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  1. I have an ex Friends Life with profits investment bond now under the ownership of Aviva. This was transferred to me by my mother. Over the past three years I have made a number of successful partial withdrawals on the policy without issue. This all changed when in early September of this year, I submitted another partial encashment for £3000. After not receiving the money within 10 days I contacted Aviva and was told that due to a technical issue sufficient units could not be cancelled to action a payout. Therefore, the process was delayed. To exacerbate, the issue, I had a building project which was underway and tradesman and materials need to be covered. Towards the end of September I decided to encash and cancel the whole policy. I was reliably assured that this would not be hindered by ‘the technical issue as it was a full encashment. I submitted a claim for a full encashment for £28000. Once again, after 10 days I still had not received my funds I contacted Aviva. This time it was claimed that I needed to submit certified copies of my passport and bank statement despite Aviva having paid out in the past from the policy to my bank account, Aviva suddenly needed to check my documents. I had these stamped by the bank on Friday 12th October and sent them off. On Friday 19th October, I was assured that all was fine and that the payment was on the way. Having not heard further I again phoned on Wednesday 24th October only to be told that actually the payment was delayed again as they needed on the verification documents, the contact details of the person at the bank who stamped the documents. I would therefore have to resubmit new verification documents again. Even at that stage I felt that the handling of the matter was unacceptable especially with different customer agents giving confusing and contradictory assurances and information. However, I resubmitted new verification documents this time stamped with contact details of the person verifying them. On Wednesday 31st October, I was informed that the documents had now been verified and payment would now be authorised the next day and sent out. On Tuesday 6th November I phoned Aviva again to check on the progress of this payment. I was told that the payment had just been authorised but it would be with me in “3-5 working days” By Tuesday 13th November I still had not received any money I contact Aviva, yet again. I was informed that the payment was definitely on the way and I should contact my bank to see if it was coming through. On Friday 16th November, Aviva finally admitted that there may be a problem and that my money could be missing. My bank told me not to worry and that they could trace it if given a payment reference number. Despite requesting this on both Friday and today, the Aviva/Friends Life call centre have been extremely reluctant to furnish me with this simple information which would help Barclays easily trace the money. Today it is Monday 19th November and a payment that I was due to originally receive on September 15th is still delayed with no one seemingly knowing where it is. Any suggestions would be most appreciated as I have lost all faith in the ex-Friends life branch of Aviva and am starting to suspect there has been a misappropriation of funds. Two weeks ago, I was offered and given £100 compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused by the initial delays but I think any objective person would agree that in the circumstances, £100 is extremely paltry compensation. In short, you have to remember that the original request was submitted in early September. We are now in late November and I still have not received any of the money from the policy (apart from the £100 compensation!) Also, I needed that money to pay bills and tradesmen as soon as possible. The two-month payment delay has led to me having to resort instead to credit cards to pay for my £50000 renovation project as the builders became fed up with my excuses as to why their labour and materials had still not been paid for. The cost of this interest has been astronomical. This has been so stressful, but I believe I can’t take this to the financial ombudsman until Aviva close the matter (?) so any suggestions would be very much welcome.
  2. Has anyone received a similar email from their car insurers? I have insurance with Quotemehappy which is Aviva. They requested A copy of my photo card driving licence A copy of my ‘Licence Summary’ A copy of the V5 registration documents Proof of address: a utility or council tax bill dated within the last 3 months Where applicable, a copy of proof of ‘No Claims Discount’ from your previous insurer. They contacted me by email and I asked them to provide on online facility to upload my documents safely which they didn't. Then, they sent me another email assuring me it is genuine and not phishing. I did contact them from my online account and got no reply. 2 days later another email threatening to cancel my policy. I have tried calling them and nobody ever answers. For such a serious matter, I would expect a letter.
