a valid form of photographic id..ie passport to issue documents. Surely a law must state that they need to verify the person/debtor legally, been reading threads on here for last 48hrs not my debt, but gf's she said she was who he asked for and asked to see a letter or bill at our home address with her name on. at which point i told him to jog-on as he never crossed the door....then closed it on him surly a letter with a name on does not confirm your identity she could have been a burglar answering the door hoping to receive a parcel or cash prize off rossendale's customer support team is this a whole in the law please advise...with the emphasis on obtaining the debtor correct identity firstly.....
  3. I am new to the forum and hope i can get some help or insight as to how to deal with this matter. i was pulled over by the police in JAN 2011 whilst driving my partner's car,for not wearing a seatbelt . It transpired i was not insured to drive her car although i had insurance on my own car ( the insurance small print..did not cover me to drive another car). The police issued me with a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, and 6 points to be endorsed on my licence for no insurance. the car was then towed to the car pound. We decided we wanted the matter dealt with by a court, ie the points, sent out the slip(part of paperwork issued by the police, and we registered the letter) I paid the £60 fine for no seatbelt. The next thing we heard was from the Magistrates Court in MID MAY - a 'notice of endorsement of licence', ''THE COURT HAS ORDERED THAT YOUR DRIVING LICENCE BE ENDORSED WITH 6 POINTS''. We also recieved a further letter, same clerk's signatory, difrent address, '' NOTICE OF FINE AND COLLECTION ORDER' , totaling £625. I wrote to the Court informing them that i did not recieve a summons to appear in court and therefore the ruling was made in my abscence which is not the procedure that has been laid out. We also copied the letter to the fine collectors. 3 days later, another letter from 'London Collection and Compliance Centre', (fine collectors) subject 'further steps notice' to collect the fine were being taken but could appeal if i liked. I wrote to them immediately letting them know that i wished to await a response from the court on why the ruling was made in my abscence , therefore, would not make any payments as l dispute and totally disagree with how the matter had been dealt with. Last week, the court finally responded and confirmed ... '''' the matter was dealt with at the first hearing on xxx date, in your abscence, the magistrate heard your case,they imposed a fine total £625.'' the letter further states...'''magistrates have guidelines to follow,you were fined in accordance with the guidelines based the relevant weekly income....'''' ??? WHAT? Letter further states if i was unaware of the proceedings i should make a statutory declaration. i received this letter last week from the court, a few days later, Phillip Bailiffs have now a 'notice of distress' and the amount total from 625 to 700£. Has anyone had to deal with this type of nonsense????? Do i need a statutory declaration even though the court has admitted no summons were sent out and the ruling was made in my absence? I am not spoked by the bailiffs although i do not want them to come to my premises of course, can they continue to harass me even though i dispute the matter? can someone help me please, any thoughts/insights appreciated. thanks in advance,
  4. Hi. I have a cuoncil tax debt in 2 parts, one of which was passed to Ross and Roberts bailiffs. I wrote letters to the both the council and the bailiffs ouitlining my intentions to pay £12.50 per week to the council and asked the council to take the debt back from the bailiff as I think I fall into the category of a "vulnerable" person. I live alone, am disabled and in receipt of benefits due to being chronically sick. I received letters this morning, one from the council and one from the bailiff. The council said they are happy for me to pay them £7 per week, but the amount which was passed to the baillif must be paid to Ross and Roberts at £5 per week. They are unwilling to take back te debt as they say i have ignored chances to pay since may of this year. Can anyone pass on any advice on the "vulnerable" person issue? They seem to have ignored it. I have/will carry on paying £12.50 to the council on a weekly basis, but am unsure as to what I should tell the bailiff... Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Hello and thanks for reading my post. Im in a situation where my mother had to go back to spain for another medical treatment and she has been gone for the last 4 months and since we do not live together I do not normally go to her house. Now it turned out that the house has not been paid for since she has left and yesterday I found 2 letters posted through her letterbox. One of them is Possesion Order and the other is a Notice of Eviction which is supposed to take place on the 4th of August. Now I can clear all the arrears of £1700 this week but Im not sure if I should empty my pocket completely for another 3 months if she is to loose the house anyway. The Notice of Eviction mentiones that she could apply for a suspension of eviction but Im not sure whether I would be able to do it for her since I have not lived with her for 30 years. Any help will be much appreciated.
