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  1. Hi everyone, We're being chased for £1253 by debt collectors LCS. This is the second overpayment by HMRC for child tax credit - the first was for £706 which we paid. I can't afford to pay the larger sum in one go. The reason I'm miffed about this is we have religiously told HMRC every time there has been a change in circumstances, I find it difficult to believe that they could have overpaid by nearly £2000! I've tried getting them to look at it again but it's the usual "you're out of time, yadder, yadder". I had originally asked for the reconsideration as my youngest wasn't mentioned on the calculation but they have told me every time that she has been taken into account when calculating our credit - I don't trust them ... do you think it would be worth sending a SAR? Or do I bite the bullet and try to negotiate a repayment schedule with LCS? We've have always done exactly what has been asked of us - I've completed the annual assessment every year (always early, always as soon as I received it) and they've had P60s every year and I told them that both girls at home are in full-time education - what more could I have done? Now we're being penalised. Any feedback would be appreciated, as always.
  2. Hi all, Another Harlands/Xercise4Less post, but I just wanted to check that I also fall under the 'ignore them' category. I cancelled my membership in May, and cancelled my direct debit shortly afterwards. A few months have gone by and I receive the classic letter from Harlands, saying I owe them X pounds via admit fees etc. I called Xercise4Less, and they say my account is in arrears, I didn't pay the 1 months notice and they've continued to bill my account. They can 'clear' the Harlands charge, if I pay £59.95 (admin fee and some number of months payments), and then cancel my account straight away. When I look back at my accounts, I did cancel my DD too early - so they never charged me my final bill (during my notice period, final months payment of £19.99). When I called I said I'd pay the amount I 'owe', which would be one months charge. They said this wasn't possible, as I'd never 'cancelled my membership', I'd only started the process - a process which had then been cancelled when they didn't receive my final payment. Am I right to ignore Harlands etc, or should I pay the offered £59.95?
  3. In 2010 I got a PPI ppi refund from Black Horse for a policy which they had sold me years before. My account was in arrears and so from the PPI refund they took an amount which they said in a letter had been "netted from the arrears". This I took to mean that the account was now up to date. Within a couple of months I started to get letters saying that the account was in arrears so I wrote to Black Horse who offered no explanation other than to demand payment. The account eventually ended up being investigated by the Financial Ombudsman who found in favour of Black Horse. (no surprise there then) This has continued to be a bone of contention and I have kept investigating Black Horse and what I appear to have found is alarming. It would seem by looking on the FOS investigations page that some PPI refunds were made to accounts which were in arrears and as with my account the refund was reduced to cover the arrears. Black Horse then say that they made a mistake with their calculations and that the account arrears were not cleared properly. They then agree to remove fees and charges to apparently rectify their mistake. The problem being that according to Black Horse the account is still then in arrears which attracts huge interest charges. It is my understanding that if they had not made the error in the first place and cleared the arrears properly then accounts similar to mine would not have attracted the extra interest. Interestingly earlier this year Black Horse had to send a further payment to me due to a "miscalculation of PPI refund" but according to the Ombudsman this has nothing to do with my now closed case.