  3. I have an Aviva small self-administered pension scheme and now wish to encash in full. Should be straightforward? Not with this bunch of cowboys. Here are my experiences:- Calling 'customer services' takes ages to answer When they do answer, the person cannot offer any meaningful help without putting you in another 30 minute call queue Aviva confirmed all paperwork was in order, but would take 10 business days to 'process' Called Aviva on the 11th business day having heard nothing When questioned on the reason for inaction, their reply was "your address has changed". No attempt to contact me to resolve Put through after 35 minutes on hold to someone whose first language wasn't English - barely intelligible Advised to email confirmation of change of address. This was done immediately along with 2 utility bills attached Another week goes by, still no contact. Called again. See points 1 and 2 Eventually get told "we haven't actioned your change of address". The reason: I didn't send in a letter confirming my change of address Advised that, once change of address letter was received, the encashment would take place in 2 - 3 days Initiate a formal complaint Sent in letter confirming new address, received Friday 8.11 a.m Tuesday p.m. - scheme practitioner (who has administered scheme since it's inception) called Aviva to be told "can't talk to you - you're not listed as having anything to do with this account!" Wednesday lunchtime I called - "we have your letter and are looking at it. Assuming everything is in order, we will then wait 10 business days before doing anything further" This is the 8th day since initiating my complaint - no acknowledgement has been received This is service of such a shockingly poor level, that I don't believe it to be accidental. Many Aviva customers are alleging they do this to frustrate claims and encashments, so that you simply give up. I'm beginning to come to the same conclusion.
  4. HI Had a pensions with Aviva when I wanted to transfer I was told fund was £2K, when requested transfer was told information was in-correct and should be £36K, got my 3rd party IFA to check and was confirmed as £36K, after about to date 15 phone calls still have no conclusion from Aviva, apart from speaking to 3 different depts who were all very abrupt and eventually got a phone call to say pension pot was in fact only £2K, No apologies no nothing, in fact consider all people who I spoke to to be abrupt and totally unhelpful and got the impression that they had a mistake but nobody was man enough to own up, eventually got a letter after making formal complaint, which did not offer any apology or reason for the error apart from " human error ". Have taken this up with Ombudsman as Aviva do not really care. They have offered measly compensation, but this does not even cover my time and disappointment Has anybody else had the same problem. Especially as they had confirmed an in-correct figure to me and a third party. Has anybody else had this problem ?
  5. Aviva posted me some very insulting to me marketing material in february so I contacted them to complain. They claimed that I had opted to receive marketing some years before, when i lived at a previous address. After further correspondence where they failed to produce any evidence of htis supposed agreemnt or ticked box (never used web or paper forms to agree to anything) they admitted they did not ahve such an agreement, had mixed my personal data up with another person of a similar name as well and offered me £75 when I had requested £250 as that was a sum courts had agreed was a minimum under persuasive case precedent. The main problem is the peopel who deal with a complaint are limited in what they can offer and do not know much about the DPA or even what other departments have been up to. in my case it was Aviva Insurance UK Ltd that had passed on erroneous personal data to Aviva Equity release Ltd, a separate company, without any authorisation and they finally accepted that this was a breach of the DPA, apologised and have agreed to pay me the £250 demanded to avoid legal action. Next year the law changes on what is deemed consent when ticking (or not) boxes and who they can pass your details to without express consent so hopefully this will become a rarer instance but in the meanwhile if you have a complaint, be persistent, stick to your guns if you are right and dont accept a stock response that they dont have to think about. My complaint got to director level because they didnt initially think they could be wrong, ignored the Vidal Hall v Google decision and blamed me for their errors. You dont have to put up with rubbish from big companies.