  6. Hello all, I'd really appreciate some help as I dont know what to do. Apologies for the length but I want to be sure I fully explain the situation so you can help me / us. My flatmate has received a fine for criminal damage in 2008, due to moving house at that time he didnt have all of the details to pay it and forgot about it too. Since we have been living together we managed to get all the information required and have been making payment, to begin with he was not working and so agreed to a benefit deduction of £10 every 2 weeks, he received a letter 'Application for benefit deductions' which I notice states 'If this order fails, you must must pay the outstanding balance yourself as directed. You will be given notice when these terms come into effect' in the time it took the courts to get that together he started working and so he started paying £10 every week (more than agreed), we didnt hear anything from the courts / enforcement centre or this notice their letter states. He lost his job (he's a chef and the restuarant closed suddenly so received no redundancy pay) and had to put these payments on hold, he did write to the courts, but just sent the letter in the standard post (stupid man), surprise surprise the enforcement centre say they havent received his letter and so have now passed his fine onto Marston Group. The first we knew of it being passed on was after receiving a letter from Marston demanding the full payment (plus their £75 fee) within 7 days or they will send a bailiff out. I sent them an email on 8th June explaining that he does not own this property, nor is he on a tenancy agreement, nor does he own any of the goods in the house (the house is owned by a family member of mine and all the furnishings / goods are either hers or mine all he has here is clothes), revoking license under Common Law for them, or their representatives to visit at the property and using the template from consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?229873 Today we received a letter from Marston, where they have acknowledged receipt of our 'letter/enquiry', demanding the full payment (including their £75) within 28 days, but no mention or answers to the information we asked them to confirm (as in the template). Again they state they will send an enforcement agent out if its not paid and this will 'incur additional fees' and goods may be at risk. He is not in a position to pay the full amount, and cannot borrow off anyone, we are already struggling with the bills from when he was out of work. He is willing to pay the fine now that he is working again but there is no way he can do this in 28 days. We dont know what to do, as they have not answered our previous correspondance in confirming about their fees being lawful etc (although they have stated additional fees will be incurred) do I report them under the 2006 Fraud Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act? Is there any way we can get this back with the courts who were willing for him to make payment in installments? or can we make marston set up an affordable payment plan? Thank you in advance for your help, A worried and confused mess
  7. I had 2 congestion charges that I got on my Brother's car from TFL on 04/12/09 & 28/06/10 which got to Equita 'auction notice' stage. I spoke to them after receiving the first 'auction notice' dated 16/11/2010, and arranged a monthly payment plan of £101 with a woman calling herself Christina starting 22nd Nov. ( I then pointlessly received exactly the same letter 2 days later dated 18/11/2010, which I'll no doubt be charged for). I started to pay off the balance of what I was told to be £294.32 on 22/11/2010 with a payment of £101. I then missed the next payment and paid late on 14/01/2011 with a payment of £132.10 ( a figure I can't explain as my balance was over £200 at the time, which can be seen in my bank statement along with all other payments to Equita ). Having no work at the time and having just made a payment along with a death in the family meant that I missed the next monthly payment. Now here's where they really sting me... On the evening of 04/02/11 (thankfully my Mum had gone to work and I was out of the country) my Brother, after work, finds 3 letters addressed to him (bear in mind it’s his car which I borrow for work and occasionally get and pay tickets on). The first is dated 01/02/11 and is exactly the same 'auction notice' as before. The second is also dated 01/02/11 but is a letter saying that they were "disappointed to find Congestion Charging Penalty Charge Notice remains unpaid". They then go on to give the opportunity to pay the outstanding balance of £98.16. (Which I would have settled, given a chance) The third letter however was a form 7 notice of seizure that was obviously hand delivered, as on the inventory of goods section he has written my Mum's car details in! (Nothing to do with me or my Brother's car) Despite arriving on the 04/02/11 the form7 is dated 05/02/11. The total