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  1. 'The (mill) wheels... grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.' I noticed the thread HFO/OFT Minded to Revoke thread had its last post eight months ago, so I'm putting this in a new thread - I hope admin will move it if they see fit. With help from many CAGgers, specifically DonkeyB (good luck in the Rugby World Cup:oops:) we were part of a process that ended in a thorough, days' long interview with the OFT to do with being hounded by HFO using draconian and humiliating practices on a debt we didn't owe them. We were asked but due to ill health were unable to be witnesses. It give
  2. Following the new regulations in April 2014 many people (in particular those who support the Freeman on the Land ideology) have tried to avoid bailiff fees by making payment direct to the court (in the case of court fines) or the local authority (in the case of council tax ). In the early months of the regulations many local authorities were still trying to grasp the new regs and computer systems needed to be updated and accordingly, the local authorities (and magistrate courts) were slowly coming to grips with the way in which payments made direct to them after a warrant had been issued s
  3. Hi, firstly, my partner and I, along with our child have lived in this house since 2011 and in this street since 2006. Last year I applied for his secondary school place and was awarded the school of our choice, the school is 250 metres or so from our front door (one of the reasons that we moved to this street in 2006). Last week I received a letter from the LEA Admissions officer telling me that I had to prove where i lived in October last year, they want 5 pieces of paper, 2 of which are A V5 document , I dont own a car, my partner buy s and insures our cars, also, proof of receipt of
  4. I have received a PCN from Redbridge Council for an alleged offence code 31 entering & stopping in a box junction when prohibited. The evidence is a picture showing my car crossing a box junction witha close up of the number plate, I can't tell if I'm stationery or moving but it does look like brake lights are on. My argument is that this is a side road entering a B road and the only way to get out is if you are flashed to go by someone queuing in the heavy traffic, that is what happened here, if I had not pulled out when given way by to by another vehicle I'd still be sitting th
  5. Hello, This is my first time using this forum, I hope that I am posting this question in the right section. My name is Luis, I come from Portugal and have been here for over 7 years. I was made redundant from my last job where I was over 3 years, I have found another job but it is in an insurance company and I was told that it requires a credit check. Here in the UK I have checked with Experian and Equifax and there are no issues, no missed payments, no debt of any kind and no fines. My criminal record is also clean both here and Portugal. However a few years ago I did
  6. If I pay in a p&d car park for all day parking can I leave the car park, say to go out for a meal, and return within the time paid for? A stroppy official told me I can't and tried to make me pay again but didn't ticket me. Can I now expect something through the post?
  7. Hello all. I want to stop my local council sharing our data with our social housing landlord. Is this under the DPA 1998 or 1989? Or does it mater which one?
  8. It would appear that I have been moved to another energy supplier without my authority! This started back in November last year when I was contacted by Unicom sales and offered a better deal on my electric supply all sounded pretty reasonable on the phone and they e-mailed me a Letter of Authority to sign and return. On reading this Letter of Authority which gave them the authority to contact my current supplier and gather information about my account and rates; but I noted that there was a paragraph that gave them the Authority to Terminate my contract with my current
  9. Hello, I have been on this forum for over an hour and so far, unsuccessful in finding a 'letter of authority template'. There's a good chance you don't actually have an example here, but I thought I double check by asking. I have been ill recently and I now want a friend to be in position to deal with a creditor on my behalf. Many thanks
  10. Can anyone explain what signs are required on pay and Display car parks. Are there any rules regarding size of lettering/colour of background etc? Is there precise legislation I can refer to?
  11. Hi Guys, Just need some advice. My wife's sister fell very ill last December, she had to take an emergency flight to visit her. She took out daughter with her and she missed 4 days of school. We explained the situation to the school , however they passed out details on to the local council. We have today received a fine of £180.00 each. A total of £360.00, I was just wondering, could we appeal? I think the amount per parent is excessive. Our local council is Waltham Forest. Any information that can help would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi, I would appreciate some advice please. My name was disclosed, by social services, to a family after I reported somethings that some children had told me and that was of concern in regards to their welfare. I have suffered almost 2 years of daily harassment and intimidation from this family, the police have been involved and they recommended to have a community alarm as a vulnerable person. Which I have to pay rental on as I am too young for funding. I put a complaint through and saw through investigation to stage 2 where the complaint was upheld and that my confidentiality had be
  13. The Financial Conduct Authority have already managed to show great incompetence and lack of awareness of legal requirements by breaching the Data Protection Act and sharing personal information with a third party without consent. If they have any integrity they should hold themselves to the same standards they hold others and pay a mutli-million pound fine. This isn't just some woolly vague principle they have breached that can be interpreted retrospectively. It's a clear law that most people are aware of. Shame on you FCA.
  14. Hi Guys Another ridiculous scenario (In theory) I was speaking to Barclay's because something hit me about this very topic. A) Does CPA "Override" a card that has been lost or stolen? IE Payment being taken on a blocked card? B) What if the card is active and you have insufficient funds in the account? I had this discussion with Barclays as I had a major issue with them holding transactions back. But the above is just theoretical.
