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Found 245 results

  1. Well here we go again ...been on ESA and now have a second form sent to fill in :/ ....can someone tell me have they changed the form since last year as it seems different :/ Are the discriptors the same or are there new ones for 2012-2013 ?
  2. Can someone please help me with this. I've contacted RBS Credit cards in an attempt to obtain my old card number, with a view to reclaiming PPI premiums. The bank have written back to me to say unless I can provide my account or card number they are unable to trace my details. I checked the template library and found the SAR request template and would like to know if this format is still appropriate for use. I know there would have been plenty of the unfair charges on this but don't know if you can still claim for these so would any part of the letter need to be edited to suit? Any advice greatly appreciated
  3. got a letter today from Lloyds TSB plc Credit operations PO BOX 66 Rosyth KY11 2WG funny thing the heading shows a faint Lloyds TSB logo top LHC the letter pretends to be from Lloyds bank and states.written in.same format that Wescots use) 'As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan we've transferrd your Lloyds TSB bank to a debt collection agency Wescot Credit services Ltd'...an even fainter logo bottom RHC and above the logo is Wescots printer code. This letter is pretending that wescots are Lloyds bank. The account is disputed and is with the FOS awaiting decision.
  4. Hi All, Discovered my Barclays Account was around £800 short .and that Its down to Barclaycard helping themselves ,yet again!!!! Its happened once before(£350 last summer) so it could have been avoided if I'd have started banking elsewhere ,but I was assured that it wouldn't happen again after B/C worked out a fair payment plan ,based on my priorty outgoings & living expenses etc... At the time I was in the early stages of recovering from pretty bad back injury and in reciept of Incapacity Benefit, when I told them this,within 2 days I got a full refund,the only stipulation being not to default on the payment plan they had set up or they'd do the same again.. Had to pay £12 p/w which I have without fail since so I'm at a loss as to why they've burgled me again, even though they're aware its my benefits account and that I'm actually,albeit slowly,paying it off. I deposited a £1800 cheque recently,so that might start their bells ringing, but this was my partners wages, her Santander account has been compromised 3 times in as many years so she had her cheque re-written and used my account as a quick fix. In total theres about £230 to cover about £1100 out goings!!! I suspect we may actually drod dead sometime during the back end of the month!!!!!! I know they can take whatever they want pretty much, but I was making regular re-payments which I'd agreed to increase as soon as I could, they set the payment amount/standing order and how often i pay. ..Ive not been contacted about any changes at all They've just blatently done what they ,so clearly,told me I shouldn't do otherwise they'd nick my money again. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Are there any "unchangable" rules that cover this anyone knows of? Even though I got a refund last time,I don't think I'll be as lucky this time round for some reason. Got to wait till Monday to contact B/C,if I get no joy there a few pointers on how best to approach the whole thing would be magic!! We really cannot get by without this money to be honest Thanks for any help Jules
  5. Victoria Arlen has been reclassified, and has been told she's - "Not disabled enough to compete in the Paralympics". I know it's nothing to do with ATOS, but think it's ironic that they're one of the main sponsors. Could you imagine though if it was down to them? Anyway, she's making an appeal, and I wish her luck! I did try to find a link as this was on sky news, but there's no news reports online at the moment.
  6. 1st credit instructed a DCA to collect a debt that was disputed a long time ago. Complaint to DCA for not following the OFT Guidelines who says they new nothing of the debt being disputed. 1st credit investigating and stalling as usual. It will soon be time to forward the complaint to the OFT.
  7. Hi everyone i have been reading all the problems that you are having with swinton and insurance, i have recently had a financial review with the bank and it came to light that i am paying for insurance (motor breakdown) and (home emergency gold) both equalling £16 month which dosnt sound a lot but it adds up. i know that i never took out this as i have both of these from my bank and have done for over 6 years. i did have car insurance wit them and this was cancelled a year ago and i have a suspicion this has been done with out my permission as they had my details from the car. i know that when i rang to cancell the car last year it cost and think that this is going to cost me big time again. if its been a year then they owe me £170 at least so why should it cost me now i know if i just cancel the direct debit in the bank they will chase me for the money and im sure threatening letters would be sent i need some advise quickly please who to contact and how to stop paying thanks karren
  8. Hi all i am currently in abit of trouble with payday loan company's all i seem to do is extend my loans its never ending. my loans are: wonga - 1000 on a repayment plan (100 month) payday express - 500 (100 ext) payday uk - 180 (40 ext) pounds to pocket - 150 30 a month lending stream - 2 loans total 250 25 a week peachy loans - 260 ( 60 ext) wonga were fine setting up a plan ive heard payday express are a pain? If i can get payday uk to set up a plan for just say 40 a month that would be fine pounds to pocket i can live with lending stream is the one that is hurting me but if i get the rest to accept plans i can try pay them of alot quicker. peachy not really heard much about them on this site do you think they could set up a plan? any help please?
