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Found 43 results

  1. A few years ago I had an unpaid tax bill of around £6,000. I & HMRC came to an arrangement and they (because I wasn't working anymore) agreed I cld pay this off at £100 per month, which I have done every month (amount now owing is £1,600). I have this in writing from HMRC. They send me a statement every 3 mionths to let me know how much I still owe. All well & good...no because at the beginning of April I rec'd letter asking for full amount, rang them said to ignore it, end of April same thing, rang them and bloke said must be a mistake and not to worry just keep on paying my £100 a month and he would "sort it out" at his end. Sigh of relief...no because this a.m. rec'd a letter saying that I have to pay this in full otherwise they will send a debt collector around!!!!!! I rang them yet again and was told exactly same thing ...not to worry...will sort it out...just ignore the letter!!!!! All well & b---dy good but after the 1st two calls still haven't sorted it out otherwise I wldn't have got this letter . I told him that this was harassment. Now if they take it further and do send a baliff/debt collector etc what are my rights if I am in an agreement wit HMRC. I am not disputing I owe the money, I do, but can I tell debt collector or a baliff to b---er off or words to that effect! Help needed please.
  2. I've held a secured loan with Blemain for around 5/6 years and had a few hiccups along the path. I'm on my second arrangement and two months into that I couldn't make the payment. I'm self-employed and have one client who is always on their last legs and late in paying me. In cases where I have to buy things for them, I have to insist they prepay, but they have a monthly standing and I recently did some work for them. The net result is they owe me £950 which should have been received by 12th April, but from what they tell me they won't be in a position to pay this until early next month. I have a monthly payment of £595 to Blemain on the 21st (today) and had been speaking to my problem client up until late on Friday to see if they could even pay parts of my invoices - enough to cover Blemain. I tried to call Blemain to explain the situation on Saturday when they are normally open 10am to 4pm only to find they were closed for all the Easter Holidays. By the time they reopen tomorrow the loan will automatically have defaulted and presumably they will give me 3 weeks from today to clear all the arrears which would be impossible. The problem is when they make a payment arrangement they request 75% of your disposable income to cover the arrears, which is manageable if you are on a set salary, but far more difficult if you are on self-employed and your clientbase contains of a couple of ********s. Any advice on how to tackle this? Thanks, Dave
  3. Hi, I am preparing to apply for a mortgage and have checked my credit file using Experian and Equifax. Equifax is showing an 'arrangement to pay' for four consecutive months in Feb 2009 and my account settled in April 2010, yet there is no mention of this in Experian. I would really like to find out more information regarding why they have done this. I don't remember any conversation about putting me on a payment plan/ So, how would i go about finding this information out? Also, do i stand a chance of getting this removed? I appreciate any feedback you could give me. thank you/
  4. Hi all, could do with a bit of advice on this one..... Took out a loan back in 2001 for 23k via a broker called Guardian Finance who at the time arranged lending with First National. At the time of application I was told that either myself or partner (joint applicant) would need to take PPI to ensure the loan was approved. The loan was over 12 years and during that time First National were acquired by GE Money and before the end of the term I settled the loan never having to call on the PPI. Fast forward to the end of last year when talking to a friend I realised I had a good case for mis-sold PPI so I sent a SAR to GE Money. I then subsequently (thanks to the very good info on this site) approached GE Money telling them I believed I had been mis-sold the PPI and that I was looking to claim back my losses and damages, and sent in the standard calculations. GE have responded saying that as they didn't sell me the finance then they don't feel liable and I should contact Guardian finance. Guardian Finance seem to be one of those organisation who have closed down long ago and re-opened under another slightly different name, down the road, probably slightly different directors, etc. You get the jist. So my chances of recourse against them are effectively nil. What is interesting is that in all the information I received from SAR there is a Payout Signoff sheet which shows the financer paying a commission to Guardian Finance for the selling of the loan and also the PPI. Does this make them more culpable? Where would people suggest I go from here? Pursue GE Money again drawing their attention to the fact that they(well First National) paid a commission to the broker for the PPI they sold? Or should I approach the underwriter of the PPI (Commercial Union) ? Other than the two approaches above I'd consider handing over to one of the many PPI reclaim companies but I don't think I'm quite at that stage yet.
