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  1. Lodhi finance limited was liquidated in september last year. However the director has previously done the same . He did this with rasul finance limited same address and bought out the debt ledgers via a business named Crawford Business Services . This was not a limited company but was one that had been set up as a transfer vehicle. Once Crawford businees was assigned the ledgers then Lodhi finance Limited bought this business out for £30000 and persued the unpaid bedts that had been mounting up at a rate of 39.9 % per annum. This meant a lot of people lost their homes etc. However it seems that the directors are the same and also the same time spans etc. This time the fsa have had the business shut down. However if there are people around who were mucked up by his [problem] or what ever you would call it. I would seriously urge them to make what he did previously well known.
  2. I visited the car park at Eastbourne B&Q today and saw a UKPC operative arrive and wander round the car park. He stopped at a car that was quite properly parked, wrote out a ticket, placed it on the car windscreen on the drivers side, photographed it, removed it and wandered off to look at other vehicles. So, if you are the owner of a silver hatchback and get a NTK for some parking misdemeanour at around 1pm in the Halfords/B&Q/Mothrcare car park on Lottbridge Rd I will give you a full description of the dishonest person in a UKPC uniform for your evidence when these bandits demand money. Shame it wasnt yesterday, I had my camera on me then
  3. Good morning two months ago I got an e mail from scotcall saying that I owed 3 mobile £375 , I have been a customer of 3 for about ten yrs and to my knowledge I owe them nothing , I sent off my CCA request and my postal order and have not had a reply for six weeks , today I have received an e mail from scotcall Saying "in response to your request for a copy of the singed credit agreement , we have been advised by 3 they they are not available" how would I like to proceed, as I cant find a template letter in the library could someone perhaps give me a hand to word a reply, thnk,s
  4. Parcel2Go are still scammming their fraud service. I sold item on Ebay for £50. I sent parcel by them and insured it for £50 Two weeks later still not recieved so customer reported me to Ebay who took £56 out of my bank. I asked P2G for refund but as of this date they are still refusing to pay bu claiming they cannot recieve attachments to emails so cannot get proof of nondelivery - yet they gave me a chart showing that the depot had handed the parcel to the courier and the courier had 'lost ie stolen it'. It seems they have a bad record of this and numerous complaints so it looks like they are operating a nice little fraud and my case may just be the tip of the iceberg.
  5. I need help a.s.a.p !! I have a restored possesion hearing on 6th July. I am reading everywhere about entering defence but only got 1 sheet cant locate anything else. we have a 2nd charge for £37000 have arrears of £3100 my husband has gone from 2k a month job to £285. I have today spoken to the company , they have taken income and expenditure form. I have confirmed I can pay monthly payment for 3 months but no arrears as yet i payment made today, previously was March . My husband has a injury claim going through from his old employer so when this is settled would clear arrears. We are alos hoping he can get a job soon. Please help what can i do ????
  6. When my husband died last year we were in arrears with our Council Tax. I went to the Council and an arrangement was put in place which I've adhered to. Until yesterday, no problem. Yesterday, two letters come through the post from Ross & Roberts addressed to my husband. They were pay up within 7 days or we will take you to Court letters. Being somewhat bemused by these letters, I had a vision of letting them take my husband to Court, me going to Court to "represent" my husband and asking the Judge if the Court could employ the services of a Medium so my husband could state his case from beyond the grave!!! Being serious now. Someone, has slipped up - badly. I don't know if this is the fault of the Council or Ross & Roberts and I'm not sure whose cage to rattle first about this but cage rattle I will. I haven't had anything from the Council themselves, just this DCA. I'm wondering if I can sue them for harrassment and causing distress. It would be nice to turn the tables on them for a change. Any advice welcome.
  7. In the latest statement, Philip Hammond announced increase in Insurance premium tax to 12.5% from June 2017. Given that Insurers also like to include other premium increases, people are likely to see average increases on Insurances of 20% or more. With average Car Insurance premiums now £700, i could see this rising by at least another £100. Then add on increases to other Insurances bought by households and you could see an extra £300 to £400 in annual budget taken by Insurances. Because VAT is 20% currently. Philip Hammond used this as a reason to justify increasing Insurance Premium Tax, suggesting that people were already getting a discounted tax rate. I am not sure people will see it in the same way. Is buying Insurance the same as buying any other consumer product ? Given that Car Insurance is a legal requirement and not optional, i would argue that tax should not be paid on the compulsory third party liability element of the policy.