  9. The above PPC lost yet another court case today. Among other things that worked against them was the confusion over who was bringing the claim and whether they were a legal entity. There is some sort of peculiar tie-up between Minster and another company called Bransby Wilson and it was a Mr Wilson from the latter company that attended court. To quote the successful defendant :- What is clear is that unless you exist as a legal entity, and can prove you have either contractual authority to act as agent, or are the landowner you cannot charge people for parking on your land, and certainly cannot pursue costs - irrespective of whether they would clearly be considered 'penalties' or 'fines'.
  10. Hi, been reading all your advice to people about welcome finance and yes you"ve guessed it, we are in the same boat! I would really appreciate a little of your time if you can spare it. Here goes. In 2007 my son took out an unsecured personal loan for £2000. got into difficulties and after trying to resolve, he was persuaded to re-write the loan to the tune of over £5000, this extra £3000 was made up of charges, eg, interest, letters, phone calls etc, he opted out of the ppi. This was in Jan 2009. Because of the high interest he could"nt get on top of it so we stepped in and asked for a settlement figure, we agreed on £2,800,( they actually wanted over £6000!). I paid this over the phone with my debit card, i know now that was TOTALLY the wrong thing to do. I was told account now closed and a letter would be arriving to say so. Of course this never arrived after many phone calls. We thought that was that but after a whole years silence we were told account still open and accruing interest to the tune of almost £ 10.000! Welcome threw out our complaint went to FOS who after 6 months told us we had to pay. We refused to accept this as so many discrepencies ( i have all the phone recordings from welcome that have been well and truly doctored) The stage we"re at now is Atlas debt recovery have agreed on a settlement of £2 250, which ages ago we said we would pay just to get them off our backs but now i am reluctant as we have actually paid welcome over £4800 already, am i to late to do anything about it? Is it best to go down the ppi route (he paid a small amount on original loan) Also all those charges!!? We are getting presserised to pay Atlas this money, should we just pay it and try to claim back later? Any suggestions please anybody??
  11. Since January 31st I have been placed on 6 months sick leave due to Spinal Stenosis. I am entitled to 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay whilst off sick as the terms and conditions of my employment. My 6 months full pay has almost finished and my company are already hassling me to attend a meeting to discuss when I am returning to work? I have not yet seen my hospital consultant until next month so therefore am in no position to discuss a return to work date. I have not had my 6 months half pay yet either. I must say if you read my other threads previously that I have not been left alone in the 6 months I have almost had off!! I have had continual pestering. I have been asked to consider my on going employment with the company too. I feel stressed out and my GP says I am in no fit condition to attend such a meeting. What would you guys advise me to do? I have wrote to the company and told them that no such decision can be made until I have seen the Hospital and reminded them that I have not had my 6 months half pay yet either so it is wrong to keep on hassling me.
  12. I have had problems with 1st Credit going back a while. Originally a loan with citi that was defaulted due to redundancy (this was back in 2006), a lot of hassle while i was at my lowest ebb and then i found CAG, sent off CCA requests to 1st Credit who ignored it, nothing for a while then a letter from Connaught Collections, told them about the defaulted CCA and heard nothing for quite a while then in early 2008 i received a SD with a view to making me bankrupt. Thanks to the great folks on here i filled in the forms for a set aside and waited, I was away at a wedding in April and when i returned from the trip to a letter from the court saying that nobody had turned up (i was not informed of the court date) and therefore the Judge had thrown it out. I have had nothing but the odd statement saying you havent paid anything until a couple of weeks ago when i got a letter from Citi telling me that they had passed the debt to 1st Credit, followed less than a week later by them introducing themselves and now only a couple of days later by a pay up or we are considering court action letter (the letter shows they purchased the debt in October 2006) Can they go down this route again after failing to provide any documents last time? Should i CCA them again? (they did offer to send me everything they have on me for £10 without prompting) How do i find out when i last made a payment or acknowledged this alleged debt? it must be very close to 6 years ago now Thanks for your help David
  13. hi all after some more advice from you lovely people i contacted monument who have now written to me saying they wont be paying out as they do not sell a 'PPI' they have a break plan, so where do i go from here?? any suggestions? thank you x
  14. Hey guys, Joined my local gym, missed a few payments and was ordered to pay over £350 to Revenue Collection Services (around 2008). After agreeing to pay this extortionate amount, which was paid over 2years ago, I'm now unable to join the gym again because the company haven't contacted the gym to say the debt has been paid off; and that means the "unpaid" status remains of the gyms systems. Ive phoned both companies who say they will contact each other to see what has happened but every time I am promised a reply "ASAP", I am left waiting for weeks on end with nothing. Its frustrating because when I had my gym membership, my wage was peanuts so I couldn't afford it, but now that I have a stable wage, and knowledge of how to go about signing gym contracts, I want to join again. If anyone could tell me how to go about my business, whether I should phone them again or write a letter perhaps? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. I cancelled my phone with Vodafone in April and tried to access my account online to print off the bills for Dec 11 to Apr 12 inclusive only to find my access had been cancelled also. I was not informed at any time that I would no longer be able to access my online account to print off any bills. I called Vodafone support (spoke with Yana) on the 15th May and was told I could no longer access the online account as my phone had been cancelled, but I could visit any Vodafone shop and have them printed there. When I arrived at the shop the assistant did not know how to print them and eventually told me they could not be printed from their system. I had made an 8 mile round trip in my car, incurring petrol expenses, parking and an hour of my time. On the 24th May I rang support again only to be told they would send me copies of the bills at a cost of £1.60 each. I was also told they no longer provide paper bills...well according to their website they do. Considering I was not correctly informed of what would happen when I cancelled my phone, plus the time and expense in travelling to their shop after being misinformed I expect them to waive these charges as I was not given any receipts for my monthly purchases...but they refuse. I've been misinformed on two seperate occasions and have made a complaint to the Ombudsman. There is no way on the world I would ever use this company again.
