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Found 52 results

  1. Hi,after some advice please,i was involved in an incident at work on 12/06/2015.on monday 15/06/2015 I went to work at 8am,after being there for 10 mins or so the production manager appeared and said he needed a word with me about what happened friday. he asked me to go into the kitchen with him to discuss this.I told him what happened.he said he wouls write down what I'd said then look at the evidence,and would be in touch,he told me I was suspended until then.on the 17th I had a letter from him saying I was guilty of gross misconduct and my dismissal was immediate.and that I could appeal the decision.the date on the letter he'd sent was 15th.I wrote to appeal stating I didn't think they'd followed procedures,not informing me of my rights,investigation and decision being made by same person.not providing me with any witness statements to defend myself.Had an email today iviting me to a disciplinary hearing 01/07/2015.don't understand this if I'm already dismissed.
  2. Hello Please can someone advise me, a few years ago I had a parking ticket from Excel Parking, I initially ignored it, but then a company called debt recovery plus threatened to take me to court so I paid them in September last year, I have a copy of the cheque I sent and my bank statement showing it was cashed , but I don't have any other letters I didn't keep them as I had paid. Today I received a letter from a company called Rossendales Collect, chasing a parking charge from Excel. There is no date or place of the offence, but it has to be the same ticket I have not had another one, the letter today says they have 6 years to recover the debt and they are going to commence recovery action. What should I do, I don't want to call them, I have no paperwork and I just know they wont accept that I have already paid even if I send a copy of the cheque. I only paid last time to make them go away and now another company is back. so unfair, can any one advise me, I don't know where to turn, do I need a solicitor? Many thanks for your help
  3. Which? found nearly half of people (46%) who came to the end of their mobile contract did not switch immediately, collectively overpaying by a total of £355 million per year – an average of an extra £92 each towards handsets they had already paid for. Most contracts combine the cost of the tariff and the handset over the minimum term, usually 24 months. But this is not always split out, so people don’t know how much each element costs or when they have finished paying for their phone. Six in 10 (60%) people we surveyed told us that having a provider who separates its bill so you can clearly see the tariff and handset costs was important to them when switching. O2, Virgin Media, Tesco Mobile and Utility Warehouse have tariffs where the handset and airtime costs are separate while giffgaff have never bundled the handset in. Customers on Vodafone, EE and Three still continue to be charged one bundled price. For example, a contract with O2 Refresh for an iPhone 6 costs £49 a month for 5GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts. Of this, O2 is clear that the handset part of the bill is £25, so when the contract is over you only pay £24 per month. On a similar plan with Vodafone (4GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts) it costs £48.50 a month – but that price doesn’t change once you come to the end of your contract and have finished paying off the cost of the handset. Which? says "All mobile phone operators should separate out the cost of the handset so people don’t continue to pay after the contract comes to an end." http://press.which.co.uk/whichpressreleases/millions-of-pounds-wasted-paying-for-mobiles-people-already-own/
  4. Hi everyone, I hope I have the correct forum I need help with a debt relating to management charges on two apartments. On the 24 February 2014 Northampton County Court served us with papers in respect of outstanding service charges. A1111111 name of apartment one in the amount of £3752.01 A2222222 name of apartment two in the amount of £3812.03 We challenged the figures sought by the managing agents and their solicitors, advising the Court that we had never received (and still haven't) statements of accounts. We agreed we owed service charges but believed the figures due were much lower. The County Court appeared to agree with our figures. They made a ruling in the case A22222 relating to apartment two. Judgement was ordered in favour of the claimant in the amount of £1531.27 on the 10 July 2014. We immediately paid that figure and the CCJ was removed from the register. No ruling was ever made in relation to A111111 - apartment one. As with apartment two we strongly disputed the figures claimed by the management agents and their solicitors. The Court ended up closing the file as the solicitors for the claimants apparently didn't respond to their queries. NRAM, our mortgage company, confirmed to us in writing that they had been advised a CCJ was registered against us in respect of apartment 1 in the amount of £1932.54. NRAM confirmed that they paid this figure to the claimants solicitors. We were very upset as the case was not heard never mind a ruling made. We believe the claimants solicitors sent NRAM a copy of the CCJ entered on apartment 222 in order to get the fund for apartment 1. Now a year later, the management agents have again changed at the apartment block. They requested the 2015 management charge but allowed payments by instalment. We paid the first payment on both apartments in January. By return we received a letter from the new management agents stating that as we were in serious arrears on our service charge payments they had instructed solicitors to start court action. They now claim we owe circa £4500 on each apartment. I wrote