  5. Hello. I have a private arrangement with my ex to pay maintenence for my daughter who is 17 and enrolled at college this September. This arrangement has been in place since, well, the start so to speak, some 15 years and have been informed - told - by my ex that i have to keep paying until she is 19. Is my ex right.....? Seeing as there are no CSA involved and its a private arrangement, do i still have to follow their rules...? Thanks.
  6. Last year I rented out a room to make some extra cash to a student. Long story short he did a runner owning rent and left the room in a tip. Wrote to him at his parents address asking for outstanding amount to be paid or I would go to small claims court to pursue had no response. He failed to turn up at court in Nov&Feb court found in my favour. I tracked him down via his new employer a few weeks ago and engaged the sheriff officers to deliver the decree to his address which gives him 14 days to respond which he didn't. So last week I applied via the sheriff officers an arrestment of earnings order against him. Suddenly now I have his attention and had a call from the CAB stating that the 3rd party doesn't owe anything I explained the situation to the CAB who have then said well sounds like he's had his chances and will now need to engage a solicitor. I've been told by the sheriff officer he cant stop the arrestment of earning order and I know there is no direct right of appeal against the court findings. But I think he can try to get the hearing re-called and would this prevent me from getting the money owed until it was resolved
  7. I have 2 credit cards with a combined debt of £14,000, I also have smaller debts of £150 which can be dealt with As well as the debts I have a £30,000 mortgage, with repayment s of £210 per month, with NR, which I am trying to move to my bank RBS. It seems banks are only giving 70%ltv, this only gives me a small amount to maybe clear one small debt; are there any banks that go to 90% which could allow me to clear most of my debts, and make them manageble In the last year, my health has not been that good, so I dont work as much as I used to, used to work 40 hrs pr wk, but now I only work 26 hr per week. I am hoping this year I can claim tax credits which would go some way to applying of my debts, as well as an increase in hours to meet conditions to claim tax credits Since I am starting to struggle with payments, for credit cards, elec&gas bills, council tax, I find my self falling behind, but somehow manage to make the payments; currently I pay out £240 to barclaycard, £150 to Halifax. Just had my Ele&gas bill of £320, which I just paid I am looking for information on trust deeds in scotland, and debt plans, it more I am looking for who I should speak to in the glasgow area
  8. Hi all, A friend of mine had a payment arrangement with Jacobs Bailiffs over Council Tax Arrears. The arrangement was to pay £40 per week. Just before Christmas she broke her leg and has been unable to get out of the house. This has caused her to miss 3 to 4 payments. Yesterday she received a letter dated the 03/01/2013. The contents of the letter are as follows; *************************************************** Dear Miss * ********* You have not maintained your arrangement to pay £40.00 every 7 days. Your arrangement is therefore cancelled and WILL NOT be re-instated. If FULL payment is not received within four days, a bailiff will attend at your property for the purpose of collecting the full payment or removing goods for sale a public auction, which will incur additional costs to you. PLEASE NOTE: If this matter is now out with our bailiffs there may now be further costs to pay in addition to the balance above. *************************************************** She telephoned Jacobs explaining the situation and offering to pay £100 immediately. The person she was speaking to said it is to late now and that the amount can only be paid in full. They want her to pay £575.04 in full, this she cannot do. I have advised her to only deal with these people in writing. I am also going to draft a latter explaining the mitigating circumstances and an offer of payment to catch up with the missed payments. Any advice appreciated. Regards
  9. Hi All, Back in 2008 my Natwest account was overdrawn by about £5 unarranged and the payment was returned I was slapped with a £28 fee which I disputed and stopped making any payment into the said account , for the next 12 months Natwest tried to take the £28 payment from my account each month and seeing as there is no money there, another charge of £28 was being added each month until about the 5th month when the account was about £ 336 in debit. in between I made 2 payments of about £120 before I eventually gave em a call and told them I will pay the money provided the charges was stopped while I bring the account up to date but I was intending to pay it bits (intention then was to spite them, foolish I know now). I said I ll make the payment in 3 go which I did, and I have been using the account till date, What I did not realise back then was an AP had been entered on my credit file without any letter to that effect as the agreement was made over the phone. Knowing what I know now and the damage to my file, I wonder if I can ask Natwest to take this off my file. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  10. Hi, I am wondering whether anyone can help me. Back in 2009 due to encountering financial difficulties I contacted Capital One to request a payment arrangement for my Credit Card (1000 balance) as I was struggling to make the minimum repayment. I cannot remember exactly what happened but they send me an income and expenditure form and put my account into default. I have checked my credit report and the default was recorded in April 2009 and since this date I have been paying a set amount each month in a repayment plan I have agreed. I am wondering when this default is likely to come off my report? will it be 6 years from April 2009 or 6 years from whenever I clear the balance which wont be anytime soon. Also is continuing to be on this payment plan also damaging as everytime they write to me to ask to extend the plan it makes no reference to potential damage to my credit record. Any help anyone could give would be great. Thank you very much.
