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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to get some opinions/advice regarding an issue I have and wanted to know what the general feeling, or even better someone who has experienced this problem and what the outcome was.... I purchased an Audi A3 1.8TFSI and the car has the same oil consumption issue as the 2.0 TFSI (mainly Audi A5's but A3 and other models also). I went for the 1.8TFSI as I didn't think it had the same oil consumption issue but it appears it does, just less well known. My local Audi dealer is doing all of the tests and in a couple of weeks they will have all of the details to put fo
  2. Hi, new user here but long time browser. I am after some advice on a situation I am currently involved in... On 30/04/2018, I was driving home with my wife and 22 month child in my 2016 Audi A4 which has done 19,500 on the clock. Whilst driving, I lose control as if I had burst my tyre and upon regaining control and parking, I inspect the car to find the front passenger wishbone snapped off. The car was towed back to Audi in Coventry to be inspected and I was informed that I must have hit something as there was under tray damage as well as to the gear box liner. The issue is th
  3. Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct forum, I have a somewhat difficult situation I am contending with. in summary; I had a lease vehicle; prior to the end of the lease arrangement I arranged the inspection (Thurs 15th March 2018) and collection (Sat 17th March) with British Car Auctions (BCA) in accordance with what I had to do (inspection within 7 days of collection and end of contract). BCA failed to turn up (i took the day off off work!)! I called BCA who advised that they had made a mistake and schedule my inspection and collection for the incorrect dates. They advised m
  4. I Bought a second hand Audi a couple of months back, part exchanging my old car. We are not talking a brand new car here but then there's not much change from15k either. From my first dealings with the garage they always seemed friendly and helpful but communication was always a challenge in that I constantly got different information depending on who I spoke to. Messages were not passed on and emails not answered. Having finally collected the car and after a few communication issues, more problems began to arise. Within a few days the new smelling car started to have a foul odour and it
  5. Hi all, I'll get straight into it. I bought an Approved Used Audi S3 (2015) from Watford Audi on 29/11/17. Car was listed for £24K, I paid a £500 deposit which included the £350 GAP Insurance. I was also intending to drop a £3,000 Deposit on my first monthly outgoing, bringing the payment down from £457.66 to £378.92. I SPECIFICALLY asked the dealer I was assigned if the car was standard as the exhaust sounded very sporty, I thought it possibly could've been a sports exhaust. He assured me the car was STANDARD. I go ahead with the sale on a 49 Month PCP with Blackhorse Finance.
  6. Hi New to the site and would be grateful for anyones help here. Myself and my brother both have an Audi lease agreement. Both business PCP deals. Term ends on both cars tomorrow. I have just found out yesterday after contacting Audi Finance that the balloon payment of £24.95k plus admin x 2 will be leaving our account tomorrow. circa 50k. We have today handed the cars back as agreed and taken out a new deal / car each. New cars / deal do not start until March 2018. Unfortunately the Audi garage we deal with had not informed us that we had to contact the fin
  7. I bought a 12 mth warranty for over £2k from Audi 11 months ago. It was an expensive warranty but it had no excess and covered everything except service items such as tyres and brake pads etc.. I should say that I have had good experience with this same warranty product in the past; with a prior car purchase. The price also reflected the age and mileage of my vehicle. They quote newer, low mileage cars more cheaply than older, higher mileage cars... now 11 months down the line (I have met all the conditions of the policy on my side) I make a claim for a leaking rock
  8. I have an A5 with an S-Tronic gearbox fault. The oil cooler has failed allowing engine coolant to flow through the gearbox, which has killed it. Diagnosed at my local Audi center last week, the car is a 12-Plate & Dealer service from New The cost of a replacement box is £12k with the car's value at about £14k The 3-year warranty expired in June 2015, however Audi still treat the car as "young", as it's less than 5 years old. Audi are saying they won't contribute towards the cost of this repair, I've raised it with Audi UK (callback tommorow.) I fully exp
  9. Hello Thank you for looking at this post. NOTE: only 121 audi a8 edition 21 are made for the UK. AvailbLe to order from July 2015. I am a chauffeur and wanted the a8 edition 21 because of my own personal liking to this model In the last week of August 2015 I decided that I want to purchase a new A8 LWB Edition 21. I was dealing with wimbledon audi. I have enquired about the a8 edition 21. I was told that the a8 edition 21 LWB was not available to order and also they could not configure the car on the audi website which meant audi does not make it in LWB verson (a a8 editio
  10. My husband has a Audi S4 13 plate which had to be recovered and taken to an Audi Centre due to electrical fault. On board computer as they called it went mental putting out all sorts of messages and cut power on the car. It turns out that some wiring insulation and sound proofing has been damaged by rodents and the wiring has been damaged but this is not covered by the warranty. Apparently they see quite a few cars coming in with this problems. After living over 23 years in the same place my husband cannot understand why this has happened to this car. After doing some research it appears