back to ask how they had commuted their figures. I advised them of the above and included confirmation from the court re the judgement as well as a copy of the letter from NRAM confirming payment. I had a very nice email back to say that they were not aware of the history and would investigate and revert. That was on Feb 9th. We heard nothing since but on Thursday we received a letter from a solicitors firm stating that they had been advised to start legal action to recover the arrears due i.e. circa £4500 per apartment. Following my long post my questions are 1) Can they sue us again over this debt when the court made a ruling and awarded a CCJ? 2) I think I need a solicitor? Does anyone have any idea how much this would cost? I believe in paying my debts and have tried to but the previous management company wouldnt accept instalments, didn't provide any reports or accounts and were extremely difficult to deal with. We asked them to request payment from our mortgage company but they said they couldn't until a judgement was in force. We bought these apartments when we were both working and had good jobs. I had to give up work due to having an autistic child, I left the UK and moved abroad. My husband still lives in the UK, lost his job and has since found another one but on a much reduced salary. We would sell if we could but both apartments are in negative equity. Thank you for your help
  5. Hi, I'd really appreciate some advice on how best to tackle Ladder Loans. In summary I borrowed £2000, have missed a few payments but even so have paid them more than £4000. I'd now like to know whether a full and final settlement is the best option, or whether I can fight this and pay nothing more The details are as follows: 1 - Ladder Loans is part of Inventive Finance Ltd, which I've found out runs a network of payday lenders. I was offered £2000 in July 2013 on an 18 month repayment schedule 2 - The APR per annum is an eye watering 299%, meaning that according to the CCA (which I now have), I agreed to pay them £5031.36 for that original £2000! 3 - I made 15 payments of £279.82 on time, so I've already paid them £4192.80 4 - Due to further financial difficulties (problems with my business), I missed payments no 16 (end Nov) 17 (end Dec) and what would have been final payment no 18 (end Jan). They've added £12 penalty charges for each of the missed payments 6 - They've never written to me about these missed payments or about adding penalty charges, I suspect they have been trying to call my mobile though. I asked for the CCA about 10 days ago and it arrived on Friday. I'm now thinking of doing one of two things. 1 - Offering them a final settlement on the £862.56 they say I still owe, to get them off my back Or: 2 - Making a formal complaint and seeing if I can eventually take it to the FOS. I'd base this on them adding on penalty charges but not writing to me as well as the fact that I already paid them more than double. Am I correct in thinking that payday lenders can't now charge more than 100% of the original loan? Or did I read that wrong? Can a hugely inflated interest rate be challenged? I'd really appreciate which is the best of the two routes to go down. Do I have a leg to stand via the complaints route, or would I be best just offering maybe £300 (so a third of what's still owed)
  6. My husband who has worked for the same security company for 10 years has had a phone call today from his supervisor who asked him has he received a letter off his new employer with regards to the site he has been working at has already been tuped over. my husband has been off sick since early december with an infection and matters relating to chemotherapy due to prostate cancer. he told the supervisor this is the first he's heard of anything and the supervisor said he would call back after speaking to the new employer. my husband is at a loss over what to say about his employment rights and what is in his best interests when his supervisor phones back. Please could anyone help with regards to this regards junes0000
  7. Firstly, Thank you everyone for all your contributions on this website, I have read through most of it and it was of real help to my particular problem regarding CCJ. I have a query if you can help and advise. I received a CCJ in April 2014 for parking in one of the sites maintained by Parking Eye company during Dec 2013. The reason was that, I moved from my previous residence and all the reminders and court communication were sent to my previous address including the CCJ appeals form. I collected the letters from my previous address and since it was a court judgment, I immediately paid the £165 in June 2014. My credit file shows a CCJ as 'Satisfied'. Now the actual problem is, all my possibilities to get a loan or a mortgage have diminished and I am being perceived as a financial offender or a kind of fraudster by financial institutions. My Personal loan application was turned down and credit card applications were declined. This has caused a lot of trauma mentally and I cannot help thinking on it everyday. Everything seems difficult for me now. I am in a permanent employment and have never missed any payments. The only thing I can do is to appeal or challenge against the default decision since I didn't had a slightest idea about it due to the communication being sent to my previous address. Please advise if the appeal is possible now since I have paid the amount and much time has been lapsed since the judgment. Your advise will be of great help. Thank you
  8. So they sent me a court form today from Northampton, I've already cca'd them and they admit they don't have it, what's my next move, the court form came after the CCA was acknowledged as not being present, it may be a cross over but I dont want to ignore it. What should I do next? Acknowledge service? Or defend.
