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Found 245 results

  1. I have had £97 taken out of my bank by Stemcell.com. How can I get my money back!!!!
  2. Good Evening Forum Once again i am being taken to court by a doorstep lender. I had a loan with them paid in full then took a small loan with them again which they failed to turn up and collect, The whole reason i took the loan as its convenient and i am a full time carer so don't really get out much to do anything so really handy them coming to my house. I have explained to the company the reason why payment was not made and they said it was my responsibility to make sure i got them money to them, I explained that its a doorstep loan and agent should of called, They wont admit they done anything wrong or restart the payments again considering everything. I received in the post a money claim for £175.00 - I have done the AOS already Particulars of claim is vague how can anyone possibly make a defence around its particulars these are exactly how its written also there is no solicitors costs so assume they are doing it themselves Particulars of Claim Defendant has defaulted on repayments of an unsecured loan with this company There is no dates, no reference numbers, account numbers this could be for a loan already paid off nothing is clear?? The deadline ends tomorrow, I have done the AOS so now have till the 18th May to submit defence Any advice on what i should do would be so much appreciated Regards PCR
  3. Hi all! I made a half hearted PPI claim v Barclaycard circa 2 years ago. As I did not escalate then I was under the impression that I could not go to the FOS now. On another ( MSE) site mentions that I CAN go to the FOS but only if I complain to BC again first.. any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Have read a few threads on this company as I have now had the misfortune of having to deal with them! I have (or had) a secured loan with Black Horse Finance, they have now sold it on to Idem Servicing so it looks like after reading about them I will start getting hassles I guess The first dealings with them are a negative (tell solicitor one thing then tell me something different). Fingers crossed they don't get too annoying!
  5. In March 2015 Lowells got a CCJ against me on an old credit card debt . .. my last payment was in October 2010 . ... which was when I lost my job and my finances went in to 'melt down'. I had received a number of letters from EquiDebt and Red Castle in 2012 and 2013 chasing this debt. We left that address in May 2014 and had mail forwading set up to October 2014. I never knew this claim was happening as all the paperwork must have been sent to my old address and even though we had 'mail forwarding' set up for six months after we left (in each of our surnames), I assume this must have been sent after the mail forwarding had finished. Would it not have been returned to them as 'undelivered', so why did they continue sending to an address I obviously did not live at?? I'm not sure its relevant but I am not a house owner, it was my partners property. I only found out about the CCJ when next door neighbours emailed my partner before Xmas and along with all the local gossip they mentioned that the new owners of the house we left had told them they were annoyed to have bailiffs knocking at their door a .... asking for me!! I sent away for my credit file in December last year and there was the CCJ! I didn't think there was much I could do at that point so just 'cursed' and did nothing, hoping bailiffs wouldn't come knocking at our new address. Yesterday I received a letter from Lowells at my current address (I'm on electoral register / not trying to hide) saying "We have recently confirmed you live at the above address" ... "unless I pay this debt they will proceed to legal recovery" ... it's gives details of the same credit card debt for which they already have a CCJ. Why are they starting again ... they already have a CCJ? They sent bailiffs to my old address, why don't they just send bailiffs to my currect address. A couple of questions:- 1. Can I try for a set a side as I had no knowledge of the first CCJ. 2. Why are they going for a new claim when CCJ (only 1 year old) already exists? I don't own any property . .. have no assets apart from a 12 year old car worth about £1,500 Currently 'between jobs' so no regular income although I do a bit of sales 'interim' work on an ad-hoc basis that generates some irregular income. I do know how to defend a claim (acknowledge, make them prove documentation exists, etc) so if they proceed to a Claim ... I'm ready and waiting. Any advice welcome.
