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Found 16 results

  1. Hi All, I've got numerous claims on going at the moment, some of which are over 6 years - I have been waiting since Feb/March, I spoke with someone at the FOS last week who stated that there is a "decision" currently on-going and that the PDL companies are battling with them as to what action they can take for those loans over 6 years etc. Does anyone else know anything further about this, seems some companies have "opted in" or agreed to them but others are fighting it as it will obviously mean more complaints against them.
  2. Ok I'll try to keep this short Bought a car, broke down still awaiting the V5 and fully intend to scrap the car but will also remove some parts from it before it goes. In the meantime the car is whole and in tact and looks in roadworthy condition with MOT. The car is parked on social housing landlord car park and is SORN'd, untaxed but does have current MOT. Have had issues with neighbours and ASB for which I involved the police. They have moaned at the landlord saying the car is "abandoned" to get at me. The council came out and put a notice on the car last week: Polite Notice Refuse Disposal Amenity Act 1978 (as amended by clean neighbourhoods and environment act 2005) Road Traffic the removal and disposal of vehicles and regulations 1984 Reg********* Make xxxxxx Model xxxxxxxxxxx Colour xxxxxxxxx Location xxxxxxxxxx Vehicle reported as abandoned, if you have information relating to this vehicle or are the owner/keeper please contact the environmental protection team at xxxx if no information is received by x July the vehicle may be removed and destroyed ------------------------------- That is complete there's no date or other details on the notice. I emailed them immediately telling them the car isn't abandoned at all and up until today I hadn't heard anything from them. I have emailed them chasing up a reply and just got a curt email from someone with no job title saying contact the landowner yet it wasn't the landowner that put the notice on the car that was the council. I have no intention of leaving the car there any length of time, i've submitted a V62 to the DVLA to get the V5 as I haven't had one for the car yet and once I have it i'll get a scrappy to collect it. Unfortunately I hadn't acted as quickly as I could've done due to disabilities and ill health. So what's the legalities with removing the car in this way how much time do I have? The car is MOT'd until September but is SORN at present and quite happy to get the car gone as soon as I have the paperwork to do so.
  3. hi all new here and ina state of panic and anxiety. I worl for an organisation using various files for various staff and client files. the files are in folders called 'cofidential to (department name) staff' which I have access to. Over a period of time I accessed others personnel records such as appraisals folders labelled private and confidential and alsthough I was stupid and had no need to look at them I did (which I regret) which left an audit trail to me being caught accessing them. whilst I was stupid and admitted being stupid when suspended I did mention that although I was in the wrong like my files I put in this folder that I password protect surely having access to these records and them not being protected or stored in inaccessible folders was a breach on the company and the individuals storing them there I know I am in the wrong and am awaiting my disciplinary and worried I will of course lose my job and even if I keep it my relationships with people are burnt. Should the worse happen would I be better off offering my resignation to get a reference for potential new employers? Also are the company at fault for not having personnel files locked/encrypted and accessible (I am not ecusing what |I done|) thank you regards very worried
  4. Hi. I recently submitted a complaint to Clydesdale Bank Plc regarding a credit card I had dating from early 1997. The complaint was declined, and I subsequently complained to the Financial Ombudsman. The good news is that the Ombudsman wrote saying that the Clydesdale were going to make me an "offer". Of course, I'm still waiting, and so to pass the time, I've put together a spreadsheet based on a previous one that I've seen used that calculates the PPI amount plus paid CC interest and then adds on statutory simple 8% interest to both. I guess I wanted to know if my assumptions are correct. Depending on the APR that I used, my calculations indicate that I could be due a compensation payment of anywhere from around 8K to > 40K even as high as 76K potentially (depends on how the calc is done). (As background, for a long time before my current job, I was stuck in the proverbial hole, card maxed out, paying interest by the bucketload and also paying late charges and the like - couldn't get out of it - mostly paid the minumum, or ran behind, it was a nightmare!). Potential Claim : 76,484.31 PPI Paid: 4,328.45 CC Interest Paid : 31,759.29 8% Simple on Principle Plus Int : 40,396.57 Two questions: 1. Have I got the calcs right? 2. Can I claim 8% on the credit card interest that I've calculated to have paid as well (i.e. 8% on the 31K as per my calls, or just 8% on the PPI figure of 4.3K?) Interested in your thoughts people! interestcalcs_pub.xls
