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Found 7 results

  1. hi could anyone please help or advise.... I received a letter form tax credit saying they had information my ex boyfriend was linked to my address. I called them today and they have asked me to provide them with supporting documents to prove he isn't. I also called my ex to ask if he's heard anything or if he knew why they had contacted me, he didn't know what I was on about but he did say he has been on sick and recently started to receive SSP. I'm really worried because although there is no connection between our houses they are saying he is linked to mine. I also very recently move house so I just don't have some of the documents they are requesting, I explained that to the guy on the phone and he just said to mention that in my cover letter and send in anything I can. I'm worried sick, I can't find enough documents to send them and if they stop my claim I just don't know what I will do. I have never felt more alone, I know there have been a few threads of this nature and I've read a tone of horror stories online. should I just send them what I have and hope it's ok? has anyone had this and come out the other end? thank you for any help/advise.
  2. To some this sounds attractive. Mind our own business. make our own decisions. Pull up the drawbridge. In the modern world it just is not practicable. It wasn’t so even 40 or 60 years ago. The world’s troubles, the world’s wars inevitably dragged us in. Much better to work together to prevent them happening. Today we are even more dependent on what happens outside. Our trade, our jobs, our food, our defence cannot be wholly within our own control. That is why so much of the argument about sovereignty is a false one. It’s not a matter of dry legal theory. The real test is how we can protect our, own interests and exercise British influence in the world. The best way is to work with our friends and neighbours. If we came out, the Community would go on taking decisions which affect us vitally—but we should have no say in them. We would be clinging to the shadow of British sovereignty while its substance flies out of the window. The European Community does not pretend that each member nation is not different. It strikes a balance between the wish to express our own national personalities and the need for common action. All decisions of any importance must be agreed by every member. LINK TO SOURCE
  3. I finally faced up to my huge debt problem and went through the CCCS to try and get life back on track. A repayment plan was made Everything's been great so far, apart from the Halifax who only let you have 6 months before they default you and send to DCA. So, I have now have defaults (through the Halifax) which I would love to get removed from my credit file. Having sent signed CCA requests to each of the credit card companies, so far, they've sent agreements just printed out (no signature) or application forms. They say that they don't have to send true copies with signatures on at all as per the act. My question is, as they don't seem to be able to provide signed ccas, how do I get rid of them? Did i just stop paying them? I don't want to take the easy way out, but life (as I'm sure you all know!) has been so stressful with these people and if something's been done wrong, it should be put right! Any help would be much appreciated and sorry if this has been done incorrectly but I can't start a new thread
  4. Rather than go through rubbish Stepchange, I intend to leave Stepchange and make payments to creditors ourselves. But, will making these individual payments hinder our possible mortgage application in a few years?? If we start making eg, £1 payments to a creditor, these will show on our bank account. If a mortgage provider scrutinises our account and sees payments like this to creditors, will it ring alarm bells/raise questions? Some of these debts have vanished from our credit report and I was just hoping that they stay hidden. Thank you for any advice offered
  5. Hi Guys I have a query regarding EOS. I signed off JSA over 9 months ago after referral to the WP, since then they are continually trying to contact me asking me where I am working. They never found me employment and I therefore do not feel obliged to provide them with any information. In any event it is my private info. I have ignored their calls and they have now started contacting my parents asking them for details. Why are they so persistent ? Any advice welcome. Thanks
  6. Hello all, This is my first post and I have been reading other threads but I am still not quite sure what to do and need some help and advice please! I have a few debts which total approx £16k and until now I have been managing it by myself but after several things happening over the last year we have had to reduce payments and I have had to start speaking to StepChange. They have come up with either a DMP or IVA but we are currently thinking against IVA. I am contemplating DMP or just trying to go it alone with one of their letter templates and do not know which option is best!! I am not fussed about my credit rating as to me it is probably shot already and to be honest I would rather stay as far away from credit cards or loans etc as possible - for the foreseeable future anyway! I am more concerned with how it is paid in a DMP - ie say our circumstances change then am I able to pay off more without it backfiring on me? say one month we are an extra £10 better off or £100 better off can I pay it to the creditors without having a comeback or am I better off going it alone and doing things on my terms with the creditors so that I can specify to them that if I have extra cash I can pay more off?? I am also worried about how the interest charges will be - I do not know if all of my creditors will freeze their charges - if anyone can help out with that question it would be very much appreciated!! I dont know what other peoples experiences have been with any of the following... my creditors are: Sainsburys (loan) Barclaycard (credit card) Santander (credit card) Tesco Bank (credit card) For the sake of freezing interest is it more recommended that I go for a DMP with StepChange or go it alone?? I have no idea and any views are very welcome and very much appreciated!!! Thank you all in advance
  7. I own a flat and am renting a room out to someone whose girlfriend stays over a lot. I have asked that he not have her in the flat alone, and I thought he agreed. this morning when leaving for work she was still there and he had already left. I spoke to him about this and he seems to think that because my sister stayed over last night that he's entitled to have her in the flat as he likes. Now my sister stayed over, but she left when I did, and as it's my flat surely I am not subject to the same rules as him. I made the point that he and my sister are both covered by my insurance if they burn down the flat, break something, etc. but it's invalidated if his girlfriend is there alone. Any thoughts? Do I have to justify this or can I just say my flay and I don't want someone who's not a tenant or paying rent wandering around when no one else is there.
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