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  1. Hi all Well got my report today and surprise surprise I've been failed. How do the get away with these lies??? And somethung else I don't get. My last medical I was given 6 points just for depression and taking 50mg tabs. Since then they've gone up too 100mg, I've been diagnosed with curve of the spine, ocd and bdd yet get 0??? Figure that one out? Well this time they're nit getting away with their lies as I taped the whole thing!!! Let's see who has the last laugh now!
  2. I had a Beneficial credit card when I joined BSAC (scuba diving). I cant recall when I took it out but I always paid min amount or more. Of course MBNA bought the card of Beneficial and I found it harder to keep up with payments. All was still fine till late 2011 when my Business and second job collapsed. I was late with a payment and called them to advise that funds sent. MBNA started calling on 30/1 with increasing frequency Anyway after a while it all went tits up and I got a letter from MBNA dated 10 feb 2012 "Following a review today a restriction has been placed on your account" Went to CAB (who took ages to see me) in the meantime lots of phone calls from MBNA got a statement dated 22 feb 2012 £9382.11 following meeting with CAB sent a "unable to pay letter, only deal with me in writing" letter dated 24 feb 2012. Letter had an income and outgoings summary sheet showing I was a pauper now MBNA call on 30th to confirm got my letter "Account on hold" last letter from MBNA was March 13th- thnaks for telling us your new address. I assume this was a reply to my 24th Feb letter. No more phone calls All seemed well but very very quiet 20/11/12 at 20:23 Call from some random number- turns out its Experto Credite...took 4 days of calls to get my act together to force them to give me an address and what its about. Apparently MBNA have sold me to them. To be fair apart from the first call its not been to bad- they say give me your details...I reply who are you whats it about? they say we need details data protection blah blah...I say no idea who you are not prepared to answer that...normally get a goodbye quickly after that. PS They claim to have sent 4 letters....ummmm no letters since 13th March 2012 So what to do thinking 1) send- stop calling and write to me letter 2) send- give me details letter 3) ???? My dad is very distressed by this and wants to get a final offer to make it all disappear. (He is retired and getting on a bit now) I have lurked on forum but more confused then ever at this point. I have a dialogue with National Debtline who have sent me a huge pack of info. I could DRO but would rather not if I can avoid it
  3. Someone bought a suit back in august 2012. After wearing a couple of times the stiching has come undone. It was bought via jacamos credit facility on their credit account. Question is how do i get them to take it back and refund the money etc. They have already slapped 4 £12 admin charges onto the account despite paying a bit off. The suit incidently is only £54.99
  4. In October I received a letter from npower informing me that their prices were to be increased. The annual bill, I am on Sign Online 24, for my electricity was forcast as being 17.8% higher and my gas bill 15.5% higher, their figures. Both substantially more than I thought was being advertised! I have since recieved a further notification informing me that Sign Online 24 will be discontinued on the 3rd February 2013 and that I will automatically be transferred to Go Save S. When I calculated the comparative costs for the new tariff, guess what, it is nearly 7% higher than the revised Sign Online 24 tariff. If I am going to be caught with higher costs, can anyone tell me which of the utility suppliers are not foreign owned? At least my money might stay in the UK.
  5. Hi everyone I bought a car (foolishly) from Carcraft in July. After 4 weeks there was a hell of a rattle and i had to call the RAC who warned me not to drive it and towed it back to Carcraft. i was told it was the cam chain and a cam kit was ordered and it was replaced. I had it serviced 3 weeks ago and was told i needed new brakes and discs....errmm.....?? I enquired as to why and she said i had done a lot of miles and the car would have been "showroom standard" and brakes acceptable when i bought it...ok fine. It has now developed another rattle. had it back and been told its the cam chain adjuster. I told them this was all done 4 months ago to which i was told it could be a faulty part. They want my car for the day...i cannot get anymore time off work now until after christmas, and they will not provide me with a courtesy car. They say they will arrange one through Enterprise...at my own expense!! I am naturally fuming. I have also lost trust itt hat they will actually fix it this time. Its a Mini Cooper S I have to drive from Yorkshire to Wiltshore on Sunday and i cannot get my car in before then. What do i do? any advice?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello and Thanks for Reading I got into Some Trouble with CT been Self Empolyed it been a hard few years I had 3 Libailty orders 1) for £300 odd Pounds - Cleared 2) for £1200 Currently at £800 -Been trying to clear this ( this is this years CT) 3)1700 Which is last years that i could not pay The Bailiffs have a walking Order for my Property They have been round a few time Today they came with a letter giving 24Hrs to Remove goods I advised i dont have the money and he advised he would be back tomorrow with a lock smith as i advised he could come in While he was hear he phones do arrange a locksmith Any advice would be helpfull
  7. I've just receive a letter to inform me of a price increase by £4.59. I'm on 50mb and was told, along with everyone else, that my speed would be doubling, that was last year, Then came a big price rise and still no speed increase. Now we are almost a year on and another increase in price but no increase in BB speed, I'm still on 50mb despite being told it would be doubling. They now say it will be by the Autumn of 2013 which I suppose will be after another couple of price rises. So much for 'Free' speed increase. Time to make this public on Consumer Action Group. There are some not very happy bunnies on http://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Up-to-60Mb-Setup-Equipment/Downgrade-Virgin-Media-Package-on-Price-Increase-In-Feb-2013/m-p/1593162/highlight/false#M124754 Virgins forum. This post is a copy of what I posted on the Virgin forum.