  15. The Department for Transport has issued a consultation document on council parking. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/263815/parking-consultation.pdf The proposals include a ban on the use of CCTV for parking enforcement, whether there should be statutory 'grace' periods, whether adjudicators should be able to have discretionary powers and clearer guidance when adjudicators can allow costs. The DfT invites your views on current local authority parking strategies and on options they are considering to change the balance of how parking is
  16. Petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/prime-minister-this-petition-is-to-clean-up-the-financial-enforcement-industry-by-creating-a-public-authority-whose-members-are-selected-by-public-vote This petition is to set up a publicly run body overseeing all debt recovery personnel, debt recovery businesses and government financial penalty issuing authorities. The public body members will be selected by a public vote. The public run body will have full authority to grant licences to, investigate, punish or dismiss any court appointment bailiff, debt recovery agent, enforcem
  17. Please sign and promote this petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/prime-minister-this-petition-is-to-clean-up-the-financial-enforcement-industry-by-creating-a-public-authority-whose-members-are-selected-by-public-vote This petition is to set up a publicly run body overseeing all debt recovery personnel, debt recovery businesses and government financial penalty issuing authorities. The public body members will be selected by a public vote. The public run body will have full authority to grant licences to, investigate, punish or dismiss any court appointment bailiff, d
  18. Hi folks, A spot of advice needed, if anyone can help. I parked my motorcycle on the pavement outside my girlfriend's flat in Lambeth (wide pavement, right up against the railings and between the dustbins) and covered it over with the usual waterproof cover. I left it for 4 days, and uncovered it at the weekend to find two parking tickets, one dated 18/11 at 14.55, and the second dated 19/11 at 09.36. Both were for the same offence, 622 - one of more wheels over the footpath etc etc. Both tickets were issued by the same warden, no. LH1273. I can't really argue that I was parked on th
  19. Hi im not sure if i have posted this in the right place, but need some advice about the continous payments, I had quite alot of paymnets taken from my card costing roughly £600, I tried to cancel this so many times and changed my bank card but they still managed to get my details and take payments again, i closed the account and opened a new bank account, i just wanted to know if it was [possible to still claim the money back as i no longer have the account .I would have stayed with barclays but as they wouldnt stop the payments going out it was my only option to
  20. Hi Guys, A friend of ours got a local aughority ticket today for not being parked in her bay correctly. From what I've seen of the pics, the white lines that make the bay don't appear to be fully visible. The offence description is "Parking in a place other than a marked parking bay" Does anyone have any advice please Kind regards. EOS-5D :0)
  21. Thankfully I can see light at the end of the tunnel with my payday loan nightmare, it really has been a difficult time. At one stage I had 14 payday loans but in a few months they will all be gone. I plan to tell my story and perhaps give advice on getting out of the payday trap maybe sometime in the future. Anyway I bank with HSBC, can anyone please advise what is the best way to get them to cancel CPA on all 14 payday loan companies I dealt with. I just want ease of mind in case one of them decides to dip into my bank account sometime in the future.None have my present card details.
  22. I have received a local authority parking ticket, I had purchased the correct ticket and put it on my dash (there is no adhesive on the tickets in my area) but it had blown off when I shut the door. I appealed and sent a letter with the paid ticket as evidence, their response was a ten page letter with pictures of my car, quoting bylaw blah and blah - basically they said because it was not displayed the fine stood. I responded with a letter of dispute but paid the £25 fine as I knew they would find a way of further penalizing me! Guess what, I received my cheque back today saying that they had
  23. My wife called our bank to cancel the authority for a PDL company to take any further money from the account. Now we should have been suspicious as the person was very helpful. They confirmed that the instruction had been cancelled and that they were sending out forms to reclaim the last payment made in December, despite telling them that we are not disputing the last payment. So this was the 17 Jan and the payment was due for 20 Jan. However, what we didn't realise is that the company was taking the payment earlier due to the payment date being a Sunday and that there was less than 24
  24. Hiya, can someone please send me a link to a template/wording for cancelling authority for WONGA to take money from my account (the one to send to WONGA not to the bank)? The loan is due to be debited tomorrow, I have cleared my account and rang Natwest to cancel CPA- they told me they would request WONGA not to take payment but could not cancel, however would refund any money should WONGA take it at any point....then went on to say that if WONGA changes the name it uses to try and take money they cant do anything about it and that I am wrong about the FSA regulations....feel so helpless I
  25. Not my words - but the words of the Court of Appeal. Dishonest without intending to be, apparently. Sent "semi-literate" letters No intention to bring legal proceedings at all!!!!! See the judgment attached for the whole grisly story. Of course this Court of Appeal judgment is about Parking Eye but you may find similarities in the way of doing business used by other private parking companies. Apart from anything else this is more evidence of the slack attitude of the British Parking Association to the behaviour of their own members. The BPA must be awar
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