  6. I wonder if anyone can advise me of a contact number or help regarding a loan taken out pre regulation via Central Trust CT capital with Endeavour personal finance who are now HSBC HSBC blame Central trust as the broker - Central trust say they were not regulated pre 2005 so told me to look at the underwriter who were Hamilton Insurance. I believe they are now Aviva Insurance. I have telephoned many Aviva numbers today - they all tell me that they have never heard of a PPI claim with them as the underwriters?? Am I going mad? I really have no idea who to contact at Aviva
  7. Young woman driver's £11,500 car insurance quote almost six times value of her car A young driver was horrified when her car insurance quote was a massive £11,500 a year - nearly six times the value of her car. Naomi Bowler was stunned to be told the premium on her £1,700 Peugeot 206 would be £1107.72 a month - with a deposit of £1,923.66 - but Aviva have defended the quote. The 19-year-old used to be insured at a cost of £96 a month using black box to monitor her driving. However when Naomi, who has no claims and says she parks her car outside her home in a pleasant area, applied for insurance with Aviva after being recommended by a family friend, she was stunned to receive a five figure quote of £11,542. 'If I was going to do that I may as well just buy a new car every week - I could afford to write off a car each week. MSN
  8. Hi, I'm a First Direct Customer and have had a mortgage with them for over 15 years. I am so impressed with their customer service, that I bought their buildings insurance. I've had the policy for donkey's years. In May 2015 I had a leak which came in from the next door neighbour. The ingress of water stayed well below the joists and never damaged any flooring or contents. I repeat, water never ever at any point damaged any of the building or my personal belongings! Asprea, which is a claims management company which is owned by Aviva, assigned a surveyor to manage the claim. However, back at Asprea they were going through a restructure, and the surveyor who was assigned was made redundant. He was never replaced. As such, the builders assigned to do the work had nobody there to control them. The repair contractor brought in by Asprea, a company called Alltrades, went on the do the following to my home and personal property, without my permission and knowledge. 1. Remove all the floorboards from the Dining Room, Hallway and Front Living Room. 2. Remove my entire kitchen (cupboards, tiled flooring, contents), which sits on a concrete base, and as such is completely impervious to water. The kitchen was thrown into a skip. 3. Remove all the wallpaper from the dining room, hallway stairs and landing, and front room. You're probably wondering at this point why I've not mentioned anything about the contents of the kitchen, front room and dining room. Well, they were all wrecklessly dumped and damaged into the upstairs 3 bedrooms. The builders, aren't members of any recognised professional organisation in the building trade - such as the federation of master builders, the national federation of builders, or trustmark. I have pictures of everything which I sent to the company, and I have also created a YouTube video showing the chaos left by Asprea and their contractors. The company, Aviva or Asprea has never said sorry, nor has it responded in writing to written complaints, and has just told the Financial Ombudsman that it intends to stop paying for my alternative accommodation at the end of June. I have been out of my house for 11 months, and have moved 15 times!!! 15 times!!! I was forced to live in the following accommodation: 9 days -Stayed in Bedsit 83 days -Lived in a converted garage 6 days -Stayed in Hotel Rooms 20 days -Stayed with Friends 187 days -Not a "like-for-like" property, ongoing Electrical wiring and plumbing problems. Poorly maintained Aviva and Asprea cut all contact with me in December 2015, 6 months ago, without notice or reason. The company has lied to the Ombudsman about what is damaged in the house, and so I have a surveyor coming on Wednesday 18th May 2016, to do a detailed report of what is damaged. What is actually damaged is considerably more than what Asprea claim. Aviva have said that I shouldn't get 1 penny in compensation! one penny! The report will cost me well over £800 to have written. I have just spoken to my household insurer and they tell me that I have legal cover of up to £100,000 to take Aviva to court. I have lots of clear photographs and documents that show everything Asprea have done. The legal advice that I have just received said that it is a cut and dried case of negligence, because of the volume and quality of evidence I have. My case has just moved from Adjudication stage to the full ombudsman. If Aviva (well Asprea) try to evict me onto the street, I'll have no choice but to invoke the legal cover through my household insurance to prevent this! I cannot be turned out into the street. They have broken my home and damaged all of my contents! This is plain just wrong! My video on YouTube is called "My banking and insurance Horror Story - Battle with First Direct Bank and Aviva Insurance". I would urge you to look at it and give me your opinions. Please bear with the length of the video. As you know, long and complex stories are really difficult to edit down. The video does however cut to the chase reasonably quickly to the photographs of the damage. I had no idea that Aviva operated in such a poor and wreckless way, and it's customer service is none existing. I would welcome people to share their experiences of the company, including Asprea. Kind Regards and thanks for listening!, David
  9. In January of this year, I was hit by another car that drove between two lanes of traffic to overtake me from the left. The car pulled out in from to me, lifting my car off the ground and damaging the front side panel and bumper. In doing so they damaged all of the side of their car. Their damage to their car starts at the top higher up and then drops down. There were no witnesses to the accident , but there are photographs of the damage, which I believe support my case. The other driver has claimed that I overtook them from the right, in doing so that I mounted a raised diver between separating me from traffic coming from the opposite direction. I do not think that the evidence supports this. However Aviva are now saying that the want to settle this as a no fault claim, unless I can provide a witness of CCTV evidence, which I can't. Worse still, the are implying that may settle the claim in favour of the other driver, unless I accept this. I have indicated that I am not willing to and would be happy to go to court on the matter. Any advice please ?
