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  1. Hi everyone I have had a Vodafone contract for 17 months now and for the past 2 and a half months I have had little to no signal. Ive been ringing every couple of days but unfortunately its getting to a point where I feel im being fobbed off. I just recently began adoption proceedings and I have missed calls from social workers. Im paying 29 a month for a useless machine. I would owe hundreds if I cancelled my contract and went to 02 and I just need advice
  2. I keep getting bad service from post offices. Some are completely fine, but in particular, the one around the corner to me where I work is terrible. I sell an item in particular on eBay which is 50g, and comes under the 'Large Letter' size. I either post them 1st class, or 1st class signed for, depending on which version is sold. This is the dialog that happened last time, but usually have to deal with it every time, no matter how many times I say 1st class signed for. Some times they don't tell me they have decided to send it using a special service and bill me for it anyway.
  3. Hi I recently had a dispute regarding a outstanding balance which had been accrued whilst travelling abroad in Hong Kong. I had questioned the usage (£3000) as I had no idea where the usage had occurred as Im only a casual web browser and received limited email during my trip. I am a Engineering Manager for a Marine company and constantly travel and use data and had never had any troubles with large charges but obviously not to the extent of the disputed debt. I contacted the Ombudsman and the case was referred with the outcome favouring Vodafone. Obviously not happy but believing that i
  4. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I recently purchased an item off Ebay. The item cost £4.99 plus postage. The seller gave me a tracking number for Yodel. A courier for an item that costs £4.99? Strange! After ten days the item had not arrived. I went onto Yodels website and input the tracking number; it was delivered on 10/4/14. No it wasn't! I rang Yodel and gave them the tracking number and my details. "Sorry that tracking number is not for your address and we are unable to give you details of where the item was delivered due to data protection". Went
  5. We are going to have a bad ladlord reference, not saying we are bad tenants but that we do not pay on time. This is due to their being a gas leak over christmas, us not being able to use the stove due to only a temporary fix. Holes in the windows where the frame is too heavy for the window. Our bills were high so we struggled with the last fifty or so rent. added to which our tenancy deposit is not protected, the ll also never calls always just comes round. Already threatening we may lose our reputation. we rented one year before and paid rent on time (abroad) and then stayed in
  6. We have various debts that have been in different states of long-term default, being paid under small monthly arrangement payments to DCAs. We now have a sum of money available, nothing like the totals owed, but I have heard you can good discounts off bad debts to settle and it would presumably help my credit file somewhat in the long run to have them declared satisfied. My question is this - what are the best ways to approach DCAs (or the original lenders) in this situation? What should one say? I've thought of some ruses like saying "oh, I'm facing bankruptcy anyway and you wo
  7. Hi all, ive managed to get an excellent credit rating after years of hell, debt ccjs, which have all now disappeared off my credit file (3 years ago). Myself and my partner are wanting to purchase a property and have recently been approved for a mortgage via a mortgage broker. However Im worried now that when we complete the application form this Friday i will be asked about historical credit problems. Do I have to declare these, including the voluntary repossession of my house in 2005? What would happen if I did? What would happen if I didn't? Thanks
  8. with the growing popularity of the new sheriffs tv show and the fact that often people who have been screwed over have no one else to turn other than the bailiffs and the sheriffs, My question is are the bailiffs and sheriffs always the bad guys? For instance you win a judgement and a sheriff operates for you. or youve been a victim of crime and the bailiff goes out to get your compensation that youre rightly entitled to. Is every bailiff and sheriff in the wrong from the outset?
  9. I am considering getting a car on finance from Car Craft, I have really bad credit and I have been told they specialize in this area. Has anyone got bad credit finance with them ? Any problems ? Can you suggest any other companies that can help me ?