  11. Help, please...I need advice. The bailiffs have 2 council tax liabilty orders on me. The bailiff said I could still make an arrangement with them if i paid £190 immediately and they did a walking possession on goods. I did as asked and sent the forms off with an offer to pay £100 per month. I've got a reply saying that I have to pay £250 on each order per month. I am unemployed and not entitled to benefit, my wife only earns £860 per month. My rent is £340 per month which would leave us with £20 per month to live on. The first payment is due next week. I've resigned myself to losing the few things we have of any value, such as the tv.. .even though the value of all the items is probably less than 1/3 of the debt. Can anyone help me?
  12. Hello I am in a bit of bother with payday loans not helped by RBS reducing my overdraft by 400 pounds on 2-2-2013. I am due wonga £581.90 with a due date of 30-1-2013. I emailed them to say i would not be able to meet that payment. After a few emails they have agreed that i can set up an arrangement myself through my account, however they say i cannot do this until 27-1-2013 at the earliest. This is the final email that i received. Has anyone set up their own arrangement?. How many instalments are you allowed to spread your debt over?. Hi **** We always aim to help you settle your loan as quickly as possible. Acknowledging difficulty in repaying is half the battle, so we really appreciate you getting in touch and discussing a repayment plan. We do appreciate your current difficulties but, in order to help, we need a better understanding of your financial situation. To do this, we need you to complete an online income and expenditure form which can be found at http://www.wonga.com/financialassessment.aspx. You’ll be able to view and complete it three days before your repayment date. Please note it won’t be available to you before this time. Once you complete the income and expenditure form, you’ll be given an opportunity to propose the repayments you can reasonably make. If, from the information you’ve provided, these payments are [acceptable/reasonable], your repayment plan will be set up within seconds. If not, we’ll suggest reasonable repayments using the information you’ve provided, which you’ll be able to confirm by responding to our email {or however we will contact them}. We’ll only be able to suspend interest and charges, and stop attempts to collect payment for all or some of the outstanding balance, once you’ve successfully set up a repayment plan.
