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Found 245 results

  1. Have received the usual 'waste paper' NTK from Highview Parking, and have emailed them thus. Can't wait for this reply I wonder which I shall get?
  2. Hi everyone. Its been a while since i came on here so I just thought I'd reintroduce myself so that you know I dont just take all of your help and advice for granted. I have been out of debt now for a number of years and my credit rating is pretty decent...but that could all change shortly the reason for which will become apparent when I start the relevant thread. So here I am thanks for listening and I hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction to solve this little problem I now have.
  3. PRA... This is the third time they have rang to try and speak to me and this is the third time in 12 months ive told them to Foxtrot Oscar... :sigh: They just dont get it...
  4. I sent 4 pkgs to Isle of Man. All to the same address. Admittedly the postcode was wrong on 2 of the 4. Only 2 were received (one with an incorrect postcode and one with the correct postcode). 2 have been delivered and 2 are still missing. myHermes have stated that one is "LOST" and the other "in transit"... myHermes is a totally unreliable company because they use private individuals to deliver/collect pkgs. So, be warned - expect to lose 50% of your shipments should you use myHermes. Oh - this is 4 weeks into this.
  5. Well, it seems I am having to face the onslaught that is known as signing on again. After the last debacle, I did what I vowed I would never do and went back on the lorrys. Back came the increased tiredness and stomach issues that went with it. Anyways, I have now accumulated too many points on my licence (very long story) and tomorrow I have to sign on again. At least it is a different jobcentre in a different town. (having to move to cheaper accommodation) Has anyone on here had any dealings with Bolton Jobcentre? What are they like? I already have a plan worked out since any job will require retraining for me. Have provisionally set up fork lift training through the learn direct scheme (have to do IT training first to get the funding. All I need is the jobcentre letter telling me I am getting paid then I can get the ball rolling) I've spent most of the morning trawling the forums and have saved some info and printed out some other items. I'm also not taking the risk of last time and have been out and bought a Dictaphone this morning as I intend to record all appointments. Wish me luck tomorrow
  6. Hello - I signed up to the forum today - I came across it on the web while searching Bensons for Beds Reviews. Im not the first person to say I wished I had done some reasearch beforehand, however hindsight is a wonderful thing purchased a Airflow 5000 Plus Mattresses early May this year and it was delivered at the end of May. It did not come with any sort of paperwork or guarantee; it was purchased on line and neither the order confirmation or invoice had anything relating to Product Care or Warranty. Last week while turning the matress we noticed a massive bulge in the side of the matress on one side. Before I go any further its worthwhile saying that it came without any care intrsuctions, only a small circular card with the 'flame retardent' icon. Ive read in a couple of places that Bensons advocate that the matress is turned every week (utter nonense?) and that is takes three months for it to be 'settled' (more utter nonsense?) Spoke to Bensons today and Becky at Customer Services, while being helpful, wouldnt accept that the bed was faulty and said that they would need to have the bed 'independently' assessed and said they would arrange somebody from FIRA to come and asses the bed. I explaind that I had read reports that when this had happened to other consumers the decision did not go in their (the consumers favour) and offered to pay for FIRA to come and assess the bed myself but Becky declined my offer. I was put on hold and she came back to me with the name of another company (cant remember as this all happened earlier at work) when I looked them up they were an insurance company. I did offer to send photographs but Becky said this wasnt acceptable. To conclude, I have taken a day off work next week to facilitate the assessment of out new bed - I want to be optimisitic however there's a part of me thats very doubtful I will get a replacement or refund or repair - this is based on other reviews and forums Ive looked at over the past few days. Can anyone provide any suggestions what I would do next if the assessment goes against me? As mentioned above, the matress is 5 weeks old from new, has been used for its intended purpose - to sleep on, and neither myself or my partner are obese or overweight. ANY feedback would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks Steve
