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  1. Long story - short. ... got myself into a financial pickle with various credit cards etc. Due to dwindling income over the last 12 months I have now crashed. I have received default notices on my CC's as I have not made any payments to them over the last 3/4 months. I was just about to contact them [along with some of my other creditors] to advise them of this change in finances etc; with a payment proposal of £1 and statement of Inc and Exp., as now no income. Additionally I was considering the querying the validity of the contracts with the CC companies as oth
  2. Hiya, I have a slightly unusual case here, well for me anyway. I have received plenty of letters in the past from various DCA's chasing for money and fired off the stature barred letter as they have provided all the info for the original debtor, however on this occassion I am not sure how to proceed. I received a letter from Equidebt informing me that they are chasing an amount of £1659 on behalf of Aktiv Kapital Ltd. They have provided no other information other than their own reference number. I did have correspondence with AK last year for a debt of £1300 and it was
  3. Hi I've been receiving letters from AK demanding payment on to be honest I don't know what? Is there anyway I can find out what this debt is, I have a feeling as it is in my previous married name, that it is more than 6 years old. I think I've also read somewhere on here that I can ask how much the DCA paid for this debt, is this right? And if so what would I do? If I'm not in the right place can you point me in the right direction please?
  4. 12 years ago I had a Comet (Time Retail Finance) store card which I spent about £600 on. I paid this for years (min payments mostly) and the balance only ever got higher. Anyway, the last payment I made towards it was back in June 2008 after which time Aktiv Kapital began chasing me for it. In my credit file with Equifax, the Time Retail account is showing as "Settled" and the one that keeps my score down at Poor is the "delinquent debt" to Aktiv Kapital, now standing at £949. I have now started to get calls from another company called Buchanan Clark and Wells so maybe Aktiv Kapital have
  5. I have received several letters from Aktiv Kapital regarding an old account. I spoke to them today and explained I wasn't familiar with the account and if it was an account of mine then it was probably statute barred. The agent looked and confirmed that the account is statute barred. I said ah ok then, she went on to say that they are still looking to collect but just won't take legal action but that was never their intention. Where do I stand???
  6. Hi I have received a letter from this company chasing a debt which they say is for barclaycard for £7000. the name on the letter has a first name, middle name and surname. the first and surname are mine but the middle name is different. The debt is definitely not mine and not just an error on the name. Can anyone offer some advice on how to respond. Should I ignore it or write back. If I write back what should I say that clears it up for good Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey there just after a little advice please. A few months ago i received a letter from Aktiv Kapital demanding 800 pounds for an unpaid credit card debt from germany i assured them i have never had a german credit card. I received an email last week from my identity theft provider saying my credit report had been changed so i logged in and they have put a red line from jul 2006 how can i have this removed. any advice greatly received
  8. Received a letter from AKTIV KAPITAL relating to a debt they said i owed of over £2200 the original company being GE Capital (First National Tricity Finance ltd). I have no idea what this was for. I looked on here and took your advice and sent them a letter following your template with a £1 postal order requesting details of the debt. Another letter arrived saying if i pay up over £1400 they would pay nearly £800 for me under their 'New Deal' scheme. I ignored this one. Today i received a letter from them to say; 'Although we purchased the right to recover the outstan
  9. Hi, I have recently received a letter from Aktiv Capital chasing an old debt they purchased in April 2004. This debt had a judgement set against it in February 2003 for the balance of £1600. The debt was originally with GE Capital (know owned by Santander) or sold it on to CL Finance (The Lewis Group) and it is now being chased by Aktiv Kapital. This is the first I have heard from then in many years. They are offering me a one off payment of £320 to clear the debt in full and final settlement. Am I right in saying that this debt is not statute barred as it st
  10. I have a letter from Aktiv telling me that as they cannot produce the documentation for a debt they purchased from Barclay card, that it is unenforceable. They have also said that their policy in thiese circumstances is to cease collections on this account. However they also say that as this is not yet in DEFAULT if I do not pay they will issue default procedures. My question...can they do this? Also....If they issue a default to credit ref agencies will my bank accounts be affected in any way? I understand the 6 year rule and the effect on obtaining credit...this does not w
  11. Hi, has anyone heard of the above company? I had a letter from them today in my last married name saying that I had a debt with G.E. Capital bank, I have been remarried for the last 8 years, the funny thing about the letter is that it says if I pay a certain amount of this debt, they will pay the rest. As far as I know I've never had anything to do with G. E. Capital bank. Anyone any ideas, I don't want to contact them, as I don't want to start any thing up with them, should I just ignore. I have a look round the forum stickies and can see that it woul
  12. Second account with these guys that I apparently owe money on. This time £207.74 and I had already sent them a statute barred letter a couple of weeks back, but they have today come back with a claim that the Terms of the Limitation Act do not apply to this debt as a CCJ was made back 25/10/2003. Surely the fact this CCJ was done almost 9 years ago means they can't still chase this? CCJ or not? There is no record of this on my credit files either. What should I tell these fools? Seems like everyday they are trying it on lately. As always, I thank you in advance for your help.
