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  1. Can anyone tell me if I have read this right... have read so much am a little confused... GE have a possesion hearing listed for 2 weeks time, the arrears are £1,600 and approx 700-800 of that is interest and other charges, can they include this in the figure fo rhte hearing? thought I read that they can only claim the actual arrears, ie what the monthly payment is not what they are charging on top of that.. any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  2. It is common knowledge that clark lost the Honda dealership, at least in Kirkcaldy if not further afield. In todays paper it intimates that they no longer hold the Nissan dealership at least for Dundee, if not further afield. No reason is given for this move. I suggest that anyone who has bought a new or even nearly new car from them and feels they have a genuine grievance, should write their complaint to the UK Managing Director for that particular marque. I don't think manufacturers would want to be using dealers who may give their product a bad reputation.
  3. I originally posted these in another thread... mods please feel free to delete those posts now... HI all! I'm new to CAG, unfortunately i, like most others here i suppose, have an ongoing 'billing issue' with one of 'the big six' which i have been trying to resolve for the past few months.... This thread is absolutely fascinating and has certainly added to my knowledge which, again unfortunately, i have been put in the position of HAVING to acquire. I have had months of stress, guarantees, inaction, SERIOUSLY insulted by a call centre member of staff.. the list goes on!!!! I cannot post too many details presently as it is still ongoing and i am expecting contact from one of their staff next week some time to resolve the issue. I can say though that i have been given numerous assurances that this would be sorted out within 28 days and we're now about 4 months in...... the 28 day 'cutoff' period for complaints passed some time ago and when i informed a member of staff of this i was told 'oh we can have up to 56 days' to which i obviously responded 'well why do you state 28 then' and was met with a 'durrrh'???? I have overwhelming evidence to support my case in the form of VERY high quality recordings which make very interesting listening and when this is all dealt with i will look into some way of making these available, legal issues aside, to help others who may be in a similar situation. I would SERIOUSLY urge people to record ALL contact with these people as some of the responses i have had from the company in question have been quite hilarious and frankly delusional .... well they would be funny if it weren't such a HUGE amount of money involved... so i have been able to refer to those calls and am able to recall names, dates and the content of conversations verbatim... they have now realised this and the last contact i received from them was INCREDIBLY apologetic. Even IF the 'debt' is written off and i am 'compensated' i am not going to walk away from this....... i read a quote on another forum the other day from someone who has had/is still having the same issues with this company..... 'i've decided not to change companies, i'm going to be exactly the kind of customer XXXXX deserve'!!!!! I think the more of us that subscribe to that paradigm the better.... Time to bully the bullies don't you think?
  4. Got a summons this morning from my local authority for non-payment of Council Tax. I have been paying over 12 months despite them never actually issuing me a bill. I went and found the value of the CT and have been paying via Bank Transfer a value more than the 12 monthly figure. In December the Council changed their Bank account and this was the first letter we had all year. I duly corrected my payment on the bank but only paid £1 for the month. This would have put me slightly behind and in mid-January we got a 'Council Tax Reminder Notice' (No idea if its the 1st, 2nd or final) so I split the outstanding value and paid 1/2 at the end of January. So, whats the chances of swerving the £80 costs? I have paid more than the outstanding Council Tax bill so they now owe me £1.something from that. My argument primarily is there seems to have been a Procedural Improprietry (sp?) in that they have failed to follow the procedure of issuing 3 reminders before preoceding to summons. Is this worth trying?