  7. Hello The Consumer Forum, I hope someone can give me some advice regarding what to do next with Ativ Kapital. (I apologise in advance for the long question) When I split up with my wife in 2000 I must admit to not looking after my finances, consequently quite a few non secured loans went into default, I know I had made sporadic payments over the years, usually after they had found me at one of my many moves over the folowing years. I had started making regular payments (5 debts x £15.00 each) in 2007 - 8 and had been paying this right up to last year. However after speaking with an advisor I was told that the debt may be Statute Barred - although I have no real idea if there was a gap of 6 years to warrant this. as usual I waited until I got the call asking for a higher monthly payment and thats when I said I was stopping payments as the debt was SB, the lady said I had made a cheque payment in 2005 and because of the other payments that I wasn't able to claim that. Regardless, I cancelled the DDM's and heard nothing for a year, no calls, no letters, other than the statement in October. Now all of a sudden they are back on the phones trying to harrass my family, we have actually barred their number as it was ringing sometimes 5 to 6 times a day, as early as 7:30 in the morning and as late as 8pm. does anyone know why they would have held off trying to recover the debt after telling them the debt was SB to then start a year later a vigerous telephone campaign? Do you think the debt was SB and they are just trying it on? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  8. Hi Guys, I unfortunately caved into the Harlands group ridiculous admin fees and paid them £50 for missing one direct debit. (£25 late fee and £25 for cancelling the direct debit.) I know I shouldn't have paid late, that's my fault. After reading a lot of the threads it appears that I could have possibly been done over by them. Is there any way I could possibly get these fees back? Thanks!
  9. Never again will i use Hasting. I have never felt so ripped off. I got a different car and had to change the details for the insurance. They told me there would be a charge for this (i forget the amount, but it was excessive). They suggested that i cancel my policy and start a new one and they would waive the admin fee. I did that and took out a new policy for the other car. Two days later i get a phone call telling me that i was not covered for a courtesy car and it would cost £2.50 a month more. I am covered for a courtesy car with the policy i have . This was obviously a sales call to sell me something i didnt need. They couldn't find my proof of no claims even though i sent it. I had to do all the work by contacting my old insurer and sending it to Hastings even though they said they had tried, but i had no trouble at all. I called them up and said i wanted to cancel my policy within the 14 day cooling off period and was told they would charge me another £50.00 even though i was still in the 14 day period . I wanted to cancel because i was sick of all the faffing about. I just want to get insurance and forget it for a year. Now i have a possibility of another car, but i am very apprehensive to get it because of Hastings and their bad customer practices.
  10. Had a similar issue sometime last year, which was ultimately cancelled. Without going into too much detail: Got a Parking Charge Notice end of 2013, again in my friends dads name (car is registered to the dad, who is out of the country). Didn't want the hassle of it all being in his name, so sent a letter naming the son as driver. Eventually Parking Eye sent the Parking Charge Notice in sons name. Sent a short appeal denying that anything is owed and asked for a POPLA code. Yesterday, received a letter with the POPLA code, but its been sent in the dads name. Considering the son was named as driver, can it be ignored until the 35 days are up and therefore canceled for being out of time? Or should we inform them it has been sent in the wrong name again, get them to correct it and then send a full appeal to POPLA? I'm not sure which way to go at the moment. Thanks
  11. My son's DLA recently due for renewal. He is 17 and I am his appointee. He has Autism, ADHD, I get no support or respite and his very challenging behaviour and other difficulties, mean I am kept occupied pretty much 24/7. Owing to this, I had not completed his DLA forms (DLA renewal) had been returned later than required, as they are a nightmare to complete, so time consuming and I had not been able to prioritise them - whilst dealing with various issues and daily care for my son. Disability & Carers Services, have written to me, stating my son's claim being treated as a New Claim as late return and therefore they cannot take any action so have referred claim to PIP. Is there any way I can challenge this - it is going to place so much extra pressure on my son and I think I had good reason for late submission. Any suggestions? Please let me know - I really dont know what to do about this?? Many thanks in advance to any advice given. Worried and frustrated Phillilps
