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  1. I have some markers on my Credit file that are due to be "extinguished" within the next 6 months, just need some advice and confirmation:- 1. In Scotland the debts are Statute Barred after 5 years? 2. Is it from date of last payment or default date? 3. Will it happen automatically or do I have to write to each of the Credit Reference Agencies, or do I write to the Data Controller of the company involved? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Originally had store card with M&S and this was changed to a credit card automatically some years ago, M&S receiving some bad press because customers had not requested a Credit Card. I posted a SAR for the original documentation with regards to the CC (which they won't have) and after 14 days the silence has been deafening, they will not have a signed copy of the CC terms and conditions as one was never sent out. I am now at a point of "what do I do now?" as I cannot find further letters to continue with my harrassment of them, anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. Hello all, I had a query with a water company at my previous address whereby they charged me water usage charges of £475 for a period of a couple of months As a person living alone and being at work all day, having no hot water other than shower, no garden to water and no car to wash, I found this to be a little alarming and queried the charge (As my usual bill was about £18 a month) - I was on a water meter. The company in question (South Staffs) had the usual drongos on the phone who of course were not able to help in any way. I pro actively kept chasing and calling South Staf
  4. I am in nearly £5,000 worth of debt with 8 different collection agencies. Some of them being Lowell, Marlin, Quikcbridge BCW, Capquest. I honestly don't know where to turn to for advice, so I am hoping someone on here could help?!?! I have set up payment plans with a few of the companies but many of them keep hounding me to up the payment and even though I have sent them forms and proof or incoming and outgoing they wont let up. I have heard about asking them for my contract, can I do this? If so how ? What is the best course of action to take with th
  5. does cfo regularly report to the main cra`s
  6. Hi Can anyone please advise me. I am being harrassed by 3 debt collecting agencies over some debts which are from around 1997. Basically I ended up with financial problems in the 90s after a divorce. I have paid most of them off, but apparently there are 3 outstanding from around this time. Anyhow, I started to receive some letters from Mackenzie Hall which I ignored because the debt is so old, and I know about the limitations act. They then passed it on to Wescot, and now Scotcall. I am currently receiving text messages and phone calls from Wescot and Scotcall every other day n
  7. Hi all, this is my 1st post and I am new to this type of forum. I need some advice with acquiring my credit file from Credit Agencies. I have some questions before I request to see these files 1. I have never applied to access any credit files. 2. How do I go about doing this? 3. Will there be a charge to me to access these credit files? 4. What do I do with this information once I receive it? 5. I do have a bit of debt, one is 19 years old and the last payment I made was in 2001. The other is 13 years old and I have never paid or responded to any communications i.e. letters, tele
  8. Who the chuff are Retail Decisions UK Ltd and HNC Software Inc?
  9. Only recently I had Reed look to pay me below the bottom of what they's quoted to get me to attend the interview for a job and then try to skim additional margin for paying me on Ltd Co. basis rather than PAYE. Now I have Randstad who have decided they got the pay rate wrong on a job I started after signing a contract at that rate and they've looked to cut the rate by 20% - they even attempted to backdate this and claim that I had to pay them back (something they've now backed down from). - are insisting that they had the right to make such changes immediately and without agreement (
  10. Not sure if I'm putting this in the correct forum or not so mods feel free to move. As it's now illegal for employers to discriminate on the grounds of age (ha-ha), having been registered for work, both temporary and permanent with a few of the agencies, I have come to the conclusion that the agencies filter out people over the age of 50 for jobs. Time and time again I have seen the agencies I am registered with advertising jobs that I am more than capable of doing yet never get put forward for them. When I do, like the other week got a starting date then the day before I was due to
  11. Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me sort what seems like a strange problem i've been having with debt collection agencies. In 2006 i lost my job and made a claim on my credit card PPI to cover the payments. This all eventually went through and a year later, still unemployed (still am today!) I received a letter saying under the terms of the insurance as I was still not working, the debt was repaid and the balance was zero. Hurrah I thought, but once or twice a year since then i'd get debt collector letters demanding the balance, as it was before I took out the insurance
  12. Hi all! just over a year ago I was using quick quid and wonga, never took huge amounts and paid back on time then a few things came up and I was desperate for money and took out two big loans from both (not on the same date but within a short space of time) I couldn't afford to pay them back and ignored them and hoped it would go away... yeah I know! I don't have any of the original letters as had a massive clear out and must have thrown them out. wonga has passed the debt on to Mackenzie hall and I now owe them £750.37 and Quick quid have passed the debt on to
  13. I'm a tad confused with the ratings the agencies seem to be giving and there either doesn't seem to be much consistancy between the agencies in terms of scoring or I am misinterpreting things. My story is this, all was going well until 2008/9 when I was made redundant. In a year I had notched up two CCJ's and a default was issued on my mortgage as I had no income other than JSA. My credit rating was destroyed. 4 years on and the CCJ's are now satisfied and the mortgage arrears all paid. Unfortunately the default on my mortgage will stay on my file for 2 more years and there is nothin
  14. Hi, I've been paying off a credit card that i defaulted on for about the last 18 months, paying a regular payment of £75. I now have only one payment of £78.50 left outstanding but unfortunately my financial situation is such that i'm not able to pay it straight away. The card company, Vanquis, passed it onto a debt collection agency, 1st Credit. the balance stayed at £78.50, this then went onto another agency, DHS, still the balance stayed at £78.50, but then it went to an agency called C.A.R.S and suddenly they want £84.19. is it possible for one agency
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