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  1. i cleaned apartment replaced carpets now my bill exceeds £570 deposit by 80 quid am i able to do anything or am i stitched up again thanks for your time
  2. Hi All, I moved to UK last year and entered into an assured short term tenancy. My Rent was fixed at 1150 PM. I have paid a deposit of 1725 (six weeks rent) which was kept by the agent. Since I was new to the country therefore I was not aware of the TDS at the time of signing the rent contract. There is no mention of TDS in my rent agreement which I guess is mandaory. I have checked with all the three TDS provides and they have no record of my deposit with them. I have moved out of the property on Aug 4 2012 after 11 months giving due notice to my landlord. My land lord submit
  3. Hi, I have 4 PDL and three accepted my DMP (as with Payplan) with no problems. Had a few emails back and forth - will not all them - and then today I get this email. "Dear customer- Payday Express has been trying to contact you without success. We have instructed our agent to call within the next 3 days between the hours of 8am & 7pm. If this is not convenient please call us on 0800 012 6347 to arrange a more suitable time. Debt Recovery Department Payday Express Tel 0800 0126347 Fax +44 (0)115 9347434 Email [email protected] Web www.paydayexpress.co.
  4. Hi Sorry about the length of this post. I've rented the house I live in for over 36 years. When my first wife and I first moved in, 1976, I asked the landlord for an agreement/contract. He said "we won't bother with that". We did get a proper rent book. So I have a Protected Tenancy. The years passed and I always kept the property in an excellent state of decoration and have promptly reported any structural/repair problems. It's a large house with large garden, was built in 1825 and I've always been happy living here. The original landlord died over 25 years ago and his son took over. He
  5. Hi, I have paid a £410 admin fee over the phone using my credit card on the 2nd of October to a letting agent On the 9th of October I informed them that I could not proceed with the rental due to personal reasons. The agent refused to return any of the monies to me. My Question is; at no time did they say it was non refundable and nothing was signed by myself or any one on my behalf. The house was still being marketed and all they had done was to send me 2 email forms to fill in which I had not got around to doing. Have they the right to keep it all? I would be happy to let t
  6. Help needed .... brief summary below We (the tenants) signed a three year lease with no break clauses. The lease was signed by ourselves (the tenants) and the agents (on behalf of the landlord). The landlord and the agents have subsequently fallen out and we are now having to deal directly with the landlord (we are now 4 months into the tenancy) The landlord has phoned us today to say that the lease that we signed is null and void as it is not the lease that they agreed to as they wanted a six month rolling (so basically the flexibility to get rid of us when they want - I have
  7. I am in disppute with my landlady and the state agent that is holding my deposit. The quibble is over what amount of heating oil should have been left by me. My landlady says that the tank holds 1350 litres and that she personally filled this up before we moved in [Nov 2008]. On the not very detailed inventory all it states i 'Oil reading = Full'. Neither her nor I have a photograph or any proof at what level the tank was full to when we moved in. She did however give me a receipt that clearly shows that 1100 litres was delivered to the property in July 2008. My argument is tha
  8. Hi there I resonantly agreed to use a letting agent to manage my property. I received an email from the agent 4 days later after new tenants moved in that a contractor has already completed maintenance in respect of cleaning for removal of rubble and received an invoice of £220 which will be deducted from the next rental collection. When I instructed the agent to handle the rental of the above property I was not given any details or phone call of other charges. As per the ingoing inspection & photographs...the property was left in a terrible condition by the outgoing tenants (u
  9. after two years of inefficiency,unreturned calls and ignored emails i have had enough.i tried going through their complaints procedure but only received a whining reply from the person i complained about! i am considering picketing their local branch to make them take my complaints seriously.is there a way to do this legally?
  10. Hi, Received a letter from the estate agent asking us to pay our rent into a different account. Verified this was genuine and had confirmation from Estate Agent and Landlord. Reason given below: The 2 guys who own the estate agents (Neil & Gabriel) are having problems. Neil is trying to buy out Gabriel to solve the dispute. In the meantime Gabriel is refusing to co-sign the bank transfers from the company account and Neil claims that he is unable to transfer any rent paid into this account. Neil has setup a sole trader account so he is able to transfer the money to the landlord.