  8. Hello, I took out a two year contract with Vodafone when ended in June. I rang Vodafone to give my 30 days notice that I would not be renewing, as I was going to get the new iPhone in October and so would start another contract then. I explained this to the rep and he suggested a 12 month contract which I could cancel when the phone came out - I assumed it was a 30 day rolling contract. Turns out it wasn't, so when I came to cancel in October, I was told I'd need to pay each month until June 2013. As miffed as I was, I agreed so cancelled the contract and direct debit, and was told I would receive my final invoice in the post. No letters were received in October but at the beginning of this month, I received a letter for over £300 (at least double the amount my contract would have been). I contacted Vodafone who admitted the error and my new bill would be £150, they would send the invoice. No letter came. I contacted Vodafone about a week ago to chase it up and repeatedly asked for an invoice. The rep sent me this email: '>From Vodafone, Just to confirm the outstanding balance on the account is 149.00. Vodafone Customer Services' There was no name in the email, no customer ref, no account number and no means of paying. As we'd talked about sending a letter I assumed this would follow. A few days ago a letter from a debt collection agency arrived for the amount of £175 with the usual threats. I am happy to pay the £150, I was happy to do that two months ago providing I had an invoice. I'm only 22 and at university so would be extremely annoyed if this was on my credit file. If it is, I will be demanding its removal. I'll contact the web team and keep you all updated. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, i am a newb here so please assist me if this post is in the wrong place? I genuinely do not mean for it to be :/ Anyway long story short...... Around 4 years ago my wife took out a loan through the dreaded welcome finace company. Shortly after i (her husband) was made redundant and since then we have hardly paid any monies to Welcome. The loan was for £3000.00 and was "unsecured" which we used to clear £2000.00 of mortgage arrears from when i was out of work. We had honestly tried all avenues to maintain at least some sort of payments but subsequently fell way behind to the point we just didn't have any money to offer them. recently (last 4-5 months) we have been getting letters from Lowell Portfolio and the most recent one today 31/10/2012 stated they had done a credit check on my wife to find we were homeowners, and that they would take us to court for a charging order on the house for the outstanding amount £5300.00. They have said they will start proceedings to make my wife bankrupt and i/we are terrified of this as we have 3 school children at home. Our mortgage is in arrears of £6000.00 but we are in a payment plan with them and they are happy with the arrangement at the moment. We reduced our mortgage to interest only of which the monthly figure is £315 but we agreed to pay £450 pm. I don't know what will happen with our home as it's all we have kmown (been in) for 16 years. The current market value of our property is approximately £75000.00 and yet our mortgage still owed is £88200.00 Can anyone shed some light onto what will/may happen as we are absolutely terrified. I emailed Lowells to explain our situation that there is myself out of work my wife on minimum wage and 3 children at home and we are truly on the breadline :/ I am totally sick to the stomach with worry. Thanks in advance people
  10. embarrassing to be back but hoping ellen or some one can help...not sure how to upload my previous thread..mods if you can assist please or i can continue as per below i posted about 10 months ago... in a surprise move, after the judge ruled against me (4 previous evictions suspended) Kensington dropped demands for a lump sum (46k arrears now) and cancelled eviction - as ellen advised me at the time, '' Kensington have an outright possession order, which means they can apply for a further warrant of execution ''. This is what they are doing now. i kept to payments from the date of the last arrangement (january 2012 for 6 months, then missed 3 payments and then made the monthly payment in oct - action to apply for the warrant of execution has now been started by kensington - i am just waiting for an eviction date. they have applied to the local; court as of 16.11.12 (romford) just as a reminder, we have had a family breakdown due to the stress and care for my disabled son. this is the first year that we have had some level of stability - it has taken us years to get the care package we need to enable me and my wife to work full time. the latest default was due to extra cash payments that we made to carers - this has now ceased due to the extensive care package. i have only disclosed this to kensington in the last few weeks. if i lose the house, my son goes into full time care. no chance of getting the same package transferred - it has taken 6 years to get to this point. my mortgage record is appalling but the last 10 months has seen 7 payments. not good i know but some evidence at least. the bottom line is that they rightly view me as an horrendos account, arrears, not maintaining arrangements. i have managed to get some dialouge going with a member in their referral team. he has all our income/exp details - details of affordability have been noted but they point to my record. however, it appears ( i may be deluded) that they have left the door open for some lump sum offer. i can make payments due to commission which clients are releasing early (6k). i am not sure if this is enough and i am unsure how to now make a last bid to save our property. do i offer as a lump sum or say 2k per month on top of monthly payment for a 3 month period(the last arrangement was monthly payment 1536 plus 250 towards arrears) ? as stated, ellen assisted me greatly at the start of the year - hope there is still a chance.