  9. Appears some airlines are offering to refund Child APD on flights already booked & paid for from May 2015. http://support.easyjet.com/apd http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/gb/en/travel-information/customer-service/latest-news.html
  10. Hi Forum. I am currently a BG customer, for three years, prior to that EON for a additionalr three years. Myself and my better half live in a tiny two beds (chocolate box) cottage, single fuel (electricity), No gas main, multi fuel stove burner which keeps the house reasonably warm in colder months. For many years we have always disputed and questioned the high costs with both Utility companies. After many years of being made to feel like we are going mad, and with the suggestion from both companies "are you sure you want to go-ahead with the meter check, it will cost you if you are proven wrong" attitude by both EON & BG we finally decided to proceed with a meter check, we were advised that this check would be via an independent! It was actually carried out BG themselves. Results - The engineer who attended professionally used the phrased "goosed" to confirm that as we had suspected over many years, the box is fast running. BG took over a week to acknowledge this and the reaction to resolving the faulty equipment has been disappointing, enough for me to ask for senior member of staff to deal with the matter. BG have now offered a monetary value, zero interest applied, no additional compensation applied, just what seems to be monetary payment with regards to over payment (I do not know the formula used to calculate their offer?) EON initial response was very professional to begin with, but now the worm has turned and they have become some may say, quiet bullish in their opinion. I am aware of the complaints procedures that I have to follow, I have logged a case reference with CAB, I will use the 14 days period of notice, followed by an additional 8 weeks if I am not satisfied with conclusion. Thereafter the ombudsman directly. I have been advised not to let the faulty meter be taken away, this advise actually came from the regulatory body who will determine further checks on the meter if we fall further into dispute with our current suppliers, I understand that meter examiners are employed by SGS and a point of contact here advised at no costs let them take the meter until we are satisfied fully with the outcome of dispute. The same kind contact advised me that beware that on the day, if the meter happens to perform correctly then it may not work in your favour!!! So right now I am confused about how best to approach this case! once I have exhausted the official process of complaint with the energy companies; Q can I claim compensation in excess of what would be the standard overpayment due to the fast running meter? Q are we entitled for interest to be applied to any overpayments made? Q should I allow the meter to be replaced? Q should I request a checking meter sit side saddled to my current meter? Q is their a maximum claim applicable to this kind of case and can I use effect on lifestyle (true) etc etc to make my claim for compensation stronger? Sorry for so many questions but I am now feeling a little bogged down with different opinions, at least BG by offering a figure is acknowledging the faulty meter. I look forward to the forums responses. Kindest regards
  11. Hi, we spent 430 on a lay z spa Monaco hot tub. We bought it in may and it was delivered 25 th June. We've since had to replace the whole pump thrift lay z spa warranty and now it's gone again. We're feed up as we go outside to use it and it's not working. We have spent loads looking after it, correct chemicals cleaning etc. Can we take back to argos. Want money back Thanks
  12. I'm after some advice on a tap that I purchased (as part of a new kitchen) from Homebase. I do not believe the [incredibly expensive] tap is fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality. Unfortunately I fear it may be too late to reject the goods. The other issue is that the tap is installed in my sink which is sealed into the worktop. It could be removed but it would be tedious and hard work - something I don't think I should be doing. It's also not something I can be without for ANY period of time. I arranged independent installation of the kitchen but the fault is certainly not due to installation. I would begrudge and don't see why I should have to pay to have it removed and a new one fitted. I am tempted to fix the tap myself, but I'm worried about making it worse and thus limiting any future claims. I could also put up with it, but I would need a significant reduction in price (80% minimum, how much would you pay for a wonky tap!?). I certainly do not believe it's living up to it's price point... I would be grateful for some feedback on the letter which I intend to send: Dear Sirs On the 05/08/13 I purchased a Schock Black Onyx mixer tap at a cost of £309. I took delivery