  13. I have been battling backwards and forwards with AK for a few weeks now regarding an old River Island Store Card I had back in 2002. I sent them a letter stating that it is statute barred, but today they have come back with a print out showing that I last made a payment towards the debt back in October of 2007 (I don't actually remember doing so but hey ho) I am wondering where I now stand with this, as their claim (and enclosed printout) shows that a payment towards the account was around 4 1/2 years ago, which would mean the statute barred claim by me is worthless? They are dema
  14. In the year 2000 i got a car from Yes car Credit, after 18 months the cars gearbox went and i fell into arrears so i eneded up with no car and yes car credit pursuing me. Later in the year 2006 i got a letter from Aktiv Kapital saying that they had purchased the debt and they pursued me for the debt. in 2008 Someone phoned me and i foolishly did not think and they talked me into making a token payment of £50 which would have destroyed the Statute barred angle. These past few weeks i have been getting letters from Buchanan Clark and Wells saying they have be
  15. Hope someone can help. I recently was asked to get an experian credit report for my mortgage the report came back with a decent 745 but a few things got brought up on it which has meant my mortgage being denied. They are as follows ; Aktiv Kapital account updated to:9/10/2011 Account type : Bank Started 13/07/2000 Default Date 11/01/2007 Balance £832 And Aktiv Kapital account updated to : 26/04/2009 Account type : Credit card / store card Started 05/06/2004 Default 23/06/2007 Balance : £352 Can any
  16. Back in 2007 I received a letter from these with an outstanding debt of £3000. At the time, I knew nothing of DCA's and went along with it. Since then I have paid over £1000 and even to this day still pay the monthly installments. Now, after learning everything I have on this forum I've realised that the debt, when they first contacted me was statute barred. Didnt know what that was at the time, also, i wouldnt imagine they could provide a CCA request. Should I been sending a request and if they don't respond should I stop paying them? The original debt was £2200
  17. Hi guys, These morons are chasing me for a alleged debt from 7 years ago, that is SB'd now and has never had a CCJ against it. I've sent them the SB letter from the templates on here by recorded delivery and they've signed for it yesterday. What do you think their next move will be? Will they just give up now or are they likely to keep asking for this alleged debt? also will this affect my credit file now? Thanks
  18. Please can anyone offer me some advice, I owe 12K to welcome and I am paying them back at a reduced rate, however everytime I get a phonecall off them they ask for date of birth, so I give it to them and some will say that it is fine and other people will say that we have a different date of birth for you, but then go one to talk about my account. Am I right in saying that this is against DPA as if I give a different DOB to what they have on their records they should not continue with the conversation? Also how far back can you go to reclaim PPI I believe I too
  19. MBNA have confirmed to me that they only have page 1 of my application form from 1993. They have nothing else relating to my application. They quote the Carey case and say that not having all the paperwork is not an issue and that I must continue to pay. I do not want a bad mark on my file but surely I can reclaim all the charges and interest and ask them to stop all interest and charges from this point on? What is my best course of action? thank you.
  20. Hi all, MBNA have finally decided to respond to my CCA request, 12+2 days was up on 31st January BTW, and the letter makes no sense to me. Are they trying to confuse me and hope I'll go away? I've stopped paying them as they failed to respond to the CCA request until yesterday and they've still not sent the correct details TIA!!!
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