  5. This is unbelievable. Yet another calculation error leaving me in arrears when I just paid off the last calculation error. After another stressful week with the CSA I have finally got to the bottom of the latest arrears and this takes the biscuit. In September my partner moved in with ONE of her Two children. The child who didn't move in was 16 and living with the Grandmother so she could commute to the college of her choice. The 13 year old lives with my partner and I. I declared this situation to the CSA and the tax credits were made for just the ONE child. The grandmother claims for the 16 year old. The first recalculation failed because HMRC had not completed our joint claim. This shows they have very up to date information with HMRC. The second change of circumstances was successful and only one child living with me is on the paperwork, the 13 year old. The CSA sent me details with just one child on my change of circumstances. This week I learn that the latest arrears were caused by them calculating TWO children live with me. Two? Tax credits only have one, I only claimed one to the CSA and HMRC have a claim for 16 year old in the Grandmothers address. After four exhaustive calls a case worker called me back. She stuck to the calculation error yet could not explain how they got the wrong information. She also said I should be extremely lucky that I am not being prosecuted for giving false information? This is just unbelievable, everything I have supplied proves that I gave them the right information,. So yet again I am in arrears and they asked me to clear these by Next Friday or DOE may be served. I pay every week without fail and can only pay what they ask for and now I am wrong. The incompetence is staggering, they constantly change the goal posts.
  6. Apologies… I’ve re-started this as a new thread as the previous one was started by someone else and was becoming more involved, missing bits and out of chronological order. That, combined with the fact that ‘I confuse very easily’, made it seem a good idea! Feb 2007 GE Bank and Paypal credit card account opened…. Two years approx... Later Assigned to Santander Card withdrawn from the market by Santander & Paypal early in 2014 - no replacement was ever provided although initially proposed. Interest rates increased (again) and interest applied monthly to the account balance. Statement always showing the amount available to spend that month. I make payments to pay off the balance of the account (under the agreed credit limit) every month as if it was an active credit card account. I did ask Santander cards about this and they told me that there will be no new credit card issued and that I have to continue to make monthly payments to clear the balance - interest would continue to be applied to the balance on a monthly basis and the terms of the original contract still apply. The only difference being that I could not benefit from using the £2000 + and growing available to spend balance. They confirmed the Paypal card had now been withdrawn and they had no plans to issue another in its place and without a card the account could not be used. Just to clarify - I don’t need or want to use the account I diligently pay, assuming Santander must know what they’re talking about – until I happen upon a thread on the forum of a similar nature. I comment on the thread and on the advice given, request a CCA. CCA duly arrived with a completely different format contract; nevertheless I assume it’s put together, which I understand is legal. However, there is no signature. Just about to send a SAR request to Newday, as advised, and examine the contract a little further. Now I’m not a happy bunny!!!! There is no signature, my address (which is not my current one) is not on the contract, the word ‘variable’, as in rate, is missing and the interest rate stated doesn’t match the original! Now Newday have been assigned the account, they have removed years of online statements and tell me they are no ,longer available! Anything I can do – I’m still paying. In 2013-2014 it cost £1,100 to pay off £900 approx. including late payment penalties (I will check those figures again) Thanks, as always, for your help and advice B
  7. A reader wanted to switch pet insurance provider, but was threatened with enforcement action by her current provider M&S Bank I received the renewal documents for an M&S pet insurance policy which I have had for a number of years. I decided to shop around and managed to find cover with the same benefits elsewhere for considerably less, so I decided to cancel my direct debit. Two weeks later I received a letter from M&S Insurance telling me that a “default notice” had been served. I was concerned by the tone of the letter, telling me that I had breached the terms of a loan agreement with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance and asking me to take action. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/wanted-switch-another-insurance-firm-114613800.html
  8. Hi, I have recently sent CCA request for this card, which was my first ever credit card, so could be over 30 years old! Barclaycard have responded in their usual unhelpful manner but state that,"Regulation 9 of the 1983 Regulations mentioned above states for accounts opened before 19th May 1985 such as yours, we can send a copy of your current executed credit agreement. They have of course sent a copy of Barclaycard Conditions dated 10/08. Can someone tell me if what they are saying is correct please?
