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  1. Hi back in 2007 I took a loan from Egg for 25k I was paying it up to mid 2009 when I lost my job and I defaulted on it, after few months Egg appointed Collect Direct to recover, but it was a nightmare with them so after few letters they changed it for ARC, in 2011 Egg decided to sell the debt to ARROW GLOBAL and on my credit score I got a second default for the same loan from ARROW, now today (10/04/13) I've been informed that my debt has been sold again to another company - Cabot Financial 1. Can I default on the same credit agreement (loan) more than once? 2. How can I check what they got on me and what are the items that I should request? 3. What are the requirements of a loan contract to be lawful? (Does it need to be sign with my name or a tick in the box on the internet counts instead of it) 4. Is there a minimum payment that I have to offer to a recovery company for it to be accepted?
  2. Ok I'm not sure what to do here I'm in a mess now. I have read all online but it's just general pages I need some human input and help here from someone who knows a little about what they are advising on. I have worked for next for 3 years Last year they reduced my contract from 16 to 13 hours I said yes because I was told I had no choice, this year again they have said to me they are now reducing my contract from 13 to 9 hours. I do not agree, all part time employees are being forced to do this, yet they have taken on an apprentice and a full time employee whilst trying to force me to accept this change. I can not live on a 9 hour contract, it seems unreasonable to me that they can do this and tell me that I do not have any choice in the matter. My boss is telling me daily I need to sign this contract but I don't want to I do not want a 9 hour contract. I want to try and push them to keep me as I am, I'm liked, I work well I have good reports so there is no penalisation here. It's just something they have started doing yearly and thing they can get away with. There is nothing in my contract that says they can do this so I am confused. Regards Jay
  3. I had a business account with NW and recently sent them a SAR (and £10 cheque) which they received on 16th August now well in excess of their 40 day requirement I have also now sent them the letter before court action, time period also expired without any contact. Wherer do I go from here?
  4. Hi all just need some with advice re:- Drydensfairfax representing Lowell Portfolio I Ltd (original Creditor O2). Just received one of their letters stating to pay in 10 days or they will commence legal proceedings. The debt is for £375.14 and after checking Experian found that O2 have the account listed as a zero balance but Lowell do have the debt listed separately as being owed to them personally. The settlement date for 02 shows as 30/10/08 but the default date for Lowell shows as 27/11/09. Honestly don't remember owing this debt at all and thought that the account had been settled as it shows on the Experian report. Any advice on how to proceed and what letters to send etc. would be gratefully appreciated. Many Thanks
  5. Hello folks, I've received the standard ICIL threatening letters regarding a car I scrapped back in 2011. Just received the PW Moody threatening letter on Friday. Wondering, has anyone had any success with taking these clowns to court for harrassment? I've responded with the usual 'I dispute this debt, now please go away' letters, I've also included that I will charge a standard fee for any letters I send to them or any phone calls I answer....has anyone else used this tactic and has it worked?
  6. got a letter from the council they want to update their records ie bank, saveings isa ect ok they said they wrote to me in jan 2013 but i got no letter the only ones i got were 2 to pay xxx amount that i have to pay because shortfall being paid by the gov their letter is quite strong wording is the norm will phone them
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/22357839 I guess they just dont learn. Theyre going into more detail tonight at 8pm on bbc one.