  6. Good evening all Thank you in advance for anyone that takes the time to read my post and can offer any advice. Firstly, I'm a bit angry for myself for getting into this kind of situation, I am normally pretty switched on and have never had a issue with any agreements I've made! I have read with interest a number of the previous threads regarding Credit Resolution Services (CRS) and Xercise for Less, but I feel my situation is slightly different and therefore seek some direct advice. My issue is with regards to cancelling my gym membership with X4L, though I fear I may have made some critical errors which may leave me liable to pay the fees requested. Here are the details: I have been a member with X4L since December 2012, paying £9.99 a month via DD with payments made on the 5th of the month. I have not missed a single payment up to my final payment on 5 Nov 2015. Shortly after my last payment on 5 Nov 2015 (exact date unknown) I sent a letter directly to the gym branch I visited informing them I am cancelling my membership and I cancelled my DD directly with the bank at the same time. Unfortunately I didn't send the letter recorded or have proof of receipt or postage. And I now also realise they required 30 days notice and should only have cancelled my DD after the next payment was taken in Dec 2015. (2 critical errors?) I went on with life, and heard nothing, but of course was making no payments as I had cancelled the DD and I presumed the matter had been dealth with. Then I recieved a letter this weekend (dated 17 March 2016) from CRS. It is the same letter many other members have posted basically saying CRS have been employed by X4L as my membership remains in arrears despite previous letters sent to me. As a result CRS fees of £102.50 have been added to the account which now has a balance of £207.47. The balance is made up of: CRS fee: £102.50 X4L Outstanding membership fees: £29.97 (£9.99x3) X4L missed payment fee: £75 (£25x3) So they are saying I have missed payments for Dec, Jan and Feb - Though they haven't said anything about March despite my DD date of the 5th of the month. I have not received any previous letters from X4L or Harlands or CRS - This is the first contact I have had. On phoning the gym to enquire about my membership status, they have said there is nothing on my account about any cancellation and they have received no letter informing them to cancel it. To add a further twist, I changed address about 2 years ago, and X4L did not have my current address, and therefore it would seem that any previous letters from Harlands have gone to my old address. (Not updating my address with X4L could be another critical error?) However, CRS have managed to look me up and find my current address, hence the letter sent to me this weekend. I contacted CRS today to make sure the letter was valid, and in a roundabout fashion they basically said it is my own fault because the membership was never cancelled and I have no proof of sending a cancellation letter. They also said it was my own fault because I had not updated my address with the gym when I moved and so I was liable for all the fees on the account. Then they said they were willing to accept £112.49 to close the account (instead of the £207.47 requested) and they would hold the account for 14 days because I stated I would be seeking advice first. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but specifically I would like to know: Is cancelling my DD with the bank sufficient notice to Harlands to cancel my membership? Even if the T&C's for X4L state they must be given 30 days notice direct? Does not updating my address, and not having any proof of sending a letter mean I am in the wrong and should pay the reduced fee? I was almost inclined to pay the reduced fee to get the matter out of the way, but I suppose that's what they hope for every time! I am willing to pay the three months of membership fees of £29.97 provided my account is closed with immediate effect (though I haven't mentioned this) I have read some of the template letters that have been outlined by other users, but I'm not sure I'm in a place to use them considering all the details above. Many thanks in advance Martin
  7. Sky is putting up the prices of its TV packages by an average of between £2 and £3 a month from 1 June. The TV giant has revealed new prices for both upgrades and its TV deals, with increases ranging between £1 and £4.25 per month. Sky’s premier package, The Complete, will see the biggest jump in cost, with customers required to pay £80 a month from June – a rise of £4.25. “While existing customers who have been with Sky for longer than the minimum term (12 months) can vote with their feet, in doing so they say goodbye to a lot of content you cannot get anywhere else. Meanwhile, those still in contract have little choice but to pay whatever Sky asks.” Article
  8. Hi, we have a mortgage with the wonderful and helpful (!) Kensington and we have managed to get into a pickle. Husband has been in and out of work and we had a reposession order suspended last February. Unfortunately, we've got further into a mess and now have a date for reposession on the 22nd January 2008. I have to be honest, it's not the first time we've been in this situation, we had a mortgage with Verso who did the same to us some years ago, but the system has changed since then. Has anyone been in the same situation and does anyone have any helpful advice? Many thanks
