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  1. So around 2 weeks ago I told my boss i was looking at moving jobs and would be leaving soon, he was fine with that and wished me good luck. However the next day he made me a counter offer which i accepted at the time as it was more money. It was on the condition i didn't go to an interview i had arranged for the next day, or any in the near future. Long story short the company i had an interview with told me they would beat my current offer providing i Interviewed well. I did, and they offered me a job! Which im going to take, as some of the opportunities they offer for progression and training sound amazing. So now im in the position where i need to tell my current boss i am leaving, even after ive told him im not!! Any advice on what to say and keep it professional. I would still like to leave on relatively good terms. I do realise its selfish of me, but i think when it comes to your career you need to be a bit selfish every now and then.
  2. Hi all I have posted a previous post about an issue I had at work. Due to a medical problem I have at the moment I have been told that my duties now need to people to do. Which is great for me in the respect of my injury. The problem I have now is the company are putting me with the person who has verbally attacked me as in my last post. This man has also had the pleasure of calling me to tell me that I was not to work on my own. Which I knew nothing of the management decision until I got the call from this person. I have been told if I do not work with the man that attacked me on the phone then I will be in a disciplinary hearing. Again this is a threat the company constantly say to me to shut me up. The company know that I am stressed at the moment they have a doctor,s note to say that I am. Yet still putting me in this position. If I was to ask the manager why he did not let me know I know that he will just push it under the carpet I never get a straight answer from him. I am really annoyed that this has happened this way and that because I am the only female in the team. I have been told because we are short staffed I have to work with him. I know no one can really help me here I suppose I am just having a bloody rant. thanks for listening to my rant Take care all
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to put it but.... http://legalaidandme.proboards.com/thread/8301/audacity-cameron-hypocrisy-help-buy
  4. Well, after not hearing a peep from UKPC and all their entourage regarding a 'parking charge notice' from last year, they have woken up again. I have received a letter from them today after not receiving any of their threatening letters since January this year. They are wanting £150 of my hard earned cash within 14 days otherwise they will be passing my case to LPC Law.... whoever they are, and they will in turn 'consider' commencing court proceedings against me. They will also request that the court passes judgment for all legal expenses incurred.....!!! I am assuming I continue to ignore these fools. If it goes to court, I will defend it to the hilt, as I am NOT paying these people one penny of my hard earned cash for parking in a carpark that was free, did not have a ticket machine to display a ticket, and had a time limit of 2 hours, when I only parked there for SIX minutes What do you people think Thanks for your time.
  5. Hi Guys/ went to a face to face medical end of August this year put in suuport group, got another form through post today,any advise or just start over from new
  6. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/food-banks-debate-video-iain-2941100
  7. Hi all. My son's friend has moved into a private apartment complex where the UKPC are known to be very aggressive. My son displayed a proper and valid visitors permit correctly displayed on his dashboard. When he returned to the car, he found that he had a PCN for parking without a valid permit. Viewing their images online, the only deduction I can make is that he was parked in the wrong allocated space. There are no white line markings or bays, and the images only show a coin sized circular plate on the ground with a number on it. This would obviously be missed by a first time visitor to the complex - especially in inclement weather. We have ignored the ticket, and have now got a Notice to Keeper. I have fired off a letter to them asking for their authority to act on behalf of the landowner etc., following the fantastic advice on here. The original ticket says that the car is ' 2 Tone ' in colour, but the car is one colour only. Would this form part of my defence if / when the case came to Court ?. After all, if the ' Warden ' made a mistake over this, what else has he made a mistake over ?. Thanks for any advice - you truly are a great bunch of people.
  8. Hello all. It's been a while but I'm back again needing advice. Last week I received a CCBC claim form issued by Arrow Global Guernsey relating to an alleged Capital One debt of £562.59. In the PoC it states that the debt was assigned to the claimant on 25/02/11. I have sent the acknowledgement of service via money claim online and presumably have until 21st December to submit my defence. It's been a long time since I've had to defend one of these claims and I've forgotten the procedure. Could someone please point me to a link explaining what I should now do? Or give me a brief rundown on here? Many thanks.
