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  1. Hi Everyone I am not sure if I am in right section but here goes. We moved house on Monday 1ST June on Wed 3rd I was sorting out wiring the TV and other appliances and found out there was no aerial socket, but there was an aerial on the roof anyway. (turned out to be no good) I spoke to the owners on the Saturday who had come down to see the house they were not happy with the agent. I asked the question when you let this property was there an aerial socket "yes" the previous tenant had cable and they installed it through the aerial box and they had ripped
  2. My family and I have lived in our property for almost 6 years. Over that time, our letting agents have failed to do any sort of maintainence on the property. Fixed cupboard doors, broken taps, peeling ceiling paper, have, over the years, been repaired by ourselves after countless and fruitless requests to the letting agent. Things weren't so bad up until last year. Our letting agent did do yearly checkups on the property, however this year, not only has this stopped, but they have failed to even respond to emails or phone calls. My main question is: As we've been living in the prop
  3. I had a quotation for a concrete garage from a local agent, part of the quote included the separate price for the base to be slightly extended and skimmed. This did not say estimate, it said quote. The person that does the bases apparently does not work for agent but they provide him with work, I'm not sure if they get any commission from his work. The agent quoted £800 for the base complete with prep to completion and said it would not change. The base builder came to view the job and said its £950 and that hes doing it cheaper as it should be £1100. When the base is done I have to pay
  4. I invited a local estate agent to view my property for evaluation in early May 2010. I also invited another agent for the same purpose a week later. I invited agent (a) to revisit my home to take the listing. They backdated their signature on the Sales Agreement by nine days, without my knowledge or authorisation. My signature reflected the correct date of the Sales Agreement. The agent did not advise me that by placing my initials in a box contained within the Terms and Conditions of the HIP Pack, I was waiving my rights to the seven day "cooling off" period. They said that they had
  5. Ok my daughter in-law tried to make a payment to her door stop loan agent(provident) she has missed her for a couple of weeks told her to try to give her something even if its only a couple of pound a week till they can get back on track. She only had £3 she could give her today(She had received a letter from provident say she could make a token payment of a pound per week just now) agent refused said it would have to be £5 or nothing this agent has also been holding on to the payment book and has refused to had it over unless she can get a guarantee of £5 min a week. Now as far as I'
  6. Hi, I'm new here and hoping for some help. I have been dealing with a certain technology company (don't want to name them at this point) regarding a TV problem I have had for months. It came to a point where I was receiving so much confusing/differing information that I decided to write to Head Office to get my issue resolved (faulty TV). The next day after sending the letter, I received a call from their consumer relations group apologizing for all my trouble and they told me they will definitely be sending me a replacement - they used the word definitely at this point and said th
  7. I got divorced around 5 years ago and agreed to take over the house we both owned and move back in as it was too small for the ex wife and the children to live in. Around 4 years ago I took full custody of our 3 children but the house was only 2 bedrooms so I had to make some small alterations to split a bedroom to increase capacity. During this process I missed a mortgage payment as I was financially stretched with taking the children on full time unexpectedly. At the same time I had put in a PPI claim for £2500 with NRAM because of miss sold sickness insurance.
  8. Hi Caggers My son has got himself into another mess.... He had a joint tenancy (AST 6 month contract). He was unemployed for a while, we gave him money for his rent which he decided not to use for that purpose. The net result was that he ended up at the end of the tenancy with about 4 months of rent arrears; his flatmate also did not pay for at least the final month. The letting agent has now issued a court claim for the rent arrears and a load of other charges (and is of course withholding the deposit - which we paid). Some problems I have spotted: 1. Can the letting
  9. Hi im new here so i apoligies if this is in the rong section. Please some one give me some advice. I am privately renting a property. When i first moved in it was me my partner and my son. Due to some difficult circumstances me and my partner have seperated. I informed the estate agent it will just be me and my son living at the property. They called the landlord and he had no problem with this. Now the estate agent want to do a brand new tenancy agreement with new fees. Now im happy to pay fees for a new tenancy agreement However they have said they need to re-refernce chec
  10. Hi all, am I right in thinking that all letting agents are required by law to be signed up to an approved redress scheme (the property ombudsman, ombudsman services property or property redress scheme)? If this is the case, then who is responsible for enforcing this? Thanks, ben.