  5. Hi All, Many thanks for reading this entry, if anyone has any advice just to settle me that would be ideal. I sent an email to the south west train customer service desk before the letter arrived but haven't heard back as of yet. The events were as follows I had been travelling to xxx from xxx late afternoon and proceeded to tap my contactless card at the entrance gates to xxx train station. The gates opened and my card was logged. I proceeded to take the train towards xxx and upon my arrival, attempted to leave the station by tapping my card out, I was unable to do so. I was in a rush at the time and spoke to the gate attendant who told me 'sort it out the other side'. In my confusion I left the station on the belief the issue has been rectified, i told my friend who had been waiting for me at guildford train station who told me if i didn't tap out, i would have an incomplete fare and just be charged 8.80, i was then reprimanded by a revenue enforcement agent who overheard the conversation. At the end of the conversation the agent informed me that I had deliberately avoided paying the fare to which I had responded that it was merely an oversight as the maximum fare imposed on my card for not tapping out would have been more then the cost of my journey and so it was not in my best interest to avoid the fare. I just got back from working abroad for four months and had only travelled around London using my debit card since i was home. I assumed that xxx would have the facilities available but i was wrong in this assumption. My job relies on me having a US visa, and with a possible criminal record i would most definitely lose my job. I have one previous penalty fare from a few years ago at the beginning of student years where a drunken haze led me purchase the wrong ticket. I paid the upfront fine and didnt hear back from them after that. Can anyone tell me what the likelihood of SWT settling out of court in this matter. I have a transcript of my travels from the TFL website that shows i tapped in at xxx. Im sure this is a repeat of the plenty of posts on here but i am yet to see one where a contactless card was used. Many thanks for taking the time to read this, any help would be appreciated.
  6. Under section 68.1 of Schedule 12 of the Tribunal Courts & Enforcement Act 2007 it is a very serious offence to obstruct a bailiff. Last week yet another debtor was found guilty of this offence but even more seriously, he was also found guilty of assaulting the bailiff (the bailiff required stitches to his nose). The debt was in relation to an unpaid penalty charge notice. Bailiffs attended the debtors property to request £422. It would seem that previous visits had also been made and on one of the visits, he had sworn at the bailiff before driving off. It was on the 4th visit that the incident occurred. During the one day trial the debtors solicitor claimed that his client had suffered a stroke before the incident and this had led to him being unable to raise his left arm. Unfortunately for the debtor, the medical papers handed to the magistrates did not bear out the stroke claims stating only that Mr Gara had complained of 'weakness' in his arm. After deliberating for 45 minutes, magistrates convicted Mr Gara of assault by beating on March 3rd and also of obstructing a lawful enforcement agent on the same occasion. The presiding magistrate has requested pre sentence reports to be prepared before sentencing at the next hearing on 17th September. http://www.newburytoday.co.uk/news/news/15681/Bailiff-attacked-by-Thatcham-taxi-driver.html
  7. i wrote my car off in an accident on 14th feb i admitted fault but insurance keep saying they are waiting for a police report before they pay out. I am still paying finance on the car and monthly insurance installments. how can i get them to speed things along everytime i phone i get a different story.
  8. Hi I have 2 overpayments currently being reccovered from my ctc these are for 2011/12 I have being disputing and complaing etc since then. I have all my sars data with parts missing have wrote complaint about missing data also contacted my mp who contacted them. What i am wondering now I have majorityof call reccords and screen shots I feel it should go to offical error, however was wondering if i should await response from ministerial complaints or carry on and submit letter of official error.