  13. Just a quick question about the debt arrangement scheme with regards to credit history. Does the 6 year clock for it to drop off your credit file start from the default date or last reduced payment ? Thanks for any help
  14. Hi everyone, I need first to explain that I live in the UK for 3 years and I got my first car last year. I didn't know many rules and I got other PCN due to a very tiring pregnancy and didn't remove my car every morning from the residential area. As a result, I got many PCNs. To add more to the problem, when I bought my car I hadn't a flat, so was with friends temporarly when all my mail was already going to a previous adress. I had a lot to deal with and honestly I didn't think that dealing with my pcns later would so problematic. As you can imagine, it is a nightmare. Since I have received the first letter from the first bailiff I started woring on it seriousely. -I have been taken around £400 (for a pcn of £120) by the Martson group (which I am going to contest when I brieve out). -I sent Out of time applications for every PCN. I got 2 answers, 1 was accepted, I ahve to pay £130 to the issuer; 1 was refuse (not PCN, apparently I stop where I shouldn't have to pick up someone) they ask 350 and bailiff Collect Services asks int total 479. Before the out of time, bailiff had asked an email to explain finances and ask an arrangement. I did and had never heard back from them/. After the out of time was refused, they asked full payment immediately, ignored my second email where I offered to pay £25 per month. they called to ask payment, I told them about the email and though they sent a letter on saturday to say I was not reachable, I sent another email immidately and monday someone knocked very loudly on the door. We didn't open as we knew it was them. My question is, is there a specific way with the reference of a law to oblige them to consider my letter. -Also, another question, the DVLA had made a mistake on the spelling of my name (1 letter) and I was told that bailiffs couldn't come to my place with a liability order that had a wrong spelling on it. Can I contest the PCNs on that ground. We also had a council taxt debt and are arguuing with Newlyn against their fees... So we can't pay all the charges at once. Your help would be ...really helpful, it is draining and stressful. Our child doesn't understand why we don't open the door and have to whisper. Thanks a lot for your advice. If anything not clear, I'll be happy to explain. Xx
  15. For the last few days, or so, I've been getting phone calls asking for my friend - she's still away visiting her family. They are mostly a mixture of Auto-digitalker messages and sms digitalker. I think it is to do with her Barclays account - we sent an SAR request months and months ago, see further up the "Continuing a financial arrangement" thread, and I think that they have got fed up. The SAR is at the local Barclays branch awaiting collection, it came a couple of days after my friend went away - the bank staff do know that she will be in to collect it, in very early August. We have no idea of the true balance, because Barclays never sent any statements, [probably needed all their paper for scribbling down "Libor" calculations]! On the two occasions that they've spoken, these CSL shower have asked if they can speak to her, and I told them, "No you can't, put it in writing, and it will be dealt with" I don't think that they can compose or read, letters. Never, ever, is my friend going to speak to them, [except over their dead bodies, of course] - she is classed as "a vulnerable person", disabled, deaf, and sometimes very easily confused - in fact she doesn't even know about it, I've not mentioned it, no need to spoil her holiday. Apart from the first three or four calls, I'm recorded, date, time, and type of each call. As I've told 'em twice to write, is that it, just ignore further voice calls, but simply carry on recording them? Sam
  16. Hi all , My wife has an old (2004 ish) Barclaycard debt (£1400) that was bought by Cabot 6 months ago , we have only been paying a token £1 a month on this debt for aslong as I can remember . The wife missed Mays payment , completely slipped her mind blaming the fact that she's 14 weeks pregnant . I know that there are numerous late payment fees and charges + PPI associated with this debt but could anyone confirm that she can still , given that 6 yrs has passed , claim anything back from Barclays ? And what would the first steps letter wise be to get the ball rolling with Cabot ? Many thanks GD
  17. Hello - I have had a payment arrangement with barclaycard for ages now - over 2 years i think, this was to pay off an approximate £1600.00 bill. I have been in financial hardhsip and on arrangements with mortgage comapny, gas, electric etc. I keep getting statements from Barclays and I was just wondering if they were right to be charging be interest still. The May 2012 statement says; Previous Balance £1349.35 Payments REceived £25.00CR New Transactions £6.94 (I destroyed the card over 2 years ago - this account has not been used) Your new balance £1331.29 Under 'Your transactions' it says; 21 May Payment, £25 22 May Interest on your standard balance 0.561% Im rubbish when it comes to interest and anything like this really - I guess you hear and read so much about these big companies doing things that they shouldnt that i just want to check that im not being stupid! Thank you anyone for help
  18. Hiya, Im not sure if anyone can help, but im currently disputing an arrangment to pay registered against me by Natwest. This was recorded in Feb 2008 on a loan account i had with them with has now ended. I am completely baffled as to where this default has come from, as i never entered any plan with them to make payments and always made the full amount each month. I believe in this particular month, i was slightly late with my payment due to being out of work, but i believe i resolved this with them within a week and i was completely up to date. I have sent a complaint letter to Natwest, but am yet to hear anything. I have also registered a dispute with Equifax, however the reply i got from them was to contact Natwest directly, something which i have tried with the telephone number given, but the call centre didnt seem to have a clue and were unable to help. Equifax have now closed the dispute. I would be grateful if anyone has any further contact details for me to dispute this as i feel i am completely in limbo at present. The arrangement to pay is greatly affecting my credit file. Thanks in advance
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