of this and other items on the 06/09/13. I believe this to be a premium product and consider the price to be reflective of this. I am disappointed to inform you that through only minimal usage the tap handle has become very lose and frequently disconnects from the tap base. It is my belief that this failing renders the tap: A) Not fit for purpose B) Not of a durable nature C) Not of a satisfactory quality This is a breach of my statutory rights (Sale of Goods Act 1979, (as amended) section 14, subsection 2, 2A and 2B points A, C, and E. Unfortunately the tap remains installed in my kitchen as a professional trades person is required uninstall it. I invite you to inspect, replace, repair or refund the tap within a reasonable period of time and without any great inconvenience to myself. I require that any costs (such as professional trades people or loss of earnings) associated with the remedy are borne by you, the seller. I propose that the most efficient and acceptable remedy is a full refund. Please provide a written response to the issues above within 10 working days of the date of this letter. Yours sincerely
  13. Hi there first time poster here (Long time observer of the forums) I was wondering if anyone has any experience of being involved in a work place appeal (After being dismissed for gross misconduct) The background of this situation is that I was suspended from my job due to allegations that I had used some information from within the office to obtain financial gain. Even though everything we do is tracked on our computers through browser history, our use of tools and also through CCTV the only proof/evidence the company wishes to rely on is notes made during my investigation hearing The issue with this investigation meeting is that is about 8 lines long and does not mention the majority of what I said within my hearing nor the accurate context in which the discussions took place (At one point I was describing a theoretical situation and they have noted it down as what happened in the misconduct situation). In addition while there is no particular company policy on this my investigation meeting was only held between myself and the joint head of department which seemed strange as any innacuracies or disputes of what was said / ascertained could have been resolved through a note taker of some sort Ultimately I attended my disciplinary meeting to which I built a statement which noted the background to what had happened in the aforementioned situation, noted to those present that the investigation meeting was most inadequate and listened to and answered questions from the chairman of the meeting (The other joint head of department). What was a shock was not as much that the decision they came to was dismissal (I expected this even though I made a case to prove my innocence) the shock was that I was told that because I hadnt provided some statements to show this activity was regular they would have no choice but to dismiss me. At no point during this investigation / hearing was I asked for these statements (Which I am now in receipt of and can supply to an appeal) Ultimately I feel that going into this hearing a decision was already made regarding my fate regardless of my statement at the hearing. My hearing was on Friday and I am now awaiting confirmation of my dismissal and for the company to acknowledge my appeal Thanks in advance for any advice you guys have on here or any experiences you may have had in this field
  14. I got the terrible news on Tuesday that my brothers house has been repossesed. It is a long story but i will try to keep it short. He had moved out of london due to work and rented out the property. He then had problems with his tenant and fell into arrears which he came to and agreement with the Lender (GE Money) to pay back. Months later he had some money issues and defaulted again. During this period he had already put the property on the market and an apparent cash buyer was interested. His hope was that he would get to sell the property and pay all the arrears and use the balance to buy another in the area he now lives. unfortunately due to bad advice from the lawyer, who kept saying an exchange was imminent and that he should not worry he did not respond to the letter from the Lender and the house was repossesed on Tuesday. Is there any possible way he can get his house back? The warrant for the repossession was not sent to him at his current address. Can he use this as a reason for the court to set aside the order? Someone Please please help... Thanks
