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  1. I posted a long time back about getting my partners mother moved from their council house to nearer to us as she has very poor health and her friend who is her carer is 72 and they both need more support they're currently 75 miles away. Long story short after some help from an MP they have been offered a local home. They have told the council they are leaving and they now want them to sign terms and conditions saying things like they need to remove all furniture (fair enough) but they also say all carpets must be removed now the carpets that are there were down when they moved in about 2
  2. Sorry for the long explanation. On the 06/09/12 I lost my job. On 07/09/12 I made an online claim for JSA(C+IB) and for Housing/Council Tax Benefit. On 07/09/2012 my wife went to the Peak Valley Housing Association office to tell them I was out of work, of the above and that we will be paying rent of £250.97 on 29/09/12 to bring our rent account to a nil balance. My wife was told that any overpaid rent would be refunded once the housing benefit was awarded. Full housing and council tax benefit was awarded from W/C 10/09/12 and this created a rent credit of £239.85. We had a lett
  3. Hi all, if you would like an insight into how these guys are thinking 1). Go to Google 2). In search enter Credit Services Association This will bring up the CSA 'segments', have a look at the segment entitled Manifesto, and read their pitch. They certainly dont like the current law or Consumer groups, if this was to enacted into law the outcome for the poor old consumer would be catastrophic!. N.B. dont go to the CSA website direct as this segment soes not show!! http://www.csa-uk.com/media/editor/file/Manifesto.pdf
  4. Had to share this with members,you may have already seen it but the Credit Services Assn.are complaining about sites like this that give advice about how to "combat"their illegal and bullying tactics to extort money from the unsuspecting public,are they for real!!!!!!Apparently they are trying to stop us from operating or restraining what we can do???????????????Just shows that a little bit of knowledge is power and they will never prevail over decent folk who just want to be treated as human beings and not hardened criminals.Three cheers for the consumer action group,hip hip hoorah!
  5. I live on an over 55's Shared Ownership (70%) complex which has a private car park.It is situated across from a football ground and on match days we have problems with cars blocking the car park and entrance. There used to be signs to say it was private but these were wood and have rotted away. We asked if they could be replaced and this was agreed but we have now been informed that an ANPR scheme is to be implemented which will require all authorised cars to have a permit.This is going to be a real pain for the residents, many in their eighties who rely on carers, district nurses, pharmacies
  6. Hi all, first let me apologise if this post is in the wrong place, I wasn’t sure where to put it and this seemed like the most appropriate place at the time. Anyway, a couple of friends of mine are having some trouble with the housing association, Affinity Sutton. Background is, my friend she was married to this guy back in 2000s, in 2005 she moved out of the property she shared with him and says she informed Affinity Sutton of the move and requested she be removed from the tenancy. Shortly after leaving the property, she then moved into another property, not with the housing as
  7. I note that the BPA have published their new Code of Practice on their website, It is interesting to read the maximum charge of £100 is mentioned time and time again. However, I am at a loss to understand how amounts such as this can be an accurate pre estimate of loss particularly when the Department for Transport has issed the following statement. Charges for breaking a parking contract must be reasonable and a genuine pre-estimate of loss. This means charges must compensate the landholder only for the loss they are likely to suffer because the parking contract has been broken. For exam
  8. Please can someone advise on the following:- On my wife's Experian statutory report which I have recently obtained there is no heading for Financial Associations within the report. It jumps from Aliases to Credit Account Information, does this mean she is not financially associated to me? I am querying this as when I look at my Equifax report I have a heading for Associations which then states underneath that I have no financial associations, therefore my presumption is that there would also be the heading available with Experian to and text stating that there are no financial associ
  9. Recently we have had a conservatory installed, but it seems we cannot insure it unless we have buildings insurance. Building insurance is held by the Housing Assocciation therefore we cannot also insure the building also as I believe it could be an offence. Recently many conservatories suffered hail damage and we do not want to be a statistic. How do we get around this one and insure only the conservatory?
  10. Hi, I've looked for legal help on this matter and have been in touch with the MP, CAB, doctors, etc etc everyone and anyone. Here's the story: I have two children a boy being the eldest and a daughter the youngest. 11 years ago I was moved from a 3 bedroom maisonette (previously deemed unsafe for young children) to a 2 bedroom house just 5 weeks before my son turned 5 years old. Atlantic H.A. policy is two siblings of opposite sex where the eldest is 5+ years old are entitled to their own bedrooms. Craftily they moved us just before this time and 11 years later my son has just turned 16 years
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