  12. Hi guys lowells at it again this is a seperate account , i had a current account with lloyds tsb they charged me £5 a month for this can't remember why now. and they also charged me for not having sufficient funds in for a direct debit , foolishly i just left the account ignored all letters and it defaulted in 2009 lowells have picked it up and they are requesting payments of £578 all of which will be made up of bank charges , do i just ignore this too r ask what the charges are
  13. http://www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/news/11213175.Parking_fine_victory_for_Borehamwood_motorist/?ref=mr
  14. I have been under an enormous amount of pressure and had failed to submit my son's DLA claiming again forms on time. My Son has ASD/ADHD&Conduct Disorder - age 17. (I am appointee) & owing to lack of support and intervention, no education, involved with the Criminal Justice System & having very challenging behaviour - which I struggle to deal with and many meetings with |Social Services, YOT and CAMHS to challenge the lack of support etc, this had meant my claiming late. First claim pack submitted, lost?? So submitted another, marked clearly DUPLICATE, second claim set etc and posted Recorded Next Day Guaranteed Delivery at the cost of #7.50. I have received a letter from DLA, which refers to claim as 'New Claim' and states has been transferred to the PIP Unit - owing to my son's age & not accepting any new DLA Claims to be processed. I telephoned DLA Unit and they said once a claim has been referred to PIP there is nothing they can do? i said, can I not ask for decision to be lookied at again and she said no - not applicable. So basically nothing anyone can do now? Can anybody clarify this for me please, is it worth my while writing to ask them to reconsider this decision based on my situation/circumstances\??? H E L P ! ! ! ! ! ! Many thanks Nadia
  15. Although, I can't find the original post on here, you people have helped me previously with a problem I had with Robbers Way. They've now written to me and it looks like I've got to start from the beginning again. Despite claiming originally that they were acting on behalf of a client, they wrote to me that they had purchased the credit card debt owed to Capital One. They were asked to provide a copy of the agreement via a library template, which took them over two years to provide. I, in turn sent them an account in dispute letter from the library. I eventually received a mass of damp documents which were incomplete and did not contain all the documents necessary to prove their right to collect. In subsequent months, they wrote to me to say a doorstep collector would call and indeed, he did. I sent him off with a flea in his ear. Two months later, I had a letter stating I had set up a monthly payment agreement via this man and they told me I was late with the payment! I did not contact RW and the parasites seemed to back off. I've now received a letter from Dryden Fairfax stating that I need to contact Robbers Way within 10 days or else! There's no acknowledgement of any previous correspondence with me so it looks like Robbers Way wants to start from the beginning again via their pet in-house solicitors! I'm inclined to play them at their same game by once again asking for the a copy of the original credit agreement. Could you give me any further advice please? Thank you.
  16. Can't get rid of these muppets despite paying One calls admin fee after they cancelled within 14 days. I don't have a scanner so I will type it out best I can. Judgement Order Listings Court Ballifs Limited Court action notification. Ref: xxxxxxxx Dear Mr xxxxxx RE: one call insurance outstanding amount £201.21 Court Action 01388211 We note from our files you have chosen not cop-operate regarding above debt. If you contact office and arrange a payment plan within the next 14 days a discount 20% will be applied to your file. Therefore your new policy balance would be: £160.97 We recommend you visit our online payment facility http://www.judgementorderlistings.co.uk or call automated payment line. on 01302 513244, using your debit or credit card, or contact one of our recovery agents on 0844 248700. please use the reference number quoted. Yours sincerely, Miss Carla Patterxxx Senior agent Debt recovery department And yes the spelling and grammar was that bad. Anyone reckon they are taking court action or is it a bluff? They are a real Mickey Mouse firm who have threads all over the net about their canceling of polices and ridiculous admin fees. Like I said i paid it but it seems £49 was not enough. Any advice? They seem to be trying to pose as a court or official agency, I might send it to the OFT.