  11. Hiya all, It's been a while since I posted here so be nice lol! I've had a lot of issues with my previous estate agent and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice. Basically, the responsibility probably lies somewhere between the letting agent and the landlord, but I'd say the letting agent is highly responsible as it was mostly them failing to make any action. The property was let to us (my boyfriend and I) on an AST for 12 months (£425/ month rent, £525 deposit, £150 agent fee). We moved in and noticed a severe condensation mould problem had been painted over. Despite the ag
  12. Just a simple question really: how is a tenant supposed to know that they have to give notice, even though have been sent an S21? There is no information about this amongst the S21 documents, or accompanying letter from the agent. Have researched the net and find plenty of people who say that the tenant must still give notice (if they leave before the date on S21) but cannot find any information for tenants that says one must do this. I now understand that this appears to be the case, but would be helpful if a tenant, worried about having to leave their home, could be given detailed inf
  13. I'd like some advice on what people think would be a reasonable compensation amount to request from our Travel Agent, who failed to notify our party of 10 of flight changes, causing us to miss our flights from US to UK. Briefly: The flights were booked in January, the flights were for August. 3 months ago these flights were taken off the airline's schedule. We weren't advised that our flight times were now non-existent. 24 hours before our flight date, our travel agent rebooked the flights to an earlier time, but again failed to inform us. Upshot: we arrive at the airpor
  14. Hi all, I posted about this back in April, but figured I still need to deal with this! In short, we agreed for part of the deposit to be kept by the landlord when we moved out of our old house. This was fine, until the agent decided that they would keep amount for a 'renewal fee'. We didn't agree with this, but the agent went ahead and refunded an amount less their 'fee', having told us that they would first call us back to explain on what grounds they were doing so. The additional deduction was not agreed by us or the landlord, and was processed on the last day that we could have p
  15. Hi. This is probably discussed a lot so I will be brief. We informed our landlord (via agent who has handled all of this) that we wished to leave our (fixed term, no break clause) contract early on the 25th of May. We stated our wish to move out on the 2nd of August and this was agreed to by both parties on the condition a new tenant was found. In the meantime, assuming that 2+ months would be a long enough time to find a new tenant, I and other tenants have found new places to live and entered agreements. The 2nd of August is fast approaching (just over a week away), however, and th
  16. Hi everyone, I am looking for some guidance on an issue we may have upcoming and would like to go into the situation prepared. We moved into a property in Dec 2009 via a letting agent on a assured shorthold tenancy for 6 months, the deposit was protected in a DPS via the letting agent and we received timely confirmation of this. Prior to the 6 month review, we were asked by the letting agent to release the deposit we provided the letting agent with the letters we had from the DPS and the letting agent used this to release the deposit, their reason for this is that the landlord w
  17. Hi i'm looking for some advice here i was renting a managed propery through a letting agent. at the end of the tennancy the letting agent claimed a large proportion of the (rather large) deposit for repairs to the property. The property was then re-let with a different letting agent. While the property was open for viewings with the other letting agent i viewed the property only to find out that none of the repairs to the property had been carried out. At this point i beleive i should consult with a solicitor, however my finances are somewhat limited. I beleive this is a clear c
  18. Evening, Is it true that letting agencies cannot do a thorough check like a bank and only see CCJ's and other similar marks on your report? Or Do they only look for those? I read somewhere they cannot access the defaults on an account. Looking to rent but have a few defaults. Hopefully I'll find somewhere.
  19. Hi, We are having a really bad experience with a lettings agent at the moment. We are relocating to a new county and have found the perfect place to rent. We travelled to view the property 2 weeks ago, but an hour before the viewing (when we had arrived in the county), we were called by the agent to inform us they had to cancel the appointment as they didn't have the set of keys in the office and the MD had disappeared with them. We were naturally furious - my other half had taken the afternoon off work to view the property and we are in a hurry to move. There are no other properties i
  20. Hi - I have moved to studio flat and before moving there I had discussed with the Letting Agent on issues with the Property like it had a broken shower and wardrobe was not there. When I signed the contract he said shower is OK and no issues with that, but as I entered the property it was not in much of a hygienic condition, as I told the agent he said he would get that all cleaned but he didn't for a week now, I suspected that and already cleaned everything as can't live in a dirty place, he promised to get a microwave and hoover also, and all he says landlord would provide these and he is d
  21. My partner's house was recently sold by his landlady to a letting agency. The letting agent gave notcie that he was putting up the rent considerably, so my partner gave notice that he was leaving the property before that happens. Since then, the letting agent has sent letters claiming that my partner owes him upward of £400 in utility bills and council tax. The agreement with the previous landlady was that rent covered water and council tax, and gas and electric are paid through meters in the house. My partner has refused to pay, and the letting agent is now threatening bailiff act
  22. Hi All, We have a pending court case with our LL for the deposit of our old property that we let off him. He and the Agent acting badly during the end of our tenancy and I have proof that the Agent has lied and harassed us to get us to relent the deposit. I am preparing our defense for the court case and sent a letter to the Agent that read this on the 24th of May by recorded delivery: We wish to make a complaint about the conduct of ******. 1. We have found that you are acting on behalf of our previous landlord in recent court procedures in that you have provided s
  23. Hello All. My first post and I hoped it wouldn't be a cry for help but that's life. Not an easy one this so any help much appreciated. I received a letter stating that I as a guarantor for my ex-wife should contact my ex-wife who rented a property some months ago to make arrangements to pay for outstanding arrears and repair charges as soon as possible. They included a list of all the charges. On the same day my ex-wife received an almost identical letter asking when will payments be made? The questions I have are these: 1. Should the letting agency have first
  24. Hi guys, I took out a loan with toothfairy finance almost a year ago for £100 and after being unable to pay on the agreed date due to a change in circumstances I have been threatened and mentally tortured by this company. I've tried emailing them countless times to work out some sort of payment plan but I get the generic response. I currently have no job as i have just finished college and i literally have no money so I cant even make token payments. Yesterday a ground collection Muscle Man from marshall hoares came to my door and tried to pressure me into repaying even after telling him I had
  25. Hi! I had a quick look, and there seems to be no posts about my precise problem with these and even CK Edrupt. I took out a Provident loan of roughly £1000 a year or two ago and was paying it off as agreed. In spring last year i went to China for 3 months, so i set-up a direct debit with a 'friend's' account so he could pay the agent on my behalf (a bit silly i know). Basically the whole thing fell-through, the money had problems sending and when i came back i was 3 months behind my payments. That's when CK Edrupt got in on the action, saying i had to pay them instead, and the rest of the
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