  9. Hi Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. My Daughter parked on land in Warrington, she paid £3.00 for two hours, She was 24 mins late getting back and there was a parking notice on her car. The person who filled in the notice did not put colour of vehicle in the space provided ( not sure if that's relevant or not). Any way I told her to forget it as asking £50.00 for 24mins seemed a bit steep surely 24mins equates to 75p? This morning another letter arrives, why they send them to my house I don't know as the Daughter no longer lives here. Any way this one is an OUTSTANDING PARKING NOTICE The paragraph reads. A (Daughters car) with the license plate ?????? Which is registered/hired to you, was parked in direct contravention to this company's wishes, therefore we have attached a parking charge notice Ref Number ?????? for damages incurred whilst the driver trespassed on land under our control.The Notice was photographed attached to the windscreen and is now considered evidence and can be used in a court of law. Then it goes on to tell me the cost has gone up and they have reasonable cause to seek details from DVLA, it's also incurred debt recovery costs. By the code of practice laid down by the BPA, this fee can only be charged after 42 days has lapsed from the date of issue but your opportunity to pay £100 is diminishing fast. Should you fail to act, we will hand this debt to a 3rd party. ANPR Ltd, is NOT responsible for outside contractor,s actions. Advice needed please.
  10. Hiya all i have been having problems with vodafone !they say i have got to pay. my bill by direct debit and if i dont they are going to charge me £3.00 ? I have been with then about twenty years and i have always paid by card on the exact day the bill id due .my bills have always been wrong ( overcharged) so i rsng them up every month with out fail and they agreed to let me pay by card ! They should give me twenty eight days notice saying they wsnt payment by direct debit ? They did not .i foned up last month and spoke to an adviser who said he woild not charge me the fee for not paying by dd ? Guess wat he put it on this months bill what can i do surely they have acted illegaly?
  11. For those who don't know me I have had the lovely dealing with a company called Wage Payment and Payday Loans Ltd ran by a man (I wont use the word gentleman as he certainly isnt) claiming that I owed money, to the extent of him placing a claim against me, which he later retracted after proving to him that I did not owe a thing, did i get an apology from him? Nope I got a phone call from the police stating that I was harassing him and sending threatening emails??? (the post is here -- its lengthy: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?297067-Company-says-that-I-owe-them-money-but-have-no-idea-who-they-are...-is-it-a-con&p=3322946&viewfull=1#post3322946) Anyway, In the past 7 days I have received 2 emails from a company called DOSHLOANS.com whom are infact Wage Payment and Payday Loans LTD. Now first email was received 13th November - there was an un-subscribe button on the email - so I clicked it and un-subscribed, but I also replied to the email CCing the alleged email address that I was supposed to have used to register with DOSHLOANS alex@paydayoverdraft.com (hmmmmmmm) stating sorry about the caps Though ok that's it I've had my say and requested to be removed. Ohhh no, today I have received an email from toni@doshloans.com stating Ooopss I have copied the email on to a forum - something that Mr Hart does not like and will use against you, BUT the email states at the bottom in the disclaimer: This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and solely for the use of the intended recipient.... well it was to my email address so I'm the intended recipient and there for its my use to do what i want with it -- if you are still reading this Mr Hart. Ok so I've replied to this toni@doshloans.com as there is no un-subscribe button with the following. Taken a leaf from the guy who's charged companies for ringing him: Again excuse the caps E&OE as my spelling is appalling and I typed in haste.. but there you go. £100 per email plus their rate of interest of 1.3% taken from Doshloans website its self.
  12. I signed up with phoenix business agents in march 2009 to sell my business and same old story paid £750 up front was told that I would I would get this back when sold never once had a viewing or any calls to say there was any interest I cancelled my contract by registered post in October 2013 the very next day I received a phone call asking for £2200 to be paid by the end of that day as I refused I was then told that I would be invoiced for £3600 which I received two days later I then did my research and found that they have been doing this for a long time. I was charmed into this contract by ,,,,,, at the time I thought he seemed a really nice chap and although he did go through the contract with me I did not read it myself he read it to me whist I was sat opposite him and of course he left out the section that states that they will charge you a fee of £3000 once you cancel even after the six month period I was told the same as a lot of other people that I was tied in for six months they had the rights to sole seller after that I could cancel by sending a letter by registered post . I have received a number of phone calls from various people asking for money I have been offered deals to pay half but all plus vat I have refused all of them and told them to take me to court as I just think they are trying to scare me into making a payment I thought this was going to happen and was told two weeks ago that they are starting legal proceedings against me I decided to brace myself and fight for what is right and yet this morning I have had yet another phone call asking for the money and trying to threaten me by saying that their barristers are so good that they will force me into bankruptcy and that I will lose my house . I have sought legal advice and have reported them to cacs and trading standards and I am now waiting to hear from my solicitor about how we move forward so I can get rid of this headache so if anyone can help with any advice I would be most grateful.