  11. I received a PCN which was issued by a CCTV vehicle instructed by Havering Council in 19/04/2014. When I received the PCN I appealed it on grounds that I was dropping off my heavily pregnant wife - 'Person alighting from a vehicle' The appeal was rejected but I did not receive a 'Notice of Rejection' letter. I then received a 'Charge certificate' without any reply from my appeal. I emailed Havering Council parking but was told that because a charge certificate was issued there was no grounds of appeal nor could the fine be paid at the lesser amount and I could only wait for a witne
  12. Hello I have an outstanding high court debt. A bailiff was sent to my address by High Court Enforcement in Wales. I answered the door and explained to him I was registered both blind and deaf and that there was nobody else in the house and please could he go away as I couldnt help him. The response I got was "You answered the door therefore you are not vulnerable". I told him I wouldnt let him in. He said "Thats your right, but if I find a window or door open anytime I can get in". Apart from that being a threat to a disabled person, I thought that they could only come through a door no
  13. Hi Team, I moved to a 2 bed furnished flat via a letting agent. Before moving into the property one of the bedroom didnt had bed in it, so we asked letting agent to request landlord to put the double bed in the 2nd bedroom for which landlord agreed in phone call with agent. After agents confirmation, we moved into the flat as the landlord said he will arrange the bed in 1 week time. Its been 3 months landlord didnt arrange the double bed for the 2nd bedroom. Due to which i had to sleep on the floor from last 3 months, and my wife and 6 months little kid sleep on the main bedroom
  14. Hello, I am wondering if you can help / provide advice for my brother. He ended up in some financial difficulties following a car accident which meant he was unable to work (self employed) for a while several years ago. As a result he got into some financial difficulties which were finally sorted in 2012 (or so we thought!). The debt was for a credit card at Lloyds TSB, who passed the debt to a company called 1st Credit. A full and final settlement figure was agreed with 1St Credit in May 2012 (we have a letter from them confirming this). However, in August/September 2
  15. Hello folks this is my first post, As stated in the title my letting agent has been taken over by a bigger agent and I would simply like advice as to whether I require the following below: 1.Changes to AST contract, eg deviation in terms. 2.Changes to details in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme with reference to the agent. 3.Change the standing order to suit the new agent although the old agent is stating that it is continuing to run under the new agent (which if true why do they need me to change the standing order to suit the new agent) my gut feeling is that once they have got
  16. Hi was looking for a little advice, I have an outstanding ticket for parking, never disputed it but for the last 2 months had an awful lot of problems and forgot, yes I know my own fault and could kick myself. This morning an equita agent turns up claiming I now owe 407.00 and I have until the end of this month to pay it! I am right now a single mum of 5 children under 16.Partner is in prison so ive had to survive on income support and child tax credits.I have to pay towards my rent due to benefit cap and told this agent basically your telling me I either pay and make my children go hun
  17. Hi, Two weeks ago I was evicted from my flat, as the landlord was not paying his mortgage and the property was repossessed. I was told by the agent that I would receive my full deposit back as the landlord had broken the contract, making it null and void. Yesterday I received my deposit, however there was £72 missing. I rung the agents accounts department to find out what this was and I have been charged a checkout fee. This checkout fee is mentioned in the contract however, we were told the contract was null and void, so are they still able to charge us this? I did point this o
  18. On the 12th of June we have rented through Estate Agency 3bdr house. Due to the pressure put on us we moved in much earlier than we planned - agent said that landlord want to move in asap. We agreed as it was very hard to find something else in our area. From the day after we moved in, there has been significant noise coming from the construction site located just in front of our garden. What we found out was that there will be 6 storey building... I'd like to mention that agent didn't say a single word what kind of hell we can expect and also, there was no sign of machinery in the day of
  19. My son just rung me frantic because a woman at Jeffries is taking his £370 deposit cos he`s self employed. He viewed a property and said he wanted it, so went back to the office to fill out forms, when it came to employment part he told her he is self employed (he`s been renting a flat for last 6months), she told him it would be better to put that he was `employed` for it to go through, which he did (he`s only young). He paid her the `admin fee` of £370 to secure it and left. Couple of hours later the same woman phoned him and said it didn`t go through because he said he was employed, not self
  20. Hi I moved into a rental property a year ago. The property has electricity only and the water is heated by an immersion tank. I didn't have experience regarding this and I asked the letting agent how the system worked as there was no timer facility installed, the agent advised me that the immersion should be left switched on permanently. I have had very expensive electricity bills since and obviously expected these to be lower during the spring/summer months. I requested Eon to have an engineer visit to assess why my consumption was still high and he was shock
  21. I looked round a house and applied for it, giving £105 over to the Letting Agent. About 23 hours later I decided that I didnt want to move into the house. I rang up the LA and they refused to refund my money. They say it clearly states in the Terms and Conditions they gave me that the monies are non refundable. The Terms and Conditions they gave me had to be signed and handed back at a later date. As I decided so quickly I didnt want the house I never signed the documents, and thus never handed them to the LA. I have not signed anything agreeing that the £105 is non refundable, so s
  22. Good Afternoon, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I'm about to send off a SAR with regards to a problem with AMEX and Allied International and a breach of DPA, amongst other issues. Allied International are purporting to be representing AMEX as an agent and as such are effectively working on behalf of AMEX. With this in mind, will a SAR sent to AMEX be enough to gain access to Allied International actions taken on behalf of AMEX? Thanks in advance.
  23. I had a PCN from a council for £202 for a hire purchase car, bailiff sent me a letter on March 24, 2014 for £431 I filed an out of time declaration because I had never received an NTO on 11 April 2014, On June1 I got letter from the court TEC, saying that the council had refused the declaration.I did not recieve any letter for council or bailiffs (now called enforcement agents) Today 20th June 2014, I received a call from newlyn enforcement agent saying that they have clamped the car on my drive way. The agent said over the phone that the charge is now £666.11, which is £2
  24. Hi, I have just signed up for some advice as my mother is panicking after receiving phone calls from a company called TNC. She had a gym membership that ran until October 2013, and I served 30 days notice in the form of a letter last September (so far all was well) last month a company got in touch over the phone stating that my mother owes several hundreds of pounds due to the gym not receiving the letter of notice. My mum was about to pay when I asked to speak to them, and said I infact wrote the letter as my mum isn't the best on computers and sent it off
  25. Just a question really, under the new Taking Control of Goods: National Standards dated April 2014 in the Complaints/Discipline section it says: "The debtor should be able to easily find out how to make a complaint and obstacles should not be placed in their way." I know I have looked on the Bristow and Sutor site for their Complaints procedure in the last 24 hours and found nothing, and I just wondered if the others had hit the same brick wall with other Enforcerment Agents.
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