  8. Not sure how to explain this ..... I ordered an item from Debenhams a few days ago, today the parcel was handed over to me by a close neighbour , close as he live in the flat that backs onto mine, The complaint I have is that Hermes left MY parcel in my neighbours outside cupboard and put the card in my neighbours postbox! I am just lucky my neighbour is honest or I would have had no idea that it had been delivered! I have reported this to Debenhams but they cant see anything wrong with what Hermes driver did!
  9. Hi there.. after doing some research online this morning, I see that I am not the first person to fall foul of Ashbourne Management's poor customer service and blatant disregard of their own T&Cs. I informed the company via email that I would be moving out of the area and wanted to know their cancellation policy. I was told to refer to the T&Cs which I didn't have as I was not prompted to download a copy when I registered online for Clifford Health Club & Spa in Long Eaton, Nottingham. On checking their T&Cs it clearly states that I can cancel during the minimum membership period with NO further obligation if I move over 15 miles from the gym and provide written confirmation of this. I have moved over 80 miles away and provided them with my new driving license and also 2 bank statements showing the new address. My cancellation has been refused as they do not accept bank statements and I am unable to provide them with any other documents yet as I have moved back in with my parents and waiting for other docs to come through. I have told them I am not happy as bank statements are certainly a formal piece of ID (lenders and solicitors use these every day!), and by waiting for further documents to come through before they cancel will make me liable for an extra months payments I do not wish to pay (mainly out of principle!). I have raised the issue with the CMA who are now investigating, trading standards have been informed and I have also let the gym in question know. I have numerous email threads with Ashbourne Management but most of my points have been ignored and my repeated requests for their complaints procedure have also been ignored. My next DD is due to go out on 1st November - am I safe to cancel this? Thanks in advance for you help, Toni
  10. Hello All, I am new to posting, but have read many of the topics on here via google searches...some excellent work I am currently enjoying a comical exchange with Harlands / xercise4less. I signed up for the rolling monthly membership, this was done online . After a mere ten days it was clear this facility wasnt for me... I have been a member of many gyms but this one had 12 year old kids hurtling the barriers to run around the gym climbing on equipment and disrupting people without a single member of staff flinching. That was me done. I handed in a letter after 10 days stating that during the initial cooling off period I had realised the gym was not for me and I wanted to cancel. I stated my reasons, this was taken off me at reception by a staff member who gave his name as ..... I noticed the direct debit had come out one afternoon a fortnight or so later, no problem. £20 membership and £20 joining fee, I then cancelled this via my banking app on the Friday. From here I was introduced to the riddlers at Harlands. they have said I owe £65 due to a £25 admin fee plus the earlier fee's. The initial £40 was not accepted and returned to my account on the Monday morning. They have also told me they cannot cancel my membership it needs to be done in branch. I have done. They know nothing about this they say. Not my problem I say . Cancel online they now say. No need to I say, writting is perfectly acceptable. I am now engaging them via email, and quite sadly enjoying the whole process of annoying them. I will post the emails below. Any advice welcomed.
  11. So EE are putting prices up AGAIN this year (September) and because they are not changing the monthly fee they are telling me there is nothing i can do about it! I use Picture messaging quite a bit as certain friends refuse to use other apps, so this will increase my bills a bit. There are increasing prices for 'out of bundle' charges, so call charges when minutes end,mms etc etc Are they correct, is their really nothing i can do?
  12. Apple who owns the icloud have such weak security that they are being hacked and users of their cloud are having personal files stolen. Typical 'We don't have malware problems' Apple. Why does anyone pay up to 10 times what other companies charge for goods and services and put up with this amateur couldn't care less, company. The theft comes two years after a host of celebrities, including Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, fell victim to a hacker attack on the iCloud - which stores private photos from phones and computers online - which saw images posted online. You would think once bitten twice shy, but not Apple. They are a 'give us the money and push off, we don't care' company obviously.