  16. Second account with these guys that I apparently owe money on. This time £207.74 and I had already sent them a statute barred letter a couple of weeks back, but they have today come back with a claim that the Terms of the Limitation Act do not apply to this debt as a CCJ was made back 25/10/2003. Surely the fact this CCJ was done almost 9 years ago means they can't still chase this? CCJ or not? There is no record of this on my credit files either. What should I tell these fools? Seems like everyday they are trying it on lately. As always, I thank you in advance for your help.
  17. My other received a letter from Marstons saying they are coming round to remove goods. Now, I know they can't without gaining peaceful entry....or can they? As far as the oh is aware this is for parking fines from 2001 but they state in the letter that they have the right to use a locksmith. I'm pretty sure they can't but I just need some clarification. Is it just one of their many scare tactics? They haven't been round to see us yet despite the letter (dated 18th May) that they would attend within 7 days. Trying to find out exactly what he owes the money for is nigh on impossible. The letter gives no clues other than HMRC Kent. They aren't particularly forthcoming through written communication and phoning them is a no go. I won't be letting them in, the oh does not own a car (it's in my name), they can't get in through open windows as we are in a flat (unless they are spiderman or bring ladders with them). However, they need to get through the main door to the block first before getting to my door and this seems to be a grey area. If they get through that main door can they then use any force to enter my flat as they have, I suppose, gained entry to the premises (even if I don't let them in, they can just buzz someone else). Not too worried as I have already seen them off for another matter by simply ignoring them. Also, my oh works 6 days a week so he wouldn't be here when they attend anyway, unless they are lucky. I will be alone, with a 10 month old baby and they will be very "frightening and intimidating" ().
  18. Ok heres the story, I have a credit card with Halifax, and I was unable to keep up payments for a while, they sent my debt to Moorcroft Debt Collection, I have been paying on time through a direct debit, bar one time when I was forced to temporerilly cancel my direct debit, after which they called me and we set it up agian, payments since have all been on time again. This month I had a payment I was not expecting leave my bank, which resulted in a failed direct debit, I have recieved no phone calls only one letter stating they want me to pay the outstanding balance by return of post, I was wondering if they can say I have to pay that way seeing as I do not have a cheque book? I also hate cheques they are an outdated form of payment. They do not know I do not have a cheque book because they haven't bothered to call me, I have sent them an email demanding they call me on Monday or I will contact the financial ombudsman, because I find this demanding a form of payment I am unable to make is very unreasonable. I just want to make a payment from my bank (whether its a direct debit or card payment I don't care) is it within their rights to demand I pay by cheque, they also thretened further action if I do not comply. I have also emailed Halifax with this complaint, is it within reason to ask them to take my debt back if they contact me, after I have been paying Moorcroft for so long? (about 6-7 months) Edit: I want to get this debt cleared as fast as possible, and my previous arrangement with them was fine, until they drop this on me, because of one problem with my direct debit and all I want to do is honour the origanal agreement I made with them. Edit Pt2: Also this letter demanding I pay by return of post only is the only contatct I have recived from them since this direct debit was rejected, is it even legal to demand one form of payment when they are completly oblivious as to the means I can pay?
  19. Hi there, I am currently an un-discharged bankrupt, (discharge date September 2009) Last year I commenced investigation into the recovery of various PPI charges that I had paid in the past. I received a number of rebuttals and in my ignorance, took matters no further. Also, I reclaimed back bank charges from First Direct, again without success. I have now issued CCA requests to all of my creditors and hopefully will determine that the debts are unenforceable. I presume that if this is the case, i would have strong grounds for claiming back any misold PPI costs and/or excessive charges. However, in the event the debts are enforceable, bearing in mind my current situation is there a precedent for recovery of such charges?. I understand that any "windfalls" such as these could be claimed by the trustee in bankruptcy or offset against the stated debt, i dont have a major issue with this (or should i?) Also and hopefully finally, what should happen to any hypothetical refund if it is made after discharge but commenced during the period? Thanks in anticipation
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