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  1. Citizens Advice says more and more people will soon be at the mercy of aggressive debt collectors, and that an industry not known for compassion needs reining in. By Jon Robins The sum of £13 might seem trivial, but for Kerry Goodwin it led to an unpleasant doorstep encounter with a bailiff demanding immediate payment of more than £500. The small sum was a fee incurred for late payment of a £50 parking fine in 2011. Goodwin, 29 and from Fareham, Hampshire, bought a parking ticket, thought she had displayed it, but on her return found a notice on her windscreen and no ticket to be seen. Fa
  2. During the first week in February my network went down, I knew it was not my phone as the wife lost hers as well. We then discovered after a couple of days that the whole are had lost it. Numerous calls to Vodafone by myself and others in the area got zero help, as all the person on the other end kept advising was to reset our phones and other stupid ideas. They never once accepted the fault was with them and never passed on the information. After a week I went on to the Vodafone site to report the issue only to discover they don't really have an official fault reporting process oth
  3. Is there any official body to complain about a landlord.?
  4. Hi, I've got one credit card, that had about £125 on it, which I paid off in 2 payments the last one being in January. The other week, after applying for a different type of card I was told I was refused because I had a bad credit history and had £113 outstanding on my card. I phoned my bank (the credit card one) and they said, no problem it was all paid off and that the payment was just taking time to go through. I thought it was stupid, I'd paid at the beginning of January and this was middle of Feb. I was then advised to do a credit reference search, which I did. I was gobsma
  5. Our company car park is now being run by a private cark parking company. We have been given parking permits by the building's landlord, however a colleague has been "fined" today becuase his permit had been moved out of view by someone else. We believe the fine isn't enforceable but wanted confirmation that he wont get bad debt/mark on his credit rating if he doesnt pay. Can anyone confirm this please?
  6. Hi. I have made a claim in the county court against my neighbour.they broke my wall with their car while driving back into it. I asked them to repair it, and they promised, as time went on i was getting eyed by other neighbours and the neighbour refused to rebuild it. i had text messages from neighbour promising to repair it. I then made a claim against the neighbour and expected to win. i didn`t receive the court paperwork with the date of the application, so lost and the judge ordered costs against me as it was not allocated to track. I then made an application to tell the ju
  7. Hi, i need some help, i recently sold an expensive watch on ebay. I wanted it collected in person with cash as didnt want any come backs. It was as advertised with pics ect, also had it authenticated in writing. i had 1 winning bid, the chap asked if i could courier watch to him and he would transfer money into my bank account. money got paid in ok and recorded delivery to him. i thought everything was fine until i have just returned from working abroad and to my dismay i have a court letter saying that he is claiming £470 because the watch needed se
  8. Hello Everyone, Last weekend we purchased a new car, all was going fine until the dealer rang up requesting more money for an issue he has found with the car we had part exchanged. We were totally unaware of any issues and had the car checked out before taking it to him (as you will see in the emails below). He's now started to turn the screws cc'ing his solicitor in emails. I would really appreciate some views on this case, am I right to push back and where do I stand. Thanks in advance. -------------------------------------------------------- The f
  9. I would like to make my thoughts known on Expert Logistics who have within the past 30 minutes delivered a washing machine bought from Tesco. My son bought us a washing machine as our old one packed up. I disconnected it and pulled it out into the kitchen. When the delivery man came into the kitchen, there wouldn't be enough room for the new machine as well as the old machine so I asked, "could you move this one to there?" pointing to a spot outside the backdoor and 4 feet from where the machine stood, he immediately jumped in 'No, we don't do that' , I said it's only four feet, are
  10. If a groundworkers contract states 40 hours a week, no mention of adverse weather arrangements etc., and the person arrives for work to be sent home as the site is frozen, am I right in thinking that they are entitled to be paid? Many thanks.
  11. Hi just curious if anyone has had one,good companies.. is it really a good idea
  12. Payday lender Wonga tells MPs it may use debt collection agencies to chase errant borrowers. Customers who have taken on expensive payday loans could soon find themselves harassed by debt collectors if they are unable to pay back these debts. Wonga, one of the biggest payday lenders, told MPs yesterday that it was considering using debt collection services in future, and aimed to start a trial shortly. The lender has arranged more than one million loans over the past five years. Payday lenders arrange smaller short-term loans for customers, which can be approved within 15 minutes. Due to
  13. I moved to FD after smile made the decision to stop paying standing orders on my account even though my salary was still going in and I didn't notice as I had an injured shoulder so couldn't sit at the PC for a while. First I knew was when I got calls from the likes of my ISP asking why my bill wasn't paid. When I rang they couldn't explain and didn't seem to care even though I'd been with over 4 years and had been paying an account sub. Before I went back to work I decided to switch and moved to FD as my boss had raved about them. I've received excellent service for the pa
  14. Good news for everyone locally in the UK. As of yesterday, the new iTunes (10.5) and iOS (5) was released for the iPhone 4 and above, as well as the iPad and above! If you want to upgrade, feel free to do so by: 1) Upgrade your iTunes to 10.5. This usually happens automatically 2) Once iTunes 10.5 is installed, plug your device in and upgrade as per instructions For those of you who like to tinker with toys, i.e. have jailbroken your phone, this will break the jailbreak, and you'll be returned to the land of the living and have to pay for your apps again Have fun pe
  15. Hi all, Against my better judgement. I decided to log a repair for my dead dishwasher with 0800repair.com after being impressed by their website, code of conduct and fixed prices. Current situation is that after 4 weeks of engineers & broken promises, I am currently left £140 down with the same dead dishwasher and 0800repair don't really want to know anymore. No refunds. They keep fobbing me off. As you can imagine, I am furious and its clouding my judgement. I have summarised the entire farce in the PDF attachment to this post. Can anyone advise the next steps please?