amount if paid today reads £444.24 !!!!!! I obviously phoned Equita straight away to immediately settle the balance, by borrowing what I still believe to be £98.16. I am told that no-one at the call centre can speak to me about my account and I must now speak to A*** B*** the allocated bailiff assigned to me. After trying to speak to him he is obviously unmovable on the figure, which he believes to be £444.24, and constantly tells me he is well within his rights to take my Mum’s car. I then receive an undated ‘Delivered by Hand’ Bailiff Removal letter saying that called to execute a warrant on behalf of Northampton County Court. In the top right hand corner he’s written “paid £101, outstanding £444.24”. Through fear of this happening I set up a payment plan with him, after seeking advice from CAB, as I was completely out of places to borrow money and had no work at the time. They suggested I offer him whatever I could and he reluctantly accepted, taking £101 on 08/02/11 (even though I said £100). I then made a payment of £151 on 15/02/11 and then settled the balanced as agreed on 01/03/11 with a final payment of £197.16 ( a figure which at the time seemed about right but adding it all up just doesn’t work. I also asked for a receipt and breakdown which hasn’t arrived ). The bailiff was happy that the balance was clear and I was angry but relieved that the ordeal was over. Or so I thought... (For the record, if at this point if I were never to have heard another thing from them I wouldn’t have written this and probably just accepted that I’d let 2 congestion charges escalate to cost me £683.26 and the worry of my Mum and Brother). On the morning of the 30/3/11 I received two letters from Equita. The first was dated 29/03/11 and was a final demand notice but with a different reference number on it. The second, also with this new reference number, was another bailiff removal warrant to execute from Northampton county court . This had a new bailiff in charge whos’ mobile number was provided to me as my only point of call. I called him and explained that I’d already paid the other bailiff ,A*** B***, £449.16 on top of the £234.10 I paid to Equita’s call centre. He said that his records show I owe £415 but he’ll check with the office and get back to me. Meanwhile I called and text A*** B*** to get a receipt of proof of payment but got no response. I received no response from the new bailiff so called back the following day and he said the same about checking with the office, and again didn’t get back to me. I’ve since moved out of my family home but want to prevent these people terrorising my Mum’s house as that is where the car is registered. I truly believe that I’ve more than paid what I owe and if I pay the other £415 the total will come to £1098.26 which will ruin me. The reference number for all correspondence up to last week has been the same despite them telling me on the phone that they were dealing with two matters. This ‘new’ case has a new reference number with a new bailiff to go with it. Any advice on what I can do next would be great. I’d also like to know if this will affect my brother’s credit rating as it is his car I was driving. Many Thanks, Pierre
  8. I have recently joined the large number of people like you who have been stung by clamping of my car by Newlyn bailiffs 100 miles away from home for an unpaid parking ticket from over 1 year ago that i never even received. Being part way through the process with the TEC, I have only recently discovered how unfair traffic enforcement legislation is and Bailiffs get away with criminal behviour as most people are too scared or cant be bothered to fight. So after much research I have started a petition, contacted MPs, ombudsmen etc with a view to making a big fuss and causing CHANGE. Please support me in this by signing my petition; unfortunately as a new member I am unable to post a link so if you search petitiononline.com/dbcc33 on google, you should be able to find the link. Once I am able to post a link here I will try and repost. Many thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I am currently staying at a friends house. And when I came back from work last week i found the house empty and 3 seperate lists detailing all the items that had been taken. As I am a dj the majority of the stuff was from my room. I have heard that if i have receipts for my stuff i can get it back, but i only have receipts for some of it. No one was in the house when they gained entry through the back door that was left unlocked. The reason for siezing the goods is unpaid council tax which is in the amount of £3000. However they have taken up to £15000 worth of goods. Furthermore to this they have damaged the house as there are shelves pulled off hinges, and the list does not reflect what they have taken. They have taken items and not listed them??? The items taken have been listed on seperate sheets for each room. What can i do please help? Im desperate to get my stuff back.