  13. My boyfriend had a new Baxi Solo System Boiler (not a combi boiler) fitted in 2011 at a cost of £1500. He kept his existing hot water tank and radiators as they always worked fine. Within a year the boiler started leaking water boyfriend called the engineer out who installed it and he told us to call Baxi out. We called them and the Heat Exchanger was replaced under warranty. At the time I questioned the Baxi engineer who told me that they only cover parts and labour for the first year then you have to take out their extended warranty. Now I don't personally believe in Extended warranty as I think it is a con especially when a boiler should last many years without needing anything more than a regular service. Now the boiler has started leaking again which has made boyfriend quite annoyed. I don't see why he should have to pay out to have the boiler fixed every couple of years or pay for an extended warranty when the boiler is clearly not fit for purpose. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. From MSE. In the: High Wycombe County Court Before: District Judge Jones Claim No.: 3QT60598 Claimant: ParkingEye Ltd – represented by Mr Matthews of LPC Law Defendant: Mrs Victoria Gardam – represented by myself Date: 14 November 2013 The defendant was being pursued as the registered keeper. Another driver had parked the car at EuroGarages / Starbucks, Bath Road, Heathrow, on 11/10/2012 and stayed for 1h 48m when the signage said 1h 30m maximum. All correspondence had been ignored , up until when the claim was issued. We went into a side room for the hearing, established who everyone was, and DJ Jones started by saying that the first point she wished to address was the issue of the breach of planning regulations. The planning permission for the site states “a maximum of two hours”, and she felt that PE were not in breach of that by reducing it to 1.5. If it had said a minimum of two hours, they would have been. She asked why the Defendant had not responded to any of the Claimant’s letters, or appealed to POPLA. I explained that based on the prevailing advice at that time, the best course of action was to ignore, as PPCs hardly ever took anyone to court. That advice has now changed. She mentioned that her own son had a private ticket, which he was planning to ignore, and she had advised him to pay. I said don’t do either of those, get a POPLA appeal code and check the forums for how to win – I snuck in the fact that PE always lose when the appeal puts them to show genuine pre-estimate of loss. She thanked me for that information! Next, we moved on to the question of whether the charge could be considered a penalty, or at least not a genuine pre-estimate of loss. Mr Matthews pointed to PE’s “commercial justification” arguments in their witness statement, which I countered by saying these were High Court cases between parties of equal standing, and therefore not applicable. The Judge said she wasn’t too sure about that, the law was the law and applied to individuals as well as rich corporations. She also looked at their quote from Combined Parking Solutions v Dorrington, saying that she wasn’t familiar with the case, but it looked as if the claim had been brought on a different basis. I explained to her that CPS base their charges on agreed contractual terms, rather than breach of contract, so that case didn’t help the claimant at all. It then moved on to the BPA Code of Practice (19.5) which says that charges must be a genuine pre-estimate of loss, and if it’s more than £100, operators must be able to justify the charge in advance. She interpreted this as meaning that the DfT had indirectly approved the figure of £100, so a detailed breakdown of loss would not be necessary. It wasn’t looking too hopeful at this point, but then I referred her to the recent PE v Sharma case at Brentford, and handed her a copy of the Judgment. She knew DJ Jenkins personally (he is the secretary of the Judges’ Association), and said that his ruling looked persuasive. Mr Matthews chipped in with a copy of the landowner contract with EuroGarages, which the Judge scrutinised thoroughly, but said that there was no explicit granting of rights by the landowner to the agent, and therefore she concurred with Jenkins’ view that PE had no standing to bring the claim in their own name. She announced that, because of this, the Claim stood dismissed. I asked for defendant’s costs, which she said would be capped at £90. Mr Matthews objected, saying that had the defendant used POPLA, she could have avoided a hearing. I countered that by saying that the Claimant would have been aware of the decision in the Brentford case relating to the same site, and could have discontinued the claim because of that. Claim dismissed. Costs of £90 awarded to Defendant. Bosh!