  4. Earlier today as I was about to enter a shop I dropped my roll up on section of ground outside their entrance. I was approached by an environmental office equipped with a video camera who proceeded to fine me. I pointed out that it was on the shop's property but he said that it made no difference and that the wind might blow it onto the public highway. Am I liable for the fine? I appreciate that litter is a problem but by the time I have ground a roll up into the ground with the sole of my shoe, there is no visible evidence. His distraction prevented me from doing so on this occasion
  5. Hi all so sorry for this... been a member for approx 2.5 years re joined January 15 so now out of contract, not used the gym for some time prob 6 months or so went on there site to cancel but couldn't find the "W" no that i was given when first joining to fill out the cancelation form, So instead Thought I knew better and canceled the direct debit now Im thinking I've done the wrong thing as I have received a letter from Harlands stating the normal- " ref your membership to exercise 4 less harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your membership agreement with exercise 4 less and your bank have recently advised us that your direct debit instruction has been cancelled. the membership agreement you signed states that all payments must be made by direct debit. Therefore, you must call HARLANDS HELPLINE-01444 449033 immediately in order for us to reinstate your direct debit over the telephone. If you do not call us by the 13 march 16 you will be charged a £25.00 administration fee. the telephone lines are open 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm monday to friday I would just roll over when i see a letter like this simply because i have no idea what I'm talking about in these type of matters, but when i received the letter something didn't seem right so hence why Iam here asking for your advice..... I take I'm right in saying i shouldn't ring the helpline no? but do i reply to the letter and if so i just wouldn't know what to say? thanks in advance.....john
  6. Hi, I am an employee on a Zero Hours contract. I work with Mr. X and had to take him to court and won the judgement. The 14 days deadline has passed and he is yet to make payment. I have a question about how to approach the working environment with Mr X who I took to court and was awarded the judgement which hasn't been paid. The case took two years to go to court during which time I had to endure being harassed at work. Before the court case, I sought Mediation to avoid court action and complain about being harassed. The meeting was held by my line Manager at work who chaired an impartial meeting with Mr. X. Following this meeting Mr. X went to H.R. and then another meeting was held and I was advised / warned to only engage in work related discussions with him going forward. The entire Management Team support him (apart from my line Manager who's hands are tied). Therefore I cannot follow the standard grievance procedure in the staff handbook (i.e. speaking to Management first). We still work together and I haven't seen him since the court case but will do tomorrow. He is discussing the case with colleagues at work and stating the 14 days given to pay doesn't matter as long as he pays within 30 days, he can get the CCJ taken off his record as if it never happened. I am concerned that Mr. X may approach me at work regarding the case. Where do I stand legally? I have contacted ACAS and understand about my rights to work in a safe environment (mentally and physically). If he approaches me at work to discuss the case, would I be considered reasonable to advise him to send me a recorded delivery letter for any further discussions regarding payment arrangements? If I have to make the payment to go back to court to make him pay will the Judge see my behaviour as unreasonable and that I am supposed to talk to Mr. X on his terms? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Hi I would be grateful for your help I joined them back in November 2014 and only attended for a month, due to having an operation on my hand. I didn’t know that I may have been able cancel then. I left it till December 2015 to cancel. I went online and followed their procedures and received an email, I also rang heartlands and told them I have cancelled, they told me not to cancel my DD and they had made a note of it on my records. in February when I noticed that they had still taken a payment I called them again, they told me they had not revived a cancellation notice from Exercise4less. I then cancelled my DD, got the standard letter from heartlands. I still have a problem cancelling my contact for the last two months I have been past from pillow to post by e4less and I still don’t know if it is cancelled. They say I am in arrears of £39.98. £20 admin fee and two months subscription fees. I have now been back online and filled out there cancellation form again and got two of the same emails back. Thank you for contacting Xercise4Less, your request has been received and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. Your request will start from the submission date. Please keep this notification as a receipt for your records. I am not sure what to do now and would be very grateful for any help you can offer. Kind Regards Strongdumplin
  8. Young woman driver's £11,500 car insurance quote almost six times value of her car A young driver was horrified when her car insurance quote was a massive £11,500 a year - nearly six times the value of her car. Naomi Bowler was stunned to be told the premium on her £1,700 Peugeot 206 would be £1107.72 a month - with a deposit of £1,923.66 - but Aviva have defended the quote. The 19-year-old used to be insured at a cost of £96 a month using black box to monitor her driving. However when Naomi, who has no claims and says she parks her car outside her home in a pleasant area, applied for insurance with Aviva after being recommended by a family friend, she was stunned to receive a five figure quote of £11,542. 'If I was going to do that I may as well just buy a new car every week - I could afford to write off a car each week. MSN
  9. Hi all , I have a defaulted barclaycard account which was sold to MKRR recently, ouststanding balance about £4500. I have been passed from one dca to another over the number of years that i have had this account set up payment plans then things have happened so they havent been stuck to, it then goes quiet for a few months and then seems to get passed to different dca i have received 3 letters to date first 2 were to inform me that barclaycard have assigned and transferred my account to MKDP LLP etc the third one i received today from MKRR asking me to contact them to set up payment plan quite a nicley worded letter and very non-threatening actually ! Having read all the posts on MKRR im slighlty curious about exploring the possible loopholes that might be avaliable to me not really sure about what is the first letter to send to them and quite nervous about what is the impact of going down this route if it is unsuccessful
  10. Hello I have been victim of constructive dismissal in past and been on lot of short term work - obviously trying to get permanent work I went to one place within two months offered perm role Obviously since then work been zero hour contracts - not been by choice - was told on phone by someone - you've not been in jobs long have you, seemed a bit rude - how is best way to handle next time - I said it's been lot of project based work and I would have stayed in roles if given opportunity.