  10. I have asked Aviva to start a pension, taken out in 1987, next month. They say that my signature has changed. They insist that I get a signature form witnessed by someone who is likely to charge me for the privilege (accountant, solicitor, etc). I am a qualified accountant. They have corresponded with me since 1987. I do not believe that this is actually required - they are just trying to avoid undertaking an electronic data check at their cost (£10 or so). They also want to see a passport or 2 part driving licence - even though the DVLA has instructed us all to destroy the paper licence which no longer has any legal status. I have bought and sold properties with less complication and red tape than dealing with Aviva
  11. Ok here we go again. I've dealt with thousands and thousands of building insurance claims. Most claims are viewed by a loss adjuster who on the whole are reasonable ,realistic people in touch with prices and the unforeseen problems that can arise as the remedial work continues. Asprea on the other hand will quote prices so low there is no way the job can be completed to a good standard of workmanship. They will under price on materials and labour. ... Not my scene. My Mother in laws house has been flooded by a burst water main from a neighboring property. I've stripped out the ground floor floor coverings put in dehumidifiers and have a meeting with their "surveyor" in the morning. I won't be having breakfast. ..... The "Boy" they send out will suffice !!!! Will update as it progresses.
  12. Good morning. In January 2003 I took out a car loan with Direct Car Finance. The loan for the car was with Welcome Finance and front loaded with PPI of over £1500. At the time I was employed as a servant of the crown and as such can't be made redundant. I was also entitled to full paid sick leave so PPI was not needed. I was not worldly wise and was told that I needed the PPI to be accepted. I took there word for this and signed the agreement. Over the last couple of years I have tried to reclaim the PPI with the following results. Welcome Finance originally said that I fall outside of the agreement due to the date the loan was implemented. They directed me to the PPI underwritters who at the time was Norwich Union, AKA Aviva. Aviva have looked at the claim and said "we're sorry to advise that Aviva is not responsible for investigating the sale of your PPI policy. This is because the policy was arranged and sold by Direct Car Finance (DCF)" They have included the address for DCF. Has anyone successfully claimed against either Aviva or DCF? Is what Aviva has said correct? I do not want to give up but they make it so difficult. Thanks for your help, Rob
  13. It is really worth reading this story linked to here http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/maxherve-george-the-man-fighting-a-merciless-legal-war-against-insurance-giant-aviva-10168427.html Aviva are going to have to come up with a deal that is going to cost them a lot of money.
