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  1. HELP!!!!!!! I have a £5k debt to Mbna from Jan 2010 it was sold/passed around Aic, Wescot, Moorcroft and finally Arrow Global with a few solicitors letters in between. I did try to reason with Aic when the account was first passed but soon learnt my lesson. Last week a letter came from Shoosmiths solicitors (dated 20/9/12) asking me to agree terms in the next 14 days or they would issue court preceedings (threats that had been made in previous solicitors letters), then yesterday a claim form arrived from Northhampton County Court (Claiment Arrow Global). Wh
  2. Hi there guys, came across this forum while looking for help with a growing problem. Very long story, but will try to summarise: I've been in debt for a *very* long time - never let a messed up 18 year old have a full-time job, they'll still be paying off that debt into their 30s... as I've found out the hard way. Contract ended, I couldn't find another f/t job and fell into arrears. Been drifting from p/t job to p/t job ever since, when I haven't been on the dole, that is. When I realised (or rather, accepted) that I needed help (in early twenties), I followed advice from the CAB and hav
  3. Hey Everybody I've been lurking on this wonderful forum for a couple of months now reading up on as much as possible whilst familiarising myself with knowledge through the conversatoins being carried out here - phew. I'm kinda stuck now but here's where I'm at: I sent my SAR's letter mid December and received all my statements first week in January. I'm now in the middle of completing Mindzai's easy-to-follow spreadsheet and looking to claim contractual compound interest at 29.84%. I have a Royalties Premier account. I selected Minzai's contractual daily rate sheet as
  4. Hi guys, I really need you help on this one, please take the time to read my story and sorry in advance for the long story.. This all started 6 years back when i visited one of the Phones 4 U store's in Birmingham. I was interested in purchasing a contract and as such had Phones 4 U to apply a credit check to my bank to find out whether i was eligible for a mobile contract. I NEVER purchased and neither did I agree to any contract or any sale of any products with the company. I was reassured and advised by the manager of Phones 4 U that my details would be cleared from their systems
  5. Hi all, Help would be greatly apprreciated!! I have recieved a claim form from NCC on behalf of Bryan Carter & Arrow global. They claim i made arrangements to pay under a ref number and have defaulted. I have no knowledge of this debt or ever making an agreement with Arrow global. After reading some post on this forum i have completed the response pack stating i will defend the claim. Can someone please help me with what letters i need to send to Bryan Carter to get more info about this and how to proceed. Thanks in advance Graham
  6. As the title says, Is Clarity Credit Management associated with Arrow/Global? in any way?
  7. Hello, I'm being hounded by Rockwell on behalf of Arrow Global who in turn say they want money regarding a debt with MBNA. Rockwell have written various times but have now instructed a firm called Fenton Cooper to act. These guys are threatening to advise their client to lodge a CCJ. The last payment to MBNA was on September 2007. From what I have read on these forums it must be at least 6 years before I can claim the debt is SB'd. Should I be sending Arrow or Rockwell or Fenton a CCA request? How will this help? Hope someone can provide guidance.
  8. Hi I have posted this elsewhere but then came across this section and I think my problem is linked as the warrant had the claimant name arrow global and is related to a 2nd CCJ so the debt has been split. any help appreciated. i cannot post the link to my original thread properly so hope if you remove the spaces and change DOTS to dot link will work www dot consumeractiongroup dot co dot uk /forum/ showthread.php?346768-CCJ-and-Split-Debt&p=3801279#post3801279
  9. Hi I really need some help on where I stand.... Around the 18th of march I received a trace letter in my maiden name ( I've been married for 10months)from Lowell/Rockwell, after reading these forums I decided to bin it as, as far as I am aware, the only debt I have I am paying off. yesterday 2nd April i received a letter from rockwell saying i owe their client Arrow Global £199.04 and i have 10 days from the date of the letter 28th March to pay in full or call them to provide a full income/outgoing expenditure list if i want to pay in instalments. As the letter took 4/5 days to get t
  10. Back at the end of the 90's I had a loan with First Direct of about £5k, I missed one payment, which they then passed straight to debt collection without giving me the chance to try and fix it. It was originally passed to Phoenix Recoveries ( from memory) and they allowed me to pay the debt off at £20 a month. I went to live abroad for 5 years and was still paying at the same amount. ( Did not know about the statute term back then.) When I came back I moved to a different area. In the meantime Phoenix sold the debt on to Fredrickson-which I was unaware of. Somehow the got my new telephone n
  11. Hi Fredrickson are chasing for payment of a rather old Egg loan. My credit file shows more than one default for the same debt. In 2009 I disputed the debt on the basis of unenforceability. The refused to send the SAR and finally sent it about 2 years later. In the interim I was chased by the usual DCA's and sent them all the 'account in dispute' letter. About 18 months ago, Freds sent me their first letter asking for payment. I then sent them the account in dispute letter and prove assignment as I had with the others before them. They responded with a letter full of waffle and I ig
  12. Can anyone please help with some advice on how to proceed with this? I checked my experian credit file a few days ago and was surprised to find a default from global arrow for £172! Started: Feb 2006 Defaulted: Aug 2006 Satisfied: Feb 2012 I then went on to check credit expert and equifax and both have listed this account also. Call credit lists similar details to experian in that I defaulted and it has this month been satisfied....Equifax lists that the account was settled by payment in Aug 2006 and no default is shown! I contacted arrow global who put me through to
  13. Hi all, the story so far....... 2007-2010 i was working out of the country for Disney on Ice (so working generally a week or two in a city or country at a time before moving on.) May 2010 I returned to the UK and looked for job/somewhere to live. April 2011 - received a letter from Arrow Global Ltd stating "......with effect from 5th November 2010 under a written assignment of the debt you owe to FV-1 Inc, has been sold to Arrow Global Ltd " (Typed up in full on post: search cambio1 arrow global). Unaware of any previous court action i treat it as a new claim and requested pr