  11. A couple of years ago the police broke into my friends house on a few occasions and discovered small amounts of herb which was for personal use, each time I got cautioned. Then letters started arriving telling me to go for medical tests Since then I have already had a drugs test then an eye test then another doctor's test then a psychiatric test and now it's come back to them wanting me to go for another drug test as I got letter from dvla yesterday morning. This is causing me a lot of stress. Are they able to do this? Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm looking for advice on the least painful way to deal with this. We received a letter from npower addressed to a company at our residential address. The letter is a threat to apply for a warrant to disconnect the electricity supply at this address. The letter is addressed to "XXX trading as YYY" at our address. We've lived here for two years and have not been an npower customer at any point. Checking our "Meter Point Administration Number" shows we're a customer of another supplier. About 100 metres away is the location of the company the letter should have been addressed to. They opened about a year ago. We started receiving letters addresses to them at our address about 6 months ago. All returned to sender until we got the one addressed to them or the occupier. Clearly the new company made a mistake opening their account or npower messed up not doing due diligence. Either way, nothing to do with us. Is it worth talking to npower customer services to explain this? I will make one attempt to resolve it but don't plan on wasting more time. My experience of utility customer service is not good for anything that deviates from their script Can our address be taken to court for a warrant without any other attempts to clarify they're chasing the correct person? Should I just turn up at the court on the date given with documentation to show this is nonsense? The court is at the other end of the road and I work from home, so not a lot of hassle to do. Any advice appreciated
  13. Two years after I disposed of my car for scrap at an authorised waste treatment facility I received a letter from debt collectors saying that I'd ignored letters from the DVLA about failure to tax/SORN the ca r and that I owed a couple of hundred pounds. I had received NOTHING from anyone. I'd only kept the paperwork I'd received after scrapping the car for six months and that included the bit of the registration document that you keep after you return the "scrapped" bit to the DVLA. I rang the waste treatment facility and they said "you're lucky" they had the information that was just about to be deleted. The gave me all the details that had been electronically sent to the DVLA. I then compiled a letter to the debt collectors that gave them all the details in a very unfriendly way. Not heard from them since. A few months ago I'd been to the Doctors and got a prescription for several items. I decided that I'd get a prepayment certificate as it would be cheaper. The NHS site was down for most of the day, much later on I managed to get on and buy one. I received the email confirmation and the money went out of my bank. I then went to the chemist. This morning I received a letter from the NHS Business services Authority saying that they were giving me a penalty charge totalling £98.40 for prescription items I'd received in February having stated that I'd got a prepayment certificate when "we could not find evidence" that I had one. I then had to go over to the chemist to check that I hadn't received something in February before I'd got the prepayment certficate. I hadn't. The letter is wrong and I've now got to spend MORE time to prevent them from trying to charge me more money. Defending yourself against penalty charges takes time, worry and effort. I shouldn't have had to do anything in respect of either. These organisations should pay for the hassle they create. Is there a way of making them do so?