  15. Sorry to repeat this subject again, but we have been given a fine by DVLA, now being dealt with by the Enforcement Centre. Here is our story.... Dates are approximate...... We sold our old car to a friend (22 Dec 12). The following day, we sent our doc for change of ownership and the new keeper sent the Sorn. The tax was due at the end of Dec, but as she was having an extended stay with family she sent the sorn. A day or 2 later the new keeper goes away and we do our thing.......... Then out of the blue, around the 20 Feb, we receive a fine for failure to declare or tax the vehicle. On enquiring about the vehicle and this particular subject, niether DVLA or the enforcement Centre can share any information. So we challenge using the appropriate area on the penalty letter. A week or so later, mysteriously the new log book arrives at the new keeper.... But it takes around 5 days for us to receive our acknowledgement. Only last week on the 21 Mar we received a rejection of the appeal saying we can still pay at the reduced rate if done before 20 Mar..................... Yeah, check the date.... Even if we did want to pay. They printed/ wrote the letter on 13 Mar and the post date on the envelope was 18 Mar. Great system!! On another enquiry at this stage, DVLA stated they do not record when Docs are received, but should... "should" be processed within 20 days. But how can they audit this then? My wife has worked in a legal system and I in a place requiring proof of stuff also for legal reasons. Surely they should date/ time stamp things otherwise have no case? Part of their rejection states that we did not notify them.... Yeah we did. By post. As too did the new owner. Because they owned the vehicle. But DVLA also say we should have sorned the vehicle or tax it as it was our responsibility until the acknowledgement was received. This is actually my wifes car/ excar so its actually all her paperwork etc. But am I right in saying we are correct to fight the fine witha chance of being successful. £40 half price, £80 even would bankrupt us, but I'm not in the habbit of paying fines for things I haven't done..... Or in this case subsidising improvement to a poor DVLA system. MY wife requested another complaint letter today, which is quoted on the back of the letter from the enforcement letter as being processed within1 day of request. But the person on the phone quotes we'll get it in 7-10 working days. Further more evidance that These departments rules/ guidelines/ regulations/ procedures are all a bit willy nilly to say the least and don't tie together. Should I/ we dispute this again with the letter I've seen on another post from May 2012 "failure to notify?
  16. Hi, I'm looking for some advice as Harlands seem to be saying I'm wrong at every point. When signing up for the gym I went into the store and asked: Can I leave the contract as I will be moving to uni late into it? Was told yes. Will there be any charges for leaving? No. Is there a way you can list these questions down on my profile so I have record of asking them? "Sure I'll do that now." So when I came to cancel as I had a chest operation in July, I was told I had to have a doctors form and send them £25 in cash/cheque, which I sent. And when I rang up today because they're to charge me £40 (my mum got a letter from them recently as I cancelled the DD months after sending the letter because I was thinking why am I still being charged membership fees?), they claimed to not have received such letter. I then told them that when I joined I was told there would be no fee and basically got told well there is and you have to pay it, so then I told them about what I was told at the gym (otherwise I wouldn't have actually signed up at all) and they then told me that I was lying as I applied from home - even though I did everything in the actual gym. What should I do? :/ Sorry if I haven't explained everything properly as I'm still fuming at them, feel free to ask me any questions. Tom
  17. Hi, I'll try & keep this quick & brief. However, I have had recent dealings with Motormile Finance as they contacted my 85 year old mother in law and scared the crap out of her by threatening a doorstep visit looking for myself. I don't know why they have contacted her as I have NEVER lived there. Anyway, I sent them the standard template from the CAG forums regarding a doorstep visit and changed the last paragraph to comply with Scots law. I have today received this letter to my actual address where I live. Any advice on what to send these parasites in response to this? I dispute the debt and have no recollection of taking out any payday loan with Wage Day advance. I have mentioned this to them, but they ask me to provide a CRN (Crime Ref Number) which I have no intention of doing. Thanks
  18. In 2009 we had trouble moving from them to a new supplier, every time we tried we had money to pay, we paid everything they asked for until they released the account and we were able to transfer to british gas. However my husband has a £20 unpaid on his credit file from them, ive contacted them twice about this saying we paid it all so please remove it, but theyve ignored me. Is there a letter or anything I can send to try and get it removed. thanks
