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  1. Hi, I was caught on London bus on June .. for using rail pass issued for my friend .. later I got summon to appear on court this 30 , Sept .. 1. for using the pass issued for another person 71 b 2.contrary to section section 25(3) I'm a mom of 2 young children,trying for job and don't want to end up with a criminal record on my name I tried calling tfl in this numbers several times ..(02070279158,02030543595,02030543825,02030544374,02030545522) cant get them (I aimed to convince them by pleading guilty )..please help ..please help .. how can I avoid criminal record ? _Chida
  2. Another one from Scoop, bailiffs sent to collect from a pensioner who owed nothing, this time it was the council who messed up, and sent bailiffs to collect the debt from an innocent pensioner. who was worried anout their threats to seize goods whether he was in or out, the usual implied threat of forced entry. http://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/11477720.Bailiffs_threaten_to__break_into__innocent_pensioner_s_home/?ref=rss " Somerset County Council has since admitted there was an error due to an incorrectly registered vehicle and apologised to 85-year-old Michael O’Loughlin. It said a bailiff had called to ‘take control of your goods’ and that if I didn’t respond they’d get my goods ‘whether I was present or not’ – which sounds like they would force entry into my home to take things. “Although it had my address on it, it was someone else’s name and the postcode wasn’t mine. “I was frightened of going out in case they came back and broke my door down." Wonder who would be blamed if a pensioner dies as a result of wrongful action like this from a stroke or heart attack? The bailiff who knocked on the door and the victim dropped dead in front of him, or the council official who got the wrong details?
  3. After several calls to customer services and failed promises by the people on the phone at EE's 'customer services', I finally managed to port my number from Vodafone a couple of days ago. The feeling of success was short-lived once I realised that I couldn't receive calls, or send or receive sms. Deeply regretting moving to EE already. I spent the whole of today either on the phone to EE or waiting for them to call me (on a landline, as my phone is useful for nothing but admiring the pretty coloured squares on the screen) I was fobbed off with excuse after excuse, patronised with "have you tried turning it off and on again", promised call backs that never came, promised solutions that were never delivered, told by one guy that he'd sent a text and i was to wait for that (he was obviously oblivious to my inability to receive said text) told by another that I should probably wait 24 hours and call back again. I was charged 25p for each call to 150 where I spoke to someone, left on hold for at least 15 minutes each time I rang, had the phone put down on me a few times. I am so colossally fed up of having to re-explain my issue each time I ring to someone else that can't be bothered to do anything about it or give me a proper explanation for why nothing is being done!
  4. I Got into a mess late 2010/11 with several payday loan companies. When I decided to try to sort them out all apart from Wonga accepted repayment plans and they have all been repaid. I contacted Wonga the week before the loan repayment was due to explain my circumstances, and was told by an agent that there was nothing he could do until the date of the repayment, so ring back then. I did this on the day of the repayment, tried to explain again and was told by another agent that he could not set up a repayment plan, but a manager could and they would phone me in the next few days. after a week no response, I tried Wonga again by phone & email, still no contact. The loan has now been sold to PRA who are asking for double the original loan amount. I have told them that Wonga have not stuck to their terms & conditions in that they never contacted me to discuss a repayment plan. PRA say the terms & conditions state that Wonga could discuss repayment plan and/or pass on to a debt recovery agency (hence PRA). The problem I have is that it has taken 3 years. Am I being naive in thinking that Wonga should have contacted me in a reasonable time? Should I complain to Wonga? any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi there, I googled Harlands after receiving a letter from them and sure enough it led me here! I've been reading through other peoples issues but wanted to post my own. I joined my local Xercise 4 less on a month by month bases in mid 2012. In November 2012 I switched to a year contract as it was cheaper. The final payment for this contract was on 19 December 2013. So on 9 December I posted the gym a letter of cancellation, as they require 30 days notice. As I did not hear from them I cancelled my DD on 15 January, as it was about to come out again on the 19th. Then on the 27th of January I received a letter from Harlands stating I had to pay £9.99 outstanding balance, £9.99 cancellation fee and their lovely £25.00 admin fee. I spoke to Harlands who informed me I would need to speak directly to the gym to sort this out, so today I'm going to post a letter (recorded delivery) to my gym which looks like this: I just wanted to check that this seemed ok? I'm sure it won't be the last of it but I want to start on the right foot. Many thanks for any advice!