  9. Good Evening Everyone, I've been looking thought the forum and it's alarming just how many people have been [problem]med and threaten by these people. I couldn't find information on the same issue as mine so if I've missed it and the is a duplication I apologise In advance. I'm really hoping you guys can please provide some guidance as I'm becoming very stressed out by all this. The Issue I took out a £9.99 per month membership at Xercise4less Leeds in October 2013. I had to pay money upfront and I believe the amount was £29.99 for first months subscription and £20 set up fee. I only used the gym twice during my membership period. This was an 11 month contact. The minimum membership period was reached on 28th September 2014. The direct debits were withdrawn on 28th of the month starting in November 2013 by Harlands. On 24th October 2014 I wrote to Xercise4less Leeds with a formal declaration of intention to cancel and informing them of my 30 day notice. I sent this recorded delivery and it was signed for by a member of staff at Xercise4less on the 25th October 2014. They took what should have been the final payment out on 28th October 2014 and after this I cancelled my direct debit with my bank. I thought that was the end of the matter, how wrong I was, since November 14 I have been receiving threatening letters from Harlands stating I owe that subscriptions AND 'admin fees' of £25 per month. I contacted Harland by recorded delivery to inform them that I had cancelled my subscription as per the policy and procedure of Xercise4less. They wrote back to advise me that they had not received this confirmation by Xercise4less and that I would need to contact the Operations Manager at Xercise4less Leeds to get the confirmation sent. I have done this to no avail. I have provided the Ops Manager with the sign for code and the name of the member of staff who signed for it but they have replied to me stating what proof I have that it was my cancellation request in the envelope I sent as they don't have it/can't find it in the club. The implication being that I never sent a cancellation in my recorded delivery envelope. I'm conscious that Harlands will keep sending me letters if they don't receive this confirmation for Xercise4less, however, the ops manager is stating that I have no proof it was a 30 day cancellation notice in the envelope I sent. What I'm wondering is: 1) has anyone else had this experience with questioning/denying what you've sent? 2) where do I stand with this in terms of Harlands if xercise4less won't tell them I'm absolved from my agreement. 3) is there an onus on me to prove what was in the envelope? 4) what would you advise to be the best course of action now? I do have an independent witness who sent me the official template for cancelling In the first place and also my proof of being signed for. I also, have a copy of the original thing I sent to them saved on my computer. Moreover, why else would I send them a recorded delivery letter and the timeline fits... My contract period was over hence I sent a letter to cancel. Therefore, there should be a logical timeline behind what was in my envelope to them. However, no-one was with me when I actually stuffed it into the envelope.. . Surely that's a ridiculous thing to ask for? Any advise however small would be greatly appreciated.. . My 'debt' is currently £79.99 and I'm really at my wits end with the stress of it all. Many thanks Kate
  10. Hello CAG: I have a problem with a built-in cooker delivered damaged - but it has a different twist. I bought two ovens on March 25 - a combination oven and an electric oven. Both were delivered on March 31: the combination oven came via Know-How and the electric oven directly from Bosch, in separate deliveries. Neither oven was unpacked or inspected by the driver on delivery - in spite of the stated pledge on the invoice: "What will be done for you? - We will unpack your product and dispose of the packaging for you - we'll recycle it if we can. - Before we leave, we'll make sure you're happy with the work we have done." Now you must understand that these are built-in ovens and are heavy and complex products. What I did was to superficially check both ovens for any scratches on the glass fronts and trim. There appeared to be none and the external polystyrene packing seemed fine. So I left them unpacked, to await installation. These were the first items to arrive for our kitchen refurbishment. Seven weeks later the installers came and they immediately found that the electric oven was badly damaged - beyond repair. There is an extra twist in that I was going on holiday for a week on that day - our kitchen was being refurbished while we were away. So I phoned Currys immediately on my return. I have sent letters, emails, photographs - and many phone conversations. Initially I was told to contact Bosch. I didn't see why I should but I did - I sent a brief email message about the problem. Someone phoned me next day - apologised profusely and told me not to worry, it would be replaced. She told me all she need was an 'uplift number' from Currys and it would be sorted. (I have the name, time and phone number of that call.) A phone call back to Currys revealed that this was the wrong way round - Bosch provide the uplift number, not Currys. And so it went on ... . Currys are steadfastly refusing to replace the damaged oven on the grounds that seven weeks is beyond a 'reasonable' time. After several phone calls to Currys and Bosch - I have been given various time intervals for reporting damage on delivery: 48 hours, 4 weeks (Currys); 24 hours, by the driver on the day (Bosch) - there is no consistency. But they are all adamant that 7 weeks is just too long. My questions to anyone in CAG who might know the answers please: 1. Do I have any chance of getting a replacement oven from Currys? If so, what is the chance: 20%, 50%, 80% or what please? 2. I have written a standard (CAB) letter to Currys about SOG 1979, asking for a replacement - and have received a brief email saying 'No'. Anything else I can do? 3. I have applied to my credit card company about Chargeback - no reply yet, it has only been sent a week. What are my chances there please? Obviously, I now wish I had attempted a more thorough check myself on delivery. But I didn't - and anyway, the full extent of the damage might not have been obvious to me. The fact remains that I now have an oven that was damaged in transit and is beyond repair. It is still sitting in my garage in its packing. Currys have offered me 10% off a replacement! (As if ... !) Had they offered 90% as an act of goodwill at the outset then I would probably have accepted it. But I can buy it on Amazon for 10% less anyway!