  16. Unbelievable!!! After upgrading with T-mobile, I get a pretty new Galaxy S3 handset but I need a new mini sim, so I call T-mobile "no problem" I'm told, I'll have one sent out and it'll be with you in 1 to 3 days. sounds great right? a week later, I still have no new sim and my new phone is still in its box, so I call T-mobile again only to be told by the Philipino gentleman that the lady I spoke to last week hadn't processed my request for a sim, so it hadn't actually been sent out at all, the guy this morning sympathises and makes all the ahhh and ohhh nois
  17. City grandee Lord Levene has launched a broadside against state-backed Lloyds for selling 632 branches to the Co-op in a cut-price deal. The peer, whose dreams of establishing a bonus free bank have been left in tatters, described the decision as ‘extraordinary’ and a bad deal for British taxpayers. He suggested that the bidding process may have been biased in Co-op’s favour due to a pledge from the Coalition to promote mutuals and co-operatives. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2239310/Lloyds-Banking-Group-bad-Co-op-deal.html#ixzz2DXZAZ2Vh
  18. Hello, I am hoping to move out from my parents soon as I would like my own space. I do not have very good credit I believe my credit score is about 430. I have 6 defaults on my file dating 2010. Originally I was think about renting but a couple of friends at work tell me I would be better off buying. Can someone tell what is the likely chances of me getting a mortgage? Can anyone recommend any mortgage companies? How much will I need in savings. I have been looking at studios as it will be only me and they range £110-£120k Thanks PK
  19. Very disturbing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2231040/Payday-borrowers-face-Christmas-credit-shock.html
  20. oh dear this is bad news for the private parking companies http://www.private-eye.co.uk/sections.php?section_link=in_the_back&issue=1326 thanks to Private Eye for this
  21. I have a friend who has worked as a nurse in a care home for the past 20 years. Recently conditions and moral in the home started to deteriorate. She recently (about two months ago) ended up been disciplined for use of her mobile phone during working hours (she works part time by the way). She was given a written warning for this (a bit harsh I thought) She was also disciplined for something else can't remember what it was now. I think they may not be relevant anyway. As a result of this and how conditions are at the home, she went off sick due to stress. While off she came across a similar jo
  22. Hey all , Its understandable a company you owe money to can get frustrated , but there are ways and means of getting said money and i want to know if the person that's spoken to me has behaved in a disgusting way. My partner is my carear and we went with a buy as you view for a washing machine and a dryer , im writing this on her behalf to see if there's anything illegal about the gentlemen's actions from buy as you view. We started falling behind with payments a few weeks ago , around 90 pounds or so most of which is charges for making a late payment in retrospect
  23. had some urgent work done in my bathroom due to a leak .paid the builder £745.00 cash no receipt .quick to collect cash very difficult indeed to get him to do the work.he fitted the toilet not seated right not secured wobbles all over.fitted the bath but found it did not fit so he decided to saw about 4ins of the top and the bottom of the bath so it would fit.told bath is useless as him doing this weakened the bath .left my sink on the floor unfitted never replaced the door frame he was paid to do .failed to mend my leaking roof .failed to wood clad the walls and ceilings in the bathroom he ha
  24. Unbelievably, I posted this thread nearly 2 years ago :- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?284285-No-experience-no-job-no-experience. Unfortunately, despite taking and using all the advice given my poor daughter still doesn't have a job and we're getting desperate enough to ask JCP for help. Apparently, as a carer (she gets carer's allowance and IS) she could volunteer for the work programme. However, having read some horror stories we're very wary. For example, if she volunteers to join, is it then compulsory? Could they sanction her benefits if she couldn't
  25. I have just sent this to the NatWest complaints department, but I thought I'd post it here too so that people can see how bad their service is. Here it is: I am a mature student and I have just finished university. I have just taken a new job and I was looking to open up a new current account with NatWest. This was largely because a friend has told me your online banking was good and I've had major problems trying to get my existing Barclay's account to work online at all (after literally 7 failed attempts I've given up, they simply can't seem to sort it out so I'm changing banks).
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