  19. hi im just hoping to get some advice abit of a long un but will try to make it as quick as poss so i split with my ex about 18 months ago things just wasnt working out and he moved into his own house ( he pays rent council tax and all bills at his own address and works full time) for a long time afterward we dint really get on but he came to see the kids at mine regulary and have them every other weekend at his. i had a letter about 4 months ago of compliance team i rang them up to find out what the problem was and she said about ex partner living with me (at that point we wasnt even hardly talking) anyway it all got dropped and she said there was enough to say where he lived and had no visit in the end then i got another letter a month later and rang up again this time was told there was a cross over and that it was sorted. and case closed. about 2 months ago me n the ex had a really long talk and have suggested getting back together but at this moment even now we aint together we have been spending a sunday together as a family and he still comes to see the kids 2 nites during the week etc he has stayed over approx 3 times in the last 2 months but thats it.anyway a month ago i got another compliance letter again i rang up and asked what was what they was asking all sorts of questions about my ex. i was open and honest and said that if we got together n he was to move in id inform them told them when he came etc. he then said that there was enough to suggest he lived at his own house but that its coz he is an ex partner. anyway yet again he made his report and that he wudnt be coming out to visit and wud again make sure the case was closed. so we just carried on sunday and 2/3 nites a week visits (but no stopping over always gone by 9pm)... again he doesnt stay over its like once every 3 weeks so since last letter he stayed over once. i then this morning got another letter saying a compliance officer wants to visit im at my wits end its every month at the mo...ive got through to the man today and he said he is investigating a claim of fraud he wasnt intrested in anything i had to ask and he made me real upset with his mannor he said someone has reported us living together. he wasnt very nice on the phone at all and seems he had already made a judgement stressed out now any advice or expirances wud be great thanks x is there anything stating you cant get back with an ex partner?? at the min we are no were near the point of living together and we have not decided to get back together eaither it just seems for some reason im been harrased by the compliance team and i dont really get why? any help wud be greatful x
  20. Sent a complaint to FOS re mis-sold PPI, after claim was rejected by LTSB, in August last year. As I hadn't heard anything I rang FOS today and was told that LTSB are denying that I had PPI on my card. This is despite the fact that they sent a rejection letter. The agent I spoke to said that the complaint had been passed to a specialist investigation team for further action. Before I got the rejection letter, which took 8 months from the initial complaint, I received 2 letters from different departments denying I had PPI. I have all my statements and transaction history provided as a result of a SAR. Do you think that if I send statements to FOS they will expedite their investigation? suvin
  21. Hi can anyone help me please i have been on incapacity benefit for 20 yr due to back problem{ since the birth of my fisrt chid} i have a prolapsed disc which causes back ache and not being able to lift any thing with weight, i can hurt my back if i just move wrong. Last july i had to go to atos for a medical assessment and came out with 0 points? i have the added problems now of both knees are really bad due to athritis and having been told i will need knee replacements but not yet as i'm only 43yrs old and will need them done again if i have it know. At the time of my medical i had a bakers cyst in the back of the right knee and couldn't put any weight on it , the nurse asked me to do some bending and other things but i tried and just culdn't do it she then helped me up on the bed to do some more movements but i couldn't do some of them. In her report she said i had a constant limp and that i had reduced reflections in my right side. She said i had refused to do some movements. I appealed and it was overturned in my favour in may 2013 , i was put in a wrag esa and had all my money backdated , i'm being sent to the jobcentre again this month {june} this is the second time as my fisrt one was last month my adviser down the job centre thinks i'm well enough to work and was very cross that i get all that money for doing nothing? she wants me to go down the jobcentre even after i told her it's hard as my knees are getting worse and it makes my back hurt more, she has now sent me to a jobfit progamme which i feel is going to effect me even more. Now 5th june 2013 i have had an other medical questionaire to fill in by the 8th july is this right as i feel i have only just be approved not fit for work by them changing the outcome of my appeal, this is having a very bad effect on me and my life as well as trying to cope with all the pain please can anyone advise me if this is how it goes the cab was not much help the first time around and i don't know where else to get help. Mnay thanks welshmishy