  11. Hi everyone Just looking for some advice really Rented a property for four years Me and the missus decided to move We no longer had any contact details for the landlord so we contacted the estate agents through email The said just email over a months notice that were leaving and they would forward it to the landlord We moved out on Friday not hearing anything from the landlord Having not heard anything from them in the four years we lived there I assumed they had retired abroad This evening my parents receive a ****ty phone call from the landlord saying we had left the property without giving notice and that we owe them a months rent (My parents where guarantors) The landlord left a contact number so I text saying I had given notice with the estate agents and they said they would contact them as I no longer had contact details for them The landlord has come back with that because I didn't give a months notice I will need to pay rent for another month until January fifth. My response has been that I used all reasonable means to give notice and would be happy to provide all email correspondants with the estate agents. She is insisting that I owe another month. So where do I stand please?
  12. Hi all, Whilst reversing out of my driveway extremely slowly I just caught the drivers side bumper of a vehicle parked next door half on the grass verge , half on the road. Done the right thing and rang the door bell and told them (family visiting car). We all went out and as it was at night shone torch lights on the area where I had clipped it, although my tail light had broke we found no damage at all to the other car. As it was cold and raining we agreed no damage could be found visually nor by feeling the bumper and left it at that but saying we will take a look in the morning in daylight just to make sure and that was that. Next day I went round but the car had gone, knocked the door and the lady said he left early before it was light but his going to have a look when he gets home and ring them. Later that evening when I got home I found a piece of paper pushed through the letterbox saying Ring XXX on this number about the bumper ! Rang him next day in the morning, there was no hello or explanation it was straight to "I need your registration number and your surname", gave it to him then the line went quiet.. So I said so whats the problem, he then starts to say about damage to the mid bumper, a long crease with the paint crack (none of that was visible the night before) but either end of the bumper is ok. Now seeings as I clipped the drivers side end from the back, Im miffed as to what his trying on here.. Sent him a text message asking for a photo of said damage because he left in the morning not allowing me to see.. Not heard anything back as yet. Do I ring my insurance company and let them know what happened ? If I do ring them will it be a mark against me for the future ? Obvious to me his trying it on, unfortunately I did not take a picture of his car as i expected them to be there in the morning as agreed the night before ! Thanks Eggy12
  13. Hi Can I get taken to court over the same debt twice? Have several debts, 2 with CCJ's but 6 years old early next year, paid monthly agreed amount but still balance will remain outstanding. With regard other debts, again 6 years and older, they have now dropped off my credit report and all bar one have been sold to collection agencies... .can they make defaulted again or take me to court to obtain CCJ? I paid monthly a small amount but have stopped since dropping off credit report. Cheers in advance.
  14. apparently after claiming wtc and being awarded it for 2012-13 was earning 7.00 ph on a 32 hour week hmrc claim that i earned £24k in this tax year, though for life of me cant figure that one out now had to finish work and told overpayment is 1200 pounds letter arrived today saturday [gotta admire their timing arriving on a weekend] rang them and they say they require me to pay at least 50 per cent of any disposable income per month which after answering questions on expenditure and income comes out at 14 quid a month can they insist on this amount
  15. I've got a friend I owe a five figure sum to. We've not really spoken about it much because he knows my situation (ie poor) I don't think he's got any doubt I'd pay him back if I could (and I would) but he's got this other friend who's saying, 'You're being taken for a ride. Sell me half the debt and I'll put the screws on him. ' Can the guy I owe money to sell part of the debt and that would become legally enforceable debt? I have no agreement with the guy who lent me the money other than I have signed an IOU that simply states I owe him the money. I'm not bothered if the other guy buys the debt just so long as he can't bankrupt me which is the kind of person he is.