  6. I seem to always have bad luck when buying stuff, bought a DSLR camera less than 4 months ago at PC world and been using it a lot as I am a keen photographer. It just developed a fault which is going to mean that I am without it for probably up to 2 weeks, which is not really great right now because I am using it a lot and was planning to go away next week and take some photos with it somewhere, but if it's away getting repaired then I can't obviously do that. I'm just wondering where I stand with my consumer rights here. I paid for the use of an item specifically during an imminent period and now I don't have that use, and that sort of forfeits the whole deal kind of. Would there perchance be a piece of legislation I can quote to them which says that they have to give me a replacement or a refund here? I was also thinking that maybe I should get a different camera anyway, but mostly I just want to make sure I have a camera, or at the very least they loan one out to me for the duration. It also has a scratch on it now, on the screen when I put it on a dike the other day, not because I dropped so maybe they will accuse me of mishandling it, which is certainly not the case I look after stuff, especially gadgets.
  7. Hi all, Great forum and some good advice, but I feel I still need to ask again as some of the info is conflicting. I parked at A Euro Car Parks site in Bracknell. I over stayed (I was there for over 6 hours) as I never recalled you had a limit before and that it was free (it is for an hour or 2 I think). I got a letter from ECP demanding the £70 or £40 if paid straight away, but I lost the letter. So awaited letter number 2 so I could pay. Instead I got a letter from DRP demanding £130 or they would recommend to the creditor's solicitor that court action should be taken to recover what I owe. Anyway, I was happy to pay the original fine but had no way of doing so or talking to anyone at ECP. I spoke to the DRP saying I will not pay them £130 as I never got a letter (slight bending of the truth) but will pay the original fine with the reduction to £40. They just refused and demanded the full amount (this is last day I have to pay). I said that the original letter never came to me so that was unfair. They started referring me to websites and legislation saying I had to pay them the £130. Anyway, I called them back and the same woman (they would not let me talk to the person on the letter) still refused and said I would be taken to court. I said they had no right for that sum and she again directed me to a website stating they do. I informed her that the amount of letters lost by the Royal mail a week means this is not unusual and asked why they did not send by recorded delivery. She just said they don't have to and just have to prove that they sent it and I am the person who has to prove that it didn't arrive (not possible). I also said I had taken legal advise and been told that they don't have the right to this money. They simply said "No, you haven't". I said I had and they just said "Thank you, goodbye". So I have read a number of threads here (the main one was 2012 though) saying ignore, ignore, ignore. Are you sure they can do nothing here? I am also slightly troubled by the sticky that says you should not ignore. There is an address on the letter. I should also say that I am using a company car. Can they find that out and contact my company?
  8. Just making sure that everything I have done is correct. hubby got a claim form this week with an issue date of 10th March. So far i've acknowledged and am defending the whole amount, have sent HSBC a CPR 31.14 and have SAR'd them. THE HISTORY Originally hubby had a credit card, got into difficulty paying it off but all payments made were on time. They called him into the bank and offered him a managed loan to pay it all off which he took. We got into financial difficulties so hubby stopped paying it, he has had loads of letters which he hasn't kept so I don't know what they have sent with regards to the CPR request but am going with it all. The managed loan was then put onto his bank account which he hadn't used for ages, this is years ago. Now some time in the last few years he got a tax refund which was paid into this account, we don't know when but the SAR will tell us. Apart from that the account just hasn't been touched at all for about 10 years or so. So I don't think that there is anything else I should do at present except wait.