  9. Hello you wonderful wonderful people Let me cut straight to the chase I parked in a private land which i have done a number of times while going to the bank in town. I did not see any visible signs with terms and condition only a worn out red paint on the wall with the words private parking. I comeback half an hour later and lo and behold i have parking notice slapped on the windscreen of my car. As advised by friends and people on forums I chose to ignore it. Got a few letters and chose to ignore them as well. Then as usual with these private companies i got my case passed onto a 'debt recovery team' Miah solicitors in this case. The letter is pretty much as a copy and paste of all the other letters from miah solicitors people have posted on the forums. £100 owed to UKCPS, £25 admin, and £150 for legal costs to these culprits. Same idle threat stating 'this letter before action is being sent to you in accordance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct contained in the Civil Procedure Rules. In particular, we refer you to paragraph 4 of the said pratice direction concerning Court's powers to impose sanctions for failing to comply with its provisions. Take note, that if we do not recieve any payment or contact you from within 14 days of the date of this letter, we will take our clients instructions regarding how they wish to proceed which may include considering issuing 'legal procedings' Here is my response letter gathered from information off the forums and watching a youtube channel called DerpJD To whom it may concern I am writing to you in response to the letter received regarding an alleged private parking ticket by your affiliate UKCPS. May I first of make you aware that I am well educated in the matter of private land tickets and the legalities. Before your idle threats can even be taken seriously you will need to provide me with the following; 1) Proof that Mr XXXXX XXXXXX was the driver at the alleged time. 2) Receipts of the legal charges that have been added by you of £150 with VAT. 3) A bill. The following are not bills, a parking charge notification, a statement, a charge certificate, not a notice, not an invoice. 3) Proof of a contractual agreement between me and your client. Under all commercial and civil laws, in order for man/women to take a complaint to a court or to a magistrate to make a claim for a court hearing tribunal/trial then there must be a documented contract with full disclosure by both parties with terms and conditions, signed with wetted ink (not a PDF signature) with human names and the date of signature. As you are well aware of no contract existed. 4) As advised by a solicitor in a free consultation, your letter has no reverse liability so it is better off throwing in the bin. For your letter to have reverse liability you will need a wetted signature with a human name printed. You know this will leave you opened to be counter sued so you have opted not to do so. S o your letters will remain meaningless and empty as long as you continue this practice. 5) If you have gotten that far then I will also need evidence of damage/loss of property during the parking of this vehicle at the alleged duration by the LAND OWNER to justify the fraudulent parking ticket. I will also like to state this is not an appeal this is a rebuttal. Any private parking companies that try to apply levy onto people in this exemplary matter is null-in-void. The only way you can get any squeaky leverage to go to a court or to get legal action in any way is to ascertain/obtain an appeal in response to the INVOICE. This invoice by UKCPS will never be paid no matter how much you escalate the price until all these lawful conditions are met. Have a nice day Regards (i put my own copy and paste signature from google images just like they do) Il be waiting for your wisdom Slick
  10. I've just finally opened a letter addressed to my son who has co-incidentally been avoiding me. I only opened after receiving several suspicious bank letters that he collected and quickly disappeared with. To no shock or horror and even less surprise it was a letter demanding payment of 4 figures that he had been ignoring. This is the third time this has happened. More fool me I suppose for baling my son out but what I find despicable about this is my ex wife on the second occasion went into the bank and asked them to close the account, which of course they refused due to banking regulations etc etc etc'. My ex explained that he is not the most stable boy and a possible risk to his own life if this happened again so if they insisted on keeping him an account open then make that it was so that he could not possibly go OD. She made quite a scene and was eventually assured that they would do something. Obviously in their minds shutting my ex up and getting back to their office seat for another cup of coffee was ok with them and job done. Is there nothing I can do to take them to task over this. It's not the money it's purely a principle of humanity. Or am i really such a foolish old idiot?
  11. Took my complaint to FOS for irrisponsible lending after Fancyapayday rejected my complaint - FOS upheld my complaint - removal of 5 out oof 8 laons from my credit file, refund of all loan fees, charges etc plus refund of the £700 they took from my account using a CPA. So thats around £1500 refund fancy will probably escalate to the ombudsman, lets see what their next move is
  12. I took out 16 loans with 247Moneybox over an 18month period starting back in 2011. All but one successully paid back, the last loan I defaulted on. Usual story, started out with 1 PDL then had to take out a new loan at the end of the month to cover shortfall then another loan with other PDL companies. So I complained to 247 re the amount of loans provided and asked that all loan fees etc be refunded and the default loan to be cleared using monies from the refund. They said nope, we were responsible lenders etc etc. So off to FOS and FOS have upheld my complaint so am now expecting something like £1k of refunds after deduction of defaulted loan, plus all data for the loans removed from my credit files.
