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  1. Have no idea were this debt has come from it was £70 now Rossendales have it,it is now £361.65, this debt is at least five years old ,(4 years)because we have been out of the country. Plus we no longer live at the address that the debt letters are been sent to, saying we need to get in touch in 7 days or else. Not sure I want this bill to get bigger and bigger, but thought it was a con of some sort in the beginning. But feel like getting in touch now is pointless and will fuel there debt collecting fire:!:
  2. Hi I had a virgin credit card which I stopped payiing last autumn2012 due to financial difficulties. They sent me a letter around xmas time to say they had passed my debt on to Aktiv Capital. Around a month later I started getting frequent calls from Aktiv Capital, but just kept fobbing them off, saying they had phoned at an inconvenient time. After reading one of your blogs I refused to give them information over the phone. That very day I received a letter from them asking for the full amount. Activ phoned me again that afternoon saying they had se
  3. I had two credit cards with MBNA, I had problems making the full payments due to health issues, I therefore paid them a token amount as suggested by "mymoneysteps" website. After about 9 months they wrote to me and said that they were recording the accounts as in default. They then (about 2 months later) wrote to me and said they had sold each debt to Aktiv Kapital. I have continued making the token payments to MBNA and have ignored requests from MBNA and Aktiv Kapital to make all future payments to Aktiv Kapital or corresponded with Aktiv Kapital in writing, I be
  4. Hi guys, These morons are chasing me for a alleged debt from 7 years ago, that is SB'd now and has never had a CCJ against it. I've sent them the SB letter from the templates on here by recorded delivery and they've signed for it yesterday. What do you think their next move will be? Will they just give up now or are they likely to keep asking for this alleged debt? also will this affect my credit file now? Thanks
  5. Hi all, new here and hoping for some advice with ref to an MBNA credit card. The card was taken out in 2006 according to my CreditExpert file. I think the account was transferred to Experto around 2009/2010, at least I have a letter from them dated Oct 2010. Around this time I was struggling hugely financially and I was receiving letters regarding various debts on an almost daily basis. I have letters from Experto Credite, Credit Management Consultants and Aktiv Kapital since then until the present time, various threats, discounts offered (which I hadnt been in a f
  6. Firstly happy new year to one and all on the forum. I have had ten phone calls from these people in the last 2 days from 02084609778,I do not answer these calls but they are becoming a bit of a pain.I have no idea as to what debt they may be chasing as I have not had any correspondance of any kind from them.Do I continue to ignore these calls or do I write to them sending the harrasment letter.
  7. I have been getting debt letters re the above for the past 3 years for a debt I know nothing about, there is nothing on my credit report, and all I can imagine it relates to is something from 19 years ago, which I am sure I settled before moving to my current hour 10 years ago debt free. I sent them a CCA request 2 weeks ago, and received the following response; We refer to your request for documentation relating to the above account. As we previously advised, AK is not in possession of the documents and we therefore put forward the request to the original creditor. U
  8. MBNA have confirmed to me that they only have page 1 of my application form from 1993. They have nothing else relating to my application. They quote the Carey case and say that not having all the paperwork is not an issue and that I must continue to pay. I do not want a bad mark on my file but surely I can reclaim all the charges and interest and ask them to stop all interest and charges from this point on? What is my best course of action? thank you.
  9. Long story short Aktiv bought MBNA credit card debt which had been incurred by my son. Unfortunately card was in my name. Son made payments to MBNA for years (his monthly payments to MBNA were more than my income) until he incurred mental health problems and b*ggered off leaving me with the mess. I've written to AK advising of situation, got copy CCA from them (it's an old combined application form/CCA from 1999 WITHOUT full T&C's), used template letter asking Aktiv to write off debt, explained about my son and said all I could offer was nominal £1 a m
  10. I sent a CCA request to Aktiv Kapital and when they didn't provide the agreement I told them I wouldn't be paying them. They've now asked when I left an address I was last at about 15 years ago. Any idea why they want this or what it has to do with a CCA request
  11. Ladies/Gents I would like to share my success against Aktiv Kapital. AK has been bullying and harassing me since 2009 for debt that didn't exist. I bough a fridge with a comet edge card in 2006 and shortly after it was delivered I changed my mind and sent it back. I didn't hear anything from them until AK started calling me day and night and threatening me with court action and subsequently registered a default against my credit file. I also discovered that AK had illegally changed the default date by 20 months. Fast forward June/ July. I sent Aktiv Kapital
  12. Hi everyone. This is my first post so I apologise if it is in the wrong place. I am currently in a DMP with Step Change. I had a MBNA credit card which went to Thames Credit and eventually to Aktiv Kapital. The debt now stands at approx. £5200.00. The original debt with MBNA was approx. £2300.00 before it was passed on. Aktiv Kapital keep adding interest to this debt on an annual basis so I end up paying less than the interest that is added so the debt keeps going up. Is there any way I can get them to freeze this and put the debt back to the origi
  13. Hello, This is my first post so apologies if it's not to the right place. I've spent a bit of time trying to look at other posts and in the library, but am still struggling to get my head around what I am meant to do. I used to have a Nationwide bank account which was about £300 overdrawn. This was closed about 7/8 years ago and I made repayments (or so I thought). Then out of the blue I get a letter from Nationwide saying that they have sold a debt of £440.07 to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zug Branch. I was surprised by this firstly because I thought I had paid it back an
  14. Dear sir/madam, My husband and I had quite large debts with mbna, we choose (stupidly) to borrow on 0% credit cards instead of borrowing on a loan with a fixed rate and an end date. (we all live and learn). We ran into difficulties reducing the balance because the cards went form charging 0% - 29.9%, paying £700.00 per month and reducing balance by about £30.00 per month, you probably don't need me to tell you that we could not keep this up, we wrote to mbna who were quite helpful and put the accounts on 0% and reduced payments, we were paying £460.00 per
  15. Ok hi everyone been a while since I have been on here, so here's what has happened I got a letter back in April from Aktiv Kapital about a debt from Nationwide which I have not made a payment according to my credit report since April 2008..... The account is now 9 months from being statute barred.I have heard nothing from Nationwide since 2008 and now I have this letter from Aktiv Kapital saying the account had gone into default in 2009. As I was moving I sent the letter back saying no longer at this address and I have not had any further correspondence, I did put a redirection on
  16. Hi Has anyone dealt with these idiots before ? They think they can chase debts up that are over 15 years old ! Think it is time to inform the Ombudsmen - What else should be done to stop these fools ?