  11. Help and advice needed please.... I am hopeing that some of you on here will be able to offer me some good advice , I have been browsing this site for a while now in the hope of being able to get some good advice for my problem with Reliable. Let me give you some background history:- I have had an account with Simply Be for years now in fact it must be over 9 -10 years as the account is still in my maiden name despite several unsuccesful attempts to change it. in January of this year my husbands hours had been reduced at work so i got behind on my payments i called simply be staright away and explained the situation and asked if there was a tempory arrangement we could come to. at the time they were fairly helpful but i recieved letters from Reliable collections Urgent Notice detailing the outstanding debt £1366.33 with usual initial advice and saying team here to help ect ect. I at that point made arrangement over phone to pay off overdue amount at £69 ever 4 weeks for 6 months this was duely paid and this agreement not broken as they have since suggested in their letters. on 18th July i wrote to Reliable following many unsuccesful attempts to contact them by phone i detailed my current situation explaining that my husband by this time had been made redundant and was only working temporary i also offered an amount of £10 per month temporary until the situation improved i enclosed a financial statement detailing our income and expenditure and the fact that we have had to put arrangements in place with other creditors whom have been agreed. since this time i have had nothing but rude letters and brickwalls put up, i am sure i dont need to detail all the letters but from reading on here they seem the usual ones , despite letters saying we are here to help !!!! HAHAHAHA i have recieved no help from them only 'pay up or we will take further action type letters'. many phone calls etc which i dont answer. I have been regularly every 4 weeks paying the £10 to simply be and have not defaulted atall i am concerned because despite asking that in view of the situation they agree to freeze the interest and charges (£12 administration charges, per letter etc) they have not done so and therefore the debt is increasing!!!. Despite haveing paid in total since the first contact in January £454.00 the most recent letter from reliable states there is a balance outstanding of £1387.67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so angry at this because i have made every effort to come to some arrangement with these' idiots' and i know the debt is mine and im not saying i dont want to pay it in fact have always said i am mindful to reslove this but i need some understanding and help in this current financial situation i find myself in . LAST LETTER I RECIEVED WAS THE 'YOUR CONDUCT IN THIS MATTER IS UNACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED' how dare they!!!! I have done everything to try and come to an agreement i have not ignored them although since this last letter i have apart from paying my £10. Sorry its long winded if you have any advice i would be so grateful. Dixie
  12. approx 7 year ago was in some serious problems with debt. Eventually I decided to take nothing on credit, pay off what i could to debts i owed and ride out the 6 years and try and clear my history. Ive almost come to completion of this period. Infact i have approx 6 weeks left until the last default (£150) becomes statute barred. I paid as much as i could on everything else and was left with this one and admittedly decided to ride this last one out. Today i receive a letter from Lowlife claiming i owe them £420 for a T-Mobile account that i opened in 2003!!!! It does not give a default date or anything and i honestly have no recollection of such an account. Admittedly i was young back then and had various mobile phones with different providers and doubt i paid it longer than 6 month. There is nothing on my credit report detailing this supposed debt either. I do believe it is statute barred if such an account exists and wondering what i should do now. This is totally disconnected from the £150 final default i have which becomes barred in 6 weeks and im a little puzzled why im receviing this now. They also claim they got my details from a CRA however i can find no evidence of any searches on my account. 6 weeks away from becoming debt free and looking forward to getting on with my life and these buggers are now sending me letters that have me completely stumped
  13. Lowells have placed a default on partners credit file. We moved out of our house temporary (6mths) and in this time wifey applied for a very account which as far as i gather is part of shopdirect which freemans is a part of of which we have an account very good standing i.e 5k limit £1800 used and is a long standing account. Upon trying to get a loan to carry out further home improvements she got declined. so checked credit expert and low and behold there is 5 defaults red 8's no late payments etc... As you can see the default was for £29 From what we can remember of the situation was that when she applied and ordered everything went through fine until a phone call a few weeks later asking if she is the same person they have on their records(freemans account) at a different address, to which we confirmed we was and explained we was living temporary at this address. Out of the blue they seemed to shut the very account down as there is no credit agreement on credit expert or late payments etc... my wife tried to log in to pay the £29 but was unable to log in. We then received a default notice (plus 12 charge) on our freemans account in the account section, which we have now looked into and have realised it relates to the new very account as we haven't missed a payment on the freemans for over 2 years and has the very account number, we didn't notice this at the time and thought it was just an error. What would be best plan of action? the original amount was only £29 and rose to £137 as you can probably see we have agreed to pay it of in £20 monthly payments but hadnt realised they had placed a default on CR Was going to fire a arrange payment for Default removal before I go for CCA/Dispute/SAR?? Is this the procedure most would go for?