  15. Hi Guys, Just hoping for a bit of advice and trying to make this post as short and sweet as possible Moved into a property on 30th July 2010. Deposit was protected under the DPS custodial Scheme. Never received Prescribed information. Lots of problems with house, drains in disrepair, ceilings falling down the lot. Anyway, after numerous disagreements with Managing Agent and landlady they issued us with a section 21 notice requiring possession back in December 2011 requiring possession by the 29th February 2012. We had had enough so decided to move out a couple of days before the 29th February 2012. Landlady initiated eviction proceedings against us even though we had moved out, I went to court to argue these as they were trying to charge me for it. I lost at the hearing although I think I can see what the judge was doing as if he had set it aside we would technically still be liable for the rent. The thing is as part of my defense I claimed that the section 21 was invalid as we hadn't been provided with the prescribed information as per the housing act 2004 etc, just before we went into the hearing the managing agent gave me a load of documents and in it were the PI information. However, the PI they gave me was forged. The PI she had signed as if she had signed it back in 2010 however the rules changed under the localism act 2012 giving the landlord 30 days instead of 14, the one she had signed was 30 days, I've just had a copy of the actual in force terms and conditions from the DPS today that state 14 days when the tenancy was first signed. So no doubt at all she forged the docs. Anyway, the landlady continued with her claim and the eviction date was set for May 2012 (again we had already moved out) After over a year of correspondence between me and the managing agent they kept on threatening to take us to court for all the rent that was due up until the official eviction date which was in may 2012 even though we had moved out at the end of feb. I accept there was rent due up until February however we were locked in a dispute regarding rent payable whilst building works were being completed to bring to house up to standard so I refused to pay it until it was sorted, it was never sorted and by the end we were 3 months over due. Again I accept this money is due (around £2100). I've been following the case law regarding deposit protection and it appears that our deposit was not properly protected however there was some caselaw that meant you couldn't claim if it had happened before April 2012? I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. But if the landlord claims that we had possession up until the eviction date in may I can claim? I know the water has been muddied further with the recent superstrike appeal case which states that as soon as your AST becomes periodic your deposit should be re-protected and the PI sent out again. All I want to do is put the whole thing to bed and get my deposit back (£700) and have nothing else to do with the lying and cheating managing agent but I feel I'm going to have to fight this sooner or later as the Agent seems to like taking things to court. Under the superstrike case, does this mean that if I was to claim for them not sending me the PI during the 6 month AST and I can also claim under the Periodic tenancy as well? I'm looking to extinguish the alleged debt (some £4500) The other thing I was thinking was technically it's an unlawful eviction as I can prove they hadn't issued us with the PI? I may be clutching at straws but have really been done over by these people. Many thanks ( I have attached the DPS terms and conditions that were in force between April 2010 until September 2010 which clearly state 14 days) The most up to date ones can be found on the DPS website [ATTACH=CONFIG]45601[/ATTACH]
  16. Hey, I had a credit card with RBS (Mint) a lot of years ago. In 2009 I was being chased by Wescot and after sending them a CCA request which they failed to respond to, I sent an Account in dispute letter. Around 1 week later, I got as reply from them stating that they had "received instructions from their client to withdraw the account and therefore, you should receive no further contact from Wescot in relation to this matter." Now, 4 years later I received a letter from ARC (Europe) Ltd. chasing me for the same debt. So where do I stand, is the account only in dispute with the original DCA (Wescot) or is this now a new account as it is now being pursued by another DCA (ARC Europe)?? I am thinking about sending them a CCA Request assuming that they do not have any paperwork and then put the account in dispute again but is there a quicker way for me to nip this in the bud given the history? Thanks Euro
  17. Hello All, I sent a few letters off on 20th December regarding PPI mainly to HSBC and HALIFAX regarding Mortgage PPI. Also to RBS regarding C/C PPI. HSBC are looking into my claim that I felt that the mortgage would only be accepted with PPI. Halifax have said there is no record of M PPI although I am 99.99% i took it out it would be in the 90's - Shoud I SAR halifax or is it too long ago? RBS agreed that there is PPI on the accound but deny misselling - a very quick response, as I only questioned whether there was PPI! - I am inclined to follow this one up can anyone assist with an email address, a letter of response or should I go straight to FOS?