  9. So today, I was pulled aside in work for an informal meeting regarding alleged misconduct, some notes were taken in regards to the incident and I was told that I would be updated as soon as possible - Two hours later, I was pulled aside again and informed that I would be suspended with pay, HR would be in contact via mail with full details, and I would be invited to attend a formal meeting. Alleged misconduct; It has been alleged that I was in possession of illegal drugs in the workplace, nothing was said about the use of said substance (herbal cannabis). After work, I had changed into my own clothes, left company premises after end of trading then proceeded to smoke my cannabis in the car park as I was leaving. Someone (management) caught onto this when they could smell cannabis and clearly see me smoking in the car park. As stated, at the time, I was off premises after my shift and not in company uniform or wearing a badge, etc. I've been told a customer has made a complaint about it, but have been shown absolutely no evidence of this complaint. I didn't even see a customer leave the premises from the point I walked out the door to the moment I headed out of the car park. The reason I have been suspended is because I was in possession of this throughout the working day (I prepared it at home, left in in an airtight plastic tube and stored it in my rucksack for the entire day), therefore, I am responsible for a breech in company policy for being in possession of illegal substances in my workplace. I told the full truth during my informal meeting. My arguement is that what I have done was completely out of character, my disciplinary record during my 2 years at the company is fine - no issues at all, and I'm reliable, and that while I don't justify what I had done in the slightest, I had not caused harm to any other persons or the organization I work for. I'm not looking for criticism or anything, I have a lot of remorse for what I have done, and know it was stupid. Some advice on what to expect, exactly how serious this situation/allegation is and how to act when I attend my meeting. Thank you.
  10. I will try to keep this short and just stick to facts. For numerous reasons we have circa 11k arrears on our mortgage and BS are going for repossession.I have been advised that the bailiffs will call with paperwork and then it will be two weeks ish from that date. Expecting paperwork in next week so three weeks to sort it out. We have put our house on the market and have approx. 70k equity. Mortgage payments are circa £900 per month but we our circumstances have slightly changed and with 140 months left could afford a Norgan payment on top of monthly payment until the house has sold. We have 2 young children 6 and 7 and are both working. Our aim is to sell and rent for a few years, save some money from what we get from the sale and time being a great healer and possible inheritances coming through buy in say five years again when we can both work more hours with the children at secondary school. There is a suspended possession order from 2010 but there have been NO eviction hearings before. Could someone give me some advice as to the best defence when I go to court to se if I can get the eviction overturned / suspended. The BS have told me that they will only accept a big lump sum (which we don't have) plus interest and £600 per month off arrears? Do you think I stand any chance or should we just assume the BS will win and that's that? Hope someone can help....I know I need a form 244 etc and also the protocol round filing it and getting a hearing, its just how to approach it. I have read that some people are on their 7,8,9th etc eviction hearing and still being ok, but I worry that with my luck the Judge will just rule against me!
  11. I have been employed with this company for approx 2.5 years. Today I was called into a meeting and told I am facing a diciplinary hearing Monday for excessive internet usage. Now I do use the internet at lunch times, social networking sites etc are blocked so normally news and shopping (amszon) we are allowed online at lunch btw and I generally have a busy day with little time to play online otherwise in any case. I do sometimes leave the browser open in the background if I forget to close it after lunch, but this does not explain the "evidence" of what I apparently am surfing at work. I have yet to receive the full file, but from what I can gather and was confronted with, my PC is accessing the home page (I see no other pages listed than home) of an adult website even when I am nowhere near my PC. I can prove on several instances that I was nowhere near my PC when I "accessed" this site and for about 15 occurrences actually have photos on my phone that proves I was out of the office. I have no doubt once the full file has been received that I can disprove more of the allegations. However, it is a website I did visit a few weeks back on the company laptop (no porn it is a forum) in my own personal time (stupid I know, my PC was defragging and working like a three legged donkey) but I have never ever accessed it on my work PC during working hours knowingly. My question is, where do I go from here, what do I need to do to prove that on a regular basis my PC was doing its own thing, and how is it even possible that my PC is accessing websites without me knowing it and being my the PC? The browsers are Google and internet explorer, and I counted about 270!!!! connections in one single day! I am dumbfounded as that is a forum I use yes, but on my phone (smart phone which connects to the work wifi yes but that should not tie back to my PC, and I do not use it apart from sometimes at lunch on my PHONE not the PC, in any case I would have thought it be automatically blocked as we cannot even access something as basic as hotmail from the work PC) I am confused and worried, if anyone has any advice, then please help me out here. I have already checked my browser history and found none non work related access in my history in Google during work hours (I checked under settings, and web history) but my ie is set to delete history, cookies etc on exit, so had no luck trying to access those entries. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi, I'm rather embarassed to have to enquire about my rights in this instance, but such was the stupidity of my actions the other night that I have no choice. I have been reading some of the threads about people's experience with RLP and I am somewhat releived to find that the advice given is suggesting that they don't really have a leg to stand on, which is kind of what my gut feeling was telling me anyway. However I did the crime and now I must face the consquences of my actions. I had not reckoned that that would involve anything like this though, and I am really quite stressed out about it, not least because I have not yet received the dreaded first letter. Short version of what transpired. I'm a part time alcoholic/binge drinker and when I start drinking I can rarely stop until the air touched the bottom of the last bottle. The other night in my drunken stupor I decided to vivist my local 24 hour Asda, and since I was unable to procure any more alcohol by paying for it according to to the law, I decided to chance my arm at stealing a 4 pack, and I got caught. They took me into the search room and coerced me into giving them my name, address and D.O.B otherwise they would call the police. The next thing I am being read some peice of paper and then given to me and I left. I got angry with them at that point and said a few things and left. They also refused to give me some water when I asked for it several times, my mouth was so dry that I could barely talk. Anyway, I'm currently awaiting the bad news, to find out how much RLP are going to try and scare me into paying them. I also broke several of the points on the Guidance for those Accused of shoplifting thread, especially point 12, because I'm not a career shoplifter, just a one time chancer who got caught. I went back in to appeal to them yeasterday and apologise for my actions and asked to be allowed to shop there again. The woman I spoke to was very understanding and suggested that I write to the manager to apologise, which I have now done. I felt so bad the next day and often confessing and apologising can make things better, but perhaps not in this instance. I no way though have I at any time admitted to trying to steal from them at any time though, and I worded the letter vaguely enough to possibly mean just the general way in which I behaved. Apparently they have me on cctv putting the item in my bag, which is quite possible. So I just wanted to ask, pre-receipt of letter if I have just shot myself in the foot by doing that. If it goes to court will that likely go against me, and count as an admittal? Should I write to them after the first letter denying any claim made by them, or should I ignore the first few? The woman said it would likely be £50 but I'm hearing some horror stories about people being asked for hundreds. This is my mind, whether shoplifting is right or wrong, is completely unethical and I can't beleive that this company are being allowed to act in this way. If it's only £50 I might just bite the bullet and pay for it, in installment, any more than that and they can sing for it! Any advice any has would be apprecaited, thanks. I know I did wrong and I'm ashamed of myself, but I seriously can't afford to pay any money to the RLP. If I get fined by the police, then I have to pay but they are not the police! They got their beer back, nothing was stolen. I therefore owe them or the RLP company nothing! p.s. I'm 36 (and should know better)
  13. waiting in anticipation of aldi's new PE parking charge for an overstay ,now on day 2 of the alleged parking offence, more will be revealed when/if the I receive the said threatening letter. keep your eyes peeled on this one.
  14. Have had confirmation from fos that MBNA will make offer, In meanwhile my sar has arrived from them so want to spread sheet it up so i can see if the figs come close Its for a credit card, i have no statements just the print out showing ppi made and dates and the odd balance amount, can some one guide me what spread to use ,[ i am pretty rubbish at spreadsheets ] and can someone advise on charges ie can i look at claiming overlimit and late fees etc Thanks
  15. Have been advised that he is unavailable until 29th.May and anyone needing updates/complaints logging should contact webrelations@vodafone.com
  16. I need help a.s.a.p !! I have a restored possesion hearing on 6th July. I am reading everywhere about entering defence but only got 1 sheet cant locate anything else. we have a 2nd charge for £37000 have arrears of £3100 my husband has gone from 2k a month job to £285. I have today spoken to the company , they have taken income and expenditure form. I have confirmed I can pay monthly payment for 3 months but no arrears as yet i payment made today, previously was March . My husband has a injury claim going through from his old employer so when this is settled would clear arrears. We are alos hoping he can get a job soon. Please help what can i do ????
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