  14. Could someone please help me with the following situation? Aviva/ Quotemehappy / Solus Park Royal are lamentable and treating me, their client, like thugs. Back on the 29th November 2014 someone stole the two front seats from my Fiat 595 Abarth and caused some collateral damage to the car. Almost three months later, QuoteMeHappy/Aviva has still not settled the claim. A couple of days after the theft I was given a smelly "courtesy" car. Of course no terms and conditions were presented. No indication of how long I could keep the car etc. The claim ran it's course. QuoteMeHappy/Aviva initially under-valued the car and offered me a cash in lieu settlement. When I contested this and provided evidence that their valuation was wildly inaccurate they decided that they wanted their internal repair service Solus to repair the car rather than offer a cash in lieu which was my preference. Bearing in mind all the negative feedback I had read and heard about Solus I did not want them to go anywhere near my car. A few observations: - Nowhere on QMH/Aviva's website did it indicate, that a QMH customer would have to deal with a third party company (Solus) once a claim had been lodged. I'm sorry but I pay my premium to QMH/Aviva so I expect to deal with them not some amazingly rude third party. - I've been repeately harrassed by Solus. On the first occasion on the 15th of January they told me that they needed the "courtesy" car back within two days on the Saturday 17th – this without any reference to when the claim would be resolved or when I would get my own car back. - Solus made several subsequent calls with the same request. On Jan 28 they called to say that the “total loss had been settled.” Their meessage was left as a voicemail that has been recorded and saved. Clearly a lie. - Solus called again on February 3rd to say that “…everything has been sorted out, you have been paid out and the courtesy car needs to come back to site.” Again the message was left as a voicemail that has been recorded and saved. Another lie? - At some other point around 3 weeks ago they indicated that they would move my car to my preferred repairer but this has still not happened. - At the beginning of February I left the "courtesy" car ready for collection, in the hope that QMH / Aviva would settle the claim, pay me out, deliver my car to my preferred repairer so that It could be repaired whilst I was away on business for two weeks. - This morning the rude people from Solus called again asking for the return of their car and telling me that they would declare the car as stolen to the police. Once again I suggested they get my insurer to contact me about this, then as usual the conversation deteriorated and out of frustration, as on past occasions, I hung up on them. I've just walked out to my office's parking lot and guess what? The courtesy car has disappeared. I strongly suspect that Solus came by, without advising me and took their car back together with my all possessions that were in it. Of course the car was neither valeted nor fueled so I imagine that they will seek payment for that...Fortunately there is CCTV in the parking so we should rapidly have a sense of what went on. Wow! How unscrupulous do you get? - and I'm a client. Can you imagine how they treat third parties? I'm not quite sure how to take this forward. Any suggestions would be welcome. I'm thinking social media, AutoExpress, Financial Conduct Authority, MoneyBox on Radio 4... The only ray of sunshine in this case is someone I met who is assisting me with the claim. She is essentially the Mr. Wolf (from Pulp Fiction) for people having to battle their own or other insurance companies. She is such a star. Further she has no financial vested interests in helping me with my claim. She is just starting out with this new business and would just like me to tell all my friends about her. Where QMH / Aviva make me lose faith in humanity, this lady restores it. In case Aviva read this spare me your standard social media response with link to your website. This requires a more intelligent, substantial, immediate and personal response. You know where to find me, you know my policy number and you know the only reasonable outcome I seek. Does anyone withing QMH / Aviva think of the lifetime value of a customer? Lastly, on Aviva’s correspondence, they present the logo of the Institute of Customer service. This would suggest that they are presenting themselves as members of the ICS. Enquiries made with the ICS reveal that neither Quotemehappy nor Aviva are members. This strikes me as false advertising. Based on my experience so far I can’t think of anyone less qualified to be a member of the ICS. P.
  15. My mother took out an equity release scheme with Aviva 13 years for 81k.... with an interest rate of 8.5% compound, and an early repayment clause linked to gilts. She has realised that if she maintains this, in another 10 years, she will effectively be destitute as the interest will take ALL of the equity in her home, her only asset. She therefore wishes to repay it early and Aviva are now seeking, in addition to the exorbitant interest accrued over the years a 62k early repayment/payment clause... therefore to settle this debt, she must now repay 294k or thereabouts. She did not have any IFA advice at the time, and we have approached/complained to Aviva already but to no joy. Can anyone now assist us as to how we should proceed.. ... this penalty clause is exorbitant... it is said to compensate Aviva for what they stand to lose, as they look at the scheme lasting 28 years. This however is not true because even after 28 years they seek a repayment fee of 50% of the original loan (if the gilts maintain the same degree of fall as they have today), in my mother's case 40k... . after charging interest that will have accrued to over 700k! Any help/advice will be gratefully received. thanks
  16. Had an accident 26th may 2014 .I was told i was at fault after skidding and hitting the car in front who suddenly stopped on a busymain road to let a duck cross.....I phoned quote me happy who put me through to aviva person who took details etc TODAY still no one from my insurance company has been in touch ,after many calls trying to get info. A viva people said they would call me back on four occasions no one has bothered. The car recovery company has given me some information saying that my car has been taken to dismantlers as a total loss, yet after a month ,not a word from my insurers quotemehappy aka a viva, absolutely disgraceful customer service .