  14. Hi, I did something a bit daft and need to know where I stand. I joined Xercise4Less in August or September 2015, went once and promptly forgot about it things got very tight this month and I was looking at my statements trying to figure out what to cut so nothing would bounce and was all "oh yeah, gym, I should cancel that" Looked around for my member details and couldn't find them. Cancelled the DD anyway since it would either have bounced or caused something priority to bounce. Figured I'd get a letter which would include my membership info and then be able to sort out paying whatever I needed to and cancel the contract. Of course today I got the letter and there's a £25 admin charge and threat of another if I don't payup. Now I know the admin fees are unenforcable but I can see this turning into some sort of circus where they claim I owe them piles of money and refuse to let me cancel. I know I should have cancelled my membership first but it was an emergency (I figured paying my water rates was more important). Part of me is "Meh, ignore them, they don't deserve money for services you don't use and what are they going to do?" and part of me is "But I don't want to be bombarded with threatening letters even if the threats are empty". Any advice on how to deal with this would be appreciated. Thanks, Becky
  15. Good Evening Forum Once again i am being taken to court by a doorstep lender. I had a loan with them paid in full then took a small loan with them again which they failed to turn up and collect, The whole reason i took the loan as its convenient and i am a full time carer so don't really get out much to do anything so really handy them coming to my house. I have explained to the company the reason why payment was not made and they said it was my responsibility to make sure i got them money to them, I explained that its a doorstep loan and agent should of called, They wont admit they done anything wrong or restart the payments again considering everything. I received in the post a money claim for £175.00 - I have done the AOS already Particulars of claim is vague how can anyone possibly make a defence around its particulars these are exactly how its written also there is no solicitors costs so assume they are doing it themselves Particulars of Claim Defendant has defaulted on repayments of an unsecured loan with this company There is no dates, no reference numbers, account numbers this could be for a loan already paid off nothing is clear?? The deadline ends tomorrow, I have done the AOS so now have till the 18th May to submit defence Any advice on what i should do would be so much appreciated Regards PCR
  16. Hello, I'm currently a student from abroad looking for some help here. 2 months ago, I decide to sign up at Trilogy under Student membership (£19.95/month + £20.00 membership fee). However, realising that I got difficulties to get to the gym (No driving license + Bus is only option) and my research/study schedule was quite full at that time, I canceled that registration within 14 days as they said it would be free. I went the bank, asked them to cancel my Direct Debit assumed that would be the end. After 2 months without any letter/information, today I've got a letter from Harlands said that I need to pay them £89.95 and I am required to contact them at 01444 449166 for further information. I called immediately, but no response; few more times and still zero. I have read few topics about Harlands case, I realize that most of you would advise me to ignore Harlands. However, Im still worry about if I have any legal obligation of if Harlands could take me into the courts or something like that. It would heavily affect my study at the moment. Best regards, Steve
  17. Hi folks - any help would be well welcomed me and my now wife signed up to lifestyle on a 12 month deal but in december we found out she was expecting our first child knowing we wouldnt get the use i rang and cancelled the direct debit ( we had paid 10 months each ) silly of me i know! i received a letter or two from harlands and now ive received the one from the crs group - i rang and spoke to someone who said they could help me out buy taking £50 off the total in a panic i said i wouldnt be able to pay because of lack of funds and i thought we would have to go down the bankruptcy route . the guy said he would make that note on my account and hang up the phone im really worried now have i done something really stupid ? can this effect my credit rating that i need to keep in good condition should i just ring and pay ?