  17. Hi All I received a letter from Equidebt, who are chasing a debt bought by Aktiv Kapital from Nationwide. This debt consists entirely of bank charges. I would like your advice on, 1. Reclaiming the charges 2. Scraping Equidebt and Aktiv off my back. 3. Getting the default removed from my Credit file. Thanks in advance. Shystar
  18. Hello to everybody, apologies but this is my first post on this forum and I need some advise regarding a debt that has been passed onto aktiv kapital, in 2009 I lost my job and was unable to make my credit card payments to nationwide. I received this letter back in june 2009 Current balance: £782.64 Credit limit: £1100.00 Past due: £523.47 'Our records show that your account is currently three months in arrears. In line with the terms and conditions of your account, the payment protection insurance cover has now been cancelled and no further periums will be
  19. Hi All Just a quickie!! Today I received a Doorstep Threatogram from UMS on behalf of BCW collecting a debt owed to Aktiv Kapital. I'm not worried, as I know that all debts I had are now Statute Barred, so I will fire off the SB letter from the library on Monday. I can't remember who the debt was owed to originally, but it's for about £400. I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with UMS? Thanks QB
  20. I am going to be served shortly (within a week) with a bankruptcy petition from Aktiv Kapital for fees arising from an Appeal Court case from a Set Aside Application hearing. History In 2012 I received a Statutory Demand ("SD") from Aktiv, I applied to Set Aside. Aktiv responded by Witness Statement and represented a copy of the signed application form and a set of 2007 T & C's (account was MBNA credit card taken out in 2002) exhibited by Aktiv as a true copy of the 2002 original agreement. At initial set aside court hearing I made representations that the T & C's
  21. Annual turnover rocketed by more than 50% at debt buyer Aktiv Kapital UK during 2012. Turnover hit £60m at the UK arm of the Norwegian debt buyer, up more than 50% on turnover recorded in 2011, the firm said in a results statement. The company also revealed it acquired portfolios in the UK with a face value of more than £700m during 2012. The typical UK customer has faced many challenges over the last few years so the results we have been able to deliver are particularly noteworthy,” said David Sheridan, Aktiv Kapital’s UK country manager. “We have invested in consumer research and custo
  22. iHave received from Equidebt acting for Aktiv Kapital re a debt for £1629.54 first national tricity finance I sent letter telling them don't know of any debt to them and asked for a copy of the original credit agreement they have sent letter back saying they have requested the details from the vendor, they are saying that as they are the 3rd party they are not required to supply the details in the 12 + 2 days request is this so as they have stated that this could be sometime. Also i had the same about 12 months ago where it was mackenzie hall on behalf of aktiv kapital firs
  23. Received a few letters from Buchanan Clark and Wells who say they are acting on behalf of Aktiv Kapital. This is for a debt from New Look which was defaulted over 6 years ago. It was at a different address than my current one, don't how they got my present address. I've been ignoring the letters but the latest one is a 'notice of impending further action'. I figure they're unlikely to take court action as I presume this would have been done before now. I don't want to go back to receiving threatening letters constantly, only just got myself sorted out and my c
  24. Hi all I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread, as I posted a few days ago Re: Aktiv Capital sending a £300 pay-us-half-and-we'll-sod-off letter with no details of the debt. I was advised to ignore and thats just what I have done. This is a completely seperate 'debt' by the looks of it, however if I should have added to the existing thread, then could a member of the site team please move it I received the attached letter from Equidebt (Who?!) this morning. It states the creditor as Aktiv Capital and that I owe £3926.53. The only thing I've ever had in my life wit
  25. I received a letter from AK informing that an amount was owed to them for a credit card debt. I was not sure of the contents and sent a no knowledge letter. A few weeks later I received a further letter with a copy of a A5 card application and they asked for my comments. As this is not any terms and conditions should I send the CCA request letter however any any cr cards I had are well over 5 years old since any payment or acknowledgement so would it be better to send the statute bared letter. Thanks for any advise.
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