  17. Hi, I am new here I hope someone could help me. As many other people I have signed for 12 months direct debit contract with Harlands, when I was signing for it, woman who was working in my gym told me I could cancel it any time I wanted (yeah right) I am a student and I don't have any proper income, however I do manage to pay for the gym each month, last month I was late with payment by 1 day (I didn't have any money on my bank account) so they charged me administration fees of £25 + normal monthly payment of £20. I did some research and I have sent them this e-mail: "Dear Sir/Madam, I am referring to my 12 months membership at Feelgood Fitness, I refer to your demand for a £25 administration fee. This is effectively a penalty and, as such, it is unlawful and not enforceable. It does not matter whether the admin fees are contained in the gym’s T&C's. They remain unlawful. If you insist that I pay any admin fees, I will cancel my gym agreement direct with the gym immediately. The grounds for cancellation are breach of contract on your part, by trying to charge me fees that are unlawful, thereby failing to treat me fairly as a consumer. If you agree to waive this £25 fee, I will be happy to remain a member at the gym. I will also do my best to see that future payments are made on time. Accordingly, I will not pay you any more and you should not send me any demands regarding £25 administration charges, they are unlawful penalties and are not enforceable. They will not be paid. If you continue to seek payments and make demands, I will report the matter to the OFT. I also demand refund of all the other £25 administration charges that has been debated from my bank account since the beginning of my gym membership as, as I have mention before, they are unlawful penalties and are not enforceable." To which they have replied: "Thank you for your email, In line with point 6 of the Terms and conditions of your agreement; 'If you fail to pay any monied due under this agreement or if any Direct Debit is returned unpaid, you shall pay us on demand an administration fee of £25.00' The charges are outlined in the Terms and Conditions and therefore they are not unlawful. The payment of £45.00 is due to be debited from your account on the 30th April 2014. Failure to make this payment, or cancelling the Direct Debit within your contracted period may result in further charges being incurred, and the membership eventually being sent to a third party Debt Recovery company if the payments are not made. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. For all Enquiries Call Harlands : 0871 25 0 24 23 * (* Calls to this number cost 10p/minute including VAT from a BT landline. Calls from other operators and mobile phones cost more.) Quote Reference : 31918882 / EM Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Yours sincerely" Is there any possible way to get back my money or am I in hopeless situation? Thank You!
  18. Dear all Everyone on here has been extremely helpful to me in the past so thank you in advance for anything you can offer me now in my current situation. I have 2 secured debts against my house, one a main mortgage & the second with First Plus is a secured loan - both debts have suspended PO in place. I thought I was able to maintain the agreed repayments however my personal circumstances have changed yet again , for the worse & as such I have put the house on the market as I simply cannot afford it & all the associated bills. I have no income & have moved in with family to eliminate my outgoings. I have written to both parties explaining the situation & so far the only responses I have received have been along the lines of "we will enforce the order/issue the warrant" & go down the eviction route! My query is that I have basically evicted myself already?! If they re-approached the Court to gain possession would the Court not take into consideration the fact I am already trying to sell the house myself to repay their debts & arrears which in effect is what they would have to do anyway?? Plus I am marketing it at the proper market value (as obtained by 3 agents) so in effect I am trying to sell asap Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I simply have no funds to offer them. I will have some equity to take from the property when it sells which is the only positive I can take from all this. Plus the stress of trying to keep all the balls in the air will be removed as this has had a major impact on me
  19. Hi guys getting myself quite worked up ere and stressed , in 2007 i had a llyods tsb credit card and maxed it out to its limit of £5000 , after getting into financial difficulties i quit the payments and left it ( yes i know wrong thing to do ) last year i started receiving letters from lowell group and a friend said to me dont pay can't collect , since lowell its been passed onto various groups including hamptons legal hamptons red and now some solicitors in edinburgh , they are now threatining with bailiffs ccj's etc need to know what is the worse that can happen . thanks in advance paul x
  20. Having read other posts on this forum, I see I am one of many caught by the infamous VCS. One rainy, evening in January I picked up our niece at JLA. I used the short stay car park (payment logged on card statement). I drove out of the airport and pulled over briefly on the access road to reset the satnav for the journey home. The stop was no more than 40secs I reckon, no-one got in or out, and then I drove on. The PCN arrived the following weekend. As advised by this forum, a reply from the Registered Keeper (not me) gave a very brief, non-committal response, explanation re the poor visibility/signage & a request to cease bothering us. After receiving an acknowledgement, we have now had a further letter. VCS state that they are now pursuing the Registered Keeper for payment, as is their entitlement, because the driver's details we not provided in a timely fashion. It seems they are upping their game in order to get paid. Has anyone experienced this level of harassment? Oh, I'm well aware that VCS personnel may monitor this forum - especially if successful results in combating them are posted.