  11. Good evening all, Thank you first of all for taking the time to read this post. Approximately 5 weeks ago I purchased an Audi A4 B8 2008 with 75,000 miles on the clock, full Audi service history from a company called Brooklands Motor Centres in Leeds, West Yorkshire. After owning the car for a few days I noticed immediately the gear changes where stiff and the clutch pedal went down in stages instead of a fluid motion and there was a loud noise when breaking and sharp turning of the vehicle whilst moving. I phoned Brooklands and they said to bring the car back up for them t
  12. Hi guys, wondering if anyone can give me some helpful advice. I purchased an Audi last year around 8 months ago - It is an Approved Used car and I have Audi finance. I was told (verbally) that I would get free servicing. I never thought anything of this until today when I went to book a service at my local Audi garage and was told that there is no free servicing on the system. I contacted the dealer I purchased from and have been told that the finance agreement didn't include free servicing, and that I would have signed papers related to servicing when signing the finance agreement with the la
  13. Hi all I am new to this forum, hence why my first post is on here! I have an Audi a3 which i purchased through Black Horse in 2010. I still have 19 months left on the HP agreement. Last week i had the engine management light come on, so i booked it into my local garage to take a look. They have found two cylinders misfiring and one has excessive scoring to the bore. All in all an engine rebuild is going to cost me 4.5k or find another engine and have it replaced (again in excess of 1.5k-2k) I dont have the money to fix my car and am wondering what my options are. It is an 0
  14. Not mine, but my mothers. It's an A3 2 litre estate (2007 plate) that has just been taken by them for a replacement set of injectors under a recall issued a few weeks back. The only issue is, late last year the car went into the same garage for a misfire and they replaced 2 injectors then at a cost of 1550 pounds (there was some other small work at the time - fluids and a fault in the washer bottle delivery - but the top end parts and labour constituted the bulk of the cost). Naturally mum isn't too pleased with Audi now confirming there was a fault all along. Is it something s
  15. Hi, I bought an Audi A4 (2004 model, automatic transmission) for £3400 today. This is my first car in the country and I have never had an automatic car before this. I made the full payment and started to get back home. On way I realised that the PRNDS lights were flashing. I had no idea what was it but then googled about this on web. It seems that there is a big issue with the transmission and people who had this problem before were actually advised not to drive the car (even though it operates fine) as the car is not considered to be fit for driving with the lights flashing! I imme
  16. My husband bought an Audi TT on finance from cargiant in April '12. I am the second driver on the insurance policy. Cargiant talked us into buying their warranty and told us that it would cover anything that might happen with the car in the first 12 months. In September, the engine started shaking, we were both in the car, had to drive it to the nearest petrol station and call the AA. The AA guy did a quick diagnostic and said it was a faulty camshaft position sensor. He also said it would be the best thing to take the car to an Audi outlet for repair, so we searched
  17. In December 2010, my stepson was involved in an accident. Another car crashed into him and it was the other drivers fault. My stepson contacted Audi Harold Wood and they sent one of their reps to come and look at the damage. The Audi rep informed my step son that they would deal with everything on his behalf and he did not need to contact his own insurance company. He was also informed that a company called Accident Exchange would contact him and arrange for a courtesy car to be delivered whilst his car was being repaired. His Audi A3 was collected and an Audi A4 was supplied. My Ste
  18. hello there We bought a car through Audi last year using a pcp financing deal. We part exchanged a car that was also under a finance deal. Audi claimed it was in negative equity, a fact that we denied but in any event they gave us a good enough deal so we went with it. We want to hand the car back but we have been told that notwithstanding the fact that we paid approx £300 per month for a year we still owe them money, around £3,500 due to the depreciation in value of the car against the loan. My issue is that i am sure we were advised that we could hand the car back at any ti
  19. An Audi A3 was stolen off the owners driveway in South Manchester on 7th June 2012 The thieves entered the house via the insecure front door and threatened the owner with a crowbar before stealing the keys and then the car itself. The owner however has quite a good CCTV system and has uploaded the theft and images of the thieves on youtube to try and identify them. It's worth a watch and worth circulating further to help try and identify these **** to the police http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NSvrtmGMmUI
  20. H Againi, Just started another thread for another claim ppi claim I am making. I recently started a claim against Audi as I believed that I had had a ppi with them but couldn't at first find the old documents. Over the years I had bought two cars from Audi. Anyway, just over a week ago I sent the SAR to Audi who had previously refused my PPI claim saying I did not have ppi with them. It was an odd thing since I managed to find all the paperwork, account numbers etc. Anyway, I have received all their documents and find that I did have PPI with them after all on my second car and not
  21. My sister bought a 2008 Audi TT from a local Audi dealer on an HP agreement not too long ago. There has been a 'ticking' sound from behind the dash for some time, which she's tried to have fixed. Despite repeated attempts, more than five, the reason for the sound was not immediately identified by the garage. She took the car in a few weeks ago regarding the nosie again - and was told the steering column needed replacing! It seems unlikely that these two issues are connected - can anyone shed any light on this? She then picked the car up once the new column had beed fitted and drove a
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