  14. Former Labour minister Denis MacShane is facing suspension from the Commons for 12 months. A Parliamentary committee found he had submitted 19 false invoices which were "plainly intended to deceive" Parliament's expenses authority. More:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-20178332 I bet they will still call him "My right honourable friend" in Westminister....
  15. labrat

    theyve gone - again

  16. I received a speculative invoice from VCS in July and have since got the first two threatening letters from them. Since Oct 1st Roxburghe have sent me their usual threat of passing to thier solicitors for actions. I've not replied to them in any way, but I'm curious if they now have a legal course against me as the RK after the fact of the 'offense' as it would still be an 'unpaid parking fine' albeit an old one.
  17. I got into arrears a few years ago and jacobs caught up with me about a year or so ago, i contacted cornwall council to setup a payment plan, they agreed but they insisted it be paid to the bailiffs, so i did. i have never missed a payment, i also increased my agreement from 5 to 10 pounds a week months ago, and now i have a letter demanding more or they will terminate this agreement. I get ESA high rate, and DLA. What can i do, im going to call the council but i need to know what to say etc.
  18. Hello everyone, Thank you in advance for reading this and commenting. Yet again my network service has gone down with o2. I am on a contract with them. In July it went down and we had a discount on our September bill. Am I able to cancel my contract now free of charge due to them not providing the service set out in the contract? Katie
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-19865692 Why do we allow idiots like this to run the country
  20. Hi there, I received a letter last Thursday from Civil Investigations, saying they were trying to trace someone with my maiden name. I've only been married a year but changed my name on everything at the time, so I Googled them and saw plenty here and on Moneysavingexpert.com to make me simply ignore it. Today I've had a letter from Inter-Credit International, who I note are the parent company, and it's the classic 'Debt Recovery Notice' I've seen in other posts. It doesn't state what the debt is FOR, merely give my car registration number and says the DVLA are preparing a claim against me as I've ignored all previous communication (The DVLA have never sent me a letter, called me, anything). These letters seem to be most often used in SORN cases, and I think I know what this is about. 3 years ago we moved house and my car tax was due a couple of days after our move date. I'd already updated the address on my insurance but I hadn't changed my Registered Keepers doc - so when I went to the Post Office to tax it they wouldn't, saying the address had to be consistent on the documents. I was really concerned my car wouldn't be taxed in the intervening period but they said to update my VC5 and then they could tax it. Alternatively I could drive my untaxed car(!!!!) to a local DVLA office (~ 25 miles away in the middle of a major motorway network) to discuss it with them to see if they'd tax my car with the documents as was. I duly posted off my VC5 to get the address changed; got it back from the DVLA and taxed my car. This process probably did take 6-7 weeks in all, but I've never had any communication from the DVLA to tell me there was a penalty due. They can't say I hadn't updated my address with them to enable them to do so - the length of time it took to do that was why my car wasn't taxed. So - what's my best course of action? I'd ring the DVLA, but judging by the mass of forum posts they probably won't speak to me about it. Thanks, Em
  21. Hi My wife got a parking ticket from the council which is contesting. She appealed against the council for the parking ticket but the information provided by from the council were not complete so she wrote again for more information. We didnt receive any more correspondent from the council for days until she got a letter from Equita Bailiffs threaten to come around and take her stuff to sell. Is the the normal procedure? I think the council should send an Order for recovery of unpaid charge and get a court action before sending the heavies(Bailiffs)? Is there any formal letter we can send to the coucil or are they right to send these guys without going to court?