  17. After my late husband died, I got his pension which is through Aviva. It was only a small pension of £202 per month. The terms of the pension were that after 3 years of his death, the pension would reduce by 1/3rd which now makes it £137 a month - hardly an amount to get excited about. On average it's increased by 1% - 2% every year so it would take at least another 20+ years to get back up to £202. Typical of Aviva, I find out that they'd reduced it on checking my bank account. They sent the letter informing me of this a few days later. They state the reason for the reduction as: "Your payments are changing because policy number XXXXXX goes up each year as part of the policy conditions." Umm at most 2%? They're having a laugh. I'm sure I could get a better deal elsewhere but think my late husband has tied this up so I can't change it. I also think he got bad financial advice at the time (2004 when he cashed part of the pension in early due to him having a major heart attack and being unable to work). Does anyone know if I can do anything about this and if so what? Thanks in advance everyone.
  18. Hi Caggers Here I am with a different case all together. This morning I received a letter from Aviva Insurance stating that they are writing to inform me that they have identified incidents relating to a motor claim or accident i was involved in have been accessed and disclosed to the third party without my/their consent by an employee who has now been dismissed. It is a detailed letter and i was wondering if they have a case to answer as afterall, they should have measures in place to safe guide my data. I have since the the accident in question received countless number of calls from insurance related companies offering me this and that. Do we have any Data Protection Experts in the forum who can advise. Am happy to scan the whole letter and post it here if necessary. Please advise. Thanks RM
  19. Hello. I have checked pension fund statement from Aviva and it is £10000 less than last year. It was worth £34000 last year and only £24000 now. Do you know of any reason why this has happened. I pay £100 per month in contributions, therefore I may well have not paid any in for the last 9 years , as its gone? Thanks .
  20. I rang welcome on 28th jan 2014 for all my account details as i had loans historically with them, they gave me all account numbers and explained that i would have to contact aviva about loans prior to 2003, i rang them and they sent me a questionaire that i filled in you cant imagine how shocked i was today 21/3/2014 to receive offer of ppi redress for 3,200 less than 8 weeks and no fob off amazing underwriter pays out. I had read on most forums that it would be a battle but it wasnt so if you have a claim do it yourself and just go for it.