  13. In the early months of 2010, Golden Eye (International) Ltd, a company connected with the Ben Dover porn brand, decided to chance their hand at obtaining settlements from alleged file-sharers in the UK. Although they successfully obtained the identities of alleged file-sharers through the court using the Tilly Bailey & Irvine (TBI) law firm, things quickly went wrong for GoldenEye. TBI pulled out due to bad publicity and the company was eventually fined late 2011 by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority for their mishandling of the cases. In September 2011, Golden Eye were back again, trying to extract money from Internet users via the previously untested route of the small claims court. But in December 2011 it all fell apart following proper scrutiny in the High Court. And now, in March 2012, unbelievably Golden Eye are back again with a third attempt. http://torrentfreak.com/pay-up-or-else-bittorrent-scheme-resurrected-in-uk-high-court-120309/ Posted this here for info, hopefully it wont take people by suprise like acs law. I download nothing, but always expect a letter lol
  14. Of particular interest is the Energy companies apologist group saying it will improve when smart meters are installed and they are rolling them out to th whole country NOW.. Rather strange when many of the complaints were after correct readings were given. Seems they are just trying to justify smart meters, not actually address the issues. ... Other than that just the same old same old - 3times proper size billing, multiple different bills, dozens of emails/calls not fixing issues etc etc as has been going on for years. Link to BBC site detail and player added: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06kn2pq
  15. A few days ago I was in court with IND they were asking for a claim that was struck out in sept 2013 to be re-instated. 1 week before the hearing IND sent me a letter containing a witness statement from themselves to be read out in court, as they said they would not be attending the hearing. I decided that I should on this occasion attend. I didnt in sept 2013. When I arrived at court I was dismayed to find that a barrister was there to represent IND. I felt like going back home. When I walked into the Hearing room it was warm and didnt feel threatening. There was only me the Barrister and the Judge in the room though I think the Hearing was recorded. I sat there gob smacked as the barrister was verbally taken apart by the Judge. The Barrister even apologised to the Judge saying "Im sorry maam but I am only acting on instruction". After stating some legal Jargon to the Barrister which I did not understand, the Judge then made 2 Judgements 1. That the application by IND to have the claim re-instated was denied and 2. That the request by IND to have the struck out order lifted from the claim was also refused. Thank god for British justice and a bloody good Judge. Never be afraid, fight it, stand up to it. And dont despair, Debt collection agencys are not popular with the courts. Even if you think you have not got a chance. fight it, Defend it. I am glad I did. I was also awarded costs.
  16. Hi All, I was about to pick up the phone to try and negotiate a settlement with ANPR but after reading threads on here I thought I should ask your advice. Long story so I will try to keep as brief as possible. I rent an office space and my tenancy agreement states I am entitled to two parking spaces in the twelve space private car park. Last November I changed my vehicle, the car I bought went to my local garage to be serviced and I placed my parking permit in the courtesy vehicle. The day I collected my new car I forgot to move the parking pass back. I received a ticket that day so I called ANPR to explain and was told I had to appeal. The office letting agents made it clear they would not help. I wrote to ANPR Appeals Dept. the following day but they responded saying that they do not accept excuses. I then sent a copy of my vehicle registration and tenancy agreement which they ignored. I sent a third letter which again was ignored. I called them and they advised me to contact POPLA (something I had over looked on their response letter due to be being so irate whilst reading it). I was late doing this but when I did the code issued to me was for a different ticket issued to somebody 200miles away. I then had the call with the 'independent' solicitor at Expedion and we are now at the stage of defending myself at the small claims court and I am beginning to wish I had just paid the fine in the first place. The warden who patrols the area told me that he would not have issued the ticket if he had realised it was my car. He often over looks vehicles without passes when he gets to know who they belong to. The letting agents did not issue passes for 2015 until the 10th Feb 15 and one business owner on there still has no pass but the warden overlooks it because he knows this gentlemans car. I have emails stating the passes were only posted out 10/2/15 meaning a number of people had to park without a valid permit between 1/1/15 - 11/2/15. ANPR claim there are no grey areas but there clearly are when the managing agent of the complex fail to issue parking permits for 6 weeks yet nobody is ticketed. Key points I admitted in my first letter that I was parked without a permit I supplied ANPR with my vehicle registration document and tenancy agreement stating my right to park in that area. There is no mention of permits/rules in this agreement. ANPR issued an incorrect POPLA code I was late contacting POPLA Passes for 2015 were not issued until mid-Feb The sign says 'Permit Holders Only', which I am. It doesn't state a permit must be displayed Thank you for taking the time to read this. What do I do next?? Go to court or pay up?? Any advice would be appreciated.