  8. Hi Wife has a debt with HSBC credit card in single name- paid since 1985 & never missed a beat. Due to change in circumstances cannot pay more than £5 monthly. Current debt is 10.5K @ £300 per month. Received Default notice. Have paid £5.00 per month for last 2 months, sent I&E asked for stop in interest/ charges - ignored - next step ?? Also ebay fees of about £100 - started at £10 - they screwed up email account so Paypal didn't work & she lost payments toalling £80.00. Now with DCO ? ignoring!! Cheers benjibutton
  9. hi well got a letter back from cabot said it would take them 40 days to reply now as there 12 days are up i have sent the second letter to them that was a long one to write its says they should reply within 14 days if i dont here nothing back by then what do i do then
  10. Hi all, my son got a letter from Freds demanding £150. He hasnt a clue what its for but obviously was a little worried about it. So having loads of experience thanks to CAG, I rang them. I refused point-blank to give them any personal details via their "security questions" routine, and simply asked who, if anyone, this money was owed to. They wouldnt/couldnt tell me as I wouldnt fill in their blanks via the security routine. Five minutes passed and then we got to the threats of potential CCJs etc if it didnt get sorted. I retorted ( pretending to be my son) that if they thought they could send a letter to a certain address confident that they had the right person, without any "security check" - a letter that contained a name, address, reference number and amount demanded, then a further "check" would be pointless and only serve to extract further information from their target. as expected, I learned nothing, but neither did Freds. I told them at the beginning of the call that it was being recorded, and it was. But this has now got me thinking - what if I make a few calls to Freds along the same lines and record them all? Surely I would have demonstrated ( to a possible court) that I had tried to sort this and that my refusal to furnish a DCA with further information should have no bearing on the fact that the "debt" hasnt been resolved? After all, they made the initial demand, so surely the onus will always be on them to prove it - they have already sent the most basic of details via the letter, so now send details that "prove" it? Surely I could not be expected to give any personal details to a company that makes nothing more than a demand for money without providing any details? Thoughts anyone?
  11. Just had my second ATOS reassessment last month, the letter came in today with 0 points The strange thing is the letter that came in from the DWP had no mention of appealing the decision at all, no GL24 form to fill in and send back, just a bunch of pages with 0 points next to the descriptor and a paragraph at the end informing me to claim JSA or call them back to "look at the decision again" which just means they will still award me 0 points. Has something changed in the appeals process?
  12. Howdy peeps, Back in 08/09 I was attacked in another town in Kent. The police attended, found out who it was and eventually it all went to court and they earned themselves a lovely 'free board' at HMP. Today, I was walking to the shops (where i live, which is about 40 miles away from that city), whilst on the phone, one of the guys who attacked me in 08/09 came up to me, asked for a cigarette, which I said I didn't have (as I stopped) then the abuse started again. Lucky for me his friend was there which pulled him back and stopped him from attacking me. Despite that, he followed me very closely until I was near the local police station at which time he turned around and left. Before that he was shouting threats at me etc... to provoke a reaction... I've reported it to the police, which are going to meet with me tomorrow at my house to discuss this. What I was wondering is what can I expect? Reasons I ask is: 1) I was the victim and witness in court which got him 4 years, now he knows I live here! 2) WOuld the courts have told him to have NO contact with me (the victim)? 3) If so, what can I do about this and who should i contact to alert the courts, or the police which handled the last event? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I had NO idea where to ask this...
  13. Hi all. Been a while since ive been on here as ive had nothing to report. Last year AG filed a claim against me regarding a Cap1 account. After filing a defence on line Bryan Carter stood down as their representatives. Now 7 months later AG have sent pages of terms & conditions with a photocopy of the application form. Along with this they have sent copies of transactions made up to 2009 when i stopped paying.However they also sent a page showing a credit limit & account number of somebody elses account. How careless is that. I intend to write back asking how these documents have come to light after all this time. I will also be writing to the other person concerned telling them that i have received some personal information about them. Also if AG decide to go to court i shall request the original documents not copies. If others have recently had the same experience then please let me know. As i do not owe AG this money i will contest it. Cap1 had every opportunity to resolve this but chose not to.
  14. Had some trouble previously with them updating my details in order to get a new card and pin... Was told a new card and pin will be with me within 10 working days, that was march 25th. Ive allowed for good friday and easter monday, an excluding them makes it 10 working days today but still i received nothing.. Dont really wanna call as ive emailed the executive office, and personally emailed the lady who handled my problem before...but ive had no response. what else can i do now? if i need to write, any ideas of a good but stern letter?