  18. My partner has received a memo from HR saying he is to attend an Review of Probationary Period of Employment, which started on 27/02/12 for 6 months. He had an interview in september with his immediate manager, and was given a letter dated 07/09/2012confirming the 'desired level of competency' and his employment was confirmed with an increase in pay from 01/09/2012. With the memo received on the 9/11/12 was a printout of 8 weeks of tachograph readings, along with a report from another manager complaining about his 'laid back attitude' and the fact that his is the slowest driver. They have produced figures to show that he is taking too much lunch break, (most of them are just incorrectly set tacho and I can prove this) but the majority are where he has taken 2 or three minutes more than an hour. They have also said there are 4 instances that they know of where he has 'fallen asleep at work', (based on gossip and conversations taken out of context) and have made it sound as though he is a total layabout. He has said that there was never a discussion regarding break times, and there is nothing in any of the paperwork we have from the company. They have also taken his driving hours, other work hours and break times, and put him against the total average of 7 other drivers. so my questions are these. Is it fair to show his hours in isolation against an average of 7 others? I can see the figures work out to be the same if yu take into account the incorrect tachograph settings so his driving hours are actually more than the others, and his other work about the same and his breaks are actually lower than the other 7 Can they review his probation once confirmed in writing? If he was competent in the last six months, and had done nothing different since, do they have a case against him and how do I get the employers to provide the previous six months information (do we have a right to get this from them) If no mention is made apart from knowing the driving hours law regarding official breaks, what can be done about the break times alleged? How can he defend himself against yard gossip which has been taken as truth by management? Should he raise a grievance himself against the Operations manager who seems to be delighting in my partners stress right now ( he walked past him in the yard yesterday beaming from ear to ear at him) Please help, i've got 21 days of information to sift through before friday for the information I have to provide.
  19. The US Government have announced a $1b lawsuit against Bank of America for toxic loans. There have been 8 others this year. Published fines from the FSA show the growing figures following market abuse in the UK. Here is their list from last 10 years. Total amount of fines in 2002 - £7,444,000. Total amount of fines in 2003 - £10,975,000. Total amount of fines in 2004 - £24,769,000. Total amount of fines in 2005 - £16,965,860. Total amount of fines in 2006 - £13,309,143. Total amount of fines in 2007 - £5,341,500. Total amount of fines in 2008 - £22,706,526. Total amount of fines in 2009 - £35,005,522. Total amount of fines in 2010 - £89,121,281.50 Total amount of fines in 2011 - £66,144,839. In 2011 fines were levied against a number of UK Banks and Investment companies,here is a list of some of the biggest fines; 11/01/11 £2,800,000 Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminister Bank For multiple failings in the way they handled customers' complaints 18/01/11 £7,700,000 Barclays Bank plc For failures in relation to the sale of two funds 26/01/11 £1,127,559 Barclays Capital Securities For failing to protect and segregate on an intra-day basis client money held in sterling market deposits. 18/04/11 £1,400,000 Norwich and Peterborough Building Society For failing to give its customers suitable advice in relation to the sale of Keydata products. 25/05/11 £3,500,000 Bank of Scotland For the mishandling of complaints about retail investment products 21/07/11 £6,895,000 Willis Limited For failings in its anti-bribery and corruption systems and controls. These failings created an unacceptable risk that payments made by Willis Limited to overseas third parties could be used for corrupt purposes. 25/07/11 £630,000 Swift 1st Limited For unfairly treating some customers facing mortgage arrears. 14/09/11 £494,900 Towry Investment Management Limited For compliance failings in respect of management and protection of client money and Towry’s communications with the FSA. 20/09/11 £2,000,000 Michiel Wieger Visser For market abuse 17/10/11 £4,000,000 Rameshkumar Satyanarayan Goenka Financial penalty of US$ 6,517,600 (approx £4 million) plus restitution of US$ 3,103,640 (approx £1.9 million) for engaging in market abuse. 25/10/11 £5,950,000 Credit Suisse (UK) Limited For systems and controls failings in relation to sales by its private bank of structured capital at risk products (SCARPs). 07/11/11 £6,300,000 Coutts & Company For failure to comply with Principle 9 in connection with its sale of the AIG Life Premier Access Bond and Premier Bond, Enhanced Variable Rate Fund. 02/12/11 £10,500,000 HSBC Bank Plc For failings in suitability of investment advice provided by NHFA Limited 05/12/11 £3,500,000 Integrated Financial Arrangements Plc For compliance failings in relation to the FSA’s Client Money rules. 19/12/11 £2,800,000 Combined Insurance Company of America For breaches of Principle 3 and 6 that put customers at risk of receiving unsuitable advice.