  17. OK guys, here we go. Made redundant from work in october 2000, long story short all my creditors went default before I got back into work. RBS particularly harsh, really dragged their heels concerning my PPI claim etc. When my personal loan and royalties account overfdraft went default, I got battered for charges. Been paying them back since may 2001, never missed a payment, always made the increases when asked. Over the years I've received letters from their CMS in telford and another company (whose name escapes me but I will dig it out) who appear to be a DCA acting on their behalf. Payments always made on time into my account at my local branch, using my account number and sort code. 2 months ago CMS telford wrote to me with instruction to now pay into a different account number and sort code. Have recently received another letter from CMS telford asking for an increase in payments that I just cannot meet. Not particularly scared about this as they simply cannot have what I haven't got. Question is, can I S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) them and claim back anything?
  18. From the Guardian about my favourite plane. 'A group of British aviation enthusiasts committed to seeing Concorde fly again has revealed it has the funds to purchase one of the supersonic jets and bring it back into service within the next four years. Club Concorde, which consists of “ex-captains, ex-charterers and people passionate about Concorde” hopes to use £120m funding in reserve for its ambitious “return to flight” project.' http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/sep/18/supersonic-breakthrough-concorde-could-fly-again-within-four-years
  19. https://m.facebook.com/npowerofficial/photos/a.458948164151561.113457.453780661334978/913197612059945/?type=1&comment_id=943978288981877&offset=0&total_comments=462&src=email_notif Anyone like to tell those people to come here for help.
  20. " The Department for Work and Pensions has admitted using made-up stories from fictional claimants to demonstrate the positive impact of benefit sanctions. A DWP leaflet featured one welfare claimant, "Sarah", who said she was "really pleased" a cut to her benefits had encouraged her to improve her CV. " But after a Freedom of Information request by website Welfare Weekly, the DWP said they were not real claimants. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33974674
  21. For years, Mac users have been fooled thinking they are safe in the knowledge that their platform was relatively safe from malware. A combination of the lower number of users on the platform, less attention from security researchers and, in general, fewer security holes in the operating system than Windows has led to a history generally free of damaging viruses and malware. So proud has Apple been of its security that it even ran several spots in its Mac vs PC ad campaign dedicated to the idea that Macs don’t get viruses. But in quick succession, two new serious vulnerabilities in OS X have introduced Mac malware back into the conversation. One exploits a weakness first confirmed in mid-July, which allows a malicious program that gains access to a Mac to run as though it is the administrator of the computer – a vulnerability known as “privilege escalation”. In doing so, it can bypass a lot of Apple’s security features, which rely on appropriately limiting the ability of downloaded code from affecting the deeper functions of the operating system. Stefan Esser, the German coder who discovered the exploit, heavily criticised Apple for having already patched it in the beta versions of its next operating system, Mac OS X El Capitan. The company, which did not respond to a request for comment from the Guardian, still has not fixed the flaw in the latest current version of Mac OS, Yosemite, nor in the beta for the next Yosemite patch. “At the moment it is unclear if Apple knows about this security problem or not, because while it is already fixed in the first betas of OS X 10.11, it is left unpatched in the current release of OS X 10.10.4 or in the current beta of OS X 10.10.5,” Esser wrote. Later, he tweeted that “Apple was informed about said bug months ago and as usual did the irresponsible to fix it for some beta half a year in the future only. “That means Apple released the bug via a patch … 4 months before they want to ship the ‘fix’,” he added. Now, Esser’s bug has been seen in the wild for the first time. Researchers from Malwarebytes discovered a new adware installer doing the rounds, which allowed the adware to embed itself into the operating system, and – crucially – allowed the adware to install itself without requiring the user’s password. Malwarebytes, which also criticises Esser for releasing the exploit without giving due notice to Apple, says: “This is obviously very bad news. Apple has evidently known about this issue for a while now … Unfortunately, Apple has not yet fixed this problem, and now it is beginning to bear fruit.” At the same time, a very different exploit is about to be revealed to researchers at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. It uses a bundle of weaknesses in the firmware of a computer, the embedded operating system which runs the lowest-level functions such as fans, power supply units, and USB ports, and lets the researchers overwrite that software with their own code, and five of these six weaknesses are present on Macs as well as PCs. The researchers notified Apple, which has patched two of the vulnerabilities, but three remain unpatched. Worse still, researchers managed to write a proof of concept attack which uses the weakness to create a “worm”: a virus which can spread from MacBook to MacBook directly. A deliberately infected email can infect the first MacBook, which then automatically attempts to infect any other hardware physically connected to it, such as Apple’s ethernet adapters. If that hardware is later plugged into an uninfected computer, the worm spreads further. “People are unaware that these small cheap devices can actually infect their firmware,” researcher Xeno Kovah told Wired. “You could get a worm started all around the world that’s spreading very low and slow. If people don’t have awareness that attacks can be happening at this level then they’re going to have their guard down and an attack will be able to completely subvert their system.” The worm, called “Thunderstrike 2”, bears a similarity to a previous proof-of-concept attack called BadUSB, which let attackers reprogram almost any USB device to attack hardware. But even that attack hadn’t been turned into a worm, limiting the potential damage.