  10. hi Few months ago we received a letter from Equita that we own around £500 for unpaid council tax. I paid full amount same day but on the council website. Two weeks later the bailiff came to our flat and because my younger brother was not aware of that he let him in.He called me and I was trying to explain that we paid everything and we don't want pay again. anyway,because we never had anything to do with this situation we decide to pay again to give us some time to sort out this "misunderstanding" Next day we called council to check our balance which was £50 cr and then we've cancelled credit card payment. I thought that it has been sorted but few days ago we received another letter form Equita saying that we still own some money ( no amount on the letter) and that they will take our staff without even asking us.I called them to check whats going on and to find out how much we own them. "Nice" Lady told me that it's £240 and all this money is their Fee.When I asked to send me brakedown she refused and told me that it is to late for that and if I not pay NOW someone will come on Saturday to take my goods.I told her what I think about all this situation and hang up.No one came on Saturday but today I found another letter with the 24H notice that they will remove my goods even in my absence!!!. I went to council to talk with someone.Nice lady from council office called them to check what is it and they told her that I need to pay £240 fee. She asked for the brakedown and they said that they will send it by email in 15 minutes but it's been 6 h now and still nothing. Do you think I need to be worried that someone will come and break in to my flat when I'm at work? please help.
  11. Hi all, I had a hand delivered letter this morning from a bailiff working on behalf of JBW Group for the fee of £506. It was, to put it mildly, a surprise. I contacted JBW who said that I'd have to speak to the bailiff but they could confirm that the charge has arised from a non-payment of congestion charge from May 2010. I'm not debating the charge itself but this is the first time I've been contacted at all regarding the payment. I recently moved and updated my DVLA information two weeks ago so I assume this is why. However my TFL account clearly has my mobile number, email and previous address - I also had all post redirected following the move. As I said I've had no communication until this morning regarding this debt. I even emailed TFL twice, via their online form, asking to check for any outstanding charges as I wasn't sure at the time if my trip into London had incurred any. I had no reply either time. Perhaps foolishly I paid the amount over the phone before looking on the internet (although it is by a credit card so can be cancelled). I've read up on here about contacting the TEC and filling in the Statutory Declaration Out of Time form (which is coded PE2 & 3). Is this the same as the TE7 forms? However I've not been giving a penalty charge notice at any point. The bailiff said a full breakdown will be sent to me. If anyone has any advice or help I'd be incredibly grateful! Thanks in advance, Adam
  12. Had a visit this morning from a Mr C Clement of jacobs certified bailiffs. i have checked the certified bailiffs register and he is not on there. the closest is Clifford Paul Clements who works for a different company and the surname is different anyway. I know who i need to complain to about a registered baillif but who do i complain to about an unregistered bailiff? especailly as only certified bailiffs can collect PCN's. Very tempted to call the police as i feel he may be comitting an act of fraud if he is pretending to be a bailiff.
  13. Hi, I received some documents yesterday found by next doors' landlord after the tenants skipped house and they gained entry. The documents include a 24 hr bailiff removal notice and a "Form 7- Notice of Seizure and Inventory of Goods" on which my car is listed. The car was parked on the road in front of their property (which also happens to be the closest parking space to my house). The debt was incurred from failure to pay council tax. I telephoned the bailiff today and he replied with "Oh we do that all the time, once the DVLA checks came back we wouldn't have done anything" and then instructed me to destroy the documents. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and we rely heavily on the vehicle to make a living. I was just wondering if the bailiff if authorised to serve a notice of seizure without even checking who the vehicle belongs to?? Thanks in advance xx
  14. Hello all, Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me or anyone that posts on this to make me feel better about everything. Last night at 7:30 pm i received a text to my landline from JBW saying that i need to pay them 400 pounds and to call them urgently. I then phoned them straight away, obviously being worried as i did not have a clue what any of this is about. I was then told by the man that a bailiff has been round to my property before and know one was in on the 15th Jan. They said i need to pay £400 pound, for a parking fine which happened May last year. I got on to the phone this morning to Redbridge Council CCTV fine department, who said I have an outstanding parking fine, which was for £50 which i paid late, and because i paid it late they sent it over to the Bailiff company. I did not have a clue I paid the free late, if Redbridge council would of sent me something after I had paid the £50 I would of thern obviously paid the increase charge of £100 instead of now being threatened by Bailiffs for £400!! This was May last year so why only now the Bailiffs are on to me? They claimed they have been to my property, but are they not supposed to put something through my door to show they have been as I have not received nothing from Redbridge Council let alone JBW themselves. Can someone please help me, I do not have a clue what to do! If Redbridge council would of sent me a letter and said that my charge was late I would of then paid the increased fine without a problem but instead they sent it straight over to them! Can someone help and re assure me weather I have a leg to stand on. What should I do? All i have done so far is spoke to redbridge council and requested the pcn number as i do not even have this as it was so long ago! Any feedback or comments would be gratefully appreciated, Thank You.