  22. I recently visited local Comet store, enquired about Bose home cinema systems and was shown a Companion 3. At no time did the salesperson say the Companion 3 was not a home cinema system so I bought one, got it home and it wouldn't work with my tv. Went onto the Bose website and discovered that what I had been sold as a 'home cinema' system is actually marketed by Bose as computer speakers. Took it back to the store for a refund on the basis that I had been mis-sold a product that wasn't what I wanted but they refused to give me a refund stating that the product was 'Multi-media', the package had been opened and it worked fine in the store. (a. Multi-media does not translate to home cinema system, b. how could I have determined that it didn't work as expected without opening it, c. what good is it to me if it does work in store, that's not where I would want to use it even if it was a home cinema system?) Have written to Comet twice so far and they have basically refused to accept responsibility for providing an after-sales service of any description. See contributor 'Marwan' had similar problem in April this year. Will try his tactics next and write to MD!
  23. In April this year me and my partner while coming back from Liverpool stopped off at TKMAX. I suggested we pick up a frying pan so I could cook breakfast in the morning. It was a quick in and out job as we needed to get back home quick. We looked at the pans in the reduced section which all where £3 to £4 on them i picked up a suitable one i liked in that section but it had no sticker on it (price). i said to my partner get one of them tags and put it on this because being in a hurry i didn't want to take it to the desk where then she would have to send some one back up find a price those making a 5 minute job into a 20 minute one. i took it to the cashier who is actually is a client of mine. payed the £4 and walked out. as leaving a hand grabbed me shoulder. turns out to be security wanting to ask questions about this bloody pan. they asked for our details and said we were watched on camera doing something worse than shoplifting (fraud) No police where called and no arrest where made. He said it was a joint fine and we would receive a letter in the post for a fine he said would be only £40. I told him my story and said I would pay the difference for that bloody pan as I needed one. But they had refund me and take it of me. Later that week I received the letter asking for £170 ( same letter was sent to my partners home address too. i did my research and have ignored the letters. they keep writing to me demanding this money which i think is robbery on their behalf. But now I received a phone call from someone in that department demanding I pay this sum of money. I didn't admit anything on the phone just told them who I was and why was I being celled. He was very aragont and rude persistant to know if I was the person he wanted to speak with. He then stated you where caught shoplifting in tkmax on the 7 April to which I kept saying no because it wasn't it was apparently fraud I committed. To end the call I said am not paying anything. So what will their next tactic be? It put me in such a bad mood all day for something so petty. I had no intention of thieving from the store nor have ever been convicted of shoplifting because I never do it. any advice would be greatful x
  24. Hi All, I have for many years lay in the background of this very informative forum when ever I needed any info. And now as others I have recevied two (yep two) fines for failure to notify disposal of vehicle - for two different cars sold three days apart and the V5's (part where you sell to a motor trader) sent off using the same post box on the same day (a Sunday) as the V5's had to be given to the motor trader. I have called DVLA and informed them that I followed the correct procedures as stated on the V5 and posted the documents by 1st class post and the dates they were posted. DVLA spokesperson has stated that they have not recivieved them and the fine stands (I am over due on the one by two days as I have been abroad for three weeks). I asked them for a breakdown of the losses they have incurred from these "alleged" offences and have been advised "Nil". I have now been reading through as many posts as possible on here but can not find a letter template to reply with or something to state my grounds. But on the 5th May I sold a car to a private individual and sent the V5 to DVLA and they reciveived it and confirmed it in writing. The above cars were just me being greedy and I wanted them all till the wife said NO!! I thank you all in advance for your help
  25. hi, i suffer with severe depression, anxiety and social phobia. I was claiming sickness benefits with nno issues up until last october when they wanted to move me to esa.i was made to go for a medical assesment with atos, which surprise surprise i failed. Then i appealed and surprise surprise again i failed so it went to a tribunal. I had the hearing on 08/08/12 i won this tribunal and was instantly awarded ESA and it recommended i should not be reassesed for 24 months. However today is 13/09/12, and i have just recieved a letter telling me i have to start all over again with the questionaire and assesment with atos. This is so unfair and surely they cannot do this to me again so soon, as it has only been a month. Dealing with all the messing about over the last year has left me in a very unstable emotional state, and i cannot go through losing all my benefits again and being threatend with homelessness. It seems ESA are wanting another person off from claiming and they they don't care weather or not its by suicide. Somebody please help and tell me what i can do next, i must have some sort of legal rights. This is absolutely ridiculous and the situation has left me very desperate, so please if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.
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