  9. Hi guys, I've read a few threads on here to understand my situation. I've decided to post a new thread to get a bit more specific advice, so apologies if a case like this has already been answered numerous times. I received a fine on Sunday morning, 11/05/2014, for not having enough money on my oyster whilst travelling on a bus home in Croydon. I tried to scan the card on the reader twice and rather than it telling me I was low on credit, it gave me a sort of error message. I looked at the driver and he didn't instruct me to pay so I walked on assuming the fault was with the reader - I believed I had enough money on the card. I'd made the journey from Bethnal Green to East Croydon via London Victoria, and I knew that I had at minimum £4.50 credit before reaching London Victoria. As I understand, an off-peak fare from Victoria to East Croydon is £3.00 and an Oyster bus fare is £1.20 so it should've been enough to get me home. As I told the inspectors, I suspect the problem occurred at Victoria. Please open the link which contains a screenshot of my Oyster's fare history. i.imgur.com/1MLbACM.jpg?1 I tried to board a train to East Croydon at 6:30am from Victoria. I scanned in at the barrier and walked onto the platform. The guard in charge of the platform told me that the train was not going to Croydon (I found out he was wrong) and turned me around advising me to get the next available one. I walked back and spoke to another guard on the barriers. She decided to scan me out instead of letting me scan myself out. I waited almost another hour for the next one and scanned myself in again. As the screenshot shows, the first scan-in took my balance from £4.65 to £1.30, deducting £3.35 from my card without me making a journey. That is obviously because I hadn't scanned out, which even if I'd done, I suspect would've eaten up some credit. But it is also because I was following instructions and advice from the station guards at London Victoria. So I alighted at East Croydon with £-0.70 on my Oyster card from £4.65. This combined with a dubious card reader has rewarded me with a fine worth more than half a day's wages for me. I appealed the next day, and received an email yesterday stating that it was turned down and will need to cough up the £40 - "Having considered your reasons for appeal I must advise you that your appeal has been turned down. It is your responsibility to buy and/or hold a valid ticket or other authority to travel and to have this available for inspection for your entire journey. You are also responsible for ensuring enough time is available to buy a ticket and/or touch in your Oyster. Oyster users must also ensure that, where appropriate there is enough money on their Oyster and that it is successfully validated. I appreciate that you may have experienced problems at Victoria station which caused your Oyster card to have less funds available than you thought, however as you did notice that your card had not validated correctly when boarding the bus, you needed to query this with the driver or leave the bus to check your Oyster card was working correctly to ensure that your fare was paid. Payment of the outstanding balance is now due." Obviously I think this is very unfair, especially since I travel daily between zones 1-6 for work and have never attempted to dodge a fare. Now I'm wondering if I have any sort of case legally and if a 2nd appeal would go anywhere, or do I just have to swallow it and pay the fine? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, My girlfriend received a letter the other day from CRS saying they have been employed by her previous gym because her membership is arrears despite previous letters being sent. We have since moved house but are still in contact with our old landlord and any letters would have been forwarded. They're saying she owes a total of £182.48 of which £102.50 is for there fees. I find this extremely high just for sending out a letter. There is also no breakdown of the fees from the gym. As far as I'm aware she joined on a 12 membership and paid that for at least 10 of those months. But she was always complaining about how busy it was and that she could never get on any the machines so she decided to join a bigger and cheaper gym. She just cancelled the direct debit and thought that was sufficient. She acknowledges that she should have informed the gym by letter and accepts that she may owe the gym a few months membership plus one for cancellation before the end of the 12 month term but even the £79.98 that's apparently membership fee's seems rather high considering how far she was into her membership. I have not made any contact with the gym itself or CRS I have read many a threads on this but would greatly appreciate any advise tailored to her particular case. Many thanks
  11. Good morning, I have rejected my new (used) car after less than two weeks of ownership. The dealer has been good about this and accepted this rejection. However, he is refusing to give me my money back until the logbook turns up. Is this acceptable or should I push this? On top of this, because it now won't start, who is responsible for getting it back to the dealer? Me or the Dealer? Paul.
  12. Hi all, Im finding it hard to follow the existing threads so i thought it easier to create my own. Ive been with BH for several years now and on every contract i was told i had to have OSC. Have people been successful in reclaiming? What are my first steps? i keep seeing the word SAR floating about ... do i need one of these, i dont have all my original paperwork. Thanks for your help oh also, I finished paying for a tv last november, it had been in for repair whilst being paid for and a few weeks after i had finished paying for it the fault reoccured, so i took out the extended cover for the tv with brighthouse and booked it in for repair. This was in november and they left me with a tv that i have to say i am in love with lol, anyways can i just keep this one now since its been quite a few months
  13. hubby received a letter telling him that they will stop paying contribution based JSA on 16 March does he have to make a new claim what does he claim Income support ?