  15. the bailiff dealing with our debt has just threatened to break in to my house!!! i am not happy with this as i have a wife who is 7 months pregnant and 2 young children in the house...he has been very rude and abrupt everytime ive spoken to him on the phone and hung up on me on more than one occasion, he turned up at my house as i had apparently arranged for him to collect it on 28th Jan (i dont get paid till Friday 4th Feb so would not of arranged it for the 28th!!! ) he wouldnt wait a week for my pay day so i have tried my hardest to borrow the money off friends and family to pay my debt today but no one has been able to help me...i phoned Rundle and Co and agreed with the person i spoke to that i would be able to pay the full amount on Friday 4th Feb online...i tried to call the bailiff but as usual it went to the answerphone, he called me back eventually and proceded to tell me he was legally able to break in to my house and remove items!! ive read up on the net that he cant leagally do that but im abit worried as he is claiming he can...can anyone please give me any advice...
  16. Today morning i found that JBW bailiff clamped my car. I was staying at my relative's house in redbridge. I called Bailiff's, they didn't provide me details of offence and asked me contact london borough of redbridge. I called london borough of redbridge and after going through 30 mns wait and various hops, i was transferred to CCTV notices team. They told me that on 8 may 2010, i parked my car in loading and unloading bay which i don't recall. I never received any PCN or notice from bailiff till today and now all of a sudden my car is clamped. I moved house in April but notified DVLA in June. I was collecting all my letters from my old house till July/August. The fact i received one different PCN in july on my old address which i paid is the proof that i was collecting my letters. Council had my old address on their account but bailiff had my old as well as new address. I didn't receive any letter from either bailiff or local council on either my old or new address. JBW Bailiff is asking for a payment of £400. After going through the various posts on this forum, i have filled TE7/TE9 form and mailed and faxed to TEC. They take action in 24 hours, today is friday and then there is weekend. I hope that Bailiff don't tow my vehicle away. This forum is a wonderful place to share experiences and getting valuable advice. My car is immobilised and i can't travel to my home. Can the experts please advice me if i have done the right thing and what do they advice me to do next. Thanks
  17. Visited this site many times for some useful tips. Living in Scotland, we don't have Bailiffs, we have Sheriff Enforcement Officers and having had the misfortune of having them pay me a visit for something they should never have appeared for, I can sympathise with the couple from Otterburn highlighted in the above episode. Question: Just how 'robust' can Bailiffs and Sherriff Enforcement Officers be? If the one who visited the couple was anything like the 2 that appeared at my door, they must have been quaking in their shoes. Does 'robust' mean they can bully and intimidate you? Attempt to force entry? Advice I've read on here in the past suggests otherwise (thanks to all who posted on this topic - very useful for me) and well done to the couple for sticking up for themselves and tackling it all the way. Sadly I have found in my own experience that when you win, they don't always want to let it go and hate being proven wrong so please be wary of any come-backs they might have up their sleeve. Stick to your guns you 2, you're showing the rest of us that sometimes the little man can win!