  15. could really use some help here.. rang vodafone to say my debit card had expired so bill would be paid in two halves from my daughters account using her card as to avoid being restricted yes they were happy with that. confirmed on friday (vodafone france as rep confirmed vodafone uk were closed due to holiday) that promise to pay part 1 was received and bank account confirms this got a message at midnight tonight to say my phones were off even though vodafone had promised not to do this and second payment hasn't even been called for?? shoddy way to conduct business if you ask me!! not happy with Vodafone one bit its not like i am not paying i am trying to pay it but nearest vodafone shop is over 35 miles away and didn't realise my debit card had expired til i tried to pay another bill online and it kept rejecting genuine mistake here my bills are normally on time without fail and have been extremely high in the past in comparison. . what a way to treat loyal customers!!!!
  16. no one believes a word he says because he can't help but mislead is there anything this man hasn't been truthful about?! he can rant and and rave all he likes but at the end of the day no one is having any of it..he's just one big fake end off! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2291288/Welfare-minister-rages-bishops-Theres-moral-trapping-people-benefits-says-Iain-Duncan-Smith.html
  17. First time in this situation, soon discovered not many external agencies able to assist me (unless enlightened here). Had SKY for 5yrs+, HD TV, broadband, phone, essentially the works. Prices steadily increased so started looking elsewhere. In November 2012, got a vgood quote from Virgin to take on all Sky services. I wrote to Sky 5th November giving my months notice. Essentially advising Virgin will be taking over from 8th December and as I pay DD and this is collected in advance, I belive my final month would have been collected within the November payment, if not or I incurr more costs within this period then Sky to inform me. Recieved a letter from Sky re my phone line being taken over at the begining of December. 8th December, Virgin installed all new sevices and sky was disconected and removed. I cancelled my DD with Sky. We went away a few days later for Christmas arriving back 6th Jan. Received an email from SKY circa 4th Jan stating DD wasn't collected. I replied stating I had given notice in Novemember. Had several emails asking I call them, I refused as I am not going to pay thier 0845 fees but asked I be called by them and gave several dates and times, all ignored by SKY. Recieved an other email in Feb asking again why I had not paid, I replied by email in full. Heard nothing for 4 weeks then recieved a letter last week stating as I had not cancelled my TV service, they were chasing payment and have referred this to a collection agency. I wrote again to thier customer service office with a copy letter stating that their maladministration should not mean I have to pay for a service which they concede I have not had access to! Today recived letter from debt collection agency demanding payment within 7 days......hence this thread. Where, what, who do I go to or speak with now? Thanks for reading through this.
  18. HI all I made a claim for ESA jan 2012, got the fit for work decision mar/april 12 Appealed this and finally got tribunal date for march 11 2013 I withdrew the tribunal and got my gp to sign me fit for work as i had no expectation of winning tribunal (i have anxiety) i signed on for JSA 8 march 2013 My question is When will i be able to claim ESA again as im finding JSA really tough (to be honest ridiculous with all the things you have to do now) Is it 6 months from the medical decision I:E march 2012 (Which is well over 6 months) or is it 6 months from my sign off date which was 7 march 2013 (just last week) many thanks in advance gary
  19. I had Whyte & co attended my house for a liability order for a unpaid council tax bill When I contacted Thurrock council and asked how much I was in arrears they replied that I wasn't but the fact I didn't pay on or before the 10th of each month I was in breach of the agreement and a liability order was applied for. I paid the council the outstanding balance that was about £200 and the £90 charge that the council had added for taking out the order. so now the balance is £0 but the bailiff are saying their fees are owed and that the liability order is still enforceable as there fees of £67 is owed. Am I correct in thinking that if the balance at Thurrock council is £0 then the liability order is not enforceable.....