  22. Hello, I wonder if you can advise? I took a CA and signed on and said that "my contract" had ended, then a letter came today from the JSA stating that my former employer had said that I left voluntarily and I need to fill it in to as "why I left" and send it back to the JSA What should I do? It was a agreement governed by solicitors etc. I thought it was confidential and can not be disclosed to any one. I also have something else to throw in the mix, I started working again and last week have worked more than 16 hours so should I sign off and then if I don't get the hours sign back on again as technically i have a new job now? meaning my former employer will be the agency rather than the company that I worked for which led to the CA. Thanks very much Gav
  23. Hi all hoping to get some advise, hope I am in right place. I had applied for DLA in 2011 because my mental health condition was getting worse and I was struggling to be mobile around the house. I also now suffer from agoraphobia. I had an appeal in February this year and failed it the woman was a right cow and gave the impression that I was lying to her, because I contradicted my walking distance, I can't remember what I did this morning never mind over a year ago. Anyway I requested a statement of reasons, I am glad I did because there in black and white was a number of matters that would have come under the 3rd tier on a matter of law. I wrote to the tribunal place to request that it went further on a matter of law. They wrote back with further matters of law but instead of going to the upper tier a new appeal would be heard as soon as possible. I had a letter last week giving me a date, 1st July, quickest one I have ever had. I need advise on how to manage this appeal, if they know I requested upper tier and they know the 'legal' woman would this be held against me. My condition is getting worse and will never get better and according to my psychiatrist it is getting worse faster than he expected. Sorry for drawing this out but I need help (CAB and welfare rights are taking no new appeals on)
  24. This is quite a long story. Back in July 2003 I was a customer of Woolwich and went in the branch one day. I am disabled with many health problems and at that time was very unwell. I went in to draw some cash and the clerk asked if i would like a Barclaycard. Having lost my business some years before, ill and living on benefitsI immediately said yes. I was given an immediate limit of £3000 which each quarter was increased and after two years it was £7000. As we were on a very low income I used this to help feed my still young family. Need less to say by 2006 I was very much in debt to Barclaycard and had difficulty paying. We came to an arrangement and I began by paying £5 per month. All interest was frozen and was reviewed each year together with help from the CAB to £20 per month. Fast forward to 2011 and I began getting calls from Cabot. Did not even know them. I bascially told them I was disabled and put everything in wrting. I contacted tthe CAB and I told them my agreement was with Barclaycard. The CAB said it was common practice and that if I refused to pay Cabot could take me to court. So I bit the bullet . I had an explanitory letter back in January 2011" Welcome to Cabot" they expalined they had bought the debt and were happy to agree to conitiue the repayment plan I had with Barclaycard with payments of £20 per month, with interest frozen. Fast forward to today and I receive a letter from Cabot asking me to contact them as they are "reviewing" my account. In other words they will want me to pay more. I have just looked at my credit report and Cabot is listed and the account is marked satisfactory and my credit score is fair at 790. However being short of cash as I always am I have never seen my Barclays Credit Agreement or had one from Cabot. We face huge bills increases this year rent is going up £90 per month alone so I cant afford to pay these people any more money each month. How would things stand if I just refused to pay these wretched people??? It seems I will soon loose my mobilty car and was thinknig of applying for a loan to finance a small car.. Would I be delcined ???
  25. Hi, can anyone give advice? as I'm really worried. I got seriously ill and had to say of work while this happened i got into debt for £7000, this debt went to around £10,000 due to them keep adding interest and also court costs. Was served papers to go to court for questioning, i attended court, they agreed that i had limited income and i could not afford to pay anything. Then around 3 months i get a letter from the Court saying another company has taken over my debt, i didnt know this could happen? I am now getting another process server coming to my address and he even asking my neighbours information. If i have no money and rent my home why am i getting taken to Court for again? is it to be made bankrupt and will they take all my money away i have to live on? In future once I'm recovered and get back into work then i would pay but at the moment i just don't have the income. I sent of a letter to ask them to prove i owe debt but not sure if its now to late since i already have a CCJ which i didn't attend court for. At the moment i have £800 in bank which my parents paid into my account to help as i was struggling to survive now I'm worried this is going to be taken. Being ill and having this stress over me is not helping, just really stressing me at present Regards Jayne
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