  14. Just to give some background to this issue, which is a default on my partner's credit file to the tune of £23. Partner phoned to cancel mobile broadband account in January 2011. Paid what she was told would be last bill for the last months usage after giving 30 days notice. Nothing further heard until April 2012, when a letter from Lowells debt collection agency came through the door requesting payment, which was duly paid immediately. At the time, partner phoned O2 to clarify why this had occured but they stated they could no longer look at the account. Partner paid Lowells immediately, thinking that would be end of issue. Naively, we weren't aware that a default had been added to her credit record until now when it has come to apply for a mortgage and her credit score is on the floor. We wrote to O2 last month and had a reply from the Complaint Review Service, stating that a final bill was produced and that wasn't paid etc. I replied on behalf of partner with the following email: They have since replied with the following email; What are my next appropriate steps in this dispute? Thanks for any help in advance.
  15. Sorry to worry you fellas and girls I know you have been swamped with complaints about this company but I have the same debt collection letter from them. I was a user of their service and found due to economic circumstances couldn't afford the cost. I cancelled my membership within the allotted time frame and received a letter back confirming this. I thought that would be the end of it but just recently received a demand for payment for their service. Somehow I had two memberships? and I had only cancelled one. I was hacked last year and the chap from France played merry hell with my pc and used my accounts at various sites and forums I belonged to as well as my e-mail. My question is why would an identical surname address etc not be flagged by them as being a duplicate? and at least ask me if I was the owner.? I can't afford this cost as we are elderly and I am saving up to buy my wife a much needed hearing aid. I believe I acted in good faith by cancelling in required timeframe. I sent a letter to Usenext by e-mail explaining I had been hacked but to date no response. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. smokeypanther
  16. Hi all, Last year I had sold my car privately on 01/07/2013. This was due to the fact that my father had died and my mother had sold me his car. Therefore I had to sell my car. I sold it on this date and sent the v5c form within a two week period of it being sold. I knew it was within two weeks as I was back at work at the end of July and I had also met with the new owners of the car 3 weeks later when they found some CDs under the seat. They asked me if I had sent it and of course I said that yes I had. That was that. (Again unfortunate that I did not have exact date of posting but I had dad's funeral to worry about). I did not ring DVLA after 4 weeks of it being sold , as we know it is not statutory in law and because I was dealing with everything else at the time - helping with dads funeral, sorting out my mum and dealing with family matters. I receive a requsition on Thursday evening saying that I had to answer the charge that on 31/07/2013 I failed to deliver notification to the Secretary of State the registration document. It is asking me to make my plea. The witness statement says that no proof was given that I had given them necessary details for them to believe that I had informed them. I did indeed send it off, my partner is witness to me putting it in an envelope and posting it. At the time I unfortunately did not use recorded delivery but I had other things on my mind and didn't realise that I would need to use any recorded delivery. (I know better for the future to use recorded!) What are my next steps in order to try and resolve this? I'm am in no way a criminal and have been very upset and stressed by this letter. I am worried that it will effect my job as a teacher and basically ruin my career.
  17. If I decide to move to another part of the UK, will I still be able to claim Housing Benefit or will I have to explain why I have left my original town? I will be privately renting. Thanks for any advice.
  18. This is really a strange one, I have a WDA account and so does my OH - their account is fine and is paying over and above each month to reduce the balance and no in default. My account is a different story and in default. Last month OH's bank rang to say that WDA had tried to take out over £200 on their debit card and obviously was refused. A couple of days later they paid on their account using their debit card. What I have found out is that WDA are trying to take money from their bank account for my account. Are they really allowed to do this. I can again state that their account is not in default whatsoever and is paying the interest every month together with a little bit of the capital to bring the balance down. Would people say this is fraud and are they allowed to take someone else's money to pay for my account.
  19. I've already started a thread in the repossessions forum section, but thought this section might be more appropriate for this question. GE are asking for a court date to ask for repossession claiming £6000+ arrears, I have to admit we have missed about 3 payments over the years, but this would add up to £960 (£320 per month). The £6000 "arrears" from what I've gleaned on this website is mostly made up of unlawful charges. looking at our last statement each month looks something like this : Monthly installment £320 which is fine, we owe that. But on top they add: Admin fee £40, Modified contract amount £24.24, Interest £126.83, additional interest £21.28, PPI (miss sold) £24.24. At that rate we'll never pay off the loan. So my question is, how many of those charges are "unlawful" and what do I do about it. Look forward to any help, thanks.