  21. Hi all, Purchased a car from Carshaft on the 21st Nov this year and looking at my online bank statement I seen a payment thats gone out to Premium First. On further checking with my bank its associated to Creation Consumer Finance Ltd and Carshaft sorry Carcraft. At the point of sale at Carshaft the sales guy stated that due to my finacial history they could not get the full cost of the car so a 2nd agreement has been taken out to cover the shortfall, this we accepted and signed for and at the point of sales the sales guy said to me and the misses that all warrenties are free etc etc. Now we find out that Carshaft have made us sign an agreement making out its a top up loan but thats not the case, we have not received any paperwork or any agreements at all for this crafty, con way of doing business. I've called the complaints dept at Carshaft and they said they cannot and will not do anything about it because its gone over the 14 days cancellation period and they have signed agreements stating we accepted them. Carshaft at Newport also say they cannot and will not do anything about it and Im pi$$ off and tempted to go to Newport with a baseball bat just for the fun of it. How can they be allowed to get away with faulsly selling a unsecured load makeing out its a top up and in fact its for a warrenty we did not want or agree to at the point of sale but we signed because we thought it was just a top up load for the full price of the car and the sale guy said that. Im fuming and ready to baseball bat that sales guys knee's I can tell you. Anyone willing to help. PS, They never gave us any signed agreement at the point of sale and the only agreements we have are 2 copies of the same one for the car itself. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  22. Hi are there any representitives on here from Scottish Power ? I had just had a letter from Scottish Power stating they have registered a default on my credit file for an estimated bill which remans unpaid. It remains unpaid due to them not yet transferring my services from another provider so is this legal ? They have connected the Electric but not duel fule as requested. Where do I stand ? I have been with another provider for over a year now waiting for them to actiom my request only they will not do it for some reason, any offer of help or advice would be most welcome AG
  23. Hi , I last posted on the site in 2008 about a credit card debt , l had arranged with the creditor to freeze the account and pay x amount a month in 2006, then without telling me they sold it to a DCA so l paid them as arranged but then ended up in hospital and missed my payments, l was then contacted by another DCA to pay up or else, by this time I'd seen your site on got some good advice and sent off the appropriate templates, ie telephone harrasment and consumer credit act 74 and enclosed £1.00 p/o. They wrote and said they would forward my request to their client and should here from them shortly this was DEC 2008 and have heard nothing from anyone until recently. I recieved a statement from Lloyds recoveries outlining the payments I'd made from 2004 till 17-1-07 and a payment made of £1.00 on the 11/6/08 which I believe was for the request of the credit agreement. Is this debt statute barred ?. I now have had 2 calls left on my answer machine from another DCA asking me to ring back. I have not answered any letters or phone calls to these people yet. After paying off approx £500 the debt is still the same according to Lloyds letter. I hoe someone can advice me on this and thanks for reading.
  24. I sent a parcel via Parcel2Go using their "shop to shop" service When it arrived at the destination shop in Nottingham my customer received a text to say it was ready for collection at the shop. (as planned) The text message said that the parcel would be there up to 1st of March. When he arrived on 23rd February, the parcel was not there. The shop assistant in Nottingham said they had returned the parcel as they did not have enough room to store it. The parcel was sent back to Parcel2go in BOLTON (NOT BACK TO ME)... and now they want to charge me to send it back to me as the receiver of the parcel refused it. The “receiver of the parcel” was the shop IT WAS NOT THE PERSON WHO THE PARCEL WAS SENT TO Why should I have to pay to return the parcel to me, when the agent at MAHAL STORES, 250, Trowell Road, NG8 2DS refused the parcel !!!.... NOT MY CUSTOMER And when you contact them they are only available via web chat and the returns team are only open whilst I Am at work between 9 & 5pm. I am livid. WHAT A JOKE
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