  20. Hopefully a quick one to solve, my wife had a loan with LyodsTSB which has been fully paid back in 2007 under a payment plan but it is listed as defaulted this entire time since then, and they placed the record on the file twice so there is two identical loans on there? My wife called LLoyds TSB and they have said that without a reference number there is nothing they can do and said they wont even look into the matter, my wife no longer has this ref number due to the time since it was paid in full.
  21. http://www.startups.co.uk/startup-loans-scheme-receives-2-000-applications-from-young-entrepreneurs.html
  22. Hi, I hope im writing in the correct forum. I wrote to Freemans because I had PPI with them for quite sometime and I think it was mis-sold. They wrote saying they would get back to me within 8 weeks. Eight weeks later I received a letter saying they would not further discuss matters as I have contacted them before regarding the PPI. I have written back but they simply resent the letter. What should I do now? I want to quote which legislation applies (if it does), so that I can sort it with them rather than taking it to an ombudsman. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hi guys, I have been looking at a number of threads and am interested in some advice if at all possible. My family and I (fiance and 3 year old child) moved to Australia about 4 and half months ago. We have been wanting to make the move for a number of years, and it took us literally 3 years to get here...so we didnt want to / couldnt give up the chance. The problem I have is I currently still owe a lot of money to the UK, roughly around the following: 15k bank loan (unsecured - never had a mortgage, etc.) about 18k on cards Up until this month, I have managed to send money back to cover MINIMUM payment amounts...but even after 3 months it is financially hitting me. Up until now I have literally worked in AU to pay UK payments, and with international transfer costs, etc. I loose x amount each transfer. I have already notified (by letter) my bank, and credit card companies of my change of address in AU - I have already had one letter through from RBS demanding payment after missing 1 payment! My question is....I realisticly cant continue to pay my UK debts. If i continue to not making payments, what will happen and on what sort of average time scale? Is there anyway that it can effect my credit rating or credit checks in Oz? (sorry that is more than one question!) I have no wish to apply for any credit in Oz, the whole idea is that we do things right this time. I am no way saying or blaming anyone other than me for what I have ran up, but part of me does hold blame with the actual lending companies I owe to. In the UK, our monthly income was £2k....pre credit crunch I was literally getting credit thrown at me hence the reason the debts are at the level that they are. I am now 30 years old, but when the firms were lending me the money I was a single young to mid 20's....I'm sure someone there should have thought hold on a second! I have never had a mortgage in my own name, so any loan or credit card I have ever had has never been "secured". I really hope you guys can give me some sound advice; as things stand, I wont financially be able to afford to send any money back to cover payments for September either, and things will probably carry on for October too. Its not what I wanted to do, it really wasnt, but the thing is western australia is an expensive place to live with a single income - we have / had no future in the uk, so have no intentions what so ever of moving back there. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  24. Recently I seem to have been inundated by (alleged) debts via letters, phone calls even some dodgy bloke at the door. I was checking out a strange phone number via the internet and found a thread on debt collection agencies and their dubious (and illegal) practices. It was hilarious and scary at the same time. It also mentioned CAG so I decided to join up. Glad I did. After browsing just a tiny amount of the site I feel empowered already.
  25. I have worked for a local council department for the last 8 years. Recently, I took up a Saturday job with another department of the council and when the manager of the department rang me at the end of May 2012 to say I had the job and would I like to accept it, I said yes but that I had 4 to 5 days planned off in the Summer and would that be ok to take. She said yes and I took her at her word. Anyway I started, took the first two planned Saturdays and that was ok but when I rang her during the week to remind her of the next two Saturdays, she said I couldn't have them and if I took them it would be unauthorised absence. I told her that they were already booked but she spoke to me like a school child and said that I must consider my position as I was still on probation etc. I took the holiday as planned but when I returned home I had a letter telling me that I am due to attend a disciplinary hearing next week. I am sick with worry and I have already written to the council to resign my post as I do not want it effecting my other job. Can they continue to take me to a disciplinary hearing if I have already resigned? I rang ACAS and they said that I should have got her agreement to the holidays in writing but that doesn't help me now!
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