  20. I wondered if anyone can offer me a bit of advice regarding my membership of my local DW gym. I am moving 80 miles across the country in the next few weeks and I enquired at my current gym about transferring my membership to a DW gym in the town I am moving to. The girl behind the counter said that as my membership is the lower £24 per month subscription, it only entitles me to membership at one gym and in order to transfer my membership to another DW gym I would have to upgrade to their £28 per month contract. I know it is only £4 per month but I begrudge having to pay extra every month just to transfer to another gym owned by the same company! I asked if once I had upgraded my subscription to the higher one and then transferred to the other gym could I then reduce the subscription back to the £24 level. She said no as memberships can only be modified upwards and not downwards. Surely a contract that can only ever be modified in favour of one party is an unfair contract? She said if I didn't upgrade then I would have to pay the remaining 10 months on the contract anyway in addition to any charges should I try to cancel the contract. Is there anything I can do about this or am I going to have to just suck it up and pay the extra? Thanks in advance guys
  21. Like so many others it seems I am getting letters from various agencies requesting my £80 fine. Each time I contact the DC and explain my situation I am told that the matter will be returned to the DVLA, which it is but then is passed to another agency. I sent all the paperwork back as requested when my car as scrapped, but the DVLA "didn't receive it" I must have sent it at least three time. As this was over six years ago, can I send them the statute barred letter?
  22. Awful story in the Daily Mail about another death following a failed ATOS medical http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2570144/Aspergers-sufferer-phobia-food-dead-judged-fit-work-benefits-cut.html
  23. First tier tribunal rules in favour of man claiming second bedroom for 15 year old daughter coming to stay with him. The focus of his appeal was the right to family life, in other words that the Housing Benefit Regulations had to be read subject to the appellants right to a family life contained in the European Convention on Human Rights, enacted into domestic law by the Human Rights Act 1998. http://speye.wordpress.com/2014/02/1...an-appeal-win/ Chipping away, bit by bit. How long before this disgusting tax is dead in the water?
  24. Hello again guys, So I need some help in finding were I stand when it comes to this item and the return process. I bought a power supply for my gaming rig 13 months ago yesterday and it had gone faulty (The fans bearing has gone and all I can hear is an almighty whirring sound,) first of all they washed there hands of me and fobbed me off saying they only cover it for a year and it was up to the Manufacture to resolve. I came back with SOGA and they said they would email me in regards to what can be done, after a week no email so I posted a post on the Facebook wall for the second time expressing concerns for their after sales support. Last time I got my issue resolved and compo doing it this way. So I then got the return authorized and now they are telling me that if they can't repair it I will get a fraction of the price back (around 2/3s,) under SOGA am I not entitled to a replacement of an item of the SAME value or specification just they don't carry this product any more. Also this fraction of the price on any products returned under warranty after 6 months is this even legal ? It proved to be costly on their part when they tried doing me over with it, I got my item back and around half of it's value in compo. One more question they are asking for all of the original parts and packaging, I no longer have the box as it was the most flimsy bit of packaging in the work, it was made of thin card and spit when I opened it, sneezing on it would of soaked it through. Cheers for the help guys, just they are collecting the part Tuesday and want to have it sorted before I potentially never see it again.
  25. Wanting a bit of information on a situation i have with perfect homes please. Ive been avidly reading the forums for the last week to try and learn as much as i can, but any case specific information would be greatly appreciated. I have mental health problems, and do not go out much, the internet is my main form of communication with the outside world. When my laptop broke in april 2013, i stupidly went to perfect homes, believing that a big company like them would be regulated etc. I was told when signing up that there were 3 components to the weekly charge, the price for the item aquired through hire purchase, TAD insurance (which states on the contract that it covers neither accidental damage noe theft) and a fix-sum loan agreement, which i was told by the staff member who signed me up was money they were lending me because my credit limit didnt cover the full amount of the item. i thought nothing of this, trusting that a big company wouldnt be risking these bad sales practices. Very recently my circumstances have changed. My payments are all up to date, but i contacted the store and asked if they could help in anyway as i couldnt afford to responsibly pay and was told no, nothing can be done. their website states that if you have trouble you should contact them and they will arrange a lower rate of repayment.. .so i wondered what else they were hiding, which is what led me here and how i found out about the coverplus/fix-sum loan agreement not actually being credit they have lent me. what is my next move on this? i know i should put everything in writing to head office and ask for the insurance to be cancelled and reclaimed, and remove any right for them to visit my home, but is there anything i can do about the sales person lying about what the coverplus was? any help would be greatly appreciated
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