  18. Hi all, I hope I give a good explanation to get some good answers on where I stand here At the time I was a single father of two, living in "emergency accomodation" provided by my local city council due to lack of social housing available. After my ex partner walked out on me and the children I was lucky enough to find a good job which paid well and was able to afford to place my children into nursery Mon-Fri while I was at work and cover the rent etc, however I found I was no so able to keep up to date with my Council Tax bill. Since then I lost my nice job through redundancy and have moved into a new property [social housing] so the Council Ta was the last thing on my mind at the time! Having moved the Council sent me a CT statement for the previous property, ok no problem, I know I owe this money, not disputing this, however as I was then unemployed I had not the means to cover this bill. I spoke to someone at the council 'hub' and eplained the situation - they were not too helpful. Now I find a new job [part time] and have a new partner, things are looking up We pay the rent and CT at the property we live at, but still find it difficult to cover the CT from the previous address. I left the house to pick up my children from nursery the other day and a male and female jumped out of a car parked outside my propery. "Mr ********?" they asked, of course I confirmed, quite worried as to two suited persons approaching me [Police delivering bad news was my initial thought ] "Hello we're from BRISTOW & SUTOR and need to come inside to have a chat with you about your CT debt and the probable siezure of items from your home" Now I obviously refused them entry to my home and told them sorry I can't talk now I have to pick my children up, please could you inform me of intended visits in future as I had never heard of them nor received any correspondance in advance. They were both quite rude, told me I have no choice but to listen to what they have to say right now, again I refused and told them again I had to go. They got back in their car and left. When I returned home with my children approimatly 30 minutes later there was a brown envelope waiting for me, so obviously they returned to post it. The CT owed according to them is higher than that of my final CT statement and they have added visitation fees! What is the best course of action for me to now take??? I have had a look at some other threads already but find some very conflicting opinions, hence starting my own thread. By choice I would rather pay the Council the CT, however cannot pay the full amount required. I don't wish to deal with B&S on my doorstep, their manner is appauling to be honest. If I pay the council directly will they refuse to accept the payment? Will B&S still turn up etc etc etc. Many thanks in anticipation and sorry for a long winded post. MT
  19. Hi Just had very interesting letter arrive to me this morning. My Property Agent sent me it as it was sent to her from a Tenant at old address. The letter states Bailiff Removal in huge bold font with heading references underneath County Court Judgement and there reference number. Basically if I dont pay amount due then within 7 days bailiffs will seize goods from property. I rang them to find out what the hell it was, first searched for company and lets just say was immediately dubious when I foundthere website, or crappy one page web site with no info present at all. Searched net and cant find anything legal about them anywhere. Only registered entry in companies house. No registration with any other regsitered body Consumer Credit Act or even Data Protection The lady I spoke to you informed me it was regarding a financially arrangement I had with NAAFI back in 1999 (Whilst serving in Army) Medical discharged Army in 2000. Payments were made from wages back then I believe, cant remember to be honest. Basically she triedto explain who they were and why that letter was sent. Informed me CCJ had been applied late 2001 and they had purchased the debt and now demanding payment. I told her didnt know what she was talking about. Thing is I left army and lived at my property for over 6 years after discharging, moved recently since. I have credit reports dated back to 2005 till now and even present form address where I from 2000. None of these reports have nay signs of any CCJ on them. My assumption was CCJ applied to my address at time which was barracks on camp!! Also as cant find entry for them in Data Protection Register was rights do I have. They havent got a CCA licence which I can locate which I what I have been led to believe they need to register even if DCA and not actually lending money. Is this enforceable, can I fight this. I have googled and found cant statute barred if CCJ present. Lady told me she didnt have any details of the CCJ just the date. She didnt have any paperwork out she could send me. Gave my reference numbers and original finance details of company which I told her I would check out as just know what she was talking about. Read on here that you should play dumb and not acknowlege anything which I did Anyone got any info they can give me and guidance as to what steps can be taken Thanks skf58B5.pdf
  20. Hi there, I am being persued by an equita bailiff for unpaid parking fines. I have had removal notice warning me to call him within 24 hours. I have called twice (once each day) left voice message but no reply. I left message saying that I would like to come to an arrangement to pay, but my car and household belongings are already in a walking possession agreement with another bailiff firm for a council tax debt (I know it's all got a bit out of control - but trying to fix it!!) I also emailed the office with same info, saying I wist to come to an arrangement, but no reply! Can the equita bailiff take my car, even if it is on another valid walking possession order? (I have parked 4 streets away)? Does the lack of contact from them mean they have given up and given debt back to council? Please could one of you guys help me - this is a great forum for advice. I only joined today, and will be helping others in areas I have knowledge of!
  21. Hi All! ok, some advice needed please. Just had another letter though my door 'by hand' this morning from a sherforce body. it had no money amount on it but last time they were chasing over 16k from a 10k ccj. Now, this sounds a lot because it is a hell of a lot of money. but it isnt money I have borrowed and spent, it is for an alleged water leak from the property I manage to next doors hotel. I have had no receipts to make insurance claim and no visits from the hotel owner. just a court order which they gained 'behind my back' so as I could not defend. I have tried setting aside the order but the judge was very unpleasant to deal with and everything i seem to do needs more things to undo (certainly with the courts!) OK, first things first please. What can and will these sherforce people do?? ( I already had a notice of seisure from them 21 july ) Thanks, Nik
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