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  1. Evening, Is it true that letting agencies cannot do a thorough check like a bank and only see CCJ's and other similar marks on your report? Or Do they only look for those? I read somewhere they cannot access the defaults on an account. Looking to rent but have a few defaults. Hopefully I'll find somewhere.
  2. Hi, I have just signed up for some advice as my mother is panicking after receiving phone calls from a company called TNC. She had a gym membership that ran until October 2013, and I served 30 days notice in the form of a letter last September (so far all was well) last month a company got in touch over the phone stating that my mother owes several hundreds of pounds due to the gym not receiving the letter of notice. My mum was about to pay when I asked to speak to them, and said I infact wrote the letter as my mum isn't the best on computers and sent it off
  3. Just a question really, under the new Taking Control of Goods: National Standards dated April 2014 in the Complaints/Discipline section it says: "The debtor should be able to easily find out how to make a complaint and obstacles should not be placed in their way." I know I have looked on the Bristow and Sutor site for their Complaints procedure in the last 24 hours and found nothing, and I just wondered if the others had hit the same brick wall with other Enforcerment Agents.
  4. This is a slightly odd one, so please bear with me! I live opposite a pair of semi-detatched houses. One of the houses (number 5) has just been sold by a local estate agent. The house it's attached to (number 7) is my friend's house. This morning, along with the post, a glossy marketing leaflet from the estate agent who sold number 5 has come through the door. It's got pictures of a number of local properties, with a slogan 'We've Sold All These Houses!'. My friend from number 7 has just been over brandishing a copy of the leaflet, very upset that right there on the front of the leaflet
  5. I have had a long running issue with our letting agent regarding a bedroom being unusable due to condensation and black mould spores. Last week I received an email saying" Your landlord rung yesterday with regard to our email, and after a long discussion he has agreed to reduce your rent to £100 for this month and next ( April)." I acknowledged receipt, thanked them for the generous offer and paid the rent. This morning have another email saying "On behalf of **** I would like to offer an apology for any misunderstanding that her initial email regards the rent reduction has caused.
  6. I have got involved in a dispute between a prospective tenant (PT) and agent, and would appreciate impartial advice. Bear with me, later episodes get rather fruity. This is part 1! PT put down 2 months' rent and fees on a property on the basis that it would be available in 5 days time and on the basis that 6 months rent would be paid in advance. This offer was made to secure property as PT was worried about housing benefit requirements. Having put down the money, agent provided a sheet of A4 as the receipt which listed the fees and said they were non-refundable. Prior to that,
  7. Hi everyone, I am currently renting a flat. A few weeks ago, I was mugged and the attackers stole the keys of the flat (among other things). I called the estate agent who manages the property to ask if I could change the locks. He sent someone to do it: the handyman changed both locks on the door and bought two new sets of keys (one for me, the other one for the estate agent). The estate agent then sent me an invoice simply stating "£90". I found it a bit expensive, especially because the handyman is a full-time employee of the landlord and carries out all the repairs for him in all
  8. I keep getting letters referencing an account that is not mine but for a previous tenant of where I live, these have continuously been returned with the new address of the person on but seems to have been igmored. I know it is about bills as I have seen them open in the waste paper box before he left. No the ex tenant has really hacked me off with many other debts being persued via the address Can I send you a PM with his name, previous address and his new address before I get even angrier and inform both the OFT and the ICO that Vodafone are not naintaining accurate records. So
  9. My parents used a local estate agent when we moved into our last property in 2007, deposit and rent was paid in cash which we still have the receipts to. In 2009 he was prosecuted on 5 counts of fraud his company went bust too and he was given a suspended sentence my parents received nothing at all I have since learned that this man is now working full time and living back in the area and is using social media showing pictures of him enjoying foreign holidays etc to be honest it makes me sick when my parents are both pensioners i am wondering if there is any way my parents can get their money
  10. In 2010 we were trying to sell a house, on 18/05 we signed a HIPS agreement, on 20/05 they were terminated by the government, accordingly we cancelled on 20/05. The estate agency have now passed this to their inhouse debt collectors who sent us a draft warning claim form from Northampton County court, stating we owe then 299+vat or if it goes to court 768, where they will seek further costs. As we have cancelled they state, the cancellation is not possible (3 years later) as we had agreed to wave our right to the 7 day cooling period by our initialling the clause, (which we did not i
  11. Hi All, First post hope you can help. I recently came the end of a 6 month tenancy I gave notice to move out on the rent due date of month 5 (last day of month) I then vacated the property and moved into new place that same week (7oct) after paying full months rent on the 1st Oct (House was burglarised twice in same week, Didn't feel comfortable staying there so just got out) The tenancy at my old address then formally was ended on the 31st of Oct and the checking out was done on the 1st Nov they then returned my FULL deposit to me on the 10th. However I have today
  12. The unauthorised sales practices of staff working for major estate agencies including Countrywide, Connells and Spicer Haart have been exposed in an investigative documentary. As part of Channel 4’s Dispatches, broadcast last night, an agent from Countrywide, the UK’s largest estate agency group, was secretly recorded telling a reporter that his firm had exclusive rights to promote the second phase of the Help to Buy scheme. The agent told Channel 4’s reporter: “The scheme kicks in from next year but because Countrywide does so many mortgages for the main lenders they’ve given us the go a
  13. Will try to keep this short but for those with a very short attention span - Summary cliffs: a letting agent is refusing to repay a £1,200 holding deposit after negotiations on the tenancy agreement broke down despite them agreeing (prior to us paying the deposit) that a disagreement on the tenancy agreement would lead to our deposit being refunded (clearly fraudulent on their part to not repay??). Long form: all communication detailed below happened over email. -------------------- - Looking at a property (Mayfair/Marylebone) managed by Landlord X being shown to us (frien