  20. America's biggest banks would face losses of almost half a trillion dollars should a deep financial crisis and recession hit the US again, regulators said. The losses of $462bn (£308bn) for the country's biggest 18 banks were projected by the Federal Reserve's 'stress test', an annual exercise the central bank now conducts to monitor the resilience of the financial system. The losses would be racked up under the Fed's most extreme scenario in which unemployment climbs to 12pc, house prices tumble 21pc and stock markets halve in value over the next two years. Overall, the Fed said that just one of the banks it tested, Ally Financial, failed to maintain a 5pc Tier 1 common equity ratio - a key measure of a lender's health - under the most extreme scenario. Banks "have continued to improve their ability to withstand an extremely adverse hypothetical economic scenario and are collectively in a much stronger capital position than before the financial crisis," the Fed said last night. However, the tests also showed that both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley's key ratio was the weakest of all the banks after Ally Financial, which is still owned by the US taxpayer. Goldman's ratio dropped to 5.8pc, with the investment bank facing a loss of $20.5bn under the most extreme scenario. Morgan Stanley's ratio slid to 5.7pc, leaving it with a loss of $19.4bn under the same scenario, while the Bank of New York Mellon had the highest Tier 1 equity ratio of 13.2pc. Citigroup, which failed the stress test last year, had a much higher ratio of 8.3pc. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9916922/Fed-stress-test-banks-would-lose-460bn-if-crisis-struck-again.html
  21. Hi All Just a quickie Ive now got 4 ppi claims going with RBS these have been going on for over a year now I have all the original paper work so there should be no getting out of it for them:smile:however two claims i had not heard anything from them for a while a wrote a letter chasing them on these two using there ref numbers to get a reply back this week saying "they are unable to progress this matter further" as i have not given the reasons for the complaint i have letters from them about all claims i have got with them these two included saying they are progressing them however to make things more complicated they have now changed the refference number on the there letter so i have not got a clue about witch claim they are talking about is there any way I can hurry them out ? or could I charge them for every letter I send them as they are all sent RD. Thanks CB
  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2281260/Wealthy-businessman-threatened-deceptive-bailiffs-shotgun-tricked-way-home-1-2million-debt.html Whats just as interesting are the comments on the article - not much appreciation around these days for our beloved bailiffs!!
  23. Ok I have spent, like many others, in excess of 3 decades being chased and bullied by DVLA for crimes and offenses that i have not committed. 1) Just in the last 12 months DVLA failed to explain to a court why they claimed that my driving license had been revoked back in 2006 resulting in me being charged with driving without a license or insurance --------- I received an absolute discharge but it cost me well in excess of £1000 and loads of hassle, stress etc plus it caused severe stress to my severely disabled ward of care and her disabled son impacting, seriously, on both of their medical conditions. 2)They have given my details out without cause or justification in relation to a vehicle that I no longer own and there is irrefutable proof in their possession that someone else is responsible for the vehicle in question. 3) Now they are taking me to court for failing to notify them of a change of keeper for another vehicle over a year ago. This vehicle is a vehicle that I never owned but i was the 'responsible' person as it was a company vehicle. However, (a) this vehicle became the responsibility of the official Receiver when the company that it was registered to went bankrupt and my employment with them ceased as did my legal responsibility. (b) they where notified at the time and this was way back in 2008. Now they are claiming that someone applied for a V5c in December 2011 and I failed to tell them I had sold the vehicle. MUPPET'S!!!! As usual DVLA have applied their normal bullying tactics but that doesn't work with me anymore. So, we are going to court. I am not going to give dates or venues here because not everyone reading public forums have honest intentions I am well aware of all the relevant statutes etc and, of course, the Kennedy case and I have spent the last 3 weeks trawling this forum and others reading the thousands of posts from similar victims. Until now, like most members of the public,I was not fully aware of the size of this problem. Originally it had been my intent to plead not guilty, force DVLA to prove my guilt by statute (which is impossible for them to do BTW), and walk out of the court with my costs (well some of them anyway) However, having spent all this time researching then my attitude is changed. THIS NEEDS TO GO TO CROWN FOR A RULING Herein lies the problem --- How to get this into Crown? Kennedy was one of the closest I found but still no ruling because DVLA decided, after wasting money from the public purse for a case in the first place, to offer no evidence when Kennedy went to Crown for appeal. A common practice it would seem I can find no circumstances where i can ask a Magistrate to send this case to crown for trial. A summary