  13. I run a small limited company. I am owed just under 15K from another limited company. Lets call them ABC Design Ltd. The money due to me has only just become due, and I have emails from the director saying stuff like don't you worry me ol china you'll get your money etc. However, I have just found out that ABC Design Ltd is about to close down and another company ABC Design 2 Limited is about to open with a member of ABC Design Ltd staff as director of ABC Design 2 Ltd. In fact the director of ABC Design 2 Ltd was the person who signed the contract I have with ABC Design Ltd. I know by the time i sue them, they will have gone bust, but is there anything I can do with regards to reporting them to someone as the clearly doesn't seem right and although ABC Design 2 Ltd has a new "front runner" the company will be run by the same people as ABC Design Ltd Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. UKD.
  14. Sorry, I can see there are many threads about this and I have searched but can't find any advice specific to my issue. I joined simply gym online in a period before a gym was actually open (joined at the end of November and gym due to open at the end of February) I decided it wasn't for me after all and simply cancelled my direct debit (I know, I know...!) I received an email on joining saying that my first direct debit would be taken on 26th February. On the 14 dec I received a letter stating they had not been able to collect my direct debit (true, I'd cancelled it) and that I needed to pay it. I did ponder why they had tried to take my direct debit in December when a) the gym wasn't open and b) they'd said no direct debit was due until 26th February. There was no joining fee as I recall, as it was a pre opening offer but I think I was out of the 7 day cooling off period - can't find the information about that at the moment. With the magic (!) of Christmas I completely forgot about the letter and did nothing In fairly certain I don't have to pay the admin charges (now up to £50) but I'm not even sure I need to pay the 12.99. Should I make telephone contact or send a recorded letter? Any advice, please? It was a month by month contract.
  15. I bought a Samsung 32" LCD Smart TV from Littlewoods back in November (ish) 2013. After just 3/4 months, the TV developed a fault, sound but no picture and had to be repaired under warranty for a faulty inverter. Now, not even 3 years old and it's gone again, same fault, sound but no picture/black screen. Phoned littlewoods, won't help, phoned Samsung, won't help. Although it wasn't a majorly expensive purchase, it was still over £300 and it didn't even last 3 years. Is there anything I can do? TIA
  16. Hello all I have several debts that I am currently repaying, under a self managed repayment plan, to which all debt collection companies agree to every-time. This thread relates to one company, BPO last year they offered me a reduced rate of 12 payments of £? and the rest will be cleared, I paid the 12 payments and wrote to BPO stating that the account should now be closed and that all credit reference agencies notified that the account has been settled as per the agreement, I got a letter back, stating the remaining balance is still payable due to the fact they had nothing on their files that shows I agreed to the reduced payment options, I duly sent them a photo copied copy of the letter that I had received from them back in 2013 offering this method, and a copy of a letter of my agreeing to they offer which I posted back in 2013 to which I made 12 following payments. This followed by another letter from BPO now stating the remaining balance is due, due to not keeping up with payments, yet I have bank records of all 12 payments which were made every month for 12 months... .I do not want to continue correspondence with this company, as far as I am concerned I repaid 75% of the debt to which the account should now be closed and marked as settled. I will be sending one final letter tomorrow, asking for the above to now be closed, as I will send them the banking records, is they something I can put in the letter, that will stop further contact from them, or shall I now just ignore they letters ? When these companies offer reduced settlements, are they really worth it. I have no problems with my other 5 collection companies, they seem happy for me to make the monthly payments without any hassles from them. sometimes my debts get passed from one company to another, but they always agree to my repayment options. Just BPO side tracking on what was agreed.