  14. OK....hope someone can help me. I have been ordered to attend court for Questioning in Jan 2012. This is in regards to a CCJ that was passed against me in 2008. I never received the paperwork and was completely unaware of this up until a week ago when the the above order (to attend for questioning) was served to my new address. This is because i was working out of the country from 2007- 2010. I would like to get the judgement stayed so i have a chance to defend myself againt the claim....especially since, as yet, i still have no idea what/where this debt is from. Additionally i feel
  15. I have a very old debt (1995) originally with A&L currently with Arrow Global/Rockwell. I paid off this debt until May 2009 through a CCCS DMP and it has been passed through several DCAs. At that point I stopped paying. It it currently with Arrow Global and being managed by Rockwell. I was sent a letter by Fenton Cooper on their behalf. I recently sent a CCS request and have been sent in response a very indistinct and blurred photocopy of what looks like my original agreement. The photocopy has reduced the pages which were originally A4 to about A5 size. This was supplied by San
  16. My Partners house has been re-possessed by Arrow Global because her ex husband defaulted on a loan. The house was Mortgage FREE! AG have sold the property (5 bed detached house) for £130,000 Fortunately she issued a Severance of Tenancy via her Solicitor. The Court ordered the proceeds of the sale should be split 50/50 after the sale costs have been deducted and the amount owed by the ex retained from his half of the Money. Today she received a cheque from AG for £56,000 and although she has requested a full breakdown of all costs and payments only the cheque was delivered. We have
  17. Arrow Global have noted a debt on my file with Experian starting in 2000 and have 'updated' this as a current debt in 2010. I have not borrowed anything from Arrow Global but had debts pre 2006 that have now been settled or written off by agreement. I have asked Experian to remove this debt from my file and they have referred me to Arrow, I have in turn asked them to supply me with details (paid a £1) but they cannot provide a copy of a contract. Experian will not remove the data from my file even though their 'client' cannot prove the debt. What is the correct course of acti
  18. hi, i received a letter to attend court in 4 weeks time and until i rang i didn't know what the debt was for. After speaking to the courts and then to Hegarty? which is Arrow Global the debt is an hsbc account which was taken over by Arrow back in November 2006 at which point I was in the process of repossession. They took on the debt at a amount of 8255.00 and its is currently standing at 12,237.88. I do remember ringing HSBC when we first started struggling to repay an overdraft and credit card and was advised to take out a management loan which at the time I didn't realise and wasn't info
  19. Hi All, I have posted in various other threads about a debt with Mint for around £3000 dating back to 2007. This was originally passed to Bryan Carter who I sent a CCA request to, and was then not chased for 3 years until I received notice of assignment to Arrow Global/ Westcot earlier this year. I have not responded to them in any way since, however they now appear to have passed this to Credit Security Ltd who have sent me 2 letters threatening a doorstep visit. I have today received an offer from Credit Security offering me a 10% discount for full and final settlement.
  20. Hi a few months ago I received a letter from Fredrickson asking me to contact them regarding a personal matter, I checked the web and found this CAG forum so binned it. the next day I received a letter saying I owed their client Arrow Global £2229.27 I figured from this board that it related to Orange, I sent them a Prove it letter and received a reply saying it was on hold. Yesterday I received another letter from Freds which says, "We refer to your recent letter or telephone conversation with this office. Please find enclosed account dicuments, provided by our client as requested. we hop
  21. Hi All, I am back for some help again! The full story to now can be read on the below thread; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?153836-Brian-Carter-Solicitors-Advice-Please Total amount £3,223.58 With your advice, I managed to put Bryan Carter and his friends in their place and after they were unable to provide me with a CCA for this debt, I have heard nothing from anyone since September 2008. Within the last few days however I have received 3 letters which were sent to my parents house. 1/ From RBS stating that they had assigned this debt to Arrow Glo
  22. Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if someone can help me in dealing with this problem. I recieved a letter from advantis credit who are claiming to be appointed to collect payment of a debt which I owe to Global Arrow. It also states that the "debt owed to arrow global assigned by Orange". Now I had an account with Orange in 2005/2006 (cant remember exactly) and I to my knowledge the account was paid and closed when I took out another contract. It doesnt give any more details over then the amount which is £400!!!! Now my questions are How do I get them to tell me where this de
  23. I original requested proof of contract but the said to me i had to get that from the original supplier and then asked me what i propose for the debt. I received NO contract just that the consumer credit act 1974 does not apply to mobile phone services and sent me back my postal order for £1.00. To let you know i do not owe this debt as i have never had a contract phone lol. Nice of them. I have recently found out that they still need to prove i owe the debt never the less with help from the templates on the forum i have written a second letter which i will be sending tomorrow i just
  24. Hi, Im looking for some advice I got a letter from a company called Arrow Global in November stating the I owe Orange £97.73 Until I received this there was no mention of this debt on my credit files and I didnt know the debt existed. I disputed this with Arrow Global and they asked orange for information on the Debt. The debt relates to a phone which was returned on 14 Day money back (Distance Selling Regs) They say it relates to a none returned handset. some line rental and calls. Line rental and calls I have no problem with but the phone was returned. The Account was opened
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