  16. Hi, I too have fallen victim to not only fraud, but Vodafone's utter incompetence in dealing with the issue. Here is a summary: - In October 2014 I went abroad on holidays for 2 weeks. - While I was abroad, someone used my identity to change the home address and contact number on my account. - 2 lines were added to my account, upgraded my monthly tariff from £10.50 to £166 (for 3 lines) and ordered an iPad and 2 iPhones – which Vodafone claim were received and signed by me. - Vodafone suspected fraud on my account and cut my line off while I was away, however later concluded that no fraud had been found on my account. - To cut a long story short: after about 20 calls to the Vodafone helpline, 2 trips to Vodafone stores and countless hours spent trying to solve the problem, my tariff still has not been reverted, and Vodafone claim I owe money. - I have filed a crime report with the Police, and am pursuing matters with consumer groups and in the media. I have never dealt with such a badly organised and dreadful company. Each time I call, I spend an hour bringing someone else up to speed, only to find out (a) that they can't do anything, (b) put me on to a different department or © promise me it's going to be fixed in 48 hours and of course nothing happens. I have been with Vodafone 15 years, and have tried to cancel my contract, but I am not allowed to because of the outstanding balance on my account and the additional £900 I am being asked cancel a contract I never agreed to. Very frustrating!
  17. My job is in the public service for nearly 20 Years. The last two years has worsened, cutbacks, blame, toxic atmosphere, confusion. The last Year has been hell, since my new Manager arrived. I see think she is an autocratic perfectionist who focuses on the negative aspects in people performance, including me, who make a few errors under the pressure of our jobs ( though she has her favourite‘pupils’ ), whilst she side lines the positive bigger picture. Praise, when it comes feels shallow / awkward. We are all facing the Performance Improvement Plan if our standards don’t improve. I see this as a threat and not a tool to really improve my performance. I look at some of my feedback / performance and realise that I often perform at 100% accuracy and quality. Occasionally, my performance dips and it is this that she targets as a complete failure and sees it as a personal failing rather than the lack of training and poor procedures in place. Recently, exit packages were announced for June next Year and I have volunteered, awaiting decision soon. I’m 53 Years old. Fortunately I have paid my mortgage. No debts and have saved 5 Years’ worth of salary and no dependants. It’s not enough to retire on because I still hope to have Years ahead of me in some kind of work. I have not had sick leave in 4 years but I’m stressed to the hilt and need to leave and live my life without this mindless blame culture / poison. I want to leave now but obviously there will be no payoff and future employers may be curious. If I endure this for the next 7 Months, I might get the payoff or they could sack me for incapability within three Months which wouldn’t look good. Either way, my health will suffer further. My union wants to fight this but not sure that I want to drag it out. I just wish they would pay be off now to avoid the time wasting and expense of an improvement plan which is flawed. I’m interested to here from anyone with a similar experience or for your thoughts. Many thanks:!:
  18. Picked up another parking ticket - unbelievable. The car park has ANPR cameras and have clocked me on site for 17 mins. I was meeting my daughter off a train as she was feeling unwell due to wisdom tooth impacting, she has a history of fainting and this is the nearest car park to the station front. I never left my car nor did I stop the engine, I thought 20 mins free parking would be standard on most car parks - apparently not. Having recently been helped by the good folk in this forum recently, I used the GEPOL reasoning via POPLA and got the right result. Amongst the previous replies it was pointed out to me that where no fee has been paid I would need to word any appeal carefully as the assessor at POPLA may uphold the rip off fee requested of £100 as reasonable and a true reflection of losses (£60 for early payment). The operators have stated that POPLA will not entertain an appeal unless I have contact themselves first, which is tantamount to admitting I was the driver and other than that will have no bearing. Is there any advice you could offer me once again, I feel the £100 is excessive for 17 minutes. Should I just pay the £60 and make it go away? They have stated that they will pursue the owner of the reg if no other driver is named.