  17. July7th 2016 Back in April 2011, I issued through Bailiff Studies Centre a discussion document (number three in the series) entitled "Do we need an enforcement services ombudsman?" The query was met with enthusiasm from some and wariness by others. Since then, of course, matters have moved on considerably. At the time of writing it still appeared likely that the Security Industry Authority would have some regulatory role in the sector and that the introduction of the reformed regime of bailiff law would lead to a considerable strengthening of the procedures for licencing and monitoring individual agents. None of that happened. The SIA dropped out of the picture and the rejigged certification process brought in to the Civil Procedure Rules in 2014 is very far from comprehensive or robust. We were promised thorough training for county court district judges; there is little evidence of this. A recent issue of Bailiff Studies Bulletin highlighted some of the problems with the qualifications upon which certificates are issued and there is, of course, no regulation of agencies, only individual agents- a bizarre result in the early 21st century. We still lack any sector overview and any industry wide maintenance of standards or best practice. It seems to me that there is still a very strong argument for some for of regulator (the commercial body Ombudsman Services were interested in the function five years ago). I would propose, too, that this regulation is not limited to enforcement agents and agencies. I suggest that there would be a useful function for all parties (not just debtors) for those offering advice on bailiff law also to be regulated. With the proliferation of web based advice and consumer forums, I believe that there may be a role in setting and maintaining standards wherever consumers are asked to pay for advice on dealing with debt enforcement. John Kruse debt & money trainer & consultant, author
  18. Hi, I started at exercise for less in July of last year. (2014) They took a payment from me on July 1st of this year. Meaning my year long contract was now complete. I moved out of Nottingham and foolishly, I cancelled my direct debit thinking they would just cancel my membership and allow me to carry on with my life. Today, I received their CRS letter claiming I owe them £207.47. I've read a few other posts, but can't seem to find anything relating to this specific situation. My mind started running at a million miles per hour, like I'm sure most people's do, but a few of the posts mentioned that these guys mostly bullies trying to squeeze money out of people. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Victor
  19. Here is yet another case where a vulnerable adult was given a lot of grief for a CT debt. The defendant handled it the wrong way and this saw them in Court! But both the EA and LA got it wrong again!!! But as you will read they sorted it out far too late as normal... 'Paul Inns, defending, told Welshpool Magistrates Court Dockerill was of good character with no previous convictions. He informed magistrates his client suffered with Asperger’s and officers turned up banging on the door at 6am, refusing to show any ID. Dockerill attempted to find information showing he had paid the bills, before the situation escalated. The next day, he was on the phone to the council when officers returned to seize items. However he passed the phone to officers, who agreed a mistake had been made by the county council, and the matter was dealt with. Mr Inns added there was no intention to cause violence and Dockerill, who was fully co-operative, acknowledges he should have dealt with things differently. Magistrates made Dockerill subject to a six month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £40 costs and a £15 victim surcharge'. Main story from here >> http://www.newsnorthwales.co.uk/news/162868/berriew-man-threatened-bailiffs-with-hatchet-and-hammer.aspx Lead story from Scoop So with this in mind and the many threads regarding vulnerable debtors where and when will people start to try to understand that is not so simple and that this needs sorting out before something really awful happens to an EA?
  20. Just a quick question If the original creditor has not registered a default against you, would a dca (lowells) be able to? Background. I was with talk talk at a previous address. Having lost my job and being in rent arrears, I moved out of there and spent a couple of years in grotty bedsits till I got myself sorted. At the time, I wrote to talk talk stating I was cancelling the contract for the above reasons. 12 months on and I received letters from talk talk saying I owed them over £200. I queried this and was told, we never received the letter and there is nothing on the computer. After arguing for about 20 mins we were at stalemate. fast forward another 9 months and Lowell are chasing me for said amount. Having had nothing but trouble from them for years, I registered a formal complaint with them disputing the debt. After 8 weeks of "investigation" we have spoken to our client who state "We never received the letter and there is nothing on the computer" I have no intention of paying this because I did cancel. Incidentally, out of all alleged debts with them, Lowell have not ever received a single penny off me. I have no problem with ignoring them. however my concern is whether they can issue a default against me. Talk talk never did. I am so close to having my other defaults drop off my credit file and getting some semblance of financial normality that I am concerned this is going to screw it up for another 6 years.