  18. Hi, I am sorry for yet another thread on the same companies...I have been reading through a lot of them and it seems a common theme, but I struggled to see one that suited my case. So, I went to the gym for 13-14 months. When I was due to finish I asked the guy in there if once id finished my 12 month term I was OK to cancel my direct debit. the reply was 'yeah your only tied in for 12 month' So I then cancelled my direct debit and started at my new gym. I received letter from harlands saying the direct debit had failed and I now owed them the months fee plus a £25 admin fee. I tried to ring them a couple of times but ended up hanging up after being on hold for so long. Today I received another letter stating admin fees had been added bringing it up to 69.98. If I do not call and pay by 14 Jan then it will be passed to a debt recovery company....significant fees.... court action. I rang them and they said I need EFL to send the confirmation of cancellation. I Rang them they said there was no notice and nobody there would have advised me as I state. Therefore no letter to prove I cancelled. thankyou for any advice in advance Biscwits
  19. :-)Hi Have 2 NatWest credit cards taken out about 1995/1996 - on which I have been making token payments of £2 per month which just jogs along. £1400 outstanding on one card - £2200 on the other card. Token payments commenced about 2 years ago as lost job due to illness and have not worked since. I am 65 and now have heart failure problems - so trying to sort out affairs in case of further problems. I know I should CCA them - but what then. Do they write off debts? My GP can confirm my health position. It's crazy really - we all bailed out NatWest during banking crisis to the tune of some £20K+ each - so in effect they owe us! Your advices how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Would it help to go through Citizens Advice or similar? Let me know what you think.
  20. Hi guys, today I received the extremely generic crs letter stating I owe X amount for arrears and fees. I've looked through the forums and have emailed jon @ X4l head office and the crs team. Now I joined the gym in July 2012 and was a loyal member up until June 2015 when I didn't have time to go, so I cancelled via the branch and on direct debit. They've said they've said letters about this before, but this is the first I've received. I understand not to call or speak on the phone. Any suggestions? I sent Jon a lovely email expressing my complaints.
  21. I have a compliance officer visiting on thursday .no idea why and as far as i know no reason for one . basic standard letter ,no mention of circumstances etc . my wife has known for a few weeks and hidden the letter ,she only showed me it today ,i understand why as i am a natural born panicker . im already scared to my wits end and ive only known about the letter around 2 hours max, i dont know what ive supposedly done wrong ? but its like your already guilty before they even speak to you . my wife hasen't told me for the simple reason i suffer from epilepsy and already had a heart attack this year and i panic over anything . im so nervous im shaking like a leaf . how can i try to avoid this anxiety . they recently paid us £3,500 approx as they had forgot to pay us for our oldest daughter for 2 years, this was only pointed out when my wife phoned for a completely different reason. they only paid us 1 year back and paid us until 28/08/15 as this is when our oldest daughter goes onto her 3rd year at college so benefit stops for her . im just a bag of nerves .
  22. Took my complaint to FOS for irrisponsible lending after Fancyapayday rejected my complaint - FOS upheld my complaint - removal of 5 out oof 8 laons from my credit file, refund of all loan fees, charges etc plus refund of the £700 they took from my account using a CPA. So thats around £1500 refund fancy will probably escalate to the ombudsman, lets see what their next move is
  23. Sent RD two days ago and as yet has failed to show up on line as signed for..
  24. I took out 16 loans with 247Moneybox over an 18month period starting back in 2011. All but one successully paid back, the last loan I defaulted on. Usual story, started out with 1 PDL then had to take out a new loan at the end of the month to cover shortfall then another loan with other PDL companies. So I complained to 247 re the amount of loans provided and asked that all loan fees etc be refunded and the default loan to be cleared using monies from the refund. They said nope, we were responsible lenders etc etc. So off to FOS and FOS have upheld my complaint so am now expecting something like £1k of refunds after deduction of defaulted loan, plus all data for the loans removed from my credit files.
  25. Motormile Finance Uk Limited £ 390 01/01/2015 Default Name Mr xxxx xxx Address Date of birth xx/xx/xxxx4 Account type Student Loan Account number ***xxx Account start date 16/06/2009 Opening balance £ 390 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 01/12/2012 Default balance £ 390 Now i know this was an old payday loan from 2009. Notice they have defaulted it from when Motor Mile purchased the account 1/12/2012. This should be off my credit file in a few months but for that default date. They also have it down as a "Student Loan" Suggestions please people as this is the only nasty left on my credit file now
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