  21. Almost 2 weeks ago we had a non-fault accident. As we were slowing down and indicated to turn right, there was a junction on the left where the driver did not stop in time, over shooting the junction and hit the side passenger door, it has left a dint, took the skirt off and left a scrape (nothing else, easily repaired) We informed our insurance company (kwikfit) who quickly passed us onto aviva (the underwriter) aviva collected the car from us 3 days later on the basis that it was going to be taken for the engineer to assess the damage to the car and repair if possible. We have since found out that the car was actually taken straight to a salvage yeard nearly 3 hours away from us as the car had been written off, purely based on age and without an engineer even looking at the car, after speaking to both kwikfit and aviva, both have confirmed this, based purely on the fact the car is old (R Reg, 98) We feel we was purposely decieved by both Kwikfit And Aviva on this matter, we only agreed for the car to go on the basis that they was looking at repairing the car (as the damage is so small) When speaking to aviva (whom we are only dealing with now) they explained the car is a write off (have asked for an engineers report, still not recieved it) based on its age, regardless of what damage there is to the car. They wanted to offer around £800 for the car, this is abysmal! I explained the fact that it is quite a hard vehicle to get ahold of and does not sell for less than £2,000, most within the range of 2.5K, How ever as ours had an LPG conversion (cost over £1,000 in itself) and expensive alloys (£900) they should also be taken into account. Apparently, this is not on their list for modifications with the car, we have sent evidence to aviva to show that we did add the modifications to the car, to which they have accepted but now waiting to hear back from the underwriters again. Our youngest son is disabled, my partner is heavily pregnant and we have been unable to attend our sons hospital trips due to them taking the hire car off us stating that due to the delay, the third party insurance would not cover the cost of hire car. We find this an utter disgrade, our son has to been seen very often, usually once or twice a week, his school is 3 miles away, he can not walk far so at nearly 6 years old i am now carrying him to school and back everyday. I am wondering where we stand on the fact that they wrote the car off without even looking at it, While it may be an R reg its bodywork was in AMAZING condition, as was all the interior, the alloys and tyres were brand new, the LPG system only a year old. It is a Mercedez Benz V280 7 Seater 2.9L Any help would be apreciated
  22. From This is Money :- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/redirect.php?x=http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2554472/Four-million-savers-short-changed-Aviva-compensation-Insurers-323million-bill-merger-blunder.html
  23. I have just had my car insurance renewal through and as usual I thought I would shop around for a cheaper deal (as you do !) - Thought Aviva would be cheaper as there are no middle men and you are dealing direct - my quote came back 3 times higher than my renewal with my current provider, at in excess of £900.00 ! - how can they justify such a massive difference ? (no difference in level of cover) Has anyone else had the same experience ? or am I a one off ?
  24. Aviva insurers are currently being looked at by their regulator the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to a breach of principle 2, which is a failure to conduct its business with due skill, care skill and diligence. Think twice before you insure with Aviva! There are plenty of competent insurers out there to choose instead.
  25. I was wondering if anyone has had problems with Aviva, and the company they appointed to cover our claim, Asprea. We had a burst hot water pipe in May. It took them over three months to manage to take up the laminate floor, even though they had said in May the whole floor would need to be replaced. This of course meant that the drying process was slow as each time another piece of laminate was taken up it was wet underneath. The first company that was used to dry the floor was Chemdry, when Asprea decided to bring someone else in the man from Chemdry had to come and collect his equipment and it became apparent that Asprea had told Chemdry that we had complained about him, even though we had complained to Asprea about how long the work was taking and in no way complained about him. They covered and taped down tiles they found that had asbestos in them and were broken. When more of these tiles were found they were left broken and exposed, with a cold air blower nearby blowing who knows what round our house. We were eventually put in a hotel, but this was also a problem as we were booked in for just a few days, before having to move to another hotel. We continually had to chase them to make sure we had somewhere to stay, one friday afternoon after 5:00 I had to call them as we had nowhere to stay on the Monday. We had advised Asprea that my stepdaughter and I suffer from chest problems, but were left living in the house for weeks with dust being blown around. We also advised them that I suffer from mental health problems, particularly anxiety, and having to chase them to get things moving, as well as for our accomodation, has left me being treated by medication. When we made a compaint, the member of staff dealing with it classed our concerns as "gripes", which I thought was a rather unfortunate choice of word. The member of staff concerned couldn't even spell my name correctly.I think for someone in a complaints department to do that is somewhat surprising. They have brushed off our concerns about being so close to broken tiles with asbestos in, and offered a tiny amount of money in compensation. Has anyone else had a terrible experience with these companies? This whole episode has affected our health and there seems to be little we can do. We moved back into our house on Saturday. Despite the fact that we have had dryers blowing dust around our house for months, Asprea did not offer to get the house cleaned. They also have forgotten that they had put our furniture in store, meaning that there is nowhere to sit downstairs, and that we have yet again had to chase them. We are so angry at the way we have been treated, can anyone suggest what we could/should do please?
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