  10. Hello I realise might have gone in employment forum but I would like remained in general consumer forum please. It's basically on the onset I suffered a work issue which cannot be resolved on here but matters from bad advice from it. I have been informed some other solicitors have been confirmed suffered professional negligence in terms of personal injury but wondered if other people agree their views on my occupational employment claim In October 2010 I took out an employment claim for bullying, disability discrimination. On the onset, I was not advised of appropriate lim
  11. Hi guys My first post so I will try to be brief, but bear with me. I bought a car from a trader on ebayicon in November for £1500 cash. The trader delivered the car and I paid, I did not test drive the car myself as I was not insured to do so, but did go for a short drive with the trader driving a week before bidding. As soon as I drove the car it was obvious the rear brakes were badly binding. Short version: I told the trader immediately. He offered to have his mechanic take a look, but as the trader is 25 miles away I was not happy to drive with brakes binding. He
  12. Does anyone have Hastings Direct CEO email address Thanks in advance
  13. I am selling my vw and had a very small surface scratch on my drivers door. I had to look to find, it but as I am selling it I wanted to paintwork to be perfect. I took it to a vw specialist (although not authorised dealer) on the basis that they were professional looking outfit and a family run business with good reviews. When I dropped it off I was told the guy wasn't in yet but I would get a call including an estimate before any work was done. I mentioned that there was some touch up paint in the glove box if they needed it from when an authorised dealer touched up some much worse scratches
  14. Hi, This is my fist post i was hoping someone can help or advice me on my situation. My partner took out a provident loan where an agent comes by weekly to collect money, the agent didnt always turn up so my partner got behing on payments, the loan has now been settled but to our horror we were turned down for a mortgage and found a lot of late payments on his credit file for this loan. I have written to them to complain but they refused to remove the late payments. I have just read that under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 they have to send letters to confirm you are in arrears b
  15. Over the past 18 months I've managed to get my credit files in ship shape. No defaults, payments made on time, have a small car loan, took out and paid off a credit card, in fact my girlfriend and I have managed to save approx 15% deposit for a house. How I would fair applying for a mortgage say In April 2014? Will there be enough distance between my bad credit rating and my new sustained one which is approx 2 years? Any help would be greatly appreciated,
  16. Need a credit card for about £1000 but have bad credit history. Only need the card temporarily and would be looking at paying it off over six months then cutting it up. Can anyone recommend a 'good' one to get? x
  17. Thousands of customers passed on from building societies and banks to Axa Wealth were not warned of the risk of investing in Isa funds and investment bonds and are in line for full compensation from any losses. AXA Wealth, part of the global AXA Group, has been fined £1.8m by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for failing to give suitable investment advice to customers passed on to it from banks and building societies. The regulator said 26,000 customers were wrongly advised in a range of investment products while Axa staff pocketed lucrative bonuses for making the sales. According to
  18. Bad debt charges rose for the third consecutive year at rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse, hitting £23.7m for the year ending March 2013. This was a 10% increase on the £21.5m bad debt charge the firm incurred in 2012, according to a results statement for BrightHouse Group that said bad debt fell from 8.1% to 8% of total turnover in the 12 months to March 2013. But a rise in turnover meant on that basis that bad debts stood at £23.7m for 2013 based on annual revenues of £296.9m, a rise on the £21.5m of bad debts incurred in 2012 from revenues of £266.4m. The rise could in pa
  19. Two weeks ago, my friend and I went for a trip by rented car. We ordered an automatic mini countryman but instead they gave us a manual mini cooper which has smaller spaces. As we can't drive manual car and too small for four people's trip, we went to the desk for change. Turned out that they only have one automatic car at the moment and left us no choice but accepted it, cuz we had to go... they said otherwise we should wait for other customers to return the car which would take a few hours. so we took it, and it was a huge SUV - Volvo XC70... we didn't use to drive such a big
  20. So I've recently been offered a Customer Service position with a bank as my interview was a great success. However, I was advised that they will be performing background checks on me before the offer is unconditional. These checks consist of the following: Criminal Record Check Previous Employment Reference Checks Credit Check Character References Right to work in the UK These checks will be carried out by a third party on behalf of the bank. Although I have had no previous convictions and will be able to provide strong references as well as being a
  21. Hi, I have been burying my head in the sand for over a year and I am getting in a worse state every month. I want to be able to sort out my debt and stop this downward spiral I am in. I have registered with credit expert and have noted all my debt which is currently on there - WONGAPay Day Loans £2,200 AKTIV KAPITAL (UK) LTDCredit card / Store card £2,373 CANDID COLLECTION LTD (SIMPLY BE)Mail order£138 LLOYDS TSB BANK PLCLoan £1,425 EVERYTHINGEVERYWHERE TA ORANGE Communications£600 MEM CONSUMER FINANCE Pay Day Loans £525 GRATTANMail order £173 LOWELL PORTFOLIO
  22. This has to be the height of absurdity! Click here.
  23. Hi All my first time here although been in debt a looong time. I have checked my credit report with Experian (CreditExpert) and found some negative information. For credit agreements, it shows a Virgin Media account at my current address from 2004. The account was suspended in 2004. I have not made any payments or acknowledged the debt since 2004 and have not been receiving any letters about the debt in the last 6 years. It shows as satisfied with £108 outstanding and almost appears as if payments are being made showing a green circle with 0 in it. That is all the negative informatio
  24. Hi All, Hope this is the right section for my question. I am currently with Kensington and can remortgage from June this year. I have never missed a payment on my mortgage, but do not have the best credit rating (hence I used Kensington) Can anybody suggest / recommend either a good and reputable company / mortgage broker that I can approach to help me find a better deal on my mortgage? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards
  25. Hi I apologise if this has been asked before. I have defaulted on a credit card, its my own doing and I just want to make things right. I am single parent with two kids living with me, things were okay until my ex wife made some crazy allegations and took my kids off me. I then ended up spending 20k in 5 weeks on legal fees. My kids came back all was dropped. I have not had any child support help in six years while she claimed legal aid, living at her mothers house. Anyway enough of my sob story , I have paid of my 20k debt after some hard days in two years.
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