  21. Hi, Im in a real pickle. Im so sorry this is so long but the more i tell u the more u may be able to help me. My father owes/d money to barcleys bank (credit cards, im sure theres 2, which he got out in 2003 and was not working at the time, so how he got them is beyond me). Anyway, he couldnt pay them and barcleys got back in touch with him in 2005 and he struggled really bad to start paying them back each month again. So last year or so they sent him a letter asking for what was his incomings n outgoings etc and he went to the citizens advice and got there help about it. So he started paying back a £1 for a few months then he went back to the CAB and they said he had to up it so he did. Then he went back to CBA for the samething and then was told they could only see him i think it was 3 times and that was that. So we wrote a letter to barcleys asking if they would accept x amount n they agreed. They asked dad if he could up the payments then please could he just do so when it was viable. So dad did, he just started paying that little bit extra. Well he received a letter on the 14/01/11 tell him the debt had been bought by Apex on the 24/12/10. How come we wasnt notified earlier??? Should we have been?? On the letter header it says it was sent on the 13/01/11. He has phoned them once, asking where to pay them and hes now paying £25 each month off. Do i need to ask for a CCA?? Do i need to send a letter out for them to stop intreast??? Do they charge intreast?? The debt is now at about £8,000 Im really starting to worry about this has gone on so long and also i no hes worrying about it and being a sick person its doing nothing for his health, i really just want to help sort something out to help him and my family. Thanks for ur help in advance
  22. I can see there's a whole bunch of posts here relating to Harlands and i can sort of guess the response but assumptions are never good.. I had a contract with Xercise4less which i full paid from 22/08/2014 till my last payment which was 21 Oct 15. Over the 11 months. I cancelled my membership by cancelling the Direct Debit, thinking that since it's in a rolling month contract...no payment should be sufficient cancellation notice. I've now received 2 letters from harlands, with the most recent letter stating i owe further Administration fees totaling the entire money owed to £69.98. Should i just be emailing Harlands head office explaining that i'd be willing to pay 0.00-9.99 that may have been missing due to the timing of the DD cancellation, the DD cancellation is sufficient cancellation notice and that any subsequent administration penalties are are unlawful. Any help appreciated
  23. So I have yet more issues with vodafone. This is the final straw unfortunately. I've had over 2 months of constant maintenance in my area and despite several chats to advisors, all I am being offered is a 'free' sure signal device which I've to pay for and have the money credited onto the account. I don't have the money to pay for this upfront especially since it needs my broadband to work! An advisor on friday apparantly placed the order for free alongside a free mifi device as a gesture of goodwill however this was cancelled by vodafone who didn't tell me until I enquired today to find out where the missing delivery was. So yeah, 2 months of constant maintenance and they state this isn't grounds for any cancellation as the engineers are working on it and it will be sorted 'soon'. What are my rights with this, if any?
  24. Hi there, apologies if ive posted in the wrong place, as im new to the site. Im only 21 and quit my job just before Christmas, for about the last 2 and a half months i have been disconnected from Vodafone service due to me having no income. This is my own fault and the monthly payments have stacked up meaning i owe £120 in total. Two days ago i paid off £100 of the debt and plan to pay the last £20 today, this morning i received a text message from Fredrickson International instructing me to sign up on fredpay or contact them immediately on a number. I have read a few threads on here i'm not entirely sure as to what my next move should be. I phoned vodafone without mentioning the text from Fredrickson and they said my remaining debt on the account was £20, making it seem like i dont owe any extra fee's and what not. I live with my dad mostly but i am registered at my mums old house, so whether or not they have been sending letters i cant confirm, i will go and check tonight. But as far as im aware this is the first contact between me and them. Reading how far some of these threads go im somewhat concerned somehow theyre going to turn up at my house or something, as im a fairly anxious person. My main hope is that once the vodafone debt of £20 is cleared i will hear no more from them, but im not entirely sure. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Thanks in advance, Laurie
  25. Hello all great forum. You guessed it i just received a PCC from VCS after dropping my wife of at liverpool airport . I stopped briefly in the entrance to a staff car park , the traffic enforcment van was no more than 5 metres away the cheeky git even smiled at me , i thought nothing of it. until today when i got this demand. Any help advice would be greatly received. Thank you
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