  22. This rip-off charge called a line rental is being increased yet again. This won't just be BT, they will all follow suite and up theirs as well, so standby Sky and Virgin customers. We're changing some of our prices from 20 September 2015 Line rental will go up by £1 per month. We've also made changes to some of our other prices and terms. Changes to our phone and TV prices are shown below. To check changes to your broadband package, click here (you'll need your account number and telephone number to log in). Standard Pricing† Calls to UK landlines and the Access Charge for calls to Service Numbers will go from 9.58p to 10.24p a minute. Calls to mobiles from your landline are going up from 12.77p to 13.65p a minute. (But if you have the Unlimited Anytime Calls plan, you'll pay less than half price with a change from 6p to 6.41p a minute. The set-up fee for calls will go from 15.97p to 17.07p a call. † Inclusive calls of up to an hour on calling plans will not be affected. Changes to our line rental and calling plans Line Rental (monthly price) From - To Standard Line Rental £16.99 - £17.99 Line Rental Plus £18.99 - £19.99 Calling plans (monthly price) From - To Unlimited Anytime Calls (if you signed up on or before 20 June 2014 £7.45 - £7.95 Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls (if you signed up on or before 20 June 2014) £2.12 - £2.26 Unlimited Anytime Calls (if you signed up after 20 June 2014) £7.50 - £7.95 Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls (if you signed up after 20 June 2014) £3.00 - £3.20 Add-ons (monthly price) From - To Friends and Family International £1.20 - £1.25 International Freedom £6.20 - £6.60 You can get a good mobile plan for less than that, so me thinks it's time to cancel the landline and move over to just mobile. £20 to rent a bit of wire, I ask you, it's the same bit of wire that was there in WW2.
  23. Hi all, I need some help re my problem. I am now at the stage where Morgan Solicitors are threatening that if I do not contact them with an offer of payment on the Charging Order on my property, they will apply for an order of sale. A bit of history..... I have never responded to any letters or proceedings (my fault, nasty divorce and burying head in sand). Can I start the original process of CCA, then SAR, then CPR? If so, could it work at this stage should no-one have the requested documents? Please advise and many thanks.
  24. There is to be a debate about the return or amendment to the fox hunting ban, the most despicable rich mans sport ever.
  25. Hi I posted on here about 12 months ago as my family were evicted (s21 no fault) from a house we were renting. Of my deposit of £1600 I had £300 deducted for 'sham' cleaning. Because we struggled to get another place the landlord took us to court to get the house back. Corporate landlord who didn't want pets in the house. We managed to find another home eventually. It's much scruffier than the last one but we painted it and made it nice etc, but things keep breaking, dodgy plumbing and so on. the owner now wants to sell (she's not a professional landlord). She uses an agent who probably take a large chunk of the rent each month. Agent has sent a s21 and given us a bit longer than the statutory minimum of two months. We paid £1575 deposit and £400 check-in fees to the agent. I have a job after being unemployed for nearly two years, and still catching up with lots of bills each month so I have no savings whatsoever. I have no idea how I'm going to find the agent fees and the deposit for the next house. We have to pay these amounts up front. The rent is going to cost us around £1300/month (Surrey area) and so deposit will be about £2000 plus fees between £400 and £500. My current deposit is not returnable until 10 days after I vacate. Even then I'm still going to be £1k short. My daughter is on HB and income support. She has a very young baby and is expecting another - boyfriend is an ex boyfriend. What a mess! Daughter is suffering post-natal depression so we need to move nearer to family and friends and the rents are not cheap. They aren't cheap anyway, but it is what it is I guess. £1300/month is on the lower end of the scale, with many being more like £1500. Will the council that we plan on moving to help with a deposit? How can we determine which council it will be because we can't put an offer in without the fees available. I'm so lost at the moment and can't see a way round this. I've maxed on credit and don't know anyone with £2.5k sitting in their bank account. Any advice? thanks
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