  14. I have lurked for a while and found great advice in the past on other issues. I will try to keep this brief, with the key facts: 1. I signed a contract for a 12 month AST in Feb of this year. The contract clearly stated that the landlord has all the required consents to let the property 2. In May of this year I received a letter addressed to the tenant/occupier advising that there was a possession order on the property. 3. After further investigation I discovered that the landlord had not been paying their mortgage, and also that they had never received consent to let th
  15. My friend agree to purchase a property from Estate Agent A. After agreeing to purchase my friend. did searches, instructed solicitor, fixtures and fittings were signed. The solicitor - not the Estate Agent rang my friend and said that the vendor had a change of circumstances and has taken the property off the market. 24hrs later when looking on the websites he found the same house with the same agent for sale for £10k more than previously agreed. The estate agent was called by my friend and it was confirmed that the house was the same house. He was forced to, beca
  16. Hi, My boyfriend and I had decided to move in together and had found an ideal property for us and our 3 children that we have between us. Upon finding the property, we were very upfront with the lettings agent and disclosed to them that my boyfriend had been discharged from bankruptcy in July 2012. They relayed this to the landlord who said he was happy to still proceed with all the referencing checks necessary. When my boyfriends credit check came back, the letting agent informed us that there were some problems with it. We signed up and downloaded the credit report that they
  17. Hi everyone I have lived in my rented house for the past eight years, during this time I have had three different agents. Agent number 1 decided he didn't want to be a letting agent and disappeared with rents and deposits that he had never passed on to the landlords. Agent 2 was approached by my landlord to manage his properties, my current five year lease (which i am half way through) was signed with this company. Last year the agent retired, we received no notification until a letter stating that a new company was now dealing with our rental and we should make all contact wit
  18. I lived in a house for 5 years and the contract ran out in September 2012. I was in the process of buying a property, so came to an agreement with my landlady to extend my contract by one month. Each year the letting agent had charged a yearly renewal fee, but even though the contract extension was for only one month, they still wanted the entire fee of £156. As far as i'm aware, by signing the contract, i was agreeing to their terms and also the fee. So I decided not to sign. The deposit was paid back in December, minus an agreed amount with the landlady, but due to the house move,
  19. Hi there, I hope someone can help me, I am just not sure what to do. To cut a long story short, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and have had to relocate hundreds of miles away from an apartment that I own. I decided to sell the apartment as I cannot reasonably undertake the stress of owning/renting a property so far away. So I spoke to some agents in the local area over the phone and one agent seemed very friendly and responsive. ( They are a national chain ). So after speaking with him for a short while via email, as I don't get chance to use the phone at work he agree
  20. My daughter rented a house and tenancy began on 08/02/2012, it is a six month tenancy which continued as a periodic tenancy once the original six months expired. The rental agent is what can only be called a rogue agent the fact that she has had continued problems with getting them to do repairs, which has culminated in her being injured when kitchen units fell from the wall. Currently there is a claim for damages in force. The problem she now has is the fact that the housing benefit office has refused to accept a periodic tenancy again and have said she cannot
  21. Hi, could really do with some advice on how to handle this. I made deposit with the agency and they claim they tried to contact me and because I did not reply even though I had no calls come through! they won't refund me, and have let the property to someone else, worse of all my stuff is all packed and ready to move The company in question are ARLA members and their terms on refund state the following:- "What About Your Deposit? As Concentric Lettings are an ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) licensed member we are qualified and indemnified to operate with a f
  22. Hi, I need some advice as I am unsure of my position at the moment. Oct 2012 I found a property to rent through a local letting agents, I paid £300.00 in fees. I applied for the Council bond scheme which had no end of issues with it, fast forward too today it is now all sorted. I am now at the point of signing the AST, however a recent inspection of the property has found both white and black mold all over the place, the wall are not just damp but soaking wet, and the damp proof that was supposed to have been done, wasn't. When I viewed the property in Oct 2012 none of this was evide
  23. Hi all, I hope you can help. I am a tenant in a building of around 20 studio flats which was a former commercial premises. A property management company bought the building with the intention of applying for planning permission to convert it into a hotel in 2/3 years. In the meantime, they have converted the interior into studios and tenants such as me are living there and paying rent. Our tenancy agreements explicitly state that the management company pays for electricity charges. The company used to actually have an office in this building but have since moved out. Since
  24. Hello I'm new to this forum so please bear with me, My daughter has recently moved into a property and now the landlord is selling up so she needs to find a decent house near her daughters school and nursery fairly quickly,she has found a house she likes and has paid a holding fee of £150 which the agents said will be refunded if she's unsuccessful(verbal not written down) my husband and I lent her this money and have agreed to lend her an additional £200 to make up the deposit she needs and act as guarantors for the rent. The agents in question have now said another couple who are emplo
  25. Good Morning I have a letting agent who was managing my flat on a 6 month shorthold tenancy, my tenants moved out after the 7 months and I have now since moved back in. I have asked my agent to claim for a carpet because the tenants moved in a kitten without permission. The pets I presume destroyed the bedroom carpet which was only 6 months old when they moved in. I have also claimed for destroying a large wardrobe left broken and dismantled and one week’s rent owing. My agent asked me to bring in any evidence so I took photographs and took them to his office he then said he woul
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