only conviction that ends in a criminal record, it seems, can only be heard in Magistrates court with no right to ask for trail by jury ????? If I offer a weak defense and don't put up a fight I suppose i can get a guilty verdict and then appeal to Crown against conviction but then DVLA will pull the same stunt and offer no evidence on appeal so there will still be no ruling. There has to be a way to get this heard properly and case law to be established by a ruling but i am running out of ideas so HELP PLEASE Your ideas appreciated I am willing to fight this, not just for me------ that bit is easy I can tie the prosecutor in legal knots and have fun doing it but it is to no use to anyone else unless we can all, somehow, get these cases into case history so that DVLA has to behave and stop the bullying tactics which they use to raise revenue for their own sick organization. One further note. Even if i fail I will travel from Lands End to John O Groats to help anyone else to achieve the same end. I have had enough DVLA has cost me personally over £10,000 during the last 2 decades and I have emails and complaint letters going back to the 1980's about things that DVLA have done to me including 3 separate issues with my driving license. They need to be bought to task I know there are folk on this forum of the same mind and I know that there are some of you with far more knowledge of the law than myself. So how about some of us putting our heads together and going for this? Your 'sensible please' replies welcome
  24. Hi Firstly I apologise for my ranting and lengthy post I recently discovered that my Mum has had a littlewoods account for years and pays every 28 days by direct debit, without EVER checking her statements. Surprise surprise, she discovered PPI payments in her Littlewoods statement. March's statement included £90.00 for ppi alone. She can't recall ever discussing ppi or signing any documents regarding ppi in relation to any account she has. She also claims that she has never been sent any documents regarding ppi. When she called Littlewoods to question the ppi the adviser offered to remove the ppi and return the previous 3 months payments. She declined and requested they send her a ppi claim form which she completed and returned. Littlewoods response was along the lines of, Account opened in 1985. In 1998 she agreed on a call with littlewoods to add level 1 ppi to her account and that they can assure her that on the call she was advised all benefits, terms and conditions, cnx rights, additional payment information. They boldly continue by then claiming that" they can assure her that she was advised that ppi was not necessary and that she had traded for the last 12 years without it." They then claim that they called her in March 2005 to make her aware that she had 'been trading for the last 8 years with only the basic level 1care 500 on her account, and she agreed to upgrade to the level 2 extra care 500 while on the call. Again they promise that she was advised all the relevant information while on the call. They then admittedly advise that in October 2005 Littlewoods upgraded her insurance to the advantage plus more expensive more in depth cover? and that all documents and Opt out info were definitely posted to her. I can not believe they admit to upgrading her level of cover which increased in price without her consent. Their letter concludes that she was not miss sold ppi and will not be receiving any refund. They also state in her letter that she can complain to the FOS but they will not be able to provide any help as 'the account was opened pre 2004 and before this time they were not a member of a dispute resolution service then. I wrote to them last week including £1.00 postal order and yet have not received cca request. I also requested copies of the relevant telephone calls and or a transcript. I also questioned why she never received any documents and surely their admission to the oct 2005 upgrade to a new policy without her consent is surely an admission of miss selling and queried why after 20 years of 'trading' without any missed payments they felt the need to increase her cover. I also felt that their advise regarding the FOS appeared to say, complain if you like but there's no point, we clearly only acknowledge disputes etc because we now have a governing body and we have to. The fact that shes been with them for 27 years and has an excessive credit allowance of £20,000.00 (shes nowhere near that) doesn't matter. Fuming now as I received their response, No they don't have any calls recorded, call logs or transcripts, they can not provide any proof of postage, she was definitely never miss sold anything and if she wants any more advise send them a £1.00 payment to receive her credit agreement. Their decision is final and she will not be receiving any refunds. I can not believe their cheek in requesting that she sends a £1.00 to cover the cost of receiving a copy of her agreement which shes sure she never signed anyway. HELP ME PLEASE........
  25. I have searched but couldn't find the answer so... Is it normal for a DCA who have purchased a Credit Card debt to obtain a Charging Order to secure the debt? I did a little research on the net and found a CO can only be applied for if a CCJ or other court order is in place on the debt, where I'm confused is if the DCA has purchased a £5000 debt for say 10p on the pound (£500) and can apply for a CO to secure the debt, surely this gives them a very easy way to make a lot of money!?
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