  19. I want to change my bank from Barclay's to Natwest which should be no probs but what happens with my JSA payments? Do I have to tell my adviser? call jsa up? and also as it sometimes takes a while to switch will I lose my payment wen I signed on as it may get lost? Know it prob sounds silly but just wondering?!
  20. Here is another unsettling article from the Daily Mail courtesy of Scoop. It shows how unaffordable Council Tax is now, and most probably the Enforcement Companies will be salivating at the prospect of all those extra fees they will be raking in: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2806474/How-debt-mountatin-unpaid-council-tax-worth-450-family-parts-country.html The tone of the article indicates that the Government just doesn't "get it" about council tax, as in castigating a council for non collection when the residents are skint is passing the buck, it is one seriously iniquitous tax that takes no account of ability to pay. Now more are in the net due to Council Tax Benefit being replaced by Council Tax Relief I wonder how much of the arrears are due to people who never had to pay before, now finding they need to pay £10 or more per week from benefit or Tax Credit?
  21. A relative of mine has fallen for this trick - i.e. a website giving the impression that a free trial of a face cream is available, only need to pay £3.95 postage. Hidden in Ts&Cs is that the full price of £97 will be taken from the card if trial not cancelled in 14 days. He received a phone call from the bank asking him if he knew of the £97 payment, he said no (which he didn't) and the bank cancelled the card and implied that the transaction wouldn't go through. Unfortunately, despite this, the money was debited anyway leaving him overdrawn on an account that has no o/d facility so he has now incurred bank charges of £6 per day. The bank said they would send a form to dispute the payment but have since called him back to say that there will be no form as in their view, he accepted the ts&cs and it is his fault and they attach no blame to the company (Stemacell). I read up on here and he has already sent back the items, unopened and not tampered with, within the 30 day limit. They have now e-mailed to say they will not refund as the items were not returned in original condition. This is a lie as they certainly were and we took photos to show this. I am planning joining a call to his bank again now that it is even more clear that this is a [problem] to request a charge back. If anyone has any further pointers, please let me know. What I would really like to know is, if the bank will not budge, can I issue a court claim against the company (a legal entity in the Czech Republic)?? I found this but how practical is it? https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_small_claims-42-en.do
  22. It seems in order for the post office to deliver their mail slightly cheaper, they have changed my postal address, not just the post code. I now no longer live in the town the house has belonged to for 150 years. Can they legally move my town adress as I thought boundaries had to be changed by statute? I am no longer on the voting/ Electoral role list for my town... or any other town. The insurance companies can't find me so can't insure me. The school is discussing whether my children will have to move. It is having a devastating effect on our family! Any and all help gratefully received.
  23. Hello folks this is my first post, As stated in the title my letting agent has been taken over by a bigger agent and I would simply like advice as to whether I require the following below: 1.Changes to AST contract, eg deviation in terms. 2.Changes to details in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme with reference to the agent. 3.Change the standing order to suit the new agent although the old agent is stating that it is continuing to run under the new agent (which if true why do they need me to change the standing order to suit the new agent) my gut feeling is that once they have got the existing tenants to implement the changeover to the new agents bank they will dissolve the old agents company. Any advice would be most appreciated, many thanks in advance.
  24. We seem to be seeing a lot of these recently: http://www.eastgrinsteadcourier.co.uk/East-Grinstead-man-threatened-bailiff-knife-court/story-23021607-detail/story.html
  25. HI all. I know that serious topics are allowed to be discussed in this subforum, but I wondered if it might be an idea to have another subforum where the more serious issues can be discussed? The Bear Garden could be left as it is, with the more lighthearted and social stuff in mind, but everyone could exercise their own judgement about what to post and where to post it. I can fully appreciate that some people might not really like seeing the more serious threads (war, politics, oppression etc.), even if they don't actively read them and they don't break any site rules